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EA confirms Battlefield Premium, claims you are excited

EA confirms Battlefield Premium, claims you are excited screenshot

On dirait plutot concernant Rumeurs eux hilarantes Battlefield Premium

sont quelques

Vrai PRES PEU. Electronic Arts Eh Bien ne les détails Discuter voulait Pas, il a confirmé que Battlefield Premium DANS Effet etait rejoint Choisi en déclarant que constatait Le Monde trop s'exaltait obtenu

annonce rejoint Attendre à.

On dirait Enthousiasme

Vous versez Photo Battlefield

The Sims Social promises to be a good woman if you return

The Sims Social promises to be a good woman if you return screenshot

many online games send messages to users who do not practice in an attempt to get players back. Sometimes they try to blame again, on other occasions, for we see them coming back by offering free gifts. In the case of Facebook game The Sims Social , EA and Playfish has chosen the old tactic in an email sent today to the players. But someone should have considered this time by the first.

The message, written by "Your Sim", a slim redhead, winking with his arms in the air, asked her husband to return home them. Lost without her, and assumes that his departure was because of him. But if he returns to his life, he will do anything for him - and the first in the list is cleaning the house "from top to bottom." In fact, the upper part of the email (see image below) said that, without her man, she was so boring that and

clean the house. Then there is the last line, suggesting that the return of her husband would be

it. To do what? EA is part of the player's imagination (probably male). Photo

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Xbox 360 reaches 67 million life-to-date sales

Microsoft Xbox 360 says accounts for a share of 47 percent of the current generation of consoles, 19 million units sold Kinect.

Microsoft says the Xbox 360 has sold 67 million units in its lifetime.

Microsoft announced its Xbox 360 reached sales of life in days of 67 million units.

Microsoft says the Xbox 360 has sold 67 million units in his life.

publication in the official blog of Microsoft, marketing director of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Division Yusuf Mehdi showed the 360 ??generated more than $ 56 billion in retail sales since the console was launched in 2005.

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Snapshot also headed to PlayStation 3 and Vita this fall

Snapshot also headed to PlayStation 3 and Vita this fall screenshot

is very easy to lose track of development in independent games, especially when it comes to those made by persons employed per day to make most of his time. That said, it's a real pleasure to see projects that went way back when the news suddenly keeping a comeback. Such is the case of affection of the retro instant

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Why does New Super Mario Bros. 2 look so bland?

Why does New Super Mario Bros. 2 look so bland? screenshot

When the first screenshots for

New Super Mario Bros. 2 was revealed last month, I had the crazy idea that Nintendo has found a way to add downloadable content NSMB on the DS. It was not until I saw this big "2" that I realized that this was a result of its own.

A new

Mario game - not a spin-off strange but true

Mario platforms
- should be cause for celebration. Instead, I was very worried that I had trouble distinguishing this sequel to its predecessor. Why should it be? Is it not typical for a new game in a series of looks like above? Well, not when we talk Mario

For over 25 years, the main line Mario series is still so revered and influential, as each new entry is a madonna reinvention. The gameplay remains the same, but there are many parameters that vary from subtle to manifest, not least of which are visual radical redesigns. Each game aesthetic is a unique signature, the mark of a standalone adventure that feels familiar, but quite unique, a witness on behalf of Nintendo to not cut corners when it comes to your master franchise. However, if these

New Super Mario Bros. 2 screens are anything to go by, Nintendo got lazy.

[Image Orioto]

Three years ago, I wrote an article entitled "The inconsistency in the Mario universe," where he compares the different Mario platform and analyzed the issues that I felt better each expresses. Rooms have a nice fancy about them, and that the nets down and essence permeates all other aspects of games.

The original

Super Mario Bros. us in a wonderful fantasy that is the Mushroom Kingdom. Super Mario Bros. 2 return the script and sends us to Subcon, a dream world where all our preconceived notions are challenged. Super Mario Bros. 3 , with its checkerboard pattern and the wavy line, is a staging of accessories.

