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Will the Republican party get another George W Bush? | Harry J Enten

The Republican Party is not necessarily intended to amortization. Is likely to choose a candidate who appeals to the populist Midwest

is the destination to the Republican Party? Some have argued, for example, that the unconditional conservatism House GOP wants to hurt them with moderates. Others believe that the lack of movement on immigration GOP House will seriously damage between the Latino voting bloc growth. I said wide reasons that Republicans be much, although some Republican politicians are out of the ordinary in some subjects. But if I'm wrong?


Republican primary voters with a large participation of party members will solve the problem. There is a tendency among many to think that the Republican primary voters are the driving force behind the initiative of the Republican Party to the right. The academic literature tends to reject this view. In addition, there is a good amount of evidence suggesting that the Republican presidential primary voters took the lead almost everyone: win.

During the 2012 election, Republican primary voters were greeted with many options. Most people agree that Mitt Romney was one of the most moderate of these options outside of Jon Huntsman, who was more liberal than even moderate Jerry Ford. Romney had developed a health plan during his time as governor of Massachusetts, which was very similar to Obamacare. Obamacare, of course, is something that is the most despised in the Republican ranks as a "war on Christmas".

But Romney won the nomination. He did it because he was considered the most electable in the primary after primary. Think of the primary key of Michigan, where Santorum win could be devastating for Romney hopes. A plurality of 32% said that defeating President Obama was the most important issue. Among voters Romney won 61% of the vote - far higher than the 41% of all voters. The same thing happened the following week in the key state of Ohio. Then, 42% said they win in November was more important and Romney took 52% of voters against 38% who had overall.


Republican primary voters got the message? As demonstrated in the party decides (read the book), the presidential appointments are decided by party members. If you like insiders as a candidate, you will receive great support. This took place in almost all of the modern primary nomination.

I expect the same trend that emerged in 2016. Republican insiders want the center of his party to win. The gain factor is especially true where a party has been out of power for some time as evidenced by the fact that most of it is in the power of the increased possibility of a more moderate candidate is chosen. That is why we have all this discussion about whether, and if so, how the Republican Party needs to change to make in a year when the economic conditions are not conducive to their overwhelming majority.

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Sierra Leone's Irish alliance bodes well for women affected by violence | Lisa O'Carroll

Ireland supports efforts to fight against gender-based violence in Sierra Leone and pay greater attention to the rights of women

The World Health Organization has recently formed attention to gender-based violence, particularly in Africa, where nearly half of all women experience physical or sexual assault in their lifetime.

the princess Squire, counselor, and his sister, Annie Mafinda, a midwife, it is not a surprise. They have a clinic of sexual assault in a maternity hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Last year, 1,000 cases were treated mainly rape.

The number of reports of attacks has more than doubled since the first of the three countries Rainbo Centre opened in 2003, reflecting an awareness that violence against women is a crime punishable and that women have access to treatment.

"Because more and more women, there is a realization that what a man can do, a woman can do, then they will not accept what happened before" said Mafinda.

Historically, tolerance of violence against women in Sierra Leone has been high. Cultural factors have shaped this trend, but efforts to change attitudes reinforced in 2007 when, in one of the three acts gender Parliament adopted this year, domestic violence has become a crime.

Ireland, which recently Sierra Leone, one of the nine key Irish Aid partner countries, said gender inequalities and issues related to long-term care, by focusing on rape crisis centers and the strengthening of the judicial system.

If denounce sexual violence is the first link in the chain of justice, then the number of women who go through the Rainbo centers, which are funded by Irish Aid, is a measure of success.

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It's summer, let's dance!

dance has never been a more important part of popular culture. Diplo and Beyonce team then why, then you can also link to learn the latest moves with our instructions based gif.

Think you're one of

twerker you? Learn the moves, then post your videos @ guideguardian

gelatin turns Elvis

legs. John Travolta finger strokes. Jacko Moonwalk. Madonna's Vogue. Strange dance Bez. Beyonc? gymnastic prowess. Pogoing punks. Breakdancing in the Bronx. Big fish, little fish, cardboard box. Wherever there was pop music was dance. One of the major factors that we still use to measure the effectiveness of pop music is its ability to make you want to get up from his seat and pull your body to the rhythm. And do all of the artists mentioned above have the same cultural impact without their signature moves?

