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John Kerry statement on US intervention in Syria – full text

Remarks by Secretary of State regarding the position of the Obama administration on the use of force in Syria

Kerry says U.S.. States. established for strikes Syria

President Obama spent several days of consultations with Congress and talk with world leaders on the situation in Syria.


And last night, we asked everyone in his national security team to consult with congressional leaders and officials of the National Security Committee of Congress. And we were asked to check on what we know about the horrific chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus last week.

'll tell you, as someone who has spent nearly three decades in Congress, I know that this request is the right way for a president to approach a decision when how and if the use of military force. And it is important to ask the tough questions and get answers before acting hard, not just after.

And I believe, as President Obama does, it is also important to discuss directly with the American people. It is our responsibility to speak with citizens who have entrusted each of us in government and Congress with the responsibility for their safety.

That's why this morning the release of unclassified estimate of our government for what happened in Syria is very important. His conclusions are as clear as they are compelling. I'm not asking you to take my word for it. Read for yourself, everyone, those who listen, all you read for themselves the evidence of thousands of sources, the evidence that is now available to the public.

and read for themselves the verdict of our intelligence community on chemical weapons to attack the Assad regime inflicted on the opposition and the opposition controlled areas or contested in Damascus suburb at dawn on August 21.

Our intelligence community has carefully considered and reviewed the information about the attack. And I'll tell you what has become more aware of the experience of Iraq. We will not repeat this time. Therefore, we have taken unprecedented steps to declassify and make the data accessible to those who may find themselves.

But still, in order to protect sources and methods, some of what we know will be released only to members of Congress, representatives of the American people. This means that there are things we know we can not speak publicly.

So what do we really know that we can talk?

Well, we know that the Assad regime has the largest chemical weapons across the Middle East programs. We know that the regime has used these weapons on several occasions this year, and has been used on a smaller scale, but still used them against his own people, not even close to where the attack took place last Wednesday.

We know that the regime has been established specifically for the suburbs of Damascus eliminate the opposition, and he was frustrated that he failed to do.

that three days before the chemical weapons attack, the Syrian regime staff were on the ground in the area, make preparations.

And we know that the elements of the Syrian regime said to prepare for the attack, put on gas masks and precautions for chemical weapons.

know it's specific instructions.

know where the rockets were launched, and when. We know where they landed, and when. We rockets came only in areas controlled by the regime and went alone in the opposition-controlled or contested areas.

And we know, as the world, just 90 minutes later, all hell broke loose in the media. With our own eyes we saw thousands of reports from 11 different sites in the suburbs of Damascus. And they all inform victims with respiratory difficulties show people with spasms spasms, cough, rapid pulse, foaming at the mouth, loss of consciousness and death. And we know that it was common for Syrians have reported all these horrors.

importantly, we know that the doctors and nurses who cared not informed - not a scratch, not a piece of shrapnel, not a court, not a sound ball. We saw rows of aligned dead in shrouds, white linen immaculate one drop of blood.

Instead of being safe in your bed at home, we saw rows of children lying side by side, lying on the floor of the hospital, all the gas Assad died surrounded by parents and grandparents who had suffered the same fate.

The U.S. government already know that at least 1,429 Syrians have been killed in the attack, including at least 426 children. Even first aid, doctors, nurses and doctors who tried to save him, were victims. We saw shortness of breath, terrified that their lives were in danger.

It is the indiscriminate chemical weapons inconceivable horror. This is what Assad has done to his own people.

know too many disturbing details about the consequences. We know that senior regime was aware of the attack confirmed that chemical weapons were used by the regime, examined the impact, and was actually afraid that they would be discovered.


And we know what they did after. I personally called the foreign minister of Syria, and said: "If, as you say, your country has nothing to hide then immediately leave unhindered access for United Nations inspectors they have the opportunity to tell their story. "

Instead, for four days, which bombed the area to destroy evidence, black block after bombing a rate four times higher than they were during the last 10 days . And when UN inspectors finally agreed that access - as we know -. Was limited and controlled

In all these things I have listed, in all these things we know - all - the U.S. intelligence community is very confident, very confident. This is common sense. This is a test. These are the facts.

So the main issue is that it is not really what we know. The question is: what are we - collectively - what in the world will do about it

As in previous storms of history met the heinous crimes that were in our power to stop them, we have been warned against the temptation to look the other way. History is full of leaders who have warned against inaction, indifference and, in particular, against the silence when it mattered most.