Super Mario World

leads us to the Land of Dinosaurs, reptiles inhabited by poor but tempered by colorful geometric environments. The Game Boy also excel in their own way, as the latest 3D roaming frolics. Same impact as direct Wario Land and Yoshi Island

merely rehashing. In terms of pure visual design, no uniform model. Each game has radically changed the sprites, worlds, music, enemies, etc., all without losing the quintessential "Mario-ness." Few videogame franchises, especially those with more than two decades old were able to undertake an effective range.

I consider 2005 New Super Mario Bros.

as something of an anomaly, like a package, its goal was to revive the passion we feel when we play

Super Mario Bros. in 1985. It does not seem so surprising, visual or otherwise, other Mario platforms ? No, but as the reintroduction of the 2D action that had been missing for over a decade, he achieved his goal. Admittedly, I had hoped, New Super Mario Bros. be the beginning of a new generation of the variety of inspiration. E3


2009 conference waved red flags in the first place. Two new Mario Games took place that day:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

and Super Mario Galaxy 2

. Let me answer it first.

Not since

The Lost Levels

was a direct question


result - that along the lines of

Final Fantasy X-2

XIII-2 . As amazing as the first Galaxy was, what we need another? I must admit I was quite worried about how cool

Galaxy 2

sense, considering it was originally designed as an expansion pack of classes. My fears dissipated by the polishing of the final product. Mario visited completely new planets, acquiring new imaginative powers, and rose to the stars of the game sound greatest ever made. This has not been retreaded. Crisis averted.


Galaxy 2

is a 3D game, and comparison of 2D and 3D Mario s, is like comparing two completely different series. For most classical sensibilities, New Super Mario Bros. Wii

also waiting in the pipeline. And as

Galaxy 2

gave me reason to pause, I do not blame those who saw the New Super Mario Bros. Wii reveal and I thought it looked like a port of high-resolution the DS game.

Remember how

months , many players, those considered on the pulse of the industry, I honestly thought it was just a multiplayer version NSMB ? Is it really their fault for not paying enough attention, or if Nintendo take some blame for a game that at first glance, looks exactly like what people thought it looked? It was a great side-scrolling Mario return to a home console, however, was hampered by his association with a title very deliberately before hand.

After playing through

NSMB Wii , I was disappointed, yes, the graphics are actually higher polygons, better texture versions of products found in


. There were no major changes or visual theme, as I expect some news Mario

platforms. - The worlds of grass, desert, ice, beach, forest, mountains, sky and fire, are identical to the DS game and was even felt in almost the same order. The origins, colors, architecture, is all the same! Where are the strange places, like the giant of the earth and the pipe of the earth Photo Photo Super Mario Bros. 3 Photo Photo , or pumpkin and Mario zone Photo Photo Super Mario Land 2 aa Photo

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Step into a World of Mercenaries

Step into a World of Mercenaries screenshot

The closed beta of the new MMOFPS,

World of mercenaries

opens today. Created by Polish developer City Interactive


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD soundtrack revealed

14-song soundtrack includes original game offerings as "Superman" by Goldfinger, and new tunes to the franchise to "please ask for help" by telekinesis.

Robomodo made sure to include

The soundtrack of Tony Hawk Pro Skater was revealed. In an interview with

Audio & Video

, developer Robomodo confirmed all 14 songs, including "Superman" by Goldfinger, a track in the studio said it was "coerced" by the fans.

Robomodo made sure to include "Superman".

Tony Hawk Pro Skater
band of high definition (shown in full below) is almost a homogeneous mixture of songs from the original Tony Hawk titles and new songs to the franchise. The project manager, Ken Overbey analyzed the permitting process and the decision, saying it was not an easy task for a number of reasons.

"It was a bit difficult. Probably wanted to bring back some of the songs from the soundtrack, but I wanted new songs as well," he said. "The biggest problem we had was our budget, which was very small, and the context and scope of the time, but was much work to get it all in a row and get the songs in. You must make a analysis of the risk and you must bring to the editor that the greatest risks are developing. Anyone who knows the game knows that music is as important as the gameplay. "

development Robomodo (Tony Hawk Ride, Shred Tony Hawk), Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD goes on sale in June and will be the first Tony Hawk title distributed exclusively through digital channels. Contain levels of the first two Tony Hawk titles, touched up and running on a new game engine

characters confirmed for Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD to date include familiar favorites such as Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston and, as well as newcomers such as Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston, and son Hawk, Riley Hawk. A fixed price for the HD Pro Skater Tony Hawk has not been announced but is expected to sell for "around $ 15."

