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Chris Hadfield: the superstar astronaut taking social media by storm

previously unknown space Canadian veteran brings beauty and banality of the new generation - with son expert web

few weeks ago, Chris Hadfield does not generate a lot of brand recognition, even in his native Canada. The 53-year-old astronaut could be the most experienced in the country, the first Canadian to walk in space and a veteran of two space shuttle missions, but few people left on the street for an autograph. Then, on December 21, Hadfield became the International Space Station during its last mission, and everything changed.

fingers dry sanded stone look as if they just kept warm wind from the Sahara. twitter.com / Cmdr_Hadfield / ...

- Chris Hadfield (@ Cmdr_Hadfield) February 20, 2013

Hadfield has used his Twitter account and a camera high power to bring the beauty of the four corners of the earth, outgoing and colors - and the banalities of space -. Hundreds of thousands of people in social networks

not just about Twitter. He took part in an "epic" session "Ask-Me-Anything" on Reddit Sunday - under the title "I'm Chris Hadfield, currently in orbit around the Earth" - which attracted 7786 comments and comparisons with appearances Reddit large tastes of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. He slicks YouTube videos on the life of the space station. And Friday that he and two of his colleagues will do first of NASA live Google+ Hangout from the space, answer questions submitted by fans during a live video down.

Forbes came to describe as "the most social media-savvy astronaut ever to leave Earth."

Evan has neither a monkey nor badge, and it is not paid, despite devote up to 16 hours each day to run his father several social media sites like Facebook , Tumblr and Google.

"Dad wanted a way to help people connect the real side of what life is an astronaut - not just the glamor and science, but also the activities of daily life" Evan Hadfield told the Guardian, noting that neither NASA nor the Canadian Space Agency administers the images displayed on the web or interactions with astronaut 420,000 followers. "Twitter messages to him and work with him to help spread this information to the rest of the Internet."

- Chris Hadfield (@ Cmdr_Hadfield) February 20, 2013

"These are the people that NASA and other space agencies have tried, but it was a great success, reaching".

not for lack of trying, said former Canadian astronaut Dave Williams, who was selected for the space program in 1992 Hadfield, then a test pilot. The two men were involved in one of the first attempts to transmit a video during a webinar undersea mission in 2001. He was a "test case" that could one day be in space.
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The Cold War is history. Now it's the Cool War | Observer editorial

new technology makes the different types of low-intensity conflict too easy

conflicts are defined largely by how they fought and technologies. The First World War that we associate with the gas tanks and the first use of air power, the World War II strategic bombing and the first use of nuclear weapons. These technologies help us define as human beings shape our experience and the political mold our current fears. So what how our conflicts taking place today?

Last week, David Rothkopf, general editor


and visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, has approved the construction of new and surprising. In an article inspired by the revelation that the unity of the Chinese People's Army had hacked many secrets public institutions in Washington, suggested that we are experiencing a "cool war".

It defines the state of conflict in two ways. Firstly, it is "almost constant offensive action that, while in the real war, regularly seek to harm or weaken his opponents or gain an advantage violations of the sovereignty and defense penetration." His second feature that defines, among other things concerning the revelations of Chinese cyber warfare efforts is the deployment of advanced technologies "" changing the way many conflicts and tensions that play.

"The end of the Cold War," he says, "was to get an advantage, followed hot war or perhaps to avoid. The objective of the Cold War is still being able to hit without causing a hot war hot wars in less desirable (as well as nuclear technology did during the days of the Cold War) or even necessary. "

Rothkopf is not the first to suggest the onset of a war Cool. The term was coined in the 1970s by science fiction writer Frederik Pohl, whose book of the same title dystopian vision of a free for all national teams suddenly releasing computer viruses markets stock crash and replaced fight sabotage.

end of last year, the

European Journal of International Law

had his own knife in his definition, suggesting that, as in the war cold, which is an important factor in the growing intransigence in international forums again.

"We find this or that superpower face to face with the arsenal at hand, and the conversation is very different. However, a point of tension and threat to another world, Africa, Middle East (Syria, Iran), Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and China, the Security Council [and ] regional organizations seem to be regularly frustrated by the veto, veto to speak, or some other lack of consensus. "

If cyber war has entered a new era of sabotage and espionage, the increased use of drones piloted by operators away from the battlefield raises similar concerns. What is not disputed is that the drones are inherently more or less moral than any other lethal weapon system. What is crucial in the context of the laws of war is the intention - if the goal is justified and whether the risk of discrimination civilians warranty provided

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The pain of Oscar Pistorius: an extraordinary courtroom photograph

psychological isolation

South African athlete is dramatically illustrated in this photograph Rembrandt

In this table - I mean photography - Olympic and Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius given dignity huge. The solitude of her situation is radically lit when facing murder charges worst that can be in South Africa. It is difficult to believe that the image was not created for hours to get the right composition and good lighting Rembrandt. He really severity of oil painting. And yet, it is a picture of real life captured by Siphiwe Sibeko during an emotional hearing before trial crowded.

Clearly, the South African courts have been designed by someone with a flair for the dramatic. What makes this photograph is so intense light court, which would not be out of place in a painting by Caravaggio. The room is dark, with enough light to reveal the face against the dark tones. The wall behind the podium is black except for a spot of light that reveals a rusty or bloody red brick wall arc. This light curve increases our focus on the solitary figure of Pistorius, because it is captured by the camera beside him. And it is in the shade selected by a red glow, his eyes dark pools of horror.

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Oscar Pistorius case police admit investigative blunders

Detective offers

uncertain performance of his examination at the trial of Paralympic and Olympic sprinter

The indictment against the sports star Oscar Pistorius has suffered a blow Wednesday when the South African Police acknowledged a series of mistakes in their investigation.

Sitting on the dock Pistorius seemed more calm and composed than any other time of the bond hearing to date, while the smiles on the faces of his family suggested that they felt the dynamics changed form.

amputated athlete, known as Blade Runner, admitted fatally shooting his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp at his home on February 14, but says he took to be intruder . He faces a charge of premeditated murder.

