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Gold and poaching bring murder and misery to Congolese wildlife reserve

powerful supporters of the security forces accused of complicity in the brutal attacks of the militia of the Democratic Republic of Congo

early Sunday morning last summer, residents Epulu awakened by the sound of gunshots and screaming. In the eastern parts of the DRC, which can often mean a new round of ethnic violence and murder is ongoing. In this case, however, something more terrible was going on.

The village was attacked by a militia feared. In this case, the gunmen were motivated not by tribal rivalries, but by land, gold and ivory. The village is located in a nature reserve in the Ituri Forest, an area of ??5,000 square miles, which is supposed to be beyond the reach of hunters and prospectors. The militia, led by former poacher Sadala an elephant named Paul, has terrorized communities within the reserve since 2012, employing brutal methods horrific, even by the standards of this part of the world.

"The attacks were absolutely horrible," said Justin Oganda, a representative of the residents who remain displaced Epulu Mambasa, about 50 miles away. At the end of that day in June, the militants had killed, raped, burned people alive and even ate the flesh and the heart of one of his victims. "After killing so many people, burn them alive, cannibalism ... Mentally can not be normal, "he added Oganda.

As always with the Congo, and not just a simple story of victims and villains. Sadala, who goes by the nom de guerre of Morgan and Morgan "Mai-Mai" gunmen are believed to have powerful allies in the security forces who allow their lucrative illegal ivory smuggling and gold. Some local people with an eye on gold for the earth beneath your feet tacitly supporting Morgan, who also unlikely likes to be called Chuck Norris.

"There is complicity between [Morgan] and elements of the army," said Jefferson penis Mbaka Abdallah, Vice Mambasa. "With the support of the military authorities determined [Mai Mai Morgan] increased poaching. Ivory sale is organized by the figures of the army. "Many in the region believe that soldiers have orders not to arrest Morgan.


main objectives is to operate and monitor the Unesco World Heritage recognized heritage known as Okapi Wildlife Reserve, or by its French acronym, RFO. Laws prohibit the hunting of endangered species, especially elephants and okapi, and the exploitation of its gold reserves.

rangers headquarters in Epulu, those targeted in June. "His goal was to kill all the guards, but escaped most of us," said Captain Benjamin Kalimutima Lulimba salon Epulu rangers. "They killed two guards and Badus Son, and the wife of a guardian appointed Amisi. Badus and woman tied Amisi, put in a tire and burned alive. Then cut and ate part of his leg Son, and gives the heart and ate it. "

A militia group then stopped and went to the zoo okapi in the compound of Rangers. The zoo was established 25 years ago to house a small number of species endangered okapi shy and are the familiar image of a varied fauna of Congo. Morgan's men killed 13 of the 14 Okapi there and seriously injured 14, so later died of his injuries. Rosmarie Ruf for, an ecologist with Gilman International Conservation (GIC) and co-founder of the zoo, it was an abrupt end to the work of a lifetime. "Twenty years of work has been done," said Ruf, sitting empty pen okapi feet as the river passed Epulu. "All these efforts, all this money. 'S My life was ... I do not want to ruin, but now I'm standing here in front of the blue."

The suspicion is that at least part of the spoils of Morgan winds up to 280 miles southwest Epulu in the hands of the Congolese army. At the end of 2012, the group of United Nations experts on the Congo issued a report accusing the Congolese general Jean-Claude Kifwa in the provincial capital, Kisangani, to give "weapons, ammunition, uniforms and equipment communication Mai Mai Morgan ivory trade. "

Kifwa has strongly denied any involvement in the militia, but one of the fighters Morgan, captured and imprisoned in the district capital, Bunia, confirmed the trade figures in Kisangani. "Morgan sent gold and ivory in Kisangani and weapons came from there," said Basomaka Abundu, who participated in the attack on Mambasa Morgan in January.

Despite the brutality of these attacks, many residents of the reserve has expressed sympathy for Morgan, and some support, even openly confessing to him. "I'm behind Morgan," said a young man of 18 who lives in a small village not far from Epulu who refused to give his name. "Because this is the ranger Morgan can not control and we are free to digging for gold. But would it support so I came here and burned our houses. "


WCS and ICG guards led to accusations that are partly responsible for the militarization of the conflict. However, Mwinyihali said the biggest problem was the lack of an effective response of the Congolese state, which means that NGOs and the rangers had to fill the roles that should be the responsibility of the government: for example, to armed guards Morgan plot. Iyatshi lyomi Bernard, director of the rangers, complained of the lack of government funding for their anti-poaching.

