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The EU should take a harder line on Russia's democratic deficit

European leaders should follow the example of Germany against Russia and collectively in their governance and human rights

Europe was a busy place recently, so it is not surprising that Angela Merkel's visit to Moscow a few days ago has attracted little attention. But never mind, because, unlike most official visits, this time pointing to a real change, not only in Germany but all the EU's relations with Russia.

The bottom line is that a number of countries in Central Europe, led by Germany, have so far maintained a close relationship with Moscow. This relationship is based on two pillars: energy dependence, and the reluctance, given the size of Russia and the recent history about it too much, too soon in the areas of human rights and democratic governance

hope to someone in Brussels, London or Berlin joining the points. EU policy towards Russia has so far been very ineffective. The union is divided between, on the one hand, those who, like Poland and Estonia mainly on Russia as a threat is not rebuilt, and on the other hand, those who, like Germany and Italy, which should be considered important and supplier of higher energy and business partner. When I was ambassador to Moscow, the inability of the EU to gather in scandals like the murder of Litvinenko and the cyber attacks against Estonia was extreme. And the Russians, of course, given the disunity and exploited to the maximum.

This is changing. As shown in Merkel's visit, there is a deep disappointment in the EU on the political course of Russia. Russia Acolytes key advice from the EU - MM Schroeder and Berlusconi - have disappeared. The noose of dependence on Russian gas is released. It is time for the EU to find a common approach to Russia effectively. This two-pronged. Firstly, maintaining relations with Russia through the expansion of trade and other contacts. Reform will only come with economic growth. But on the other hand, much more clearly with Russia on issues of governance and human rights. Not the least of the virtues of the EU met in this way would be the impact on Russia itself. The Russians consider themselves Europeans. The best of them want their country to meet the highest European standards. A united Europe strongly support these standards would be a huge hit in the arm for those who take real risks to move Russia in the European concert.

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How Psy taught me Gangnam Style

Korean pop star psy invented "style Gangnam" mocking the pretensions of wealthy citizens of Seoul. Since then, with 700 million views on YouTube, David Cameron, Barack Obama and Ban Ki-moon, learned movements. But who is he, and he can teach Jay Rayner? Hey sexy lady ...

. Video: Watch Jay Rayner Psy teach moves

Learn to dance like a horse is very, very difficult, even if you have a good teacher - and mine is the best in the world. He is stocky, soft-cheeked 34-year-old Korean man wearing a tuxedo bright co-respondent shoes without socks and enough to believe Makeup-Katie Price as an ambassador for the natural look. Psych Psycho court - whose real name is Park Jae-sang - is the biggest pop star on the planet right now. He is credited with the destruction of cultural barriers for the world of dance. I should be in good hands. The clip of her song "Gangnam Style", published in July, is officially the most "wanted" never in YouTube - 5m hours and counting. It is the second most watched after Justin Bieber "Baby", with over 700 million page views (and counting. Everything in this story is moving forward). He went to No. 1 in 28 countries. It is entirely in Korean.

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The track, brazenly mocking the pretensions of those who wrongly associated with modes and styles Gangnam Seoul sprauncy - a kind of South Korea, Beverly Hills - what has been called a " peacekeeping force in the world, "Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Not bad for a bunch of dance moves involving an accessory with his legs like a horse, his hands crossed at the wrists as if holding the reins, followed by a whipping action. Flash Mobs 30,000 people danced Gangnam style. Boris Johnson said Gangnam style danced with David Cameron at Chequers weekend. Barack Obama promised Michelle Gangnam dance style to the White House. This is the way to keep a relationship alive.

Therefore, Psy was called to teach dance to others. He taught Britney Spears. He taught Justin Bieber. And now the poor devil must teach me a man who, when they handed the feet, was clearly in line with the brand "fish." We are in the middle of a ballroom at the Dorchester Hotel in London, followed by his entourage and a team of photographers and video there to record the moment for posterity not thank us for the effort. He shows me the double jump from one foot to the other, a random rhythm that must be mastered before crossing into dolls games. Levanto copy on the right foot, and ...