Recently, however, we have some lazy thing. Dance music became separated from the actual dance. The laser shows hot stars EDM encourage revelers to face the scene rather than the other, while the extent of the most current dance clubs is an awkward foot shuffling and point air occasionally. Here's a quick test: When was the last time you danced? Really danced. No marriage Aunt Hilda, roll on the floor Agadoo. No, Glastonbury, you and coordination in a festival tent lose. Not ironically, an Internet phenomenon as Gangnam style. Yes, that's what I think.

"People do not dance enough," agreed Sean Paul reggae ambassador, a leading advocate of the rump-shaking. "Went Electric Daisy Carnival in the United States [EDM Festival] but if this is supposed to be dance music, not a lot of people dancing. "Why is it so important?" It is an expression of the joy of being alive, but you can not dance "philosophize . There is, however, to the global dance scenes cool to the forefront. New York is experiencing a renaissance voguing with producers to contribute to the dissemination MikeQ face coaching moves to remote locations, while rapper Azealia Banks pays tribute to the gay dance scene with their siren on bashes. In Chicago Rashad and DJ Spinn introduced the gaming world legs, completed more dizzying rhythms of dance. Same time measurements are enjoying a renaissance thanks to electro-swing. In Jamaica, there is a constant flow of new movements, corresponding to the greatest songs of the club. Dancers compete to put videos online in the hope of starting the next elf, dutty wine hot wuk or feeling. Dancehall artist Elephant Man and Sean Paul have that measures Willie bounce and cheer by beating cross to submit their videos, while project Major Lazer Diplo can take credit for introducing the world to the joys of daggering - to caricature dancehall dry hump - in his 2009 video Put the floor. "I was thrown into this world with EDM biggest clubs and festivals," Diplo said, "but in reality people dancing, no fist pumping, has always been my source of inspiration. "Your video you speak last year with the New Orleans bounce queen Nicky Da B, focused on a style called twerking incredible swing end. Now everyone from rapper Iggy Azalea jet popping Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore twerked even through the Internet. Africa is a rich source of creative styles. Afrobeats singer D'Banj had a Top 10 hit with Oliver Twist, popularizing Ghana azonto contagious. Creative Director Beyonce, Frank Gatson Jr., had the idea of ??routine Run The World (Girls) when the management company Tofo dancers from Mozambique was hot corner for kwaito. He immediately moved to the U.S. to teach Beyonc? movement. "We have everything you can imagine to do," said Frank, who has worked with Beyonc? for 16 years and employs 15 choreographers of his last tour. "Beyonc? has at least 2 million" eight counts "[dance segments often fall into] it is important to find the most innovative movement that we can, but also try to think about the steps that n ' Anyone can do it. A friendly way of doing a dance move a success. "

How dutty wine

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Australian bushman claims to have footage of legendary night parrot

• desert bird still not seen alive for over a century

• Record of sighting described as overwhelming

An Australian bushman and naturalists claim to have captured video of the night parrot, a bird not seen alive for over a century.

John Young, who describes himself as a detective wildlife showed images and a series of photographs of birds in a room full of fans and media at Queensland Museum Wednesday. The night parrot living in the desert

Pezoporus occidentalis

has never been photographed, and the only evidence of its existence was two dead birds found in 1990 and 2006.

birdwatchers and wildlife authorities have responded to the observation of excitement, saying that the evidence supporting the claim Young was overwhelming.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy ecologist Dr. Steve Murphy told ABC News that the finding was a certainty.

"is indisputable. He stills, a video on the move and feathers, "he said.

decimated during the 19th century by cats and foxes introduced, the population of the Night Parrot has collapsed and fell into the scientific record until 1990, when he found a bird death on a highway in southwest Queensland.

in 2007, was questioned in a lawsuit earlier by young people who have discovered a new species of parrot fig. Some experts have accused him of taking care of your pictures to appear to be new species. He says he has hundreds of photos and video of 17 seconds Night parrot.

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