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Pope's foot-washing final blow for traditionalists

Pope Francis, right, looks up to the Crucifix during the Passion of Christ Mass inside St. Peter's Basilica, at the Vatican, Friday, March 29, 2013. Pope Francis began the Good Friday service at the Vatican with the Passion of Christ Mass and hours later will go to the ancient Colosseum in Rome for the traditional Way of the Cross procession. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

North Carolina takes down Confederate Civil War battle flag after protest | Paul Harris

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Casanova unveiled: new edition of his book reveals the man who loved liberty as much as women

Corrected version

story of his life give details of the sexual adventures while portraying a complex personality Bored and exiled in the pine forests of rural Bohemia, far from cities and women who loved and left aging Giacomo Casanova spent his last years writing his memoirs. Venice grew ceased to exist. The Paris she loved was in the throes of revolution. Writing was said in the preface, "The only solution I can think of that is not going mad or dying of grief".

The book History of My Life

History of my life

) published two decades after his death, in 1798, would ensure that the man whose name has become synonymous with womanizing not forgotten. Until now, however, the scope and details of sexual exploits of Casanova have been obscured, first by German Puritanism and in the mist of what experts describe as sloppy modern, even "defective" transcription his writings.

However, a new book by French publisher Robert Laffont, released in late April, aims to reveal Casanova in all its splendor. It is based on the original 3682 manuscript pages, acquired by the Biblioth?que Nationale de France in 2010 around € 7.5 million from an anonymous donor.

Jean-Christophe Igalens, professor at the University of Nice and specialist Casanova, who co-produced the book, said the notorious libertine as revealing "a whole lot more that has become clich?. Yes, it was a seducer, but he was impressed too. He loved women, women who had business with. It was not more than a superficial character who took a woman into bed, then left. had sex with rich women, "said Igalens

Observer ." For the reader, Casanova is often identified with the art of reinvention. He was able to change the name, change the country, reinvent a different future. This idea of ??not yielding to a destination is something that speaks to our modern world. "

In 1821, 23 years after Casanova's death, the manuscript

History of My Life

was sold by his nephew to a German publisher interested 18 - century Italian writers. Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus But the unpublishable work judged for immorality and the fact that the French text was sprinkled with Italian. It was published only after the text has been cleaned and removed passages deemed too crude, and for 140 years it was the only version available, while the original is stuck.

Yet seduced French writers, including Henri Beyle, known as Stendhal and Alfred de Musset, the poet and playwright. "In the 19th century, when it was discovered Casanova was indeed a very bourgeois writers, and Stendhal, Musset who reads this was a moral, a moral age was less restrictive than the limited and they lived," Igalens said.

Igalens cites the story of Casanova's first visit to Paris in 1750, when he wrote about the visit

pleasure house
called Hotel Roule, managed by a Mrs. Paris.


"In the new transcript with a lot more details, Casanova describes more precisely the women in the house
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Tech titans raise millions to enter the political arena: but what is it they want?

As Facebook and Google are starting to flex their muscles lobbying, critics warn that their values ??are very different from those of millions of ordinary Americans

One day last month, about 40 protesters gathered outside the house noise Mark Zuckerberg Facebook co-founder Mark in Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, California. They chanted slogans and waved placards as a small select group of people who arrived in stylish sports car and escorted inside the residence where the billionaire relatively modest life with his wife, Priscilla Chan.

must have been an unusual experience for Zuckerberg, 28, whose position at the head of Facebook is more likely to arouse admiration or curiosity normal and ordinary Americans are outraged, Poster waving protesters conducted by the local police. But it was not a normal part Zuckerberg was chosen. It was his first collection policy and the election of its candidate attention. The Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie

Under the eyes of the protesters, Republican bigwigs, Condoleezza Rice began arriving to pay tribute to - and write checks - a governor who took a stand against gay marriage and higher taxes Meanwhile rich embarking on a crusade against the attacks on teachers' unions in his home state.

But fundraising was one of Zuckerberg movements in politics. This week, the

Wall Street Journal

said he was in the middle of helping to organize a support group with other technology leaders political superiors. The as yet unnamed organization to demand reforms in areas such as research on immigration, education and science. The newspaper said it had raised millions of dollars from their cash-rich donors had an initial target of $ 50 million.

is a remarkable development, but also inevitable. The technology sector has emerged in Silicon Valley and other areas of development in the United States has become a multimillion dollar industry whose largest companies - including Google, Facebook and Twitter - have fundamentally reformed the way most of us live. As he grew in power and influence, was forced to enter the field of politics, trying to change the policy and gain allies across the political spectrum. For Big Oil, Big Pharma, tobacco and big banks, you can now add High Tech. This raises an important question that is rarely asked: more as they try to shape American politics, it is the technology giants really want

Kate Losse think

issue needs a lot of attention. She should know. It was one of the first employees of Facebook and Zuckerberg became a speech writer before leaving to write a book about his experiences,

The Boy King

seems aptly titled book was, and the latest technological advances in the world of politics, including the creation of a well-funded organization policy, are probably only the tip of the iceberg. "The fact that this type of development is happening suggests that there is a political project," said Losse. "So it is important to ask questions now. Otherwise, you might wake up one day and there is a system in place that we did not see coming. "

