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Annan at UN amid reports of new Syria massacre - live updates

. Massacre reported in a village near Hama

Monitors . prevented from reaching scene

. Kofi Annan prepares written

. Read the latest summary

3:24 p.m.


The Associated Press what is said is a witness to the alleged massacre of Al-Qubair. Leith Al-Hamwy said troops shelled the area for five hours Wednesday before governments aligned militias known as Shabiha entered the zone ", piracy and kill everyone they could find it. "

He told AP by phone that he survived by hiding in an olive grove about 800 meters from the farm that the killings took place. But he said that his mother and six brothers, aged 10 years, the twins did not. He said:

When he came out of his hiding place and went into the house, I saw bodies everywhere. Entire families slaughtered with sticks and sharp knives.

Al-Hamwy said the gunmen left the family home on fire and his family were burned. About 80 people died in total, he said, many of them children, and 18 homes were destroyed by bombing or burned.

3:18 p.m.

Syria: While attention has focused on the-Qubair, activists reported shelling by the Syrian army in other areas. A video purporting to show a helicopter shooting Talbiseh, Homs province, today.

This video aims to show families fleeing the bombing Talbiseh.

Videos were also published by activists show attacks reported in other areas, including:


Homs ancient city

Deir Jamal, Aleppo

3:05 p.m.


journalists also seem to have been prevented from traveling al-Qubair. In a closed Facebook page for journalists covering conflicts, Gert Van Langendonck, who writes for the Christian Science Monitor and the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, he said, as UN observers, was the failure to achieve the site of the alleged massacre. He wrote:

We have also been converted into Hama, "for our own safety." The history of government is 13 PPL FSA but not killed "terrorists" and Al-Jazeera exaggerate "the story

On the same page of Facebook, Sharron Ward, an independent filmmaker and video journalist, wrote:

Sky News' Tim Marshall @ skytwitius was arrested while trying to enter al-Qubair, Hama, arrested by the Syrian army "for their own safety," but many others cars were allowed on the road .. .

2:46 p.m.

Syria: Syrian ambassador to India, Riad Abbas, has accused the opposition of being responsible for the alleged massacre of Al-Qubair to attract international attention. He is quoted as saying by the website hard news:

the time of slaughter is important. Today, a large conference is scheduled in Turkey. The opposition wants international attention. Even the Hula massacre coincided with the visit of the envoy of Kofi Annan. Why butcher a regime against its own people? ...

Much of the violence that occurs in areas controlled by the opposition. People were massacred. It is the army that would make a horrible act. In addition, after the cease-fire, a large part of the heavy military presence in Hama had to be removed. The opposition took advantage of the situation ...

We suspect this type of violence before every important event in Syria. This is a tactic of the opposition forces to discredit the Syrian government. Most people who have died in the government favored Hula Syrian citizens. A newly elected congressman in Homs was threatened, ask Parliament to withdraw. When he refused, his entire family was killed by militants. This is for people who die of government. Half of those killed to date are members of the armed insurrection.

2:27 p.m.

Syria: pro-government television reported that observers Addounia of the UN al-Qubair, theater an alleged massacre yesterday.

The head of the observer mission, General Robert Mood, said earlier (see 13:09) that the observers had been rejected at army checkpoints, but they were still coming to the city.

Addounia was accused by activists of propaganda during the uprising against Assad. This is a recent example.

1:50 p.m.


The new government has been unable to cope with the desperate economic situation that helped trigger the uprising against President Ben Ali last year, the International Crisis Group warned in a new report.

great social and economic challenges threaten to arrest its progress. Among these, three stand out: the rising unemployment - especially college graduates - regional inequalities and corruption.

Although the national unity government led by the Islamist party Ennahda is aware of these social and economic problems, which has been unable to respond quickly enough and can calm the impatience of workers and unemployed youth who expect to reap the benefits of their participation in the struggles of the past.

To avoid destabilizing social conflict, the government must respond to the increasing violence caused by the deteriorating economic conditions, get a handle on the vast informal economy, including smuggling, overcome administrative barriers socio-economic improvements. encourage democratization and regional and local


Here is a summary of recent developments:


UN observers were unable to reach al-Qubair where activists say at least 78 people were killed yesterday. General Robert Mood, head of the observer mission, said: "They are detained in Syrian army checkpoints and in some cases, transformed some of our patrols arrested civilians in the region.".