The main character in another day of drama at Pretoria Magistrates Court was police detective Hilton Botha, whose arguments the stage collapsed under the cons-examination.

Botha initially claimed he had found two boxes of "steroids" room Pistorius, fast is to change this to "two boxes of testosterone, needles and injections." Later, when questioned by defense lawyer Barry Roux, Botha had to admit he could not be sure of their contents. Roux said he was a "herbal remedy" composutim testo-called co-enzyme used by many athletes, insisting: "It is not a steroid and is not a banned substance."

Botha also told the court of his witnesses had heard of a fight, "two people talking loudly to each other," between 2 and 3 am Feb. 14. However, under the pressure of Roux, admitted that the witness had not identified the voice as belonging to Pistorius and Steenkamp and lived about 600 meters. There was a collective murmur Pistorius family. Botha later changed its estimate of 300 meters when he was questioned by the prosecutor.

Botha acknowledged that Pistorius's legal team had found a dead ball cartridge in the toilet bowl that his officers were not. Botha also faced, saying. "Have you been in the house walking shoes unprotected That should not happen." Botha admitted that he should not.

Botha said police found two iPhones in the bathroom and two BlackBerry in the room, adding that he had not used the phone for help. But Roux said that the defense had another phone in his possession that the police had failed to apply. "Why do not you come with us and ask Pistorius cell phone number?" He asked.


also reproached him for not having control Pistorius claims he called the hospital Netcare 3:20 pm.

Botha said ammunition for a .38 caliber weapon was found in the house, but Pistorius does not have a license to do so. "Have you taken steps to determine who is the owner of the ammunition was?" Defendant Roux. Botha replied: "No, I did not."

Roux said the autopsy showed that the bladder was empty Steenkamp. He said he was in line with its rising at 3am to go to the bathroom. Botha could not disagree.

wilt under pressure, Botha admitted that he had initially said there would be "no problem" with Pistorius receive bail, but changed his mind after talking to the forensics on "how it is passed down."

But asked repeatedly by Roux if the scene was something incompatible with the version of events presented by Pistorius court Tuesday, Botha had not confessed. Police "take every piece of evidence and try to remove the negative connotation possible and submit it to the court," said Roux.

Botha, who has 24 years of experience as a police officer and 16 as a detective said. "May"

was found with a laugh in the courtyard, where the atmosphere was tense and dark most of the time.

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Aniello Arena: the Italian gangster who turned movie star

Aniello Arena was convicted of gunning down three thugs rival Naples in 1991. In prison, he found a new life through action - and got rave reviews at Cannes starring in a reality TV comedy

That the duel begins. The bell of the cathedral has affected 10 per night the trial is set to begin in earnest, after a lot of work on the set of movable panels that are an extension, the script annotated century 17 Romeo and Juliet

Italian. Tybalt Mercuzio and draw swords with the agility of wild cats, move from one position to another, swords clash, stab and retirement. Finally, the actor playing ponytail Mercuzio - Armando Punzo, agile for its fifty years -. Collapses against a rear wall Outside, the empty streets, narrow cobblestone are fairly quiet in the beautiful Tuscan town of Volterra hill - a stillness that resonate through the steps of the stone fort old. This place feels as old as the world itself: the Etruscans were here, there is a Roman amphitheater and the Medici made his mark with indelible inimitable force, which becomes a prison. The prison is still the entrance ramp test against the beautiful building - and then only

Because there are specifics to what happens here in this case highly unusual. Firstly, this version of Shakespeare's masterpiece, located in Italy, is an adaptation of Punzo, entitled


not die . Ni. Second, most of the actors in this production are prisoners, "company strength" Punzo was created 25 years ago with the express purpose of working with prisoners all the way, and direct training to perform the prison city and even on tour.

Perhaps unknown - by the British or American public, perhaps - is the fact that it happens at all. It is not normal in Italy, but it is Punzo do something unique. There has been a lot of publicity for a film by the Taviani brothers famous Italian film with prisoners in prison in Rome famous tomb Rebbibia called Caesar Must Die , where inmates recreate scenes Julius Caesar

. Some have hailed this as the imagination and intelligent "rehabilitation" of offenders, while more than one column of a newspaper booed succeed in movies these days, it is necessary to commit a crime.


But Punzo has attracted more attention and different. The character playing Tybalt, with an amazing ability and an extraordinary range of facial expressions on stage and off, Aniello Arena is no normal player. Arena, 44, is serving a life sentence without parole for a crime that the Italians call Strage - literally "outrage" but it means "slaughter". Arena was convicted of being an assassin hired to Nemolato clan of the Neapolitan Camorra, the organized crime syndicate, and was imprisoned for murdering the three members of a rival gang who tried to push the drug in a field his clan. in the test arena admitted involvement in criminal activities, but insisted he was innocent of the murders.

stranger still mastering Arena during his life as a prisoner has been recognized at the highest level: featuring a gem of a film that won the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2012, which also closely We lost the best actor proclaimed. It has been compared to De Niro and Pacino. Film and superlative performance fall Arena in the best traditions of realism and convince more Italian and Neapolitan tragi-comedy, entitled Reality

, the film explores the aspirations toxic nation addicted to see

Big Brother

television, and the impact of reality in real life people, but opens in the UK next month addict like


is the work of Italian filmmaker most compelling moment: Matteo Garrone, whose relentless cinematic representation Comorra

Gomorrah was one of the best films made over recent years. Arena Garrone wanted to play a role in


- as an assassin hired, of course - but the Parole Board ruled this out of bounds. Now, however, the time has come Arena.

it happens, I was there at the scene of the murder in January 1991, living mostly in Naples and the Camorra to reports