As with any other major industry, those involved in the Silicon Valley have political views across the spectrum. But, in general, are usually a mix of social liberalism and free market economy. It is a world where people are happy with the ethnic and sexual freedom, but the distrust of big government and see the "heroic entrepreneur" as an ideal ambitious. It is a political culture that has a debt with the libertarian novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand, who preached that the free market was the interest of the future and the government's hand was a little more dead weight in human creativity.

senior technology also courted at the highest political level. Zuckerberg and Google CEO Eric Schmidt, were two dozen technology titans who attended a private dinner with Barack Obama in 2011. In one of his State of the Union, Obama called on Google and Facebook by name as the natural heirs of the great innovators of the industrial past of America. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, recently published a book dedicated to the creation of a social movement of women in the office. It also extends to public and private sectors, having worked as a senior U.S. Treasury official: No doubt, your address book contains a lot of powerful officials Speed ??Dial

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The TV academic: balancing the demands of a double career

The advantages of educational television life far outweigh the disadvantages,

said David Wilson

. This is why - and how - you should use media that are essential

still considered a "criminologist public" - in other words, a criminologist university while teaching, writing and research at the university also participates in debates in the media Popular print and broadcast media on crime and punishment.

These debates are issues that are (for lack of a better description) tabloid staples: sex offenders, serial killers, the name and humiliation, child murderers, holiday camps "prisons", bringing hanging thugs, hooligans and ASBO. Did I mention sex offenders?

As criminologist public, I wanted to see if I could answer these questions by placing them in a broader context that takes into account its complexity, and presents the shadows around issues usually reported as simply black and white. And if in the past 10 years, I became a familiar face this morning, Channel 4 and Sky News, and a regular voice today, PM and 5Live.

Presentation Killers

Channel 5 series behind bars has allowed me to take advantage of criminology public a little further, taking advantage of the public's fascination with murder series, and then showing how academic theories related to this phenomenon and this type of murderer could also contribute to the clarification of "cold cases."

impact, use a favorite REF (Research Excellence Framework) concern was marked not only in applications up to study criminology at Birmingham City University (BUC), participation in conference open days and student participation in general, but also in the public interest in cold cases featured in the series, and even the willingness of some police to review evidence that the program finds.

The presentation of a television program on the subject of teaching and research could be considered a "win-win" a greater awareness of their course, a growing number of followers on Twitter, better public understanding of the phenomenon of search results and actual results could eventually lead to justice for families who still want to see an author responsible. All this is true, but there is too much tension. From a personal point of view, the greatest tension is the growing perception of some members of the public that I am a celebrity, rather than teaching - strange and personal difficulties arising from this situation perceived . For example, I get over 100 emails a day from members of the public and 10 (reflecting both) letters, all eager to investigate the case, or to take tea with the writer, signing autographs, recommend books and, in the case of students from other universities who write, read their texts. is a tension created by accessibility. Celebrities are usually difficult to reach, while academics have their phone numbers, email addresses and opening hours of data published on the website of the university. And of course, the public can simply walk to most sites.

rightly proud that we are "face to the community" in higher education. However, this accessibility can have its drawbacks, especially when it became known as someone who cares violent offenders instead of a university that has programs in physics or history During the execution of the last series and once again the result of the publicity of this new series, I had two death threats - .. As well-managed security BCU campus and West Midlands Police Too tensions within the academy. Some now label me a populist who was stupid and sold, but continue to publish monographs and articles, peer-reviewed, acting as director of a research center and modify the Howard Journal of Criminal Justice. There is always a relationship very tense between the university and British "public" Sociology / Philosophy / Psychology (insert your own theme here). Many of my fellow British academics do not seem very comfortable talking about their work outside the conference room and frankly rather run a mile, or take excessive risks marking, speak to the press. This differs from the U.S. approach, where even the lowliest graduate student is generally able to link comments intelligent, but accessible to the local radio station that he or she might be written.

Professor David Wilson is professor of criminology at the

Birmingham City University

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Undocumented workers' grim reality: speak out on abuse and risk deportation

migrants in low-wage depths of the U.S. economy that they are simply defending the rights of workers

Luis Zavala knew something was wrong when he saw the gun pointed at him.

construction worker aged 45 who lives in Louisiana, and about two dozen others in his team gathered in the small town of Kenner, just outside New Orleans, where he believed to be about to receive unpaid wages by his boss.

The measure was introduced at the end of a bitter conflict, and his employer had told them to meet in a parking lot in front of an apartment complex. But instead of answering, they were surrounded by armed police and immigration officers and customs.

Zavala, who was waiting in his car when the attack began, was dragged out of his vehicle, handcuffed and lying on the ground. "They came out very aggressively, pointing their guns. Overthrew me. They set foot on my back. It was very scary," said Zavala The Guardian.

Zavala and his colleagues had been left alone to face a brutal truth that affects more than 11 million illegal immigrants working in the dark depths of the low wages in the U.S. economy: speak against a employer who mistreats you can be arrested and deported.

million workers fatigue Zavala in sectors such as construction, occasional day labor, agriculture or the food industry throughout the United States and as many Zavala and Others have found standing to complain place can give an employer to inform the immigration authorities.