But let us stop here for now, standing in the middle of an empty ballroom, I lifted one foot twisted inward, Psy me as if I'm afraid of falling. (I May) Is a few hours ago, we met at the headquarters of the BBC Radio 1 roadshow Psy and just roll into town. The day before, he spoke to students at the Oxford Union, in English he learned during four years of study in the United States. You now have a shiny limousine, a herd of paparazzi objective tumescent and a crowd of fans waiting.

left South Korea a month ago, in an international tour that took confess surprise. He uploaded the video to YouTube on July 15. In the days since the talk on Twitter Robbie Williams, Katy Perry and Tom Cruise. Would he get a management contract with Scooter Braun, who also manages Justin Bieber, and countless parodies on YouTube spawn. Among them is a tail coat "style Eton" by the students of the school, the other by a group of Klingons, a "Jewish style" and almost inevitably grinding together "Gangnam Style" with Hitler in the scene his bunker movie Downfall

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Psy hear interviewed on radio and television during our time together, and as expected, there will be a series of lines of action which again, is no less true for repetition. "I do not call that success," says DJ Scott Mills, a journalist from Radio 1


, Jonathan Ross and finally to me. "It is a phenomenon. This is not for me. 'S Made by the people. "

He knows the difference. The fact is that all Psy may be new to many of us, success is nothing new to him. "The style of Gangnam" is a single from her sixth album. Took it topped the charts in South Korea for a dozen years, which means that the character has been unleashed on the world - is a character - is fully formed.'s important is to understand the character, how you start from people who claim to be intelligent in the way it is perceived in Gangnam, where he grew Psy.

"I'm not beautiful," she said, and it is useless to argue with him. Despite his charisma, which is exceptional. What is it, however, is brilliant timing comic, a way to use a caricature of the implacability of Asia which is simply devastating. "This is why" Gangnam style works, "he said. "If someone uses this expression is beautiful just uncomfortable. But if someone like me who uses it is fun."

Read this on the mobile site? Click here to see the video

The success of the last song has been hailed by many as a break-out to the K-Pop, a particular brand of brilliant music, brilliant and is largely dominate the Asian charts. Unless the K-Pop exploded long ago. Driven by the power of social media, K-Pop acts such as rain, Wonder Girls and SM city has filled the largest stadiums in the United States since 2006. Similarly, while Psy is Korean pop music is certainly not common K-Pop. In a very conservative society, most K-Pop artists are prepared by a renowned celebrity school - dance lessons, singing lessons, how to deal with the media - before the audience erupted in a safe very strong calibrated to offend as few people as possible.

We have troops in the studio of Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills for a taped interview. Mills is credited with breaking the track here and helping the number one. In a master stroke of his production team asked the Radio 4 continuity Kathy Clugston read the words "Style Gangnam" on the BBC cut glass voice: "I am a man, a man who convex ideas rather than bulging muscles, a guy who goes crazy when the time comes. "Just stressed comedy.

Mills asked what he thinks later. Psy says it will do another album, but only half in English. The rest remain in Korea. The fact is that a number of K-Pop bands tried to penetrate global markets, singing in English and simply does not work. "I made no effort to get there," he said. "The next time you do it on purpose. Kept'm If well. I feel the pressure."

He receives a certificate from the
Guinness World Records for the most beloved video on YouTube. Psy says is the first certificate that has already received, and we believe that this is not entirely a joke.

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Brazil's Amazon rangers battle farmers' burning business logic

Evandro Carlos Selva is a 1400 police high-tech environment with the eyes in space and feet on the ground for deadly border patrol

As the helicopter descends through the smoke in the Amazonian Jungle Hell Evandro Carlos checked the coordinates using a global positioning radio satellite back to the base of depositions of witnesses to deforestation.

flames lick the waves down through the canopy of smoke on the horizon, while below, the carbon that was stored in the forest for hundreds of years, is released into the atmosphere.

skeletal charred trees are gray, others burned black. Nearby, what was once forest area is reduced to ashes, dust and ashes. Walking through the rubble, Carlos Selva points on a farm near soy: ".. They paid to do this Forty percent of the harvest next year in this country has been bought"


is illegal and Carlos Selva - a guard with agency environmental protection in Brazil, IBAMA - starts the process of imposing fines, trade embargoes and other sanctions which have helped to reduce the deforestation rate of nearly 80% over the past eight years. This is impressive progress, but are at risk. Pressure to convert rainforest grows stronger because of drought in the United States, rising global food prices and the weakening of the Brazilian laws.

