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Annan at UN amid reports of new Syria massacre - live updates

. Massacre reported in a village near Hama

Monitors . prevented from reaching scene

. Kofi Annan prepares written

. Read the latest summary

3:24 p.m.


The Associated Press what is said is a witness to the alleged massacre of Al-Qubair. Leith Al-Hamwy said troops shelled the area for five hours Wednesday before governments aligned militias known as Shabiha entered the zone ", piracy and kill everyone they could find it. "

He told AP by phone that he survived by hiding in an olive grove about 800 meters from the farm that the killings took place. But he said that his mother and six brothers, aged 10 years, the twins did not. He said:

When he came out of his hiding place and went into the house, I saw bodies everywhere. Entire families slaughtered with sticks and sharp knives.

Al-Hamwy said the gunmen left the family home on fire and his family were burned. About 80 people died in total, he said, many of them children, and 18 homes were destroyed by bombing or burned.

3:18 p.m.

Syria: While attention has focused on the-Qubair, activists reported shelling by the Syrian army in other areas. A video purporting to show a helicopter shooting Talbiseh, Homs province, today.

This video aims to show families fleeing the bombing Talbiseh.

Videos were also published by activists show attacks reported in other areas, including:


Homs ancient city

Deir Jamal, Aleppo

3:05 p.m.


journalists also seem to have been prevented from traveling al-Qubair. In a closed Facebook page for journalists covering conflicts, Gert Van Langendonck, who writes for the Christian Science Monitor and the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, he said, as UN observers, was the failure to achieve the site of the alleged massacre. He wrote:

We have also been converted into Hama, "for our own safety." The history of government is 13 PPL FSA but not killed "terrorists" and Al-Jazeera exaggerate "the story

On the same page of Facebook, Sharron Ward, an independent filmmaker and video journalist, wrote:

Sky News' Tim Marshall @ skytwitius was arrested while trying to enter al-Qubair, Hama, arrested by the Syrian army "for their own safety," but many others cars were allowed on the road .. .

2:46 p.m.

Syria: Syrian ambassador to India, Riad Abbas, has accused the opposition of being responsible for the alleged massacre of Al-Qubair to attract international attention. He is quoted as saying by the website hard news:

the time of slaughter is important. Today, a large conference is scheduled in Turkey. The opposition wants international attention. Even the Hula massacre coincided with the visit of the envoy of Kofi Annan. Why butcher a regime against its own people? ...

Much of the violence that occurs in areas controlled by the opposition. People were massacred. It is the army that would make a horrible act. In addition, after the cease-fire, a large part of the heavy military presence in Hama had to be removed. The opposition took advantage of the situation ...

We suspect this type of violence before every important event in Syria. This is a tactic of the opposition forces to discredit the Syrian government. Most people who have died in the government favored Hula Syrian citizens. A newly elected congressman in Homs was threatened, ask Parliament to withdraw. When he refused, his entire family was killed by militants. This is for people who die of government. Half of those killed to date are members of the armed insurrection.

2:27 p.m.

Syria: pro-government television reported that observers Addounia of the UN al-Qubair, theater an alleged massacre yesterday.

The head of the observer mission, General Robert Mood, said earlier (see 13:09) that the observers had been rejected at army checkpoints, but they were still coming to the city.

Addounia was accused by activists of propaganda during the uprising against Assad. This is a recent example.

1:50 p.m.


The new government has been unable to cope with the desperate economic situation that helped trigger the uprising against President Ben Ali last year, the International Crisis Group warned in a new report.

great social and economic challenges threaten to arrest its progress. Among these, three stand out: the rising unemployment - especially college graduates - regional inequalities and corruption.

Although the national unity government led by the Islamist party Ennahda is aware of these social and economic problems, which has been unable to respond quickly enough and can calm the impatience of workers and unemployed youth who expect to reap the benefits of their participation in the struggles of the past.

To avoid destabilizing social conflict, the government must respond to the increasing violence caused by the deteriorating economic conditions, get a handle on the vast informal economy, including smuggling, overcome administrative barriers socio-economic improvements. encourage democratization and regional and local


Here is a summary of recent developments:


UN observers were unable to reach al-Qubair where activists say at least 78 people were killed yesterday. General Robert Mood, head of the observer mission, said: "They are detained in Syrian army checkpoints and in some cases, transformed some of our patrols arrested civilians in the region.".

The Syrian Observatory based in Britain for Human Rights stated that the massacre was carried out by pro-regime militiamen armed guns and knives Shabiha fire after the regular troops had bombed the area.

Syrian state television said troops attacked the "terrorists" - the term used for any responsible media opposition armed or peaceful, the regime of President Bashar al-Assad U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the massacre reported in al-Qubair as "simply inconceivable", and British Prime Minister David Cameron said ". If these reports are true, this is another attack quite brutal and disgusting "

Today, Kofi Annan, UN envoy joint Arab League, will be his last evaluation Syrian conflict to the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Council of Safety few closed doors.

Annan says the hope is to stop a total collapse of their six-point plan for a ceasefire and a negotiated political solution. There are reports that present a plan for the creation of a "contact group", although it is not known whether it will be accepted by the most powerful allies of Syria, Russia and China.


There are indications that former President Hosni Mubarak will soon be transferred to a prison hospital to a military hospital. His health is said to have "deteriorated significantly" after being sentenced to life in prison at the weekend.

1:11 p.m.


Emir rejected a bill approved by parliament to put the death penalty for blasphemy, reports the Arab period. The document states that the bill can still become law, however, if Parliament approves, again with a two-thirds majority.

AFP reported earlier that Bill said he regretted accused before a court shall be imprisoned for five years and / or a fine of $ 36,000 - but will not repent accepted for a second offense

This week, a Shiite Muslim, Hamad al-Naqi, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly blasphemous comments on Twitter.


UN observers have been in Syria prevented from reaching the village of al-Mazraat Qubair where activists say at least 78 people were killed, the head of the observer mission has confirmed. General Mood

Robert says:

They stopped at the checkpoints of the Syrian army and in some cases turned. Some of our patrols arrested civilians in the region.

also said he received information from residents "the security of our observers are at risk if we enter the village of al-Mazraat Qubair . "However, the monitors worked on the entrance of the village, said.