Experts say that some employers are too willing to hire undocumented workers and exploit them for their willingness to work long hours for low wages. If nobody complains, questions about immigration documents rarely asked. But in case of problems - who are injured at work or workers demand better wages or access to a union - a quick call to the employees of the police or ICE will lead to expulsion hard

"Employers use this as a big club against workers who fight for themselves," said Rebecca Smith, an expert from the National Employment Law Project, which campaigns on various issues abuse of workers United States.

Smith has recently co-authored a study on the phenomenon called for workers' rights in the NELP ICE, which describes many recent cases in which the threat of expulsion had been used against workers who tried unionize or complain about safety standards or had their wages stolen. However, Smith believes, because most victims are deported or fear of being expelled from the vast majority of incidents occurring in the United States simply never come to light. "This is the tip of the iceberg," he said.

But some say. One is Felipe Villareal, a worker old car wash from Mexico who has been in the United States since 2000. Like many undocumented workers willing to do the work that American workers do not want and certainly not for so little money. Villareal worked through chemical vapors and hot water from a car wash machine in Culver City, California, often just for advice. "There was a lack of security protection. Use a large amount of toxic chemicals that penetrate the skin and lungs, "he said.

"Sometimes you get home. You just be ready for the next round. Worked for our families. This is the main reason. We have bills to pay and families to support, "said.

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BRICS plan development bank to fund infrastructure

Russian President Vladimir Putin and South African President Jacob Zuma exchange documents after signing the Declaration of State Partnership between South Africa and Russia at the BRICS 2013 Summit in Durban, South Africa, Tuesday, March 26, 2013. Heads of State of BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) meet in the South Africa city of Durban for the two day summit. (AP Photo/S Mngoma)

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France 0-1 Spain

Wayne Rooney's shot at exorcism turns sour for England | Dominic Fifield


personifies side of Roy Hodgson inability to protect a lead early goal discoloration after scoring his return to Montenegro

This should be on Wayne Rooney achieve redemption perceived natural order restored and resplendent England back on top of their qualifying section. Instead, as the acrid smoke of burning torches at each end of the narrow field drift in the night sky and the crowd yelled its appreciation at home everywhere, Roy Hodgson and his team crossed the lawn stifled by disappointment numbness. An opportunity was lost, and with six months to endure before the action is reviewed competitive memories of Montenegro still nervous.

could argue that this was in fact a point won, given that guests showed revitalized after the break, causing the back to support banks noisy English Balkans. Joe Hart heroics, at least not in the frenzy just before Dejan Damjanovic struck equalizer home team at the third attempt, a row reflects visitors flames. Mirko Vucinic and Stevan Jovetic Damjanovic began in England after Branko Brnovi? initial caution was abandoned in search of an equalizer, defense stirred under a wave. All this was a reminder that England have not beat any team of note in this section. Cricket scores race against San Marino and Moldova is expected.

However, even if one reward point unlikely frustration sometimes felt that management will continue during the summer will focus on the inability of England to have won this competition where they loved the descent. It was the kind of performance that tenacious holding Sven-Goran Eriksson -. "Not half as good first half, second place is so good" There was also a parallel with the last visit of the team under Fabio Capello here October 2011, visitors were allowed to refuse initial domain, the backswing swing violently red and yellow when competition can take a lot of time is up. Weaknesses have been exposed, neglect resumed. It was all very familiar.

England had tiger incidence Rooney had been jumping into the space on the right and, having spotted Mladen Bozovic his line, the chip at the base of the right stick before entering the opening target. They had seen the signs of the previous night, when it is formed by the flood. It was a whirlwind of energy through the last session, and when the time was in the middle of the fork of lightning, aged 27, had to be practically dragged out of the lawn, the flicker of intent in his eyes restored.

His goal for his 26th competitive countries - a figure that has led at Michael Owen - means he has scored in four consecutive games of qualifying, the first England player to David Beckham to do since 2003. There were 16 goals for club and country since the beginning of December, which is the media type or request method for talks on a new contract or to attract the interest of Paris Saint-Germain.

For long periods he was a man possessed, but it was his complete game that made him look unplayable. He launched into the pockets of space, ready to destabilize Stefan Savic. When he is not tormenting the defender, Rooney was adrift in midfield to collect possession and attacks against lead, their enthusiastic collaboration of the club, Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley, step breaking participate .

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The Trials, Tribulations and Triumph of PyCon 2013

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Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss

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Rand Paul: Republican revolutionary leading the conservative charge to 2016

moderation While GOP debates, the Tea Party has found its champion in the rising star. Will you take the presidency?

On May 10, Senator Rand Paul will travel to Iowa to attend Lincoln Day dinner has definitely covered by the state Republican Party. Paul will speak, then press the flesh with the local party officials in the city of Cedar Rapids, in the middle of the American heartland, far from the corridors of real power back to Washington DC.