Guardian . These were years of radical change in Italy no less, in the world of crime and their associations in power for years to Naples is known as

sorpasso - the old guard, the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, the Camorra is flanked by more adventurous with their openings face crucial and partnerships with Pablo Escobar Medellin cocaine cartel. The year after the murders of Naples, in 1992, unions Sicily would skip two anti-mafia judges, actions misinterpreted as signs of strength. Camorra - the oldest in Italy mafia organization, dating back to the Spanish rule in Naples - saw and seized the day. Visible, the Camorra famous adopted - or trapped - Diego Maradona (who played for Napoli at its peak) and its mascot, and the victim consequently, make friends with the genius before, moving in their business - and to provide women and drugs

accustomed to violent crime in the days, the events of January 1991 were hard to forget. There was Crocelle bar, corner bar in Naples, curly and strafed by 40 strokes of 7.65 caliber pistols and a Kalashnikov rifle. Three dead and two wounded, one of whom was beaten with a nine year old child for rebounds. Two of the shooting left the bar, where he had apparently been playing cards, and we have fallen, leaving a trail of blood on a street called Via Mastelloni, where he collapsed dead. The attack had been members and supporters of the family Liberti, who tried to sell drugs on the lawn Nemolato to Barra, where he grew Arena.

"My father made and sold donuts in the street," Arena told me during a conversation with a delicious lunch in a restaurant with the prisoner and theater company. "It was good in what he does, everyone loved, but we were a poor family -. Y grew up, where we did, we did If you were born in a suburb of the city criminal, so sometimes if I had you go. do, this is what had to be Or so I think -. now, I tell young


to do what I did. " Arena Neapolitan dialect spoken in a wide, from the back of the throat, and truncates each word with a descending or sighed buzz - is famous unique, like crude scouse "I moved to the prison of Volterra in 1999," said Arena, "after having been in prison for a dozen people through the system and including the worst. I had heard of .. strength of the company, but I was not aware that this person did not understand - and I did what I had done I thought Naples was in the world, and that the theater was to others outside the Neapolitan theater. - Of course, we all knew that Toto. "Toto was a legend in the town of Vesuvius - a comic genius. Poignant and mysterious

"I've done this [the inmates of the prison of Volterra] 25 years," said Punzo, nationally known former actor. "I do not want to work with professional actors and their vices. Am interested in working with real people, instead of wearing masks. "

"saw one of his productions," says Arena "with prisoners of performance, in jail. I was stunned. What is it? Thought. Even then, however, I could not it was an idiot like me. took me a long, long time. 'm an idiot, a criminal. "Who wants to see a criminal in a scenario? Never imagined that I would be involved in something like that. But I asked," What will you do if you do this? "


applied for a role in a production of Brecht Threepenny Opera Punzo worked. "There is an improvised version of Armando monologue," he said. "But I was terrified. I missed dinner and hid in the closet of clothes." It's not you, "I dije -. '. Are an asshole on the outskirts of Naples, and you can not do that" But Armando took my hand and led me into the rehearsal room, I' I did my monologue, and he liked that was in production when I realized ..!. 'And damn right it is here that we encounter in the group we face, we face what we did and it was this: my past life no longer exists once again, I'm not that person more .. "

Arena, Punzo and his wife Cinzia are two Neapolitan - as a cabal of Vesuvius in the Tuscan village. Punzo not even born in a building for the entry of players in the San Paolo stadium in Naples. There is a framed photo of Maradona in the office of the theater company. This is fortuitous, unexpected, but there is a strong tradition of theater in Naples, and in this context, subverts things Jester comic surrealism, theater merges with Tot? Pinocchio and the famous Neapolitan figure


. It stems in part from the spiritual city and intangible mercurial, rich in symbolism, hidden meanings, numerology, syncretism between Catholicism and magic, between light and shadow scintillescent deep - and the cult of death. During the first Napoli won the Serie A championship with Maradona in 1987, graffiti appeared on a wall of the cemetery: "You do not know what was lost." Next day, someone painted an answer: "How do you if we missed? "

This dramatic atmosphere in turn generates a theater of daily life, such as movies Garrone clearly illustrated. The world is a stage Napolitano: "Everything is a Naples theater," said Arena. "The way we live, the way they talk and move." In this spirit, I see recordings of some rooms in which he acted when Garrone Arena - Punzo close friend - came to Volterra to see for himself the work with prisoners. This invention is, in the end, but remain firmly in the heritage of this magical surrealism Neapolitan dominated by tragic clown. "I'm not from the neo-realist," says Punzo. "I'm not interested in emulating reality, like many others I admire. Currently, when everything seems completely useless, I'm not interested in mundane reality, but surrealism. Am interested in how to free ourselves from this situation. Aniello banal reality is a prisoner at the end of a prison that we all share -. am interested to transcend this reality "


Punzo is an adaptation that weaves Hamlet

with Alice in Wonderland , and in which the characters of Shakespeare are released into the world of Lewis Carroll (which, incidentally, is very compelling alternative culture in Italy, and played an important role in the insurrectionary movement in Italy in the 1970s, the main radio station called Radio Alice).

Main Arena soliloquy is impressive with a face mask painted in kaleidoscopic colors and friction (red dress), her character recites a manifesto: "I love living in the drama division, the division .. . Experience a different idea, cultivate love for another opportunity unexpected, full of charm and danger, necessary, inevitable, fatal ... "Written by Punzo, made by Arena rhetoric to speak their lines with a mixture of contempt and distrust, a range of facial expressions that excites both as uncomfortable. In another production,

Marat / Sade

Arena pressed his face through the bars to transmit an encounter between madness and distress is almost unbearable to watch.

suggest the two of them, and Arena Punzo, there is an element of real life - beyond Arena - inform the intensity, you know these feelings all too well. "No," says Arena, "is a work formed. Yeah, after a certain point, I completely lost in the tragedy. Carries me, and maybe there is something. But until here I focus on ideas and directions Armando - I'm practicing, practicing and practicing Everything was done very, very slowly, everyone can do "


"Think Jack Nicholson works on these faces before

The Shining

" says Punzo.