United States

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the killing of al-Qubair reported as "simply inconceivable." From Reuters:

Speaking in Istanbul, Clinton said the United States was ready to work with all members of the Security Council of the UN, which includes Russia, at a conference on political future of Syria.

This conference would begin with the premise that Assad and his government to make way for a democratic government, she told a news conference.

"We are outraged by what they see," he said, referring to the ongoing violence in Syria.


Lebanon / Syria:

members of the Syrian army have been charged with the murder of a Lebanese journalist, reports The Daily Star in Lebanon.

Ali Shaaban, a cameraman with the Lebanese television channel Al-Jadeed, was shot in the chest during a mission in northern Wadi Khaled, near the Syrian border in April.

television station blamed the Syrian army, who said he fired about 40 rounds through the border, destroying the car Shaaban was sitting at the time.



Figures compiled by the last argument massacre in al-Qubair, Sirius Network for Human Rights (SNHR) and Damascus Center for the Study of Human Rights (DCHRS) indicate that 2,261 Syrians have been killed in the presence of international observers from 12 April 4 June this year.

groups say they "meet the standards of documentation to verify every piece of information seeking the testimony of two people who know each other before it is included in the folder of the victims."

believe that this figure includes 212 children and 193 women, and 116 people who died under torture. They also say that 211 members of the armed forces, whether in favor or against the regime were killed in the same period.

groups say the Syrian government has failed to check the names of the victims identified by the Syrian authorities.

distribution provided by SNHR and DCHRS area is as follows:

Homs: 678

Hama: 343

Rural Damascus: 321

Idlib: 316

Aleppo : 180 Deraa: 173

Deir Ezzor: 102

Damascus: 74 Al-Hasakah : 19

Latakia: 14

Al-Raqqa: 11

Tartous: 8 Quneitra: 8

Suwayda: 1

Other national: 13

This information can not be independently verified by The Guardian.

Here is a satellite view of Google showing the location of al-Qubair farm, the scene of the massacre said:
is about 20 km from the city of Hama.

11:49 Meanwhile in Egypt ...

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Eurozone crisis live: Ireland votes on EU fiscal treaty

. The low voter turnout at the beginning

. Yes and No campaigns to present its case

. Mario Draghi supports banking syndicate, the explosions of the leaders . Greek

fall in retail sales drop 16.2%

. Today, the agenda


You may remember the row that erupted after Christine Lagarde, the IMF, told the Guardian that the Greek people stop to escape paying taxes.

Well, Nick Malkoutzis, deputy director of the English-language daily newspaper Kathimerini Greece, wrote this article on the subject, in part, based on the opinions of its readers.

Malkoutzis highlighted several important points, including:

. Yes, Greece has a large shadow economy, but do many other countries in Europe and the developing world. The country is not the only sinner.

. The Greeks may be based on the ineptitude of government bureaucracy just to avoid taxes, but in other countries, large corporations and wealthy individuals simply use the tax loopholes for avoid paying taxes in income.

Malkoutzis also suggests that officials and critics may want to deal with the scale of the suffering of the population in Greece (at this point, Ms. Lagarde said she had more sympathy for children in Africa than in Athens). He concludes:

But again, the stories of workers losing their jobs every day, thousands who have no health benefits or sick people not to buy their drugs and others who are pushed so far that life is not what you want to listen to before bed. These are the kinds of stories that might keep you awake all night.

The entire work is here.

2:24 p.m.:. The number of U.S. workers filing for unemployment benefits rose last week, a sign that the recovery in the labor market continues to decline. Initial claims of unemployment increased from 10,000 to 383,000 seasonally adjusted in the week ending May 26, the Labor Department said Thursday.

But stock markets of the United States to date seem to take the news calmly. The Dow Futures - an indication of the direction of the markets are likely to take - is to just before the market opens

2:06 p.m.:

Here our correspondent on Wall Street, Dominic Rushe in the past, U.S. GDP data (see 13:41)

With all the talk of austerity spending U.S. v Europe is interesting to see what the impact of the short United States is having an impact on GDP.

The Commerce Department said that government spending has contributed to slower economic growth. Federal government spending decreased 5.9% in the first quarter after falling 6.9% in the fourth quarter. State and local expenditures were also reduced, down 2.5%.


writing a complete story on the news that U.S. GDP grew by 1.9% (annualized) in the first quarter of 2012 did, 2.2% felt that the first, here.

1:41 p.m.:

U.S. economic growth during the first three months of 2012 was revised downward. United States increased by now

1.9% during the quarter on an annualized basis (approximately 0.475% based on quarterly basis is used Europe).



was expected by economists, and is another indication that the global economy does not have a good start to 2012 (the euro area has stagnated, while the UK contracted 0, 3%).


The data also showed an unexpected drop in U.S. corporate earnings, which fell 4.1% during the quarter. This is the biggest drop since the last three months of 2008, when the panic following the collapse of Lehman Brothers has sent corporate profits under more than one quarter.

economics professor Nouriel Roubini fears that this is the beginning of a trend, as economic problems feed on the bottom line of businesses:

beginning of the reduction in profits? @ MarkitEconomics: U.S. Q1 drop of the largest corporate profit since Q4 2008 (-26.5 PCT) Reuters U.S. @ #

- Nouriel Roubini (Nouriel @) May 31, 2012

1:01 p.m.:
Spain is to have a day of relative calm, with bond yields falling to danger levels. The yield on Spanish 10-year fell to 6.47%, reversing the alarming rise yesterday concern reinforced by their banks.

good. But there are disturbing reports of the Bank of Spain on the amount of capital leaving the country.

> Giles Tremlett

reports from Madrid:

people and companies have been pulling their money out of Spain at an unprecedented rate. Some have left the country ? 66.2bn in March, according to figures released today by the Bank of Spain. This is the largest monthly amount since the statistical series began in 1990, according to El Pais, and raised the possibility of capital flight as people worry about the country to stay with the euro .

was more than double the previous month and the media have left Spain 193bn euros over the last nine months.