Looks like a boring day low-level politicking. But, of course, could not be farther from the truth. Iowa Republicans to vote will be the first in the battle for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016 and Paul - a Tea Party favorite and rising star of the conservative right - is almost certain to have his name on the ballot

There was a significant increase. Four years ago, Paul was an ophthalmologist who live in a small town in Kentucky and little heard of outside circles libertarian tendency that idolized his father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul right.

Now Paul, 50, is a senator and firmly established itself as the heir of a political movement of his father. He is a leading figure in the Republican Party and strongly tipped as a candidate to the White House itself. When he speaks in Cedar Rapids is not a function of dark dinner. It will be a prudent step in an ambitious in the power of man is becoming used to create national titles.

Paul has never been so honored. This week gave a speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was in favor of immigration reform, to highlight Republican efforts to attract a vital demographic considered a political movement that seeks power in the United States States.

It was in the back of Paul won the poll last week in the conclave of powerful conservative activists known as CPAC. Held in a luxury resort near Washington DC, the meeting was a real beauty contest of the "new generation" of conservatives vying for attention. But Paul came out on top, beating Florida Senator Marco Rubio 25% to 23%.

certainly part of the reason that the victory was the performance of Paul when he launched a remarkable recent 13 hours obstruction on the Senate floor against the controversial aspects of the policy of Barack Obama drone. The measure, which began as an isolated outpost in a vacuum chamber, finally joined in supporting the right of the party, went viral on the Internet and even won over a Democrat to join him.

To Michael Graham, an influential conservative talk show host radio, the appearance of Paul was a breath of fresh air breath. "I hope to go to the presidency in 2016. Displays the value of having a clear ideology and plead for him," Graham told the Guardian.

This ideology - a philosophy rooted in a libertarian small government, free markets and strict constitutionalism - was largely inherited from his father. During successive failed presidential campaigns of Ron Paul left the head outside a laughable gadfly respected local conservative movement which an overwhelming majority of the avid youth have a major impact on the Republican Party.

When the member retired last year which was in front of an audience of thousands of people gathered in Tampa, Florida, determined to make his mark on the Republican National Convention that followed shortly after. It also came after his supporters launched a campaign in the State party which has successfully taken several state party organizations.

Rand Paul

inherited a lot of fans, many of whom consider themselves the Freedom Movement. Evan Kenney, who was a delegate to Tampa, is a member of this movement and now a candidate for a local function in Massachusetts, where he is a student.

welcomed the passing of the torch from father to son, especially as the political skills of the young Paul seems more smooth and polished. "Ron Paul was a purist, but Rand Paul can do a much better job of doing politics. Has a more moderate approach and feel, but the end game is the same," said Kenney.

"There is no way the GOP is going to get anywhere without Rand Paul. They can not win a general election without him somewhere, either on the ticket or with him as an enthusiastic supporter of candidate "Wead said.

However, for a large part of the adult life of Paul that would have seemed a ridiculous assertion. At first he followed his father, not politics, but in medicine. Paul went to Baylor University and later won admission to the prestigious school of medicine at Duke University in North Carolina. He graduated as an eye specialist in 1993, two years after meeting and marrying Kelly Ashby. The couple now have three children, moved to the State of origin Kelley of Kentucky, and Paul joined an eye clinic in the small college town of Bowling Green.

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Dispose of chopsticks and China loses part of its identity | Audra Ang

sticks withdrawal China is back on the agenda, but deeply rooted cultural significance must count for something

Although I grew up in Singapore and has lived in China for seven years, has never learned how to use chopsticks with skill or dexterity, as if they were extensions graceful fingers. Go straight to goal and nothing to eat, big or small, slippery or sticky, is out of reach.

Instead of keeping my parallel rods and skillfully maneuver the ends toward each other, crossed mine about half to pivot to better leverage. They told me that "X" lust my colleague dinner, which, of course, was not the case. Since I am also left-handed (another ancient Chinese no-no), I think it would be regarded as a general cause lost.

However, I felt a twinge of anxiety when I learned that the Chinese legislator discourage the use of disposable chopsticks for environmental reasons -. And considering alternatives

Guangxin Bo, president of the national wood Jilin Forest Industry Group, said that the country produces about 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks a year, is 20m 20-year-old trees - an unsustainable burden on the national forests.

"To solve the problem of disposable chopsticks, I think we first need to make a change in the eating habits of the population and we urge everyone to bring their own utensils for eating" , he said, "and secondly, we gradually discover a substitute for them."