Carlos Selva works in Mato Grosso, the first line of efforts to find a balance between protecting the environment and to feed a growing world population. Next year, Brazil will surpass the United States as the world's largest producer of soybeans. Most plants grown in Mato Grosso - where the Amazon rainforest is the Cerrado savannah - and both are eaten by fields

global priorities are recorded here on earth with geometric precision. Far from the image that most people of a vast unbroken rainforest has been cut and cut polygons divide soybean fields of the world's most productive wells largest carbon on the planet earth.

The boundaries between the two must be whether humanity puts more value into our lungs or our bellies. In fact, it became a contest between economics and law.

Carlos Selva is responsible for patrolling and maintaining this limit agitated. It could well be the last work of the 21st century. Analyst, accountant, regulatory and economic climate in a dangerous wound copper and the important role that is constantly transforming satellite data, global warming, world hunger and international prices of commodities

It receives warnings deforestation death threats and space of its neighbors - all supported by the available technology in the 21st century, with the same risks as the sheriff of the Wild West is face 200 years ago. It is equipped with a GPS system, a camera, a tablet and a pistol.


monitoring and reassignment is not an easy task. In the state of Mato Grosso alone, there are 110,000 properties. Most are extremely remote. Many owners have invested their lives here and do not take kindly to being told that you can not use the land as they wish.

Carlos Selva has received death threats in June, while the world debate on the advantages and disadvantages of sustainability Earth Summit Rio +20. Has been taken hostage by the landowners. They slashed the tires on all four wheels. Corrupt local politicians are not on your side. After your operation more successful - a sting that exposed the widespread falsification of documentation forest - he and the chief of police has worked with districts were transferred from the road. Could be worse. Other browsers have had their chance homes. Many environmentalists have died trying to protect the Amazon.

is difficult to overstate the issue. Both sides of the debate set in clear terms. Save the forests and the fight against climate change. Clearing the forest and reduce hunger. Agribusiness see the Amazon as one of the last major areas of expansion.

Rangers are caught in the middle, but it's not just one or the other option. There are alarming signs that the Amazon is trapped in a vicious circle and the largest controller clears this climate, world weather, it becomes less predictable. This increases the risk of droughts and floods, destroying crops throughout the world. This, in turn, increases the pressure to clear the forest.

Twenty million people have taken up residence in the Brazilian Amazon, which covers two million square kilometers. Already, 17% was stripped by ranchers, loggers and soy farmers. In the recent summit of liberation in 2004, the square was cleared 10.723 miles per year, equivalent to the size of Albania, Haiti and Belgium.

Since then, deforestation has been significantly reduced thanks to a system that combines the eyes in the sky, boots on the ground and a growing collection of carrots and sticks to persuade farmers that are better leave the forest intact.

is mainly based on two sets of satellite data: PRODES, which is an annual audit of forests at 6.25 hectares (currently using a Satellite in the UK), and discouraging that provides almost real-time information to the rangers in the field, such as Carlos Selva, which can quickly reach the affected areas in helicopters and trucks. Individual offenders can be fined, imprisoned, machines confiscated and denied access to bank loans.

Institute of the Environment said it took 650 trucks, tractors, chainsaws 60,200 in 2011. Municipalities where more than 30 square miles were illegally dispossessed are put on a blacklist, which means companies zone accidents and cheap finance companies that negotiate with them also face restrictions.

Francisco de Oliveira Filho, director of policies against deforestation Ministry of Environment, said the program helped Brazil over halfway through its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Copenhagen greenhouse by 36% by 2020.

"In 2004, we said that it was impossible to stop deforestation in the Amazon, but we have shown that you can reduce it," he said.