Spanish banks have lost two percent of their deposits in the same month. It's not a race, but also one of the greatest figures of the past 15 years.

Country has a graph showing the monthly levels of capital by a large (I took a small square Screengrab as a teaser).


Although the main referendum takes place in Ireland today, voting has already taken place in some islands off the coast of Ireland

voters in five islands in the region of Donegal voted Monday. Arranmore, only 43 voters in an electorate of 173 voted.

A record turnout, according to Nora Gallagher President, who told reporters:

is the lowest share ever.

On another island, Inishfree, the only man to live in reality do not vote. Although Barry Edgar Pilcher was able to exercise their democratic right (the urn was placed in his living room table), a German named Hans Schleweck 63 years living on the continent was disappointed to discover that he could not participate the referendum.

According to The Irish Times

, Mr. Pilcher, then it is the returning officer, a Guard officer, and man Schleweck disappointment with an air or two on his saxophone.


participation may have been low in Ireland in the early hours of the referendum (see 11:38), but the leaders of the major parties voted early.

Prime Minister Enda Kenny, his vote at the National School of St. Patrick in Westport, while Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore voted in Shankill, south Dublin this morning.

On the side of it, Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams, president cast his vote in the constituency of Louth.

And here is a picture of a Catholic nun voted in the Electoral College Drumcondra Dublin.


Army officers in the bomb

Irish have a strong suspicious object outside the elections office in Dublin Sinn Féin TD Mary Lou McDonald

The suspicious object was found in his office in the North Strand Dublin this morning. Technical military officers have been removed to determine whether an explosive device was viable.

UPDATE 14:00:.

Sinn Fein later said that the suspicious package left at the office of Ms. McDonald was a joke bomb


Fitch warns that "the risk of the Greek [the euro] is large and growing".

not expect the euro to break completely, however.

The warning comes in a new report, Fitch discusses how he would react to a hypothetical output of the euro area. He explained that ruled the country had failed to pay the exit, and also reduce the ratings of companies based in the country to the status of trash or worse ....

Fitch said:

scores for countries emerging entities reflect the serious side effects of the recession, inflation, lack of credit crunch, bank deposits and capital controls, and the social and political instability potential. Combined with the application of classification criteria for conversion of debt into difficulty (DDE) for the conversion step, the ratings are likely to get many speculative or default.


Here's some more information on participation in the Irish referendum (see also 11:17). TEN indicates that participation by 10am to polling stations in Dublin was only 4.6% of the electorate.

The camp is expected to increase the time lunch and afternoon tea,

Henry McDonald


opposition party in this topic ...
Fianna Fail

issued a statement in the final minutes urging people to exercise their democratic right.

Fianna Fail

is alone in the opposition benches in the Irish parliament that the caller a Yes vote with the judgment.



Irish public television RTE


was not only for 9.30

3.8% result of voters in Dublin, while the South are in neighboring Dun Laoghaire was a simple

Henry McDonald


first day of classes, but not worth anything these two groups south of the River Liffey have produced some of Europe's largest favorable vote in all referendums on the EU today it above.

Polls open at 7 am, allowing people to vote before work. It will also be open until 10:00 p.m. tonight.


An update of Brussels - Mario Monti, is telling the Germans that they should think again about the euro

aa Ian Traynor


also addressed an audience in Brussels this morning, the Italian prime minister was placed midway between Chancellor Angela Merkel (Frau austerity) and President Francois Hollande (Lord of the growth).

supported the Germans in the French resistance to calls by the European Central Bank to extend its mandate to promote growth in the euro area, but supported the campaign of France in Berlin pushing for more growth-oriented flexibility. The public reaction in Greece and other countries against austerity has prompted the German government had to "think fastly" on how to respond.

The comments come after another Sig Mario Draghi, has added its weight to calls from the union of the nearest bank in Europe.


As noted earlier (see 8:57), public outrage on Irish debt, banks generally hated and tormented factor in the referendum today.

New in the last 24 hours that the Irish banking sector need another cash injection of ? 4 billion could influence voters one way or another . (details here)

In Dublin

Henry McDonald


where the money will come nobody knows. Some suspect that billions would come from the second international rescue operation, others fear that the State may have to raise the money elsewhere to maintain the operation of the Irish banking system.

In any case the possibility of Irish high street banks increased the generosity of the taxpayers, whether Irish, German or otherwise, will be furious most people in the state. The question is: willl this orientation in mind the need to stay in the euro area due to the need of a loan of a second potential of the EU in Ireland, partners and thus stimulate or field Yes will only exacerbate the growing resentment against the entire financial system and provide more ammunition for the next afternoon, right?

A new opinion poll published in today's Greece, ahead of Syriza New Democracy in the period before the parliamentary committee on June 17 choices.
Led by RC data between 28 and 30 May, showed that 24.5% of the population would vote for New Democracy, compared to 22.1% of Syriza. The percentages increased to 28.4% and 25.6% when "not know" and those who refuse to vote are excluded.

Syriza previous surveys (which has pledged to renegotiate the austerity program of Greece) to the head or neck and neck with the new democracy.


Mario Draghi made an important intervention in the Eurozone crisis, this morning, saying that the European Parliament and national governments must take the initiative now to stop the crisis. The head of the European Central Bank, said issues of the Economic Committee of Parliament lost no time in setting Spain and the radical movement towards a union of the euro area adequate exercise.

Draghi said their views of the growing clamor for the euro area banking syndicate, with guarantees for depositors Commons.
Political leaders

Europe must show "vision" he says, and you can not expect the ECB to act as a government of the euro area for rent. A syndicate of banks in the euro area should be monitored centrally, the euro area include guarantees for depositors and a resolution fund, he said.
The requirement was "greater centralization of banking supervision." Draghi rain downright contempt for the "worst" possible attempts of authorities to deal with banks implode, especially Spain and Belgium.