There are many stories about the origin of chopsticks, which are somehow rooted in Chinese history for thousands of years. Many center around practical needs - get the meat from the heat, speed, using everything around. There are also many superstitions attached to it: the sticks that fall is bad luck, standing in the rice paste is taboo because images of incense sticks in funerary altars, and the search for a partner means you have uneven waste transport

Then there is the long list of prohibitions chopsticks no point to them, Do not spear food with them, do not use them to get your bowl; beggars exactly that. Among the favorite ways fish are cooked with meat and vegetables in the boiling broth while eating "hot pot" with friends, and delivery option pieces show affection or respect, not to mention revolve around sticks offer the side that does not touch the mouth.

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Yoani Sanchez: dissident Cuban blogger hopeful of digital change

Sanchez made his first public appearance in the United States and invites the international community to put pressure on Castro to open the system

"The truth is that all journalists are imprisoned in Cuba," said Yoani Sanchez, a pessimistic assessment of the situation of freedom of expression in his country of origin.

The 37-year-old Cuban dissident blogger behind renowned and Generation Y knows better than anyone the impact of restrictions on the chroniclers of everyday life under the communist regime in Cuba. Despite being named one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine, Sanchez has in recent years been limited to life on the island. So far.

Sanchez, whose attempts to travel abroad were rejected more than 20 times over the last five years, is currently on tour 80 days in Europe, Latin America and the United States to discuss the following history. The trip was made possible by the recent reforms undertaken by President Raul Castro, the easing of travel restrictions for many Cubans.

S?nchez trip was not without incident, however. Brazil, met with pro-Castro protesters during a visit to the Brazilian Congress. Similar events, rumored to be held, also continued during a recent trip to Mexico.

wonder, then, that when Sanchez made his first public appearance in the United States, Columbia University Thursday night, the strict security measures were taken. However, Sanchez has received a warm welcome, flowers and a standing ovation when he sat down for a brief Q & A.

overnight, Sanchez, with his long hair and dress style mother earth could be taken on your iPhone for tweeting his 450,000 followers.

One might think that Sanchez is still on the Internet. But the reality is that she and her compatriots are facing a battle for unfiltered Internet access, such as sneaking into a hotel - which, before the reform, Cubans were forbidden to enter - and the salary of average spending months using a computer. Cubans have also created their own digital version of alchemy to create "Internet Internet" by downloading uncensored flash drives and share them with others.

Life in Cuba is difficult for dissidents like S?nchez, who met with verbal attacks to physical detention, but Sanchez notes the worst prison is the forced silence. "[We] imprisoned by censorship laws jailed, imprisoned on an island is a prison surrounded by water on all sides."

But lately, the Cuban government said Sanchez, took note of the developments in the Arab Spring, was cautious about how they deal with critics of the regime . The Cuban government has begun to work with bloggers, blogging for the government to denounce those who, like Sanchez as agents of foreign enemies, like the United States. But Sanchez believes that this shows that the government can not refuse to recognize the power and impact of the Cuban blogosphere is having on people.

And Sanchez plans to go beyond simply pressing the buttons in the government. "[I] s time to go beyond the realm of personal expression and individual blog - the catharsis that is, the 140 characters on Twitter - in a more civic exercise is expressed through an independent press in Cuba" said.

Sanchez complete the project on his return to Cuba, and without fear of being accused of "crime of enemy propaganda." Although the company will, for now, remain elusive in the digital domain, at least, he said, be ready for all Cubans that change will come.

"I see this as an opportunity to tell Cuba as someone who lives on the island, [a] to answer your questions and give you my perspective. D a time important for Cuba at this moment, a moment when changing where everything can fall into disrepair or accomplish. "

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Pope Francis, the radical from Flores who will 'reshape' Catholic church

former colleagues and parishioners say divine disciplined Jesuit reshape the power structure, strictly controlling finances, and check splendor of the Vatican

The rise of Pope Francisco is likely to announce the most radical change in the Catholic Church for over 50 years, for example those who know that the Jesuit Argentina Buenos Aires neighborhood where he was born and began his short political career.

zero tolerance of sexual abuse, stricter control of church finances, the abandonment of Eurocentrism, more emphasis on poverty and brutal purge of opponents of the Vatican's top are waiting for the coming years, according to the priests and lay people who have spent decades watching the race from the first Latin American pope.

Jorge Bergoglio, as it was known until last week, was born into a family of Italian immigrants in 1957, Flores, with his feet on the ground and neighborhoods divided socially just outside the center of the capital of Argentina.

Bresci Sunday, a priest who studied with Bergoglio in the '50s and later worked with him in Flores, said that the new Pope was not a person to take half-measures.

holding a copy of the newspaper La Nacion on Friday, with the title "The revolution Francisco humility and austerity" Bresci said the world must prepare for a transformation of one of the most ancient religions and more conservative.

"This title is entirely accurate. It will have an impact on the world," said Bresci, now an adviser in the Office of Religious Affairs of the Government and an important figure in theology movement left of Liberation. "It will change the power structure of the church and challenge the splendor of the Vatican."

At first glance, Flores is an unlikely place for a revolution. For most, this corner of Buenos Aires is typically middle class.