The hard work is yet to come, however, because of the deforestation polygons are becoming smaller and more dispersed. Farmers have learned the limits of satellite observation and the financial incentive to break the law increases with the increase in soybean prices. "We look at the system now. Aware that we are reaching the limits of surveillance and control," de Oliveira Filho. "Until now, we have made good progress, focusing on large landowners and large groups deforestation. But we have reached the point where, if we want to achieve our goals, we want to have holdings of less than 25 hectares. therefore in need of high-resolution satellite. "

The Ministry of the Environment focuses on an arc of deforestation in the north-east to south-west. This is the first line, where farmers are eating in the woods. By far the most affected states are Pará, Mato Grosso and Rondonia. With abundant water resources and fertile flat land at the border of the Amazon and the Cerrado, Mato Grosso is considered one of the best farmland in Brazil, which has made the forests more difficult to protect.

soybeans rose 10% last year. Locals say that this is mainly due to the conversion of grassland to cropland. But it is also clear that the pressure on the forest. In September, the Mato Grosso was the only state where clearing has continued to accelerate - an increase of 158% compared to the same period last year

One of the worst areas is Feliz Natal (Merry Christmas). Many farmers here have already been sanctioned, but there seems to be no sign that the pressure on the forest provides.

plumes of smoke every few hundred meters across a vast expanse of forest. The fog spreads across the sky, but it is far from the worst burn-off. Satellite images show the smoke from fires 100 miles the previous extension.

The deforestation process is simple. Different stages - conducted over a period of two to 10 years - all can be seen on a helicopter ride over an hour of Mato Grosso

Part approved by the government, farmers are supposed to protect 80% of the Amazon rainforest in their country and 50% in the Cerrado. To do this, the Rangers are the prints of satellite images showing the red areas where deforestation has occurred.

landed in an area where trees have been dragged down. Instead of burning the forest, farmers use two powerful tractors in conjunction with a large chain, including pushing the top of the tallest trees in the road. Carlos Selva estimated 500 hectares have been cleared without permission and began a process of punishment and restoration.

There are limits on the vision of the authorities and enforcement powers. It takes about two days for the satellite data to be processed and sent to agents on the ground. After an update next year, it will be accelerated and the Rangers also receive data on forest degradation, which should increase your chances of catching violations at an early stage.

The operation will be facilitated by two new satellites - a Japanese, a Chinese-Brazilian. The two Japanese Alos provide satellite radar surveillance, allowing space agencies and observe the forest, even during the season covered from November to March. CBERS-Brazil China 3 provide better resolution and more frequent data.
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Tourist safety in Vietnam's famed bay questioned

FILE - In this Feb. 18, 2011 file photo, a tour boat, submerged in the water, is pulled up in the Halong Bay in northern Quang Ninh province, Vietnam, a day after 12 people from nine nations died when their boat sank early in the morning. Each day, up to 10,000 tourists from around the world sail around the bay, a UNESCO-heritage site and one of the country's most visited tourist attractions, and gaze at its stunning limestone pillars and caves. But at least four deadly accidents over the last 10 years and many more alarming safety incidents recounted on traveler's blogs have led to allegations that the ships are cutting corners. (AP Photo/Dinh Tran Trung Hau, File)

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No Doubt, exploiting 'hot' Native American stereotypes is never OK | Lisa Charleyboy

Gwen Stefani

group has released a video with a swarm of a tuft of eagle feathers. End the cultural appropriation here


Gwen Stefani

bind with rope and arms raised above her while she is at gunpoint and twisted side to side like a parody of girls pretending to be punished. Typical power clip, but this time she gets a bunch of eagle feathers, a shield and a leather fringe designed to depict a Native American woman.

"Looking Hot", the latest video from No Doubt, was released last Friday and immediately caused outrage among Native Americans and their allies, who found the content denigrating their culture. The online uproar resulted in the group taking the offending video and apologize "to the indigenous community and anyone offended by this video." Apology stated: "As a multiracial group of our foundation is based on the diversity and consideration for other cultures"

But this is not the first time that Stefani has missed the boat. Remember when she was four silent Asian women presenting themselves as "Harajuku Girls" its underlying wherever she went? Oh, and then there was this phase in the 1990s when wearing bindis and saris at every given opportunity. Obviously you missed the memo that the band's music and the community is based on "respect, unity and integration" that the appointment excuse.