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Behold Mount Everest, reduced to adventure tourism | Jonathan Jones

Everest is not docile, but this line of climbers was seduced by a fantasy that everything should be easier and faster

This is a picture of everything that went wrong in the relationship of humanity with nature. Amid the vast rock of Mount Everest, a long line of people standing in the snow in traffic pedestrian strange. Four people were recently killed in a single day on Everest that day of 150 climbers climbed. It has been argued that the congestion of man has contributed to the tragedy, which seems very likely that consideration of this image. But, as well as help to explain the death, is a picture of how deeply we are failing to have any sort of decent respect for our world: how our love affair with nature has become sick and twisted

Brits are looking back at 60 years of history. The popularity of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen certainly has less to do with respect for the majesty of a recognition that the reign of Elizabeth II spans 60 years of history to think of ourselves of its creation, get a view over a period of radical change. It turns out that one of the most memorable events in the early reign of Queen was the "conquest" of Everest with a statement of the Commonwealth. May 29, 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first human beings ever known have remained atop the highest mountain in the world.

is instructive to compare today's photograph of a line of ants, as the climbers with the image of Hillary Tenzing Norgay on the summit of Everest. In the photograph from 1953 of a man is alone in the snowy summit, which seemed almost on the verge of empty space as a deep blue, dark as thick around dressed. This image of the solitary explorer of the realms of high mountains have cold feet in the romanticism of the early 19: Tenzing Norgay was the only one in the mountains, as Caspar David Friedrich Wanderer above the Sea of ??Fog in the painting of 1818 which expresses perfectly the romantic affinity for heights far.

Climbing as a sport

came the Romantic movement. Helvellyn by Sir Walter Scott poem talks about his solo ascent of the peak Laklelands and meditate on the death of a hiker there, whose body lay in his only companion, a faithful dog: these images from the world of people each days - and the lonely death - are part of the myth of the mountain is still very much alive in the stories Touching the Void

, of course, an illusion. Everest is not sweet. The idea is controllable again exposed as a parasitic fantastic. Modern communications are not recorded when they are too high for helicopters. The tail of the multitudes beyond death and dying. This surreal image is sad, not only about Everest, but it captures the illusions that accelerate the world toward environmental catastrophe.

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Nato summit: Obama on protests: 'that's what America is about' - Monday 21 May

. The President has said that NATO defends the right to protest to collect . Summit

hands dealing with Afghan forces conducting combat mission in 2013 . Obama talks with President of Pakistan, without formal "meeting"

. Protesters gather outside the offices of Boeing, the campaign headquarters for Obama

10.15 AND

Hello and welcome to our live blog coverage of the second day of NATO summit in Chicago and anti -NATO protests in the streets. Tom McCarthy here in New York, my colleagues and Ewen MacAskill Gabbatt Adam are in Chicago. A summary of the latest news:

President Obama refused to meet with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari

to discuss the reopening of supply routes through the border with Pakistan for NATO forces in Afghanistan. Both parties would agree, but the tensions that have lasted more than 1 November 2011 NATO attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers and a disagreement on the rates of the border have so far prevented. Dozens of demonstrators were arrested and others injured in clashes with police outside the summit

. Thousands of demonstrators marched through downtown Chicago on Sunday to protest against military action and called for an end to the war in Afghanistan, among other objectives.

Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai made a joint appearance in the media that Obama praised the cooperation of the War of Karzai

. "I am grateful for the hard work that President Karzai has done," Obama said. "It recognizes the enormous sacrifices made by American troops." U.S. combat troops remain in Afghanistan until 2014 and pledged his support for the Afghan security forces for ten years after.



My Kind of Town


better picture of yesterday's protests NATO: # flickr.com/photos/sterno7 ~ ~ ~ ~ HEAD = HEAD = NNS NNS ...

- Adrian Chen (@ AdrianChen) May 21, 2012

11:07 pm:

by an amendment to the bill proposed defense authorization that passed the House last week, the Pentagon is required to calculate and publish the costs of war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya . The amendment was drafted by Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia).

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney attacked Obama on war spending in an article by Ed on Saturday, the Chicago Tribune. Romney did not accuse Obama of running deficits with ill-conceived wars, but (cc: GWB).

Romney accused Obama of threatening global stability by not investing enough in the war:

While the military underinvestment is a longstanding problem of NATO, the lack of U.S. leadership on this issue is alarming again. Instead of working to strengthen NATO, the Obama administration has taken steps that undermine the alliance.

Last year, President Obama signed into law a budget plan that threatens to charge the U.S. militarywith about U.S. $ 1 billion in cuts over the next 10 years. ... General Martin Dempsey, head of the Joint Chiefs of the United States, said that this reduction simply means "no longer a world power."


Much of yesterday's demonstration in opposition to the NATO summit came peacefully, but

the police clashed with demonstrators

late afternoon along the barricades to prevent the demonstrators from approaching the summit site.

Adam The Guardian Gabbatt video is recorded in the protest crowd as they ran into a wall of peacekeeping officers with other clubs. Front and center is a white-haired protester appears to be a septuagenarian, ish.

11:44: Among the many

shocking images

that came out of the protests in Chicago Sunday, features a symbolic force:
U.S. Veterans flatbad

on a truck, addressing the crowd, explaining why they were giving back the medal and decorations he had received during their tours of duty.

Nonato # # # AnonymousVeterans Ochi (which included Scott Olsen), to give their war medals again twitter.com / Ghostpickles / s ...

- Anonymous (@ Ghostpickles) May 21, 2012

The best-known veterans to speak was Scott Olsen on Sunday, Iraq veteran, who was seriously injured during a demonstration Occupy Oakland last October. "Basically, [the medals] are examples intended to make us feel good or reward for their participation in the struggle for the 1%, pushing the total population, and sending our world into a downward spiral" said my colleague Adam Olsen Gabbatt. "It does not make sense to me."

The ceremony recalled a scene from the Vietnam years, when disenchanted veterans gathered in Washington, DC, in April 1971 and laid the war medals on Capitol Hill. Future presidential candidate John Kerry controversy to return his medals from Vietnam.

. Warning: This video contains much more vigorous stick-to-say-that-man-curse and messy hair

Heck of a sequence of pictures of

police and demonstrators fought Chicago Tribune. Get ready for the final.

(h / t: @ mccaner)

Then there are the

protest against the risks of NATO NATO give the impression that NATO is doing things.

- Matt Yglesias (@ mattyglesias) May 21, 2012

of Union Park in Chicago Is the head office of Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer and defense contractor.