Bergoglio was raised in one of the most elegant neighborhoods. His house Membrilla 531 Street - a leafy tree lined road bourgeois mansions - and became a place of pilgrimage for religious followers

"I saw her work with the poor here for more than a decade," said Micheala Dobler, a resident of 69 years who had come with her sister Olga to take pictures to outside old home of the Pope. "It is a divine man who has devoted much of his time to the poor."

From the family home of the Pope, which is less than five minutes by car from one of the poorest neighborhoods of Argentina, or as they are called here

villas Emergency "Never drive at night here. 'S Very dangerous," said the driver, Angel Suarez. "My son was stolen near last week. Too many bandits and drug traffickers. "
But while he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio has doubled the number of priests in the slums.

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FBI's demands for private data struck down by federal court

judge said the national security letters - which would allow the government to obtain data without the consent of the people - the first amendment divide

The FBI has undergone a dramatic use of gagging orders on behalf hyper-secret national security for private data of citizens of the United States, after a federal court overturned practice .

A judge of a district court in California, USA has ordered the U.S. government to stop the issuance of so-called "national security letters." Susan Illston said the letters, which have increased since 9/11 under the Patriot Act was unconstitutional because it violated the First Amendment rights of the parties in using the controls.


played an increasingly important approach of the U.S. government in the fight against terrorism, despite its increasing use has been accompanied by a growing concern in the use of civil liberties. Last year, the FBI has sent more than 16,000 letters concerning private data - mainly financial records, online or by phone - more than 7,000 Americans

previous trial led the FBI accused of abusing their powers under the law by issuing NSL letters that much more complete situations against terrorism-limited for which they were designed.

judge does not take effect immediately, it built a 90-day deadline for the government to appeal. This was done in response to a legal process very unusual in which the recipient of an NSL - an unnamed telecommunications company -. FBI sued for violation of his rights in May 2011

FBI retaliated against by-sue the company.

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Alice Walker: 'I feel dedicated to the whole of humanity'

The author of feminism, activism, The Color Purple and is separated from his only daughter Pratibha Parmar movie

Beauty in Truth

, about his life and work, you can read fascinating: you have so many different things in so many different places with many different people. Is that how you feel?

I saw at least five parallel lives, really! I wonder about this. I have no idea what's going on. But, yes, I live in Mexico, I live in Hawaii and I live in Northern California and my life has been. It is as if I had all this energy from ancestors who were not allowed to leave the plantation of 400 years and gave me all his desire to be part of the world.

The film begins with his upbringing in Jim Crow Georgia, one of eight children, the daughter of sharecroppers. His family had little money, but I had a very determined mother.

I think a lot of people in my community had very different types of mothers: mothers who had accepted the system of male dominance and white supremacy, and my mother never did. She could not. It just was not in it.

You started writing as a child. Do you remember what you wanted to say?

I wanted to have their own room. It would be decades before had read Virginia Woolf and her beautiful interpretation of this thought, but I knew that was what I needed. The story is that my mother said when I crawled it for me and I goneround the back of the house, and she found written with a stick in the ground.

you go to a school that his parents had helped build and then a scholarship to college. But after going to the south. Why?

In each of us there is a voice that knows exactly where to go. And I learned very early to hear, but that has caused so much pain and destruction, and I think this is the only answer. They offered me a scholarship that would have taken me to Paris, but I refused because I realized that my true responsibility was to go back and try to help people who were like my family. Then I heard the voice and just flew and went to Mississippi.

In his writings, he tried to give voice to his own family and others like them.

I have, because I wanted to be seen in his glory, in his humanity and struggles and difficulties, so like everyone else. Nothing, really, what I found in my family I could not find it in almost all families of the planet, in the same circumstances.

Would you say that his primary motivation was as a writer that lives hidden in the light?

When I was 13, my sister was a beautician - who trained the body to the morgue. One day she showed me the body of a woman who had been murdered. Her husband was wounded in the face. Now, many people listen to this story, and they categorize,. Try to box you into a corner, but in fact this kind of brutality against women is endemic and is increasingly coming to light

It's something to do at the age of 13 years.

had a big impact on me. And her daughter was in my class, and had the same name as my grandmother, who had been shot. I think when you start typing, it is often also follow the breadcrumb trail: minotaur never know who you'll meet. However, it is often one - or two or three

You have been involved in the movement for civil rights and feminism, especially when he moved to New York and worked with Gloria Steinem in

Ms. magazine

in the 1970s.

I love the women's movement and never thought of him as belonging to a particular segment of the population. I loved working with

Ms. magazine

, especially Gloria, because she understood that I really need a room for me, even there.

What are your thoughts on contemporary feminism?

The riddle somehow, which is why, after all the struggle and all the teaching - teaching was so important: we learned from each other, and teaches other women and girls - women, at this stage, are comfortable referring to themselves as individuals, and basically erase their femininity at every opportunity. I do not understand.