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Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times, dies at 86

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, known to many as "Punch", dies at his home in Southampton, New York, after a long illness

A U.S. newspaper publishers most famous, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, whose family owns the New York Times, died Saturday at the age of 86 years.

Sulzberger was one of the best "Gray Lady" known frameworks. Its mandate in charge of the best known American newspaper covered a period of great change and the dynamics of the media industry.

His son, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., is the current editor of the newspaper, overseeing the adjustment traumatic for a digital world that began in the late period of the control of his father. In a statement reported by the New York Times said Sulzberger family Sulzberger, who was known to many by his nickname of "Punch," died at his home in Southampton, New York, after a long illness fought against.

The Sulzberger family led the New York Times in 1896: when the Sulzberger took over in 1963, the media was the hot metal that dominated ink and delivered newspapers in hand.

The Times was also a somewhat insular institution was financially vulnerable. Sulzberger began a rapid expansion, the acquisition of radio and television and the extension of the newspaper in his native New York to become national in scope. He turned the company into a multi-billion dollars for the time he gave to his son in 1997.


Sulzberger the Times saw him win the Pulitzer Prize, the highest honor in American journalism, 31 times.

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Heightened tensions as Manchester police tackle gang feud

City, where two policemen were killed in the grip of organized crime and combat gang cycle continues

Hundreds of armed policemen, including teams have been drawn from neighboring forces to help police in Greater Manchester overloaded against a vicious gang fight reportedly killed two officers, Guardian can reveal.

all day, police patrols have continued in East Manchester and Tameside that investigations into the murders of two police officers, PC Nicola Hughes, 23, and Fiona bones, 32, was in a context of increased tensions. There was tight security in the city of Manchester magistrates court on Friday morning, while Dale Cregan, 29, appeared before magistrates charged with four murders - those of the two agents and Mark Short, 23, and father of David, 46. He was placed in custody and will appear before the court of assizes in the town on Monday.

criminals have played an active role in the city that the attention of the population is concentrated in the violent consequences attributed to a long-standing dispute between the two crime families in all districts Clayton and Droylsden is.

Wednesday evening, masked assailants dressed in high-visibility jackets entered Selfridges in Manchester city center, smashing windows with axes and iron bars and grabbing £ 500,000 of watches in a daring raid 80 seconds.

was an attack that sources say it was not a coincidence, since the police were on Tameside and Old Trafford, Manchester United, which played that night. The feud between the two families in East Manchester seems to have been caused by an incident in which a woman was hit in the face by a man in a pub in east Manchester at the beginning of this year. The incident sparked violence, such as has not been seen in Greater Manchester, involving grenades and firearms.

senior officials believe that organized crime "does not attract attention and is rejected by many as something that involves criminals against criminals." A police source said that the dispute between the two families that happened 10 years ago.

Lately, low intelligence was passed to the police and everything seemed calm, until the pub incident. While people were happy to give information to the police, few were willing to make official statements, perhaps for fear of reprisals. The two families involved in the fight was executed criminal empires chaotic. They are believed to focus on the illegal cannabis farms, the property offers and handling stolen goods, "fencing" on a large scale. Extortion and violence go hand in hand with their activities.

This week Garry Shewan, Assistant Chief of Police, urged the two crime families to end the fight and said that Tuesday was a turning point and "enough is enough". Greater Manchester Police Chief of Police, Sir Peter Fahy said that those who believe that organized crime has nothing to do with them, think again: "What is important is that people realize that is not a question of when movies or books. stolen jewelry or if you have a stolen car when you fly, when drug trafficking in the region, such prosecutions do some people think that it will affect it. ago "

gun crime has dropped dramatically in Manchester in the 1980s and 90s struggling to shake Gunchester nickname. But serious firearms are always available, with a source saying in the Manchester Evening News this week that hand grenades can be bought for as little as £ 50 if you know where to look.