Arena has been licensed by the Parole Board and prison authorities to continue their enthusiasm, at certain times of the day, across the street from the fort to be tested in a public room in an old building of the late Renaissance. In 2006, Garrone visited and was captivated. He was in the cast time

Arena is too smart and cunning deception door to play the game Neapolitan Italian media he wants to say and Rowdy their life in detail. Answer these questions as follows:. "There are people who are dead, and there are those of us who are still alive When I think about what I did and what I was another person." But he said: "Through the slums of Italy, if you are a child, his ambition is to become a football player, and if you're a girl, is to become a dancer on the television These are models but where ... I was born not only Camorra boss You see, you see how they live - and this is the way of life is the model, which is what we aspire to be, and I did - .. but is it like a bird in a cage.

"You grow up, trying to figure out what you might find in this life and the reality of the place - and the kind of society -. Leaders were we live extended family, they have a chance. And that's what I knew before I met the theater. I did myself. than I did for myself. "We wonder if vengeance Arena feared beyond him. "I know he's dead and you're in prison," he says.

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Mystery of Henri IV's missing head divides France


claiming mummified skull discovered in the attic of a tax collector for retirement is good king Henri IV causes an intense debate

Richard III may have been a place of rest in an ignominious parking Leicester, but spare a thought for Henry IV. Firstly, the French king was discovered in the royal tomb of the revolutionaries and thrown into a common grave. Then his head was cut off and - apparently -. Featured in the attic of a tax inspector retired

Worse, while British experts have confirmed that the skeleton is deformed in Leicester is "almost certain" that Richard, with signs of fatal injuries at the Battle of Bosworth, the French scientists continue struggle for the dispute remains Henri, who was assassinated in 1610 by a Catholic fundamentalist.

Unlike Richard III, who was reviled during his life, "Good King Henry" was credited with kindness and considered a powerful symbol of unity and national reconciliation. Baptized Catholic but raised a Calvinist, ended bitter wars of religion in France and worked to alleviate the daily challenges of their poorest subjects. "If God gives me life, I will ensure that no worker in my kingdom who does not have the means to have a chicken in every pot on Sunday!" They say he committed.

In death, however, the beloved monarch has caused disagreement and division. Friday, disagreements have for the holidays historians decades, scientists, researchers and descendants of the ruling families of pre-revolutionary France - Bourbon Orleans - were prized open again for a new book

Henri IV: The Mystery of a headless king

, authors Philippe Charlier Stephane Gabet and claim to have solved the riddle of what Permanent happened with the remains of King - specifically, his head. They insist that the mummified head found five years ago in a box in the attic of a tax collector retirement, Jacques Bellanger, is that of Henry.

hair, a large mole, a broken nose, a cut lip knife over an assassination attempt, it seems his skull. "Rubbish", critics cry, who insist that the book is more fiction than reality and highlight the lack of scientific evidence that the brain - but reduces the size of a walnut - was still present at was abducted by royal embalmers.

Meanwhile, the head of the man who may or may not have been the king - and that may or may not have said in the conversion to Catholicism of his coronation: "Paris is well worth Mass "- is found in a bank vault near the Bastille, where, symbolically, the mystery is rooted.

After his death, May 14, 1610, Henry was buried with the kings in the ancient basilica of Saint-Denis in Paris. In 1793, the French revolutionaries have unearthed the remains and unceremoniously thrown into a common grave.

"In the attic, in an old cupboard was a box," said Gabet. "Inside, there was something wrapped in an old towel. Jacques Bellanger side sponge removal , then the other. Chief testified mummified and preserved great. It was a magical moment. "

The author says that experts later. "There were some long hair mustache still visible and other broken at the root of the nose was broken and bent to the left ... head was of a brownish color, with mouth open ... Almost all soft tissues maintained. "

Although the head was not cut to remove or embalmed brain - as might be expected -. Facial reconstruction of the skull of paired portraits of King

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Oscar Pistorius murder charge: family breaks silence


uncle Arnold Pistorius said the facts show that the broker did not knowingly take girlfriend

The family of Oscar Pistorius sports fallen hero has broken his silence on the shooting death of his girlfriend and vehemently protested his innocence.

Pistorius, known as the "Blade Runner", was arrested by police faces charges of premeditated murder after Reeva Steenkamp model was shot dead at his home in Pretoria last week.

Uncle Paralympian Pistorius said Arnold forensic evidence from the crime scene shows that he has not committed deliberately kill Steenkamp. "After consultation with legal representatives, we deeply regret the premeditated murder charge," he said, reading a statement emotional at his home in Pretoria on Saturday. "We have no doubt that there is no substance to the complaint and the case of the State, including its own forensic evidence strongly rejects any possibility of premeditated murder or murder at all."

Media reports in South Africa continue to say that Pistorius, 26, told police that the shooting was a "horrible accident" after mistakenly believed a 29-year-old from enter Steenkamp. A newspaper revealed that four shots were fired by a bathroom door.

Arnold Pistorius gives an overview of the agony of the family, many of whom watched helplessly as the athlete broke in court Friday. "As you can imagine our whole family is devastated, we are in a state of total shock - First the tragic death of Reeva we all come to know well and care deeply about these last months,"- he said. "We've all seen first-hand how they became Oscar during this period and how they were happy. Had plans together and Oscar were happier in their private life, he had long been . Everyone is in mourning by Reeva, his family and friends.

continues: "Oscar, as you can imagine, is also insensitive to shock and pain, of course, while we, as a family, are also difficult to reconcile with Oscar charge. murder.

"Words can not adequately describe our feelings.'s Life our whole family has been changed forever by this unimaginable human tragedy and Reeva family suffered a terrible loss. As a family we try to be strong and support for an Oscar any relative would be in these terrible circumstances. "

Meanwhile, South Africa's national public broadcaster has been described as "operator" and "sick of everything" to the selection of a reality show featuring Steenkamp.'s SABC equivalent to the countries of the BBC, was held on Saturday with a scheduled broadcast of

Treasure Island Tropika

, which had been pre-recorded in Jamaica.

was preceded by a short series of clips showing Steenkamp water sports, having fun with other participants and be interviewed. "You literally fall in love with Jamaica," he said. "You fall in love with being in love with love, love is just everywhere."