No, because time is always now, somehow - there are people who find the novel today. And I write with the same fervor that someone wrote 30 years ago. So the story is alive and in this way, even though I myself have written many books since then, and rarely think in the same way that the reader is new thinking, has its presence.

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Andr? Villas-Boas finds his soul at Spurs and creates a new mood music

Tottenham Manager is a completely different animal from his days in Chelsea, just 12 months after his dismissal at Stamford Bridge

Even amidst the fog of battle of a north London derby with Spurs team under pressure in the first half hour, Andr? Villas-Boas was able to smile. The contrast with his last days at Stamford Bridge, where his face was so deep that Chelsea Premier League position is raw. When the ax, a year ago on Monday, it was almost an act of mercy.

course, there was sympathy. In general, it is discarded contingency Abramovich. Be Chelsea is like playing Pac-Man: You know that ghosts catch you in the end, no matter how many items you seek. But when the game flash plus after 256 days, Villas-Boas still questions hanging over his management style.


What surprises is not just that the questions have been answered, but how quickly they forget. Remember how Villas-Boas was prepared to play high defensive line stubbornness, even when it was obvious that the legs of John Terry whistled 33t 78s in the world? And rumors that lacked emotional intelligence not to understand that massage egos should not deal with coarse sandpaper?

we see a different man now. Chelsea should consider how much of that is down to Villas-Boas - and what can be explained by a new environment. Look at the way Gareth Bale embraced him and his teammates after his winning goal at West Ham. And do not forget how they mocked him to Chelsea for suggesting that his players celebrate.

The decision to allow Hugo Lloris time in bed could be difficult, especially with boos manager Didier Deschamps of France to the other side of the Channel, but Villas-Boas is well managed, stick with Brad Friedel Lloris originally planned to adjust before making the change. Meanwhile, the reinstatement of Michael Dawson and Tom Huddlestone showing a willingness to admit he was wrong they have few peers.

Villas-Boas deflects often asked about himself, insisting that it is the people who matter. Ultimately it. But the administrator creates background music. Visiting Tottenham pre-season in the United States encouraged the staff and players to dinner together, and even pay for a slap-up meal of their own deep pockets (definitely something repeatedly before Christmas). Spurs beat Southampton When he paid the bill after that his players threw their shirts into the crowd.

not fun, but there is flexibility too. A former player of the team said I always get a day off after a game, but after his spectacular victory over West Ham, Villas-Boas realized that everyone was busy and let it easy Wednesday, too.

video and also wrinkled and processed, and make adjustments: when Spurs developed a habit of conceding Villas-Boas thought they would lose focus on what made the last part of the training more intense. It worked. 4-4-2 also tried, with mixed results, for the first time in his career.

Ultimately, Villas-Boas probably deserves more credit than it has received. Especially given the 2-1 win against Spurs Arsenal league match unbeaten expanded to 12 -. Its long history of the Premier League
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Kenyan election choices limited by 'six-piece suit' campaigning

Instead of running on local issues that affect the lives of voters, candidates cling to the coattails of presidential tickets

if the race for the presidency of Kenya is increasing attention as voters go to the polls today to choose more than one direction. They also called upon to decide five additional points - Member of Parliament, Senator, representing women, Governor of the County and County representative assembly. Kenyan entire political structure could be a major overhaul.

All six pieces is the term that has been adopted to describe the same coalition vote in six voices. It is a strategy of the presidential candidates have openly encouraged the start of the campaign - for obvious reasons: the members of the ruling coalition, the easier it will be sovereign

The first calls for a vote straight party, met with accusations of cynicism, however. A local newspaper called it a requirement that voters to vote "whatever the qualities and skills of the other five candidates." Now, most of the major candidates have withdrawn the application, at least in public discourse.

But a month after Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the election campaign, it is clear that many voters see six pieces as their only option, if only because candidates prices rates have allowed their individual positions to be assumed by the presidential candidates. Instead of running on local issues, which ultimately have the greatest impact on the lives of individual voters, most are waiting to get on the platform above the ticket to victory. That leaves voters who seek to make informed decisions with little information.

In Garissa matatu city has long been an easy target for roving bands of brigands. The drivers of these vehicles soft carrying passengers on routes established in this hot and dusty town in northern Kenya, for example, they are constantly arrested and extorted money by armed groups. If they refuse to pay, they are beaten or killed.

When the owners and drivers of matatus decided to form a credit union, known as Sacco, two years ago, was originally intended as a way to share resources, but it became a political force.

Nearly 300 people have joined and we are working with the council to repair roads Garissa and establish fixed routes and steps for passengers. More importantly, sought - and obtained - a greater protection of the local police

"We work with local government to bring law and order," said Abdi Khalif Shakuru, who led the matatu "No More Drama" during the last four years. "We seen many changes in the development. "

is a position that would make sense if Sacco members were strong supporters of the Jubilee. But they are not. Jubilee Coalition and Odinga to reform and democracy (cable) are artificial constructs, however, built before the elections in order to meet the most disparate, but festivals as much as possible under one banner.

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