An American Steven Greenoe, smuggling more than 60 big guns in Britain in 2010 at Manchester Airport in his luggage. He is now in prison in the United States, but the vast majority of firearms is still in circulation and were previously used in shootings in Manchester and Merseyside.

weapons include pistols Glock 19 with a magazine containing 15 rounds. Recent statistics show that in Greater Manchester between April 2011 and March 2012, there were 39 guns were fired, killing four occasions. Armed crime has decreased year after year for the last decade. In contrast, the height of the "Gunchester" was, 27 people died and 250 were injured during a tumultuous period of five years.

The history of Manchester bands is far from a new problem - which dates back to the 19th century, when parts of the city were the grass of the most feared "scuttlers" with rival gangs involved knives deadly fighting. recent years, the emphasis has been mainly in the south of the city center in Longsight and Moss Side, where high unemployment and the arrival of cocaine sparked a war raging in streets.


operation was established eight years ago to counter the threat of weapons that destroyed communities and affect the national perception of the city. The breakthrough came three years later after the shooting of Tyrone Gilbert at the funeral of Ucal Chin, a young father with his friends on the team Longsight. The Gooch gang rival leaders Colin Joyce and Lee Amos opened fire on a crowd of mourners, when they addressed the crowd of 90 people. Senior police described the couple as psychopaths.

when 11 members of the gang were later convicted at Liverpool Crown Court following a police operation intensive fire decreased significantly. But there are new trends of concern.

"The idea that children welcome at the farm of origin violent criminals and search for them is bad," he said. "My child attends primary school in Arundale John Kennedy Road and a mother, I know that most of the children there. They are frightened at the idea of ??criminals and certainly not sit praise and welcome your area where they play. "
with other residents, organized a vigil for officers next week, adding: ". Hattersley is not what happened on that fateful day"

Patsy Mckie, founder of Mothers Against Violence charity, created to fight against gang violence in the south of Manchester, said: "What we see now is a family quarrel, in place gang have only seen a change. what happens regarding gangs. "

When she began her work, she said that gangs were involved in the violence in their own community in Moss Side and Longsight. "They were shooting at each other for different reasons. May have begun with drugs, you may have to do with weapons. Or where you live or not to live, where you can move or not to move, the young people decided that the lines drawn in the sand. But what we see now is struggling. "

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Detained Palestinian theatre director resumes hunger strike

Zakaria Zubeidi being held without charge by the Palestinian security forces and supporters say could die within days

The Palestinian militant was theater director Zakaria Zubeidi resumed a hunger strike to protest against his continued detention without charge by any Palestinian security forces and his supporters say it could die few days.

Zubeidi, who publicly renounced the armed struggle in 2006 in favor of cultural resistance, was jailed in Jericho prison since May 13 after being arrested in a wave of arrests in his hometown Jenin. He has not been charged with any crime.

assured that they would be released, but at a hearing in court Monday that his detention was extended by 19 days. He said he refused all food, liquids, and medical care.

Witnesses said, visibly weak and thin Zubeidi told the court: "This morning, the doctor told me that I have three days of life if you do not drink the water if the court decided to kill me .. "

Zubeidi arrested after an attack by armed men in the house of the governor of Jenin, who later died of a heart attack. A weapon used in the attack was linked by investigators to the Palestinians Zubeidi. He denied any involvement in his arrest and offered to cooperate with the investigation.

He told his relatives and associates who had been held in solitary confinement for the first 50 days of detention, he was denied access to a lawyer for more than two weeks and has been abused and tortured by interrogators. His lawyer, Farid Hawwash, was also arrested for criticizing the Palestinian security forces.

Human Rights Watch criticized

Zubeidi arrest. "For more than four months, the Palestinian Authority has violated basic due process rights Zubeidi be charged and tried, and continues to ignore his statements that interrogators tortured," said Bill Van Esveld, HRW.

"foreign donors emergency AP if the pressure to end impunity and arbitrary arrests Zubeidi case illustrates." Western governments like Britain and the United States directly to funding the PA security.

Hawwash, Zubeidi lawyer said he would appeal the decision to the court in Ramallah on Wednesday, but had "no expectations" results.