Full HD Tony Hawk Pro Skater of the soundtrack is below.

songs from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2:

"Bring the Noise" - Anthrax with Chuck D (Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2)

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Max Payne 3 ships 3 million copies

Take-Two said the shooter "which promises to be another success for Rockstar."

Author Take-Two has sold three million copies of Max Payne 3 to retailers worldwide.

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Critical Reception: Capcom's Dragon's Dogma

this week's issue of Critical Reception examines online reaction to Capcom's dogma open world action RPG Dragon, whose reviews describe as "a game designed to find audiences, including action junkie rare patiently off. "Dogma dragon currently earns a score of 75 out of 100 on Metacritic.com. Dogma results Jeff Cork Tell a stake in Dragon 8.5 out of 10. "The dogma of the Dragon is one of those rare" have your cake and eat it too "games, where ...

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Japanese Vending Machines, Selling You Hallucinogenic Herbs for Sexy Good Times [Legal]

Click here to read Japanese Vending Machines, Selling You Hallucinogenic Herbs for Sexy Good Times

Grand Theft Auto V due by end of March 2013 - Analysts

analysts suggest Take-Two recent gains indicates that push factors of the new entry in the Star franchise from Rockstar Games.

Gamers are less than a year away from GTAV, according to analysts.

Grand Theft Auto V will be sent at the end of March 2013, analysts predict, based Take-Two's latest financial report. Yesterday the company announced its intention to make between $ 1.75 and $ 1.85 billion for the year ended March 31, 2013. This remarkable increase on last year's factors remote, analysts say, the release of VSWG.


are less than a year VSWG, analysts said.

Wedbush Securities analyst

Michael Pachter said that Take-Two orientation is "impracticable" without a great new title from Rockstar Games. The industry observer expects Rockstar to pay U.S. $ 1.1 billion to the lower line of Take-Two in fiscal 2013 with $ 300 million from Max Payne 3 and its DLC. He said $ 150 million was made to catalog sales Rockstar, leaving a deficit of $ 650 million. Pachter says that this figure includes sales of VSWG.

Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian echoed the belief that Pachter VSWG hit the market next year. In a note to investors, said Sebastian Take-Two's latest forecast for the year suggests that the new open world title will be sent in March 2013. Estimates of Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia indicate the new game will arrive by then, too.

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World of Warplanes to enter closed beta on May 31

World of Warplanes to enter closed beta on May 31 screenshot

World Aviation

has been going strong for a while with alpha - some 600,000 people registered to participate - but that is to be time for the next phase. Wargaming.net is preparing for a closed beta, which begins next Thursday, May 31

Hands-on preview: ShootMania Storm is my kind of FPS

Hands-on preview: ShootMania Storm is my kind of FPS screenshot

During the time I played, I never felt completely comfortable with first person shooters. In the third person? Of course, I'm fine. But there is something in the genre that I have not been able to follow, and is now at the point where I feel a bit overwhelmed by the latest headlines. I was well into the new

Destination and Unreal Tournamen

days. Maybe I'm getting old.

That said, I was able to jump right storm ShootMania
, and found right
. These are the most accessible FPS I played, and it's pretty funny to boot.

ShootMania storm


Developer: Nadeo

Publisher: Ubisoft

News Release: TBA 2012

Nadeo studio, which is part of Ubisoft brings us the next game in the series ManiaPlanet, following TrackMania 2 Canyon aa ShootMania

takes the same key elements that made the pilot so great: an almost instant accessibility and the ability to create their own content. And that's really all there is to it -. Make your point and shoot each other in the same Photo Photo Photo Photo Accessibility is what I love about this game all you need to do is watch a game to learn how things work, and then you are in no loadouts or types of units to know, everyone has the same power, the same pre-equipped with weapons, and even the ability to move. In short, you're a guy or red or blue, a man (or one of the other two colors in a group of four teams). There is no cover system, the benefits, not air strikes. It's just that the color in your dress, run like crazy and shoot like crazy to cover your ass and / or protect the flag points. Move, shoot and jump. That's it. Photo Photo