The Syrian Observatory based in Britain for Human Rights stated that the massacre was carried out by pro-regime militiamen armed guns and knives Shabiha fire after the regular troops had bombed the area.

Syrian state television said troops attacked the "terrorists" - the term used for any responsible media opposition armed or peaceful, the regime of President Bashar al-Assad U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the massacre reported in al-Qubair as "simply inconceivable", and British Prime Minister David Cameron said ". If these reports are true, this is another attack quite brutal and disgusting "

Today, Kofi Annan, UN envoy joint Arab League, will be his last evaluation Syrian conflict to the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Council of Safety few closed doors.

Annan says the hope is to stop a total collapse of their six-point plan for a ceasefire and a negotiated political solution. There are reports that present a plan for the creation of a "contact group", although it is not known whether it will be accepted by the most powerful allies of Syria, Russia and China.


There are indications that former President Hosni Mubarak will soon be transferred to a prison hospital to a military hospital. His health is said to have "deteriorated significantly" after being sentenced to life in prison at the weekend.

1:11 p.m.


Emir rejected a bill approved by parliament to put the death penalty for blasphemy, reports the Arab period. The document states that the bill can still become law, however, if Parliament approves, again with a two-thirds majority.

AFP reported earlier that Bill said he regretted accused before a court shall be imprisoned for five years and / or a fine of $ 36,000 - but will not repent accepted for a second offense

This week, a Shiite Muslim, Hamad al-Naqi, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly blasphemous comments on Twitter.


UN observers have been in Syria prevented from reaching the village of al-Mazraat Qubair where activists say at least 78 people were killed, the head of the observer mission has confirmed. General Mood

Robert says:

They stopped at the checkpoints of the Syrian army and in some cases turned. Some of our patrols arrested civilians in the region.

also said he received information from residents "the security of our observers are at risk if we enter the village of al-Mazraat Qubair . "However, the monitors worked on the entrance of the village, said.



United States

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the killing of al-Qubair reported as "simply inconceivable." From Reuters:

Speaking in Istanbul, Clinton said the United States was ready to work with all members of the Security Council of the UN, which includes Russia, at a conference on political future of Syria.

This conference would begin with the premise that Assad and his government to make way for a democratic government, she told a news conference.

"We are outraged by what they see," he said, referring to the ongoing violence in Syria.


Lebanon / Syria:

members of the Syrian army have been charged with the murder of a Lebanese journalist, reports The Daily Star in Lebanon.

Ali Shaaban, a cameraman with the Lebanese television channel Al-Jadeed, was shot in the chest during a mission in northern Wadi Khaled, near the Syrian border in April.

television station blamed the Syrian army, who said he fired about 40 rounds through the border, destroying the car Shaaban was sitting at the time.



Figures compiled by the last argument massacre in al-Qubair, Sirius Network for Human Rights (SNHR) and Damascus Center for the Study of Human Rights (DCHRS) indicate that 2,261 Syrians have been killed in the presence of international observers from 12 April 4 June this year.

groups say they "meet the standards of documentation to verify every piece of information seeking the testimony of two people who know each other before it is included in the folder of the victims."

believe that this figure includes 212 children and 193 women, and 116 people who died under torture. They also say that 211 members of the armed forces, whether in favor or against the regime were killed in the same period.

groups say the Syrian government has failed to check the names of the victims identified by the Syrian authorities.

distribution provided by SNHR and DCHRS area is as follows:

Homs: 678

Hama: 343

Rural Damascus: 321

Idlib: 316

Aleppo : 180 Deraa: 173

Deir Ezzor: 102

Damascus: 74 Al-Hasakah : 19

Latakia: 14

Al-Raqqa: 11

Tartous: 8 Quneitra: 8

Suwayda: 1

Other national: 13

This information can not be independently verified by The Guardian.

Here is a satellite view of Google showing the location of al-Qubair farm, the scene of the massacre said:
is about 20 km from the city of Hama.

11:49 Meanwhile in Egypt ...

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