In a segment that would have been recorded when he was expelled from the series, Steenkamp said. "I'm going home with a sweet taste in the mouth, I have nothing to say, I have no grudge. I take you with me so ... amazing memories that I will treasure forever.

"I think the way out, not only of his journey in life, but how you go out and walk on is so important. You have made a positive impact in any way or negatively, but only to maintain the integrity and maintain the class and just always faithful to yourself. "

The current program began with the establishment of 14 participants. Steenkamp was seen posing seductive and lying on a beach in a blue bikini. She said: "My name is Reeva and I am a model, and we are in Jamaica this year."

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Oscar Pistorius: South Africa on trial as culture of violence thrust into limelight

The alleged murder

Valentine by Paralympian Oscar Pistorius his girlfriend glamor drew attention to entrenched attitudes among women - and firearms

The stage was set for the pomp and pageantry, but to be fair, not everybody television fascinating idea. The opening of Parliament in Cape Town, which always falls close to the anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela, South Africa is the day to be at the ceremony and hear the President of the State leadership of the country.


President Jacob Zuma has promised this year, it is likely that few remember. The event was completely overshadowed by a drama that unfolds almost 1000 miles in Pretoria. Thursday morning, he learned that South African Oscar Pistorius, one of the greatest athletes of its exports, was allegedly shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, ??a model and reality TV candidate.

In a country where the covers are usually dominated by strikes, power struggles and corruption, and the debate on inequality and race, it was something different - and something photogenic . The glamorous celebrity couple was dubbed "South Africa's answer to Posh and Becks", even if a little too early, after only a few months of dating.

Suddenly veteran correspondents wars in Africa are those who attempt to "address" neighbors pursuing police cars and locate former girlfriends. Pistorius - known as Blade Runner due to its hi-tech artificial legs - denies the murder, but in America the case is already being compared to OJ Simpson, paving the way for one of the most spectacular events of the history of South Africa

This tragedy was sudden and unexpected traumatic for a national psyche fragile. There was a debate on culture rooted in the land with violence, especially against women, and raised questions about whether Pistorius, white and rich, will be treated more favorably than 160,000 inmates suffer imprisonment the most overcrowded prison system in Africa.

Freimond Craig, director and writer, was about to give a lecture to students at the school last Thursday, when he heard the news: "A woman came to me and said Oscar Pistorius arrested for shooting his girlfriend. I was like, 'No, this is impossible. "One of our greatest heroes takes his girlfriend? Seismic It is. I find it very annoying. This is certainly cause some sort of deep emotional reaction of South Africans."

Like many fellow Freimond had accepted the Olympic and Paralympic status as a role model, no doubt. "We have very few of them in this country. Perhaps because of our dividedness, heroes do not have much of those affecting all groups. This cut across. Superhuman He was the soul. "

initial reports suggested that the murder was a "terrible accident" in which Pistorius mistook his girlfriend for an intruder - a plausible scenario in a country which, according to police figures, saw 16,766 flights in recent years in residential premises. Media and social radio, South Africans have expressed their support and sympathy for the 26 years.

But as it happened on Thursday, the police rejected the theory, insisting that he was not come to them, and said four shots were fired after neighbors heard screams. Public sympathy for the corridor began to decrease, especially when the media began to rebuild the "dark side" Pistorius: a survey of dangerous driving after a boating accident, a night in custody after alleged assault ( a charge later dropped), a reported threat to break the legs of a man in a dispute over a woman.

Then there was his interest, perhaps an obsession with firearms. Interview

New York Times

review found Pistorius about how he pulled a gun to enter your home when the alarm is triggered.

Friday there was a disappointment to many as Pistorius has appeared in court to face a charge of premeditated murder. "The guy was at the height of his power," said Freimond. "It is inconceivable that a hero for millions of people who would do such a thing."

"There is no doubt that there is a gun culture," said David Bruce, criminal justice researcher. Late 1990's and early 2000, there was an effective campaign, at he added, which means that South Africa has strict laws on the possession of weapons. Weapons Act 2004 Control limits people a weapon for self defense and weapons have since been overtaken by "sharp" as the main cause of the murders. many are still illegally detained, though. "trope The South African 'laws and policies, what happens to your application? Seems apply in this case," said Bruce.

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Meteor and asteroid events give new focus for our vital Sentinel telescope | Rusty Schweickart

A Russian meteorite and an asteroid close to losing graphically highlight the risks to the planet Earth. But we are not powerless

Spaceship Earth just took two shots across the bow of heaven, first of all, a meteor hit Russia, Chelyabinsk region fragments showers and apparently injured hundreds of people and other hand, the asteroid 2012 DA14 graze on February 15. Traditionally, a torpedo fired across the bow as a warning to change his behavior - and this coincidence of events should be a warning to humanity that meteors are not always Benin as "shooting stars" and the asteroid Next could not miss! Are we, the crew of the SS Newfoundland heed this warning?

can see the asteroid 2012 DA14 (DA14 or, for short), who have lost their land for 17,000 miles in two ways. DA14 can be considered as one of the nearly 10,000 near-Earth asteroids have been discovered over the last 15 years that pass close to the Earth, threatening to impact. However, as we have seen these asteroids and monitor current, we can predict future impacts. Fortunately, none of them have so far found no substantial threat of impact.

But Earth

beaten by the relatively small size of the asteroid DA14 approximately once every 300 years on average. And "small" is far, far from being negligible. The DA14-like asteroid colliding with Earth in 1908 did in a remote region of Siberia, where the explosion (equivalent to about 250 Hiroshima nuclear bombs exploding at the same time) has destroyed more than 800 square miles of countryside. This disaster zone superimposed on any city in the world, and would have wiped out all the inhabitants of the earth's surface. I refer, as a graphic reminder of the power of these explosions, a post-facto image Hiroshima bombs easily found online.

The second way is to see DA14 realize that until a year ago, was one of about 1 million asteroids of similar size near the Earth, we know there are , statistically, but we have not seen yet. Therefore, until we find them in our telescopes, we are like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery with nothing but the chance to avoid a disaster. Unfortunately, ground-based telescopes have been used to discover and track these objects, in practice reached its limits to find the vast majority of these cosmic torpedoes.