Jenin was the cornerstone of the second intifada, or Palestinian uprising, and the home of many suicide bombers sent to attack Israeli citizens. Zubeidi was on the most wanted list Israel as head of the Brigade of Martyrs of Al-Aqsa in the city. But then occupied Jenin Palestinian government as a model of good for the city prospered economic investment and security forces of the Palestinian Authority took control of extremist groups.
A series of attacks over the last 18 months - including the unsolved murder of Mer-Khamis, the assault against the governor's house and killing two weeks ago of the Palestinian Authority security chief Hisham al-Rakh - has led to calls that slide into anarchy Jenin.

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David Blunkett attacks Germany in blueprint to engage voters

Former Minister of Labour says

Merkel is so arrogant and risk alienating public policy

former minister David Blunkett will be presented on Monday a scathing attack on the "dangerous authoritarian imperialism of Germany," as he made a call to find new ways to end this trip with public and enhancing the elected political power to fight the power of unfettered markets.

accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel, trying to "veto" the voters of sovereign countries, and said that without the austerity measures imposed by the governments of Germany, the crisis in Greece and Spain have occurred.


new levels of alienation from political life in the UK, says Blunkett governments can act as a counterweight to global bond markets and technocrats debilitating if they have a committed electorate behind them.

He says in a pamphlet entitled On the defense policy, with a preface by the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, the interest in the reconstruction of the base policy, initiatives are needed Governors to help schools, community health groups commissioning and funding, even state campaigns such as Make Poverty History. Recent constitutional reforms that the choice of a House of Lords are not relevant for a renewed commitment to the common people with the potential power of democracy and collective action claims.

"The left should get a picture of the power in the political system and find new ways to involve new people in the government, or it will be lost, and people will return to the 'policy grievance offered by extremists. A functioning democracy must be engaged political counterweight against the free market and unregulated. You political commitment to the process below and not from the top down reforms, "he said.

Blunkett, one of the former leaders who advise Miliband also addresses:

he said. "Angela Merkel has behaved in a very dangerous near the imperialist Europe is ironic that the government was put in place to stop individual with the dominant power, and we are here

"could be described as nothing less than a coup d'etat in terms of what happened in Greece, with the removal of the prime minister, and Italy, with the elimination both the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Blunkett said: "Once the voters have given their verdict that the Chancellor of Germany tried to veto the argument that voters only pacts can not be easily ripped by the new government tone and nature. the German response, however, was very helpful and the height of arrogance. Again, the Germans made their appearance suggests they were entitled (or their officers have the right) to overcome the voters' decisions in different sovereign countries. "

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California campaigners hope to see death penalty abolished on election day

Polls show that voters are divided over the fate of the state capital - and the 724 prisoners currently on death row

advocates the death penalty are preparing for what they hope will be their biggest victory of an entire generation, such as California enters the final week of the campaign through a bill for the abolition of the state capital and close to the largest online mortality in the country.

referendum in California at the end of the death penalty is being closely watched in the United States as perhaps the most important point of inflection from the United States Supreme Court has temporarily prohibits executions in 1972. A "yes" to Proposition 34, November 6 give a boost to the abolitionists and send shock waves through the 32 other states that offer the ultimate punishment.

California, by far the largest number of death row. It has 724 death row inmates, almost double the next highest, Texas with 407.

USC Dornsife last

/ Los Angeles Times poll supporters of Proposition 34 on 42%, just three points below those that maintain the death penalty in place. It is within the margin of error, which suggests a statistical link.

The proposed deletion is supported by several high profile people and organizations, including the conservative Fox News broadcaster Bill O'Reilly and most of the major news agencies in California. One of the promoters of this initiative is Jeanne Woodford, former warden of San Quentin, near San Francisco, where death row in California.

Woodford told the Guardian that after more than 30 years in the state criminal justice system, which had concluded that the death penalty was indefensible. "It is broken and ineffective. Improvement of public safety to provide or improve our social morality in any way. "

During his time as director of San Quentin, who presided over four executions, including that of Robert Lee Massie who was sentenced to death in 2001 for two separate murders "voluntarily" to die for refusing to monitor calls.