The March is broadcast live on @ occupymusician:

What do we want? Peace. When do we want? Yesterday. Get up, down, no revolution in this city.



Adam Gabbatt covers

aa demonstration outside the headquarters of Boeing

in Chicago. From what we saw in the live video stream of the event, protesters claim to be victims of aerial bombardments.

About 30-40 people in the street outside the NATO Boeing # # hq Nonato twitter.com / AdamGabbatt / st ...

- Adam Gabbatt (@ AdamGabbatt) May 21, 2012

"There is something of an" after the mayors see "feel to the proceedings," says Adam. "Even favorite songs like" We're unstoppable, another world is possible "not to turn more of a response from the crowd. Many people here have had a long day yesterday. "

1:43 p.m.: Adam Gabbatt

earler spoke with aa protest organizer Andy Thayer , which welcomed the veterans of the Iraq war has users Sunday the police and sentenced for what he called violent tactics. Thayer says that estimates of the crowd yesterday was as high as 20,000 +.

Listen to the interview:

1:51 p.m.:

security features NATO members have reached formal agreement for

hand over Afghanistan to Afghan security forces next summer, in preparation for the withdrawal of U.S. troops late 2014, reports the New York Times.

"Our forces broke the Taliban's momentum," Obama said of the meeting. "Most Afghans are reclaiming their communities. Afghan security forces have become stronger."


The agreement with previous plans established by the coalition forces. As expected, the new French president, Francois Hollande, announced it was accelerating the withdrawal of his country in the coalition force in Afghanistan. French troops leave the country later this year, he said.

2:02 p.m.:

aa Ewen MacAskill
The Guardian reports on a meeting with the

British Prime Minister

during the NATO summit. Mutual love abounded:

, David Cameron, during a press conference at the NATO Summit, described as "frustrating" the Pakistani president's refusal to reopen the supply route between Pakistan and Afghanistan, was closed in November to protest against drone attacks and a U.S. air strike that killed two dozen Pakistani soldiers.

as "frustrating" hardly covers the extent of anger in the Obama administration with Zardari. Obama had hoped to come to the NATO summit agreement. Instead, Cameron said he would not agree today.

2:39 p.m.: center

aa protest activity

happens now HQ Obama campaign.

The #

Nonato March approximates the Obama headquarters today. Road is blocked by the police, however, for people that collect in the street, twitter.com / AdamGabbatt / st ...

- Adam Gabbatt (@ AdamGabbatt) May 21, 2012

Asif Ali Zardari, but the two do not have a meeting.

Both parties are motivated to pursue a meeting. It would raise the stature of Mr. Zardari have a meeting face-to-head with the President of the United States, although many of his constituents do not have a particular affection for him or the United States. Zardari wants to reach an agreement with the benefit of United States Pakistan United States pay as much as $ 5,000 or more per truck crossing the border to supply the NATO troops in Afghanistan. Zardari also as a kind of diplomatic trophy at home as a justification to travel all the way to Chicago.

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Flash floods are on the rise, while the budget to tackle them sinks | Bob Ward

The Environment Agency has warned the UK to expect more flooding, but his advice seems to be a deaf ear

An exhibition of new moving image at Somerset House shows the human impact of flooding around the world during the last five years and gives an idea of ??how climate change may disrupt life and live.

Images of major floods in the UK, Pakistan, Australia and Thailand victims and survivors, and to cope with the flooding of their homes and their consequences. Photographer Gideon Mendel, said that his intention is "to present them as individuals, not as anonymous statistics." He adds: "Coming from different parts of the world, their faces show their vulnerability, despite the great differences in their lives and circumstances."

One of the most striking exhibits show Margaret standing knee deep in water Clegg in the living room of his home in Toll Bar, Doncaster, which was flooded when the Don River exceeded its banks in June 2007 Following recording of a shower.

It is not clear to what extent, if any, climate change has contributed to the occurrence or intensity of flooding in summer 2007 in England and Northern Ireland, which cost the UK economy more than $ 3 billion. A single extreme weather event can not be definitively attributed to climate change, whose influence can be detected and measured by analyzing statistical trends looking back over several decades. This means that it can not be assured for many years on how flood risk is affected.

know the basic physics of a warmer atmosphere can be more humid and contains more water vapor, in theory, increase by 7% for each additional degree Celsius. As a result of climate change should increase the intensity of the water cycle in many parts of the world, causing droughts, floods and much more.

An analysis of climate trends in the UK between 1961 and 2006, during which the average temperature has risen by one degree Celsius, said that while winters have become significantly wetter, the number and severity of heavy precipitation events has increased. Meanwhile, the summers have become drier and heavy summer rains have fallen throughout the UK, except in the north of England, where some of the 2007 floods came, and Scotland to the north.

Climate change is expected to increase the risk of flooding in many parts of the UK. Projections published by the Department of Environmental Affairs, Food and Rural (Defra) in 2009, suggested that as part of an "emissions scenario means" winter precipitation in general should be higher in the 2080s, while that summer rainfall should generally be lower, especially in the south.

The UK climate change

risk assessment, published by Defra earlier this year, found that these trends mean annual damage potential of coastal and river flooding in England and Wales Wales could increase by around £ 1.2 billion today to as much as 12 billion pounds in the worst case for the next 80 years.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the abandonment of the risk of flash floods caused by heavy rains are often very localized areas may be flooded with poor drainage, especially in cities. Of the six million properties in the UK are currently at risk of flooding, four million are at risk from surface water flooding.

However, when the risk assessment of climate change, in which the government bases its national adaptation plan was published earlier this year, scientists have noticed that it was flawed because " she had neglected the possible future changes in flash floods and other major threats.

The evaluation stated: "Although the number of properties at risk of flooding surface water is similar to the amount at risk of flooding and tidal river, the appropriate information for analysis were not available at the time of writing. "

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'What will you feel when you have no children left to wave goodbye to?'

children are about to pass their final exams and leave the nest. Nicci Gerrard remembers the tears when the time has come - and the possibility of transforming a time of loss in a new sense of liberation

about a year ago, a few months before leaving in the sixth college, my youngest daughter asked cheerfully, "How do you feel when you have no one to say goodbye in the morning?" And as if someone had pressed a button, I began to breathe a sea of ??tears.