Why should we care to find if there is nothing you can do about it? Because, unbeknownst to most people is that if we have enough early warning, our current space technology is advanced enough to deflect asteroids. For small impacts, including a last-minute warning of several days, could allow a local exhaust and save lives.

B612 Foundation (named after the asteroid home of the "Prince" in the classic children's story by Antoine de Saint-Exup?ry), a U.S. Non-Profit of ancient astronauts, scientists , engineers and supporters, rose precisely this mission. The Sentinel telescope is scheduled for launch in 2018, and in its first month of operation alone, discover more new programs near-Earth asteroids found today in 15 years.

the end of their life, Sentinel found more than 90% of asteroids that could destroy entire regions of the planet impact (those over 350 meters in diameter) and more 50% of currently unknown DA14-like asteroids near Earth.

B612 Foundation undertook this project as an initiative Sentinel NGOs, something like a growing number of private space companies behind these recent years. The foundation, however, is not the realization of this project for profit, we are a non-profit organization. Our motivation is strictly to ensure the survival of life on Earth - everything. And while NASA is cooperating with us to provide secure communication and analytical services, we are very happy, as a private company, to welcome the participation of
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The meaning of meteors | Roz Kaveney

Despite advances in scientific knowledge, many of us still want random events and misfortunes have a deeper meaning

There was a time when people looked at the sky to see the movement of clouds calm or storm, or the revolutions of the celestial spheres, or the system that eventually replaced sundial. At the end of the Age of Enlightenment, Thomas Jefferson may not have been as skeptical about the meteor - "easier to believe that two Yankee professors would be to admit that stones fall from heaven" - as the legend tells us but certainly found the idea unlikely. Even as late as 1943, Michael Innes could write a detective novel deliberately absurd, the weight of evidence, in which the murder weapon was a meteorite fell from a tower academic elders.

Perhaps it is better to use asteroids and meteorites as a way of thinking about the fragility of existence. If the world should end tonight, David Cameron would really like to have spent her last day being a politician cast disabled in their homes instead of punishing the corrupt bankers? Not by the prospect of hell, but because it is a way to get sticky precious hours that could be invested in chocolate and string quartets. Perhaps, however, the point about poor people is that they like really go wrong. As Stephen Sondheim Sweeney Todd says: "The life of the wicked should be short for the rest of us, death would be a relief.." On a sunny day, the prospect of universal death adds flavor to a walk in the park.

Russia Europe

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Wayne Rooney left to labour in wake of Cristiano Ronaldo's rare class


Manchester United man was arrested by the right, in a vain attempt to chain his former teammate

patch Real Madrid at home is not the warmest scenario whether Wayne Rooney could correspond to the influence of Cristiano Ronaldo. For one night in Castile this was the challenge for the global player in the ranks of Manchester United.

Pre-match, Sir Alex Ferguson had focused on these skills by claiming Rooney: ".. It is also held various positions with great enthusiasm not all players in the world possesses these qualities "

Marca, Real Madrid newspaper, Rooney was identified as matador Kingdom of danger. Although this reading somewhat passed over current incidence of early season Robin van Persie, Liverpool was Mark


- "scarecrow" - cries in the title of your home page in the Tuesday edition. Other nicknames assigned to the writer Rooney doubtful were "demon freckles" and "thug", but the description of him as a "powder keg" rang true.


Rooney has been extracted from another mode of action and adventure as he was trapped on the right by Ferguson, where he was invited to help the rest erratic Rafael Ronaldo da Silva shackle and also help States to launch attacks.

Rooney 20th minute corner was floated over the head of Danny Welbeck from which United opened the scoring. It is called as the nearest Ferguson is a lieutenant in the field was evident immediately after the goal: Rooney discussed the technical area and a gesture on the bench for United with open arms to let them know that n was not too much difference between him and Rafael when Ronaldo picked up by the left.

Defensive efforts

worked Rooney may occur, although this does not prevent some judges football forever. It was the shoe Fabio Coentrao ending movement Madrid in 29 minutes. And even after the next set of equalizer Ronaldo led his team when restarting the game was Rooney who won a free kick near your area, then scold his teammates not to close more tightly.

Rooney participation in the first stage of a last-16 meeting would have been a Champions League final choice for many neutral was written by Mark as the possibility of Pepe Carvalho, Ricardo Ronaldo or renew hostilities with 27 years, whose rich stretch was 11 goals in his last 12 starts. This brings the total to 17 after the beginning of time to campaign hard to cut the leg he suffered in the second match of United, a 3-2 win against Fulham in August that sidelined him for months.

Van Persie, Rooney's partner in the duo, who terrorized the national defenses throughout the season, had a quiet night in his role as lone striker in 4-2-3 familiar - 1, but after the break hit the crossbar and another effort was cleared off the line, near Madrid.

Dutch race States may still have goals emerging low, but 23 in all competitions - 18 in the league - is a pointer to the place finish in the pantheon of strikers who are separated in the famous red shirt.

There were flashes of class Van Persie on a night that was always likely to be deployed in a test against the wall for visitors wear. A fresh combination with Rooney last saw the attic of a ball 40 meters up until Van Persie opened in Madrid, but not for profit.
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Michelle Obama joins hundreds at Chicago funeral for Hadiya Pendleton

Choir sings

strong enough to shake the earth like a grieving family victims of gang shooting in the middle of the epidemic of gun violence Chicago

Hundreds of people, including first lady Michelle Obama stood and applauded the family of a 15 year old girl from Chicago for their strength Saturday, a week and a half after his death attracted national attention to the city of armed violence amazing.


speaker at the funeral on Saturday Hadiya Pendleton recalled more than a symbol, but as a girl who had dreams, joking with friends and loved school and act as a cheerleader performed with the group in the events surrounding the inauguration of President Barack Obama, a few days before his death, January 29. Pendleton police say was an innocent victim of a gang shooting.