"In fact, Massie execution took place because they wanted to live," said Woodford. "So I helped him with his suicide -. It is too much to ask a public official, and any other condition that is not considered appropriate"

Woodford added that it was only after he retired as director that the total impact of having effectively acted as executioner struck four times. "I will not let me destroy it as I decided to do something to end this policy -. When he was not working towards something positive could eat off of me "

savings that could be made by the transition to life in prison allow an additional year of $ 100 million will be allocated to the investigation of a serious crime in a state in which an astonishing 46% of homicides and 56% of outstanding offenses. The rate increased clarification of these crimes would be a more effective deterrent, supporters of the proposal believe that keeping people in death row for many years with little to show for it - were only 13 executions California since 1967, and this practice has been legally suspended since 2006.

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How I made it: three successful young graduates share their stories | The panel

Radio 1 DJ, a member and a contractor appointed new graduates to work hard goal to be the best and never give up

Greg James, Radio 1 DJ, 26: "Some people succeed

In fact, I think most people agree that your dream job is very difficult, and very competitive, "Well this is a matter of chance." All this is true in reality, but why should I stop? People really determined to succeed and always will be, in many ways, the need for people to give up and looks like work too hard to make room for them.

course, is a very difficult time economically to find a job immediately after college, but it is far from impossible. It may take several months to find a job after graduation that maybe five years ago, but not work there. My career has always been competitive, but I never thought about other people going for the same job. It is human nature to compare their progress with their peers, but I guess my advice would be not to try. Focus on what you want and how you will get.

have a plan in place, even if it remains vague. With both short-term and long-term. In my last year of college, my short-term goals were to gain experience at the BBC local radio station work in the local community, trying to find the actual experience FM file to get a room Meeting / pilot Radio 1. My long term goal has always been to do a show on Radio 1. It seems easy for me to say now, but I always thought really bloody hard work, dedication, commitment to each other and to a lot of luck, could reach Radio 1. You also need to be a complete nerd now you want to achieve. Learn everything you can about it, then you can be a part of it and understand how it works.

hate to say this to people, but in reality, this board is the key shot. Do not get trampled by knockbacks because there will be charges. You can get your dream job or anything, but ... Here the cliché ... simply should not be waived. Be prepared to work hard and long hours, and probably for little or no start, but it will be worth it in the end. The best jobs are not supposed to be easy, that's what makes them a challenge. If you like challenges, do not listen to nay-sayers, keep your head down and go. And look, one day, you can even write your own goalkeeper prude article.

Pamela Nash, MP for Airdrie and Shotts, 27: "Keep clear objectives"

not want anyone graduating in 2012, was difficult when I got my degree in 2006, and even then, there were not many jobs for new graduates social sciences. He lived alone and was struggling to stay afloat, and was surprised and embarrassed by the situation I was in.

I knew it was important to balance income with improving the skills and employability, but it was difficult to get a part-time job. While looking for a job, I wrote to my MP to complain about the situation of graduates in general, but also to ask if there was the slightest chance in his office. I asked to meet him and offered me an internship. This was fortunate, but also the result of me trying everything I could do to continue. I finally got a part-time job at House of Fraser, Glasgow has allowed me to earn money three days per week and acquire relevant experience in all the others. After a year I was promoted to a full-time position as parliamentary assistant.
Jonnie Shearer, founder of Pussy energy drink, 30: "Aim High"

was fun, but really not much help in the creation of a society - if hindsight, I wish went right to work

was in college, I tried to sell the concept of food at different airlines. None of them was for him, so when he was still a student, I saw another opportunity.

decided to create a natural energy drink. At first, we did not have money to spend on marketing, so I thought of the name to get pussy says. Be normal, you nowhere and if we had a normal name, I thought it would be a 0% chance of working. We were competing against brands that spend tens of millions of dollars in marketing.
It took about a year to get the £ 30,000 needed to create the product - I borrowed money from friends and family. During this time, I worked out of my room at home. It was a bit of a nightmare, my mother vacuuming in the background while you are taking important sales calls or accidentally picks up the phone in my name. During my first sales presentation I sat with a beefy nightclub promoter told me he wanted to pay £ 10,000 per year to provide drink or take free "fuck fuck I'm busy," did he said. Clearly it is difficult to get yourself taken seriously when you're young and starting out. But eventually we negotiated a decent price, and the company now sells 500,000 boxes per month and tens million pounds.