It was like a sea of ??pain, I did not know how I could stop. I did not even know why I was crying with such abandon, because she was going, because the other three are gone, because I missed because I lost the person I was when all were young because his childhood was over and was happy, because I could not get those days when I knew I could guarantee their safety and protect everyone, because I was afraid it would be without them ...

And now throughout the country, teens are about to bring their A-levels and thus begins a farewell, and in all countries of parents like me, are appalled by an event that must always have known to come. We do not want to stay, it is terribly painful to let go

Sometimes I think I'm like a scaffolding erected around a building, and now the building is gone and no remains of the scaffolding. Although I have always worked since September 1987, when my son was born, how my life was dictated by my children, their needs and moods (there is a saying that is like a curse, "we are also pleased that your happy child ").

sleepless nights, early mornings, bottles, bibs, diapers, toilet training, beaten small body on her bed, night terrors, laundry, hot cars, the Cross and overcrowded pureed meal, buggies, bath time, first day of kindergarten, scraped knees, temper tantrums, a warm hand in yours, nits, rubella and cold in a loop, sand castles, concerts school and parent meetings, child care and child care to work steadily declining for calling in sick, reading for bedtime, telling them in the supermarket, homework help, boxes Lunch, reports, tests, issues of friendship, missing socks, lost fitness, loss of course, he lost everything, knocking on doors, rooms that beat with the disaster, later in the night calls asking you to collect, beer cans into bottles of vodka grass on the lawn, first novels, first holiday away from you, the first festivals, grief first, the progressive realization of the secrets, the meaning gradual that it can not do everything but juggle called fatherhood and do not realize when it's over what is perhaps also called happiness.

And if things go your way, if you're lucky, they leave. I was lucky and I went - and has developed a machine to process the daily rotation of your needs, I look in vain in his absence

I was quite surprised by the strength

my fault, but also by how many of my friends feel exactly the same thing, and how is physical. Failure hurts.

spoke of empty rooms in the room - with a disorder who complained on the day and for years were full of unpleasant tasks and now have some kind of space on them. I want for now. I can read books, take walks, visit friends, the cultivation of chili, bad paint, think about learning a language - but my mind did not understand my new freedom but


When a child calls his mother, who is always there. The heart needs time to catch the change feels like a cinematic jump cuts. You are young and beginning and suddenly, you're middle aged. A wrinkled, creased, looks into the face of the mirror surprised indignation swollen

The problem is wrong, is staying behind in a life that suddenly feels the wrong way. The terrible story of the woman Georgie Fame, Nicolette Powell, who in 1993 jumped to his death from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, after their children left, is an extreme example of how many parents, especially mothers, transition can feel like a bereavement, redundancy, a sudden loss of eyesight and value.

How to convert this loss into the adventure and liberation? I know a couple who built a house together when their last child left, those who have gone on long trips, jobs have changed, made new passions and new skills. It feels important to be irresponsible, selfish and young again - open to change For my part, I learned to throw pots on a wheel and last year I trained to become a humanist celebrant. Now I can perform funerals, ritualized farewell, trying to help people say goodbye to my loved ones. However, despite all my efforts are still often wake me up at night with a feeling of fear the beating heart. At low tide, bad things are in the sand.

, which tells the story of a young woman disappears and the impact it has on your family and friends . One source of emotional novel (with my general melancholy soggy and anxiety as the last child was ready to leave) was the trial of Rosemary West, which I covered for this newspaper.

As part of the gothic horror of what the partner feels dark stories of many of its victims: young women with a life in ruins that have not been detected and had barely been out of view, long before disappeared in 25 Cromwell Street. I felt that I was blind to all people living among us like ghosts, and the anguish of those looking for them to wait.

When I wrote
Missing Persons

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Bayern Munich shaken to the core by Borussia Dortmund humiliation | Raphael Honigstein

Does the 5-2 defeat of Bayern in the German Cup final affect their chances of success in the Champions League, or was it just a trick?

5-2. Five-two. Five-two. No matter how many times these two numbers resounded in the minds of millions of people, simply makes no sense. After two hard fought wins 1-0 to champions Borussia Dortmund, everybody was expecting another close game - and especially a reaction from Bayern Munich. But rather than assert their claim to the throne, Bayern were humiliated in front of 75,000 spectators at Olympic Stadium in Berlin. For the Reds, the greatest defeat in the final each time. For black and yellow, the first double in his 103-year history. On both sides, almost too much to bear.

"It's like something from another planet," said goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller of Borussia, who was nursing a painful rib injury after his arrival with Mario Gomez and could barely hold the cup after the beep end. "One ... two," he stammered hoarse Dortmund Jürgen Klopp. "This is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me." It was "speechless", the journalists said 44 years. "The results speak for themselves."

But it was not, at least not in a familiar language. Both figures and talking loudly in the ears of fans of Bayern embarrassed, but had no idea what they meant.

As usual with severe trauma, a defense mechanism involved, the followers of Bavaria tried to convince her that what does not look real could not be real, or at least, 't was not the whole story. Is a ploy developed perhaps? Jupp Heynckes was simply repeating the old trick famous East German coach Sepp Herberger of World Cup 1954? has played a weakened side against Hungary in the group stage and lost 3-8, only for a full strength team to beat the same opponents 3-2 in the final. Herberger had attracted the Magyars as imaginary in a false sense of security, the story is not-totally-going as possible.

In theory, a similar theory appear in greater credibility if Bayern get back to beat Chelsea in the final of the Champions League in Munich on Saturday. However, some felt it might be better if it is not in their "last home" at all. "This is a very important game in terms of confidence," said Heynckes before. "It's not easy to get this out of our heads, but we need," said Bastian Schweinsteiger fired one after.