Godfather, Damon Stewart, said that some people on Facebook asked what the Hadiya's death noted that more than 40 people were killed in Chicago this year - many of which have not even mention in local newspapers. The answer, says Stewart church crowded South Side, was obvious.

"is important because all those who have died are important," said Stewart. "It is important that all these lives and voices of families who have been ignored, now speaks for them ... . I do not believe in coincidences. God needed an angel. God had to send someone to change. "

Michelle Obama met privately with the family before the service, then the mother of the girl with an open casket at the front of the church. Obama, who grew up in South Chicago, put his arm around Pendleton Cleopatra and patted him on the back. She threw her head back and moaned as the coffin lid flowers her daughter has been closed.

Moments later, hundreds of guests rose to start the service with a round of applause "to the strength of this family." Then the choir began to sing so loud the ground shook.

"Brothers and sisters, I beg you," he said. "We must become like Jesus. We must become the funeral processions switches. "

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Ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner continues to evade California police

Manhunt focuses on large snowy mountains north of Los Angeles after Bear car found burned near Dorner

A desperate search for a rogue ex-cop suspected of killing three in a murderous revenge against LAPD resumed Saturday morning in a remote mountainous area, which is believed to be hiding.

Hundreds of heavily armed police are trying to trace Christopher Dorner through the snowy mountains of Big Bear, north of Los Angeles, after a vehicle belonging to the suspect was found abandoned and burned near.

that Hunt was accompanied by the deployment of thousands of police in southern California on a quest another time, frantic and panic that has already seen the police opened fire in two separate incidents against innocent people .

Dorner, 33, has declared war on the security forces and their families in a manifesto published online complaining about his dismissal, 2008, the Los Angeles Police Department. However, the police have admitted that fear could escape their raid as snow and bad weather made him find around Big Bear difficult.


did not land Dorner search for helicopters at night and instead equipped with infrared technology have been deployed. But officers on foot were ready to start combing the terrain again on the morning of Saturday, the use of dogs and backed by armored vehicles equipped with personal transport chains.


Dorner surprised many Californians and captured the world's attention. In a city known as the home of the crisis of Hollywood action movies of the real world has felt a bit like a conspiracy surrealist film last blockbuster.

"He knows what he's doing - that formed," said Charlie Beck, Chief of Police of Los Angeles, at a press conference last week. Dorner, who issued a lengthy statement hiking on Facebook, is accused of killing three people and wounding two others in "unconventional warfare and asymmetric" self-declared against his former comrades. Terrified week police anti- riot in San Diego to Los Angeles after his manifesto tried to explain his actions and a detailed list of 40 successful people.

attended Southern Utah University from 1997 to 2000, he earned a degree in political science and a minor in psychology. He played running back for the football team.
Dorner joined the Navy in 2002, serving in San Diego and Nevada and Bahrain, where he was awarded the Iraqi Campaign Medal and the National Defense function, war against global terrorism Service Medal and other medals for shooting.

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Giles Duley: 'I lost three limbs in Afghanistan, but had to go back … '

photographer Giles Duley

nearly died after stepping on a landmine in Afghanistan. Back at home, fighting for his life in hospital, he made a promise to return to Kabul to fulfill their mission to document the number of civilian war wild bears. Here is his story

probably were not the words of my sister wanted to hear, but in the first weeks after the explosion, while my body took over the infection and my organs started to leave one by one, the only words I could, whispered were: ". 'm still a photographer "may seem ridiculous, but it was my fault, the broken body trying to preserve their identity, always understand what defines me, beyond my wounds, my fuzzy consciousness and coma imminent .

few months ago, I sat in the searing heat of Sudan with Gino Strada, charismatic surgeon chainsmoking who created the Italian NGO Emergency, discuss the situation of civilians caught in the conflict in Afghanistan. I went to visit her project in Khartoum, documenting its innovative Salam Cardiac Centre. During dinner, Gino told me was doing emergency work in Kabul. I refused to Afghanistan because I felt so great photographers already working there. I've always said that if I get somewhere and no other photographer and I am in the wrong place. My main interest was the untold stories of human suffering around the world. However, as explained Gino, with typical Italian passion, on the plight of civilians trapped in the war years, I realized that it was a story he had heard little. So I decided this time to go to document the work of emergency there, and I made this promise to Gino.

few months later, I was in Afghanistan. In the time before I had to start my work at the emergency hospital was built with the U.S. 101st Airborne Division. I prepared documents - my own publication for documentary photography - and through this had decided he was going to do a story on the impact of war on a small unit of soldiers. To create a more complete picture that I wanted to try to document all parties to the conflict to show that everyone involved in numerous war can become victims. This is an amazing statistic that last year more American soldiers committed suicide than were killed in Afghanistan.

While in this film, a cold February morning in 2011, I entered an IED (improvised explosive device), I was fighting for my life in intensive care for the next two months and left triple intact with one arm amputated. As I regained consciousness at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in the next few months, I became aware of my situation, and one thing became apparent, it seemed unlikely that I would like to work as a photographer again. In fact, for the first time told me that probably never live independently. It was as if my life was over. And in many ways, guilty as I am sorry to say, I did not want them. However, those around me, my family and my partner, Jen, encouraged me and taken my fight. Stubbornness - as a child, I was told that this would be the end for me - starting to become my greatest asset. Lying in his hospital bed, I decided to never walk alone, but my life as it was before going on the pump.

Three months later, while I was sitting in my bed without help for the first time, this seemingly simple task felt like the biggest win. And from that moment on, I knew I could do it. To search, I set goals: walk without the aid of Christmas for a drink in my local Hastings arm, walking with Jen in Soho, where we had our last appointment, and in one year had all my business and live in my own house. Each objective has been achieved and listed until no one remains the most important and the most difficult. I was determined to keep my promise to Gino to return to Afghanistan and finish the project he started

Reading this on your mobile? Link to video

As the plane landed on the runway of Kabul Airport full of nervousness, I've never known. I thought about this moment for two years. I've worked tirelessly to achieve this, and now here I am, frankly, I shit. I ask myself: "Why am I doing this and why I must return to the place that took my legs and almost took my life?" Nobody would have thought less of me for good. My family and the couple hoped no. simply help my body, and for weeks I could not sleep thinking about it. And here I am back in Afghanistan.