However, there was good news and bad news from the perspective of Bayern. The good: Luiz Gustavo was suspended against Chelsea. Brazilian midfielder has been frozen brain double to give the ball twice and let Shinji Kagawa to mark the first game within 159 seconds. In the stands, Sir Alex Ferguson and Mike Phelan watched with great enthusiasm. Their declared goal of transfer, said he knew nothing about his future, and reports that the Japanese midfielder had taken a flight to Manchester that night was inaccurate. The truth is that Ferguson could have analyzed a number of exciting players of Dortmund, that everything would improve his side immediately. The center back Neven Subotic and Mats Hummels were still colossal, as the right side Polish Lukasz Piszczek, who has become a destination in Madrid.

clearly leads to the bad news: Jerome Boateng, will not be suspended against Chelsea. The former Manchester City defense had one of those games where it seems half awake, as I just ran on the track after a 16-hour flight in economy. Four minutes before the break, that Kuba Blaszczykowski needlessly demolished, to be nowhere in the corner of the box. As challenges go brainless, was there with John Terry's knee in his back Brave Alexis Sanchez.

Hummels, former Bayern man
who had fought tooth and nail to thwart their attempts to bring back

Säbener Strasser , sent to the penalty past Manuel Neuer . In an afternoon better, the goalkeeper of Bayern would have saved the shot. In less horrible, devastating the night, I would not have mounted fifth goal of Dortmund by dropping a ball tame.

"They took a chance and scored three goals," Heynckes complains with some justification. "Our defensive behavior has been catastrophic. If we're focused from the beginning, you do not deserve to win. Only have ourselves to blame. "
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Eurozone crisis live: Markets slide as Greek euro exit looms

likely to leave Greece in the euro area are increasingly, that political leaders prepare for coalition talks in Athens last minute . FTSE 100 falls

more than 100 points in a time aa . Spanish and Italian bond yields up

. Today, the agenda

1:29 p.m.:

Fears of an imminent release of the euro is causing growing consternation in Athens a government minister to speak publicly about the risk of armed groups out Kalashnikovs.

Our own

Helen Smith

during the day politicians have spoken of the terrible effects of leaving the euro would have on the economy with a former senior official in the outgoing government speaks of "massive food shortages, rations and fuel run on Greek banks. "

" If there was a failure because he refused to engage in the program [of the EU and IMF] and cut us loose in Europe we would see a drastic decrease in the circulation of money too, "said the official, who requested anonymity because the government is more efficient in power." should freeze deposits. We would not have enough capital to pay for imports, rationing would be introduced, there would be no shortage of medicines and other products. They [the EU] not having to force us to leave. Would be so difficult to leave, "he said.

In the last hour

fears have been expressed also by the effect of leaving the euro would have on the social order .

Speaking on local radio today, Michalis Chrysohoidis, the minister of protecting citizens in the outgoing government, chose to be more explicit. It predicted that Greece would fall into the "civil war" if you leave the euro area and returned to the drachma.
"If Greece can not meet its obligations and service its debt will be great pain, "Chrysohoidis, a senior member of the Socialist PASOK party, told Radio Flash. "What we have more to lose than we've already lost? Our freedom," he said. "What prevails are gangs armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and one has the highest number of Kalashnikovs are counted ... we will end the civil war."


The weak euro has just reached a new three and a half year low against sterling

A pound is now worth ? 1.2501, so that one euro worth 79.92p.

The euro remained surprisingly strong during most of 2012 before the depreciation of the Greek crisis intensified. Jane Foley, currency expert Rabobank, said it could also strengthen later this year:

not expect the euro to remain in a permanent downward track. If Greece decides to adhere to the terms of their rescue, the euro is likely to regain some ground. If politicians fail to meet euro through an exit Greek, the euro also recovered in time.

Even in the unlikely event that politicians can not avoid a collapse of the European Monetary Union and the euro becomes the currency of Germany and the nucleus, the euro has also pushed sharply higher.


global financial markets have reached new lows in the trading day was maintained. The following summarizes the results:

FTSE 100
up 116 points, or 2.1% in 5458

Germany's DAX

up 136 points, from 2.08% in 6443

French CAC

down 70 points, or 2.25% in 3059

Spanish IBEX:

down 175 points, or 2.5% in 6818

Italian FTSE MIB.

up 430 points, or 3%, to 13.616

to date. aa

Throughout Europe, financial stocks are the largest declines. The miners also suffered great losses, reflecting fears that the eurozone crisis could derail the global economy.


Update on Athens correspondent Helena Smith in our

Greek media reported that politicians in PASOK, New Democracy and the Democratic Left - smallest of the three parties agreed on the need to form a government order to keep Greece in the area Euro considering the possibility of a short-lived coalition to lead the country in the coming months.

Helena follows:

Under the latter scenario, a government that was formed for the purpose of operational issues for the next two or three months. At that time, to address the "urgent business" to ensure that Greece has continued to receive rescue loans from creditors. As noted earlier, Athens is due to receive a cap of ? 30000000000 liquidity in June However, the quid pro status is that a debtor country is also announcing ? 11.5 billion of additional cuts to reign in public finances.

should be remembered that the Democratic Left has increasingly demanded that Greece "decouple" itself controversial circumstances he signed his last agreement loan with ? 130 000 000 000 international creditors. How that happens remains to be seen.

Helen added that the comments of Wolfgang Schäuble, this morning (see 11:03) that Greece needs help "to his feet again raised hopes of a change in attitude from Berlin.

governmentt As a coalition, there were similar rumors Thursday night, when the leader of PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos called for a unity government. Then there was some support from the Democratic Left, but hopes of an agreement has not yet.

PASOK, New Democracy and the Democratic Left have enough seats for a slim majority in parliament in Athens. But, like many people voted for parties that reject the terms of the financing package of Greece, for example, a coalition could be very unpopular.


Helene Smith took over the statement this morning, Syriza, in which Chief Alexis Tsipras said he would be willing to participate in further discussions between the parties, provided that the Golden Dawn were excluded (as mentioned in 10:22). Tsipras also attacked the "debates" that selective he said took place in Athens these days.

Elena wrote:


Syriza, speaking of Tsipras "will" to participate in talks in the presence of all party leaders, with the exception of the neo fascist Chrysi Avgi - also demanded that the minutes Sunday meeting between the leaders of major parties in the country and President Papoulias, to be "released immediately to the Greek people can be informed and the media stopped the rumor mill about the positions and intentions of the parties". "The Presidency is clear obligation" to release the minutes, he said.