This time, I'm not alone. As soon as I arrived at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, a few days after the explosion, while still in intensive care, people have wanted to tell my story and my recovery disk. I was not particularly interested - my story did not seem so important. Over time, however, I realized that because of what happened to me does not work get more attention. One of the most difficult aspects of the work I've done for 10 years, documenting humanitarian lesser known, is to get people to actually see. It became clear to me that my story could be used as a way of telling the stories of others. I think what I do has not changed, but my voice is much stronger.

tenders for a company of documentary varied Jamie Oliver TV in South Korea, but for me, it was important to find a team who were so interested in this angle in stories documented and my story. I do not want it on me. So when I was approached by the team responsible for Channel 4





two strands of literature that I greatly admire, I jumped at the chance. I knew I could trust them to do well. Now they are in Afghanistan with me and the reality of what the film is about all of us.

After leaving customs and sit near the exit waiting to be picked up, I am filled with overwhelming fear. I am convinced that it will be a blast. My logic tells me that this is unlikely, but something in me remember what I thought last time. My mind is conjuring an imaginary real explosion beaten to physically feel the heat. I have never been a brave man, but I've never been afraid like this. When driving in Kabul my fear grew. At each checkpoint, all the traffic, all the obstacles, I think I'll vomit. I put my arm right between my legs orthopedic ridiculous logic that if there was an explosion, at least be protected.

After 20 minutes, we arrived at the emergency hospital in the city center. The hospital was established in 2000, when the Taliban have left an emergency former kindergarten as the first hospital in Afghanistan. At the time, it was the only ICU in the country. In the gardens, playground swings and slides remain, reminders of the past haunting the hospital more innocent. Park your car greets me Lucy, an English nurse who befriends the last time you worked in a hospital emergency in Sudan. We were relieved to have a moment of familiarity in a strange place. Respect for local customs, I resist the temptation to put my arms around her until we are in private. "My God, Lucy, it's so good to see you. I promised that I would be here. "And then the tears take over. Two years of struggle for the moment overcame me. Truly I did.

One of the things I learned about emergency in Sudan has been the emphasis on the hospital grounds. It is part of their philosophy that a hospital should be an oasis of calm and a medical center. Although most hospitals in conflict zones are inherently chaotic emergency hospitals still have a sense of peace. The hospital is no exception here. As Lucy gave me a tour of the manicured gardens for patients to relax in the sun, it is hard to believe that I am in the center of Kabul.


But the hidden reality. Each day, the hospital is responsible for more than 30 wounded civilians, often horribly, by the conflict in Kabul and the surrounding provinces. It has a policy of treating only the war wounded - only those injuries bomb, gun or a knife are allowed. Before arriving Lucy sent me several emails that gave me a sense of belonging. In the staffroom asked about some of the stories I had heard. During the summer, she said, the death toll was so high that the patients were in the laundry room. A few months earlier, had six patients of the same family. They were on a bus that ran over a landmine. Some died on the spot. They had a grandmother, her daughter and grand-son all in the same room. The mother had lost his legs. She said the child who prays every night after losing to his brother when detonated a landmine. He asked his family: "What pray for him?" The family said: "Pray forget because the last thing I saw was his brother is dead."

The conversation is interrupted when his walkie-talkie crackles into life. She gets up and leaves the room, explaining that this is another victim who will join us later in the staff house. She spoke without stopping until this point, as if to tell so many stories is somehow cathartic.

There is a particular advantage of working with an Italian NGO - all staff live like a big family . That first night we were treated to a group that belongs to noon Naples Kabul. With laughter, hugs, parmesan and pasta, the only thing missing is the red wine. Throughout my career, I've always had a deep respect for the nurses, doctors, surgeons, logisticians and administrators who give their lives to work in hospitals of its kind in the world. They sacrifice family, freedom, risking their lives, put his career on hold, but rarely fanfare. Although the laugh tonight, I can see the tension. Confined in the hospital grounds, working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, have become accustomed to the noise of suicide bombings and shooting every day and deal with terrible losses, not necessary. Hopefully more regularly received praise they deserve.

asked the young man if I can take your picture. He nods. In the narrow space I can lean against the wall so that I can lower my point of view and take my first pictures. I am struck by the emptiness in his eyes. I get up and walk back to the room. Alberto puts his arm around my shoulders. "Congratulations," he said, "you took the first picture." There is a small sense of pride, but it is overwhelmed by a terrible guilt again my job means that I am interfering in the hardest moments the lives of people. I feel ashamed that victorious. As they leave, Alberto introduces us to his cat, Rita, a stray dog ??one day, we walked through the doors and into his office. Now she never leaves her side. It lacks a leg. Kabul, even cats know where to go.

During the following days, gradually returning to my rhythm. For two weeks, was founded in hospital emergency patient documentation there. Discover new challenges, the biggest one is how to balance. The average person uses three mechanisms to control their balance, feet, inner ear and eyes. The pump has stolen my feet and damaged my inner ear, and I find that when I close my eyes to look through the viewfinder, I lose my balance. In addition to all this, I am learning to keep my heavy camera, the balance of the left lens of my stump. My biggest fear is that my photos are not of the same quality as before my accident. And the first days do little to alleviate this fear. Every night I look through the photos of the day with a heavy heart. It seems unable to capture the stories of the people I know. However, I am also aware that many missions in the first days or weeks are always the most difficult to install in my throat. Every place has its own speed photography that you must understand before you can really grasp. In the past, I had always been proud of the way it was boring. No matter where I was in the world, people quickly forgot he was there and I could drift into the background, giving me the opportunity to take photos that do not seem staged. With my new shiny legs and an arm, being anonymous is much more difficult. On the positive side, my new requirement is to create a link that I have never experienced before. I'm in long discussions with those who have recently lost a limb or are about relay my own experiences.
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