The European Commission has followed Finland draw a warning shot in Athens today, warning that Greece can not not remain in the euro area, if nt abide by the terms of their agreement to help you.

European Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, during a press conference today in Brussels that:


We will continue in the euro and the hope that Greece will continue in the euro area ... but it must respect its commitments.

Another sign that European leaders are "inevitable" with Greece, or an attempt to pressure the Greek leaders to repair somehow an agreement?

11:48:. eurozone The crisis led to the escalation of another script in government bonds shelters "

This has resulted in lower yields on sovereign bonds of Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, and Luxumberg to record levels.

For Britain, this means that the 10-year gilt is trading at a record yield of only 1.87% (against 6.2% in Spain).


Sky News "tweeted this graph showing how the costs of labor in loans in the UK have fallen over the last 12 months.

interest rate for UK govt now below 1.9% for the first time since the creation of capital markets 300yrs ago (10 years = 1.88%) twitter.com / EdConwaySky / st ...

- Ed Conway (@ EdConwaySky) May 14, 2012

It's amazing what a financial crisis and ? 325bn of quantitative easing by the Bank of England can achieve ....


While tense negotiations to form a government in Greece continue, the outgoing prime minister, Lucas Papademos, weighed with a serious warning , said Hélène Smith.

Papademos has been shown, a former vice president of the European Central Bank has warned the country's president, Karolos Papaoulias if political uncertainty continues much closer to the empty coffers of Greece may dry out completely - and sooner than we thought.

technocrat Prime Minister, whose government has officially no longer exercised out power, made the warning in a letter to the head of state on Sunday.

Described as an SOS by the Greek media, the letter raised the alarm, saying that Athens face the danger of default as soon as the "early June", as it will be unable to meet with its foreign debt.

Papademos, who won a second ? 130 000 000 000 EU and IMF rescue for Greece, after six months of tortuous negotiations, warned that the fund could be depleted faster than expected because that foreign lenders had kept vital ? 1 billion euros in aid of 5.2 billion times that arrived in Athens last week.

The political impasse in recent weeks had, he said, greatly reduces the ability of prosecutors to Greece to collect the mechanisms to work effectively with the result that journals of State had also fallen. Revenues decreased from an average of ? 40 million per day to less than ? 25 million.

Before the political upheaval, Greece had been waiting for delivery "cap" cash of ? 30 billion, which had planned to recapitalize the banks (to the tune of ? 25 billion), against to debt payments and to cover the public sector pay and pensions.

The troika of creditors in the EU, the IMF and the ECB, with increasing force, however, clarified that there will be no more help before Athens receives a government who can demonstrate a commitment to austerity and structural reforms considered vital to regain competitiveness in a country whose economy to a fifth consecutive year of recession, is virtually to its knees. Once the government is formed, the troika officials will return to the Greek capital for financial review progress.

Papademos said political uncertainty, was not only impede progress, but to put enormous pressure on the banking system of Greece, and thus the nation funds, the real economy. Six weeks of instability after the elections on June 17 - the most likely date - much worse, macro-economist, wrote in the note.

outgoing Finance Minister Philippos Sachinidis (though invested with real power) should respond to the growing concern about the headless Greece, when he attends the meeting of the Ecofin in Brussels the day today. Unlike Belgium, who managed to survive without a government for a record 541 days, there is little hope that Athens will continue to drift, even for a fraction of that time without the collapse of government dysfunctional first.


new data of opinion polls was published in Athens

was found that 66.1% of people want a coalition government was formed, while 32.4% want new elections.

A slight majority of respondents (53.6%) said they believed that Greece should continue with his current economic plan. And on the question of the future of Greece in the euro area, 81.5% said they want the country remains the single currency.

(which is by Linda Yueh, Bloomberg)


Wolfgang Schäuble , the finance minister of Germany, He finger on one of the causes of the situation in Greece, this morning, telling reporters in Berlin that Greece decided to devalue if it had its own currency.

However, it is clear that Greece can not devalue without leaving the euro - and Schäuble was the claim that, despite the crisis, Greece is better to stay put. He added that includes Greece is one:

desperately difficult.


Schäuble, also told reporters that "We have to Greece back on its feet," perhaps a sign that Germany could give some ground on the pace of tax reform?

Finnish European Affairs Alexander Stubb

, also referred to the Greek crisis, warning that the country can not remain in the euro area If we reject the rescue agreement (as required by some parties that won the elections on May 6). Stubb said:

I think it's an impossible equation, and I think in this sense is a iresponsible statement.


Curiously rules for the stock today is that it is


days after the Greek electorate has a resounding rejection of the terms of bailout of the country. European equities fell Monday (London was closed for a holiday), but was not then a resumption of optimism that a unity government could be dug out of order.

as David Jones, chief market strategist at IG Index, said:

makes little difference this weekend. Two days back and forth negotiations in Athens produced much heat but little light, and the world woke up Monday morning for another day without Greek government. New elections in June now seems a certainty, and the possibility of a Greek of the euro area is openly discussed in the corridors of power.

European markets remain in the red, with the index of Athens, a dip of 22 years under (up 4.15% to 586) this morning.

Italy, Spain, saw its borrowing costs rise due to the sovereign debt auction this morning
the Italian Treasury has agreed to pay a yield of 3.91% in exchange for finding buyers for three-year bonds, which is the highest since January (according to Reuters data). On the positive side, Italy had to sell the maximum of ? 5.25bn was looking for.

Alan McQuaid

aa stockbrokers Bloxham

, Dublin, warned that " the things will get worse instead of better "for Italy in the bond markets, at least in the short term. This would add to pressure on Mario Monti, PM technocratic Italy, at a time when opposition to economic reforms is increasing.

agreed, saying:

These are critical times for Italy. The list of concerns is growing, and includes the ability of the economy to withstand greater austerity, shortages of foreign buyers at the auctions, the political environment increasingly uncertain and, especially, the intensification of the crisis in Greece. Italy remains extremely vulnerable to a sharp deterioration in confidence, particularly because of its substantial financing needs in the second half of this year.

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