And we deeply care about credibility and future interests of the United States of America and its allies. It is important because many other countries, including the policy challenged these international standards, they see. They look. They want to see if the United States and our friends what we say.

is directly related to our credibility and if countries continue to believe the United States when he says something. They are looking to see if Syria can get away with it, because maybe they too can bring the world to an increased risk.

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Britain 2013: children of poor families are still left behind

Special Report: t

More than four decades of pioneering, Born to Fail report highlighted the extent of child poverty in the United Kingdom. Since then, despite promises by successive governments, things have only gotten worse. Where now for the next generation?

summer of 1969, the year of the moon landing, the first flight of Concorde and the beginning of the civil war in Northern Ireland. The Beatles on stage a gVirt_NP_NN_NNPS __

latter figure is

Born to Fail?

innovative examination of the experience of children at the end of the tail of the 60 product by the National Bureau for children.

released in 1973 with great fanfare the media, compared to


magazine and had a galvanizing effect politicians. The instigator of Labour, Barbara Castle, was quoted fragments of it in the House of Commons

Born To Fail?

was credited with a formative influence on Gordon Brown, who later will eradicate child poverty by 2020, a key objective of the Labour government.

Fast forward 40 years, many things have changed. Nobody goes to the moon, Concorde flies over. The Beatles and the problems are problems for historians.

But despite the best intentions successive governments, child poverty and inequality continue to blight the lives of millions. And according to the office in a new snapshot of the poor in Britain, in some ways, things are worse than they were.

growing prosperity decades have seen an average increase of housing prices to nearly ? 171,000, but now it is estimated that 3.6 million children live in relative poverty.

The new agency report,

higher expectations

, to be published this week. Commissioner to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the charity, which traverses the same ground as his influential predecessor and comes after a series of missed targets in the fight against child poverty.

Brown goal

2020 proved impossible. An intermediate goal of reducing the number of children living in poverty by a quarter by 2005 was not achieved.

Act 2010, which had the support of all parties and accepted by the ruling coalition,

result of childhood poverty has created a new commitment to reduce the proportion of children living in poverty on less 10% in 2020.

authors report whether these objectives do not go far enough. They ask, "Do we want every child has the same opportunities in life, regardless of the means of their parents it is important to know if the child is so uneven and growth experiences for children are as polarized as one of the world's richest nations? we have higher expectations and aspirations of our children? "

Obviously, politicians agree that the answer to these questions must be yes anger arises. In 2008, David Cameron said that "what we know in our hearts that the creation of a good society for children to grow up in one of the greatest tests of character of a nation."

But the findings of the new report suggests that the UK is a failure of the test and argued that politicians should be more ambitious.

"Far from improving over time, the current situation seems to be better than it was five years ago," the report said.

frontline figures jumping in the report includes claims that:

? The number of children in relative poverty - defined as those living in families with incomes below 60% of median income after housing costs were taken into account in the - increased by 1.5 million since 1969

? A child from a disadvantaged background is still much less likely to succeed in their GCSE 16 in a privileged home.

? Children living in disadvantaged neighborhoods are more likely to be obese than those living in affluent areas.

? Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to suffer accidental injuries in the home.

? Children living in the most deprived areas are less likely to have access to green spaces and places to play.

These divisions have consequences for the entire structure of society, the agency said. "This creates a" them and us "society more tensions," the report warns.
"We simply can not let a lot of the next generation of the nation to cut adrift, adding that the draft law on the well-being and allow talents desperately need broken ".

The world has changed in recent years between the time the reports were published, and definitions make comparisons problematic.

However, the agency insists that "collected data from official sources," which "provides a reasonable comparison with the results of
Born to Fail ?

nicely, for purposes of comparison, the number of children in the UK - about 13 million -. Has remained virtually unchanged since 1969
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Syria: Cameron and Obama move west closer to intervention

British Prime Minister and the President of the United States agree that the alleged chemical attack "requires a response '

David Cameron and Barack Obama to the west near the military intervention in Syria on Saturday as they agreed that the alleged chemical weapons attack last week by the Assad regime had brought the crisis to a new phase that deserved a "serious response".

In a phone call that lasted 40 minutes, the two leaders are understood to have concluded that the regime of Bashar al-Assad was almost certainly responsible for the attack is believed to have killed 1,400 people in Damascus in the middle of last week. Cameron spoke on holiday in Cornwall.

Prime Minister and U.S. President says time is running out for Assad to allow weapons inspectors to the UN in areas where the attack occurred. Government sources said the two leaders agreed that all options must remain open, both to end the suffering of the Syrian people and to understand that the West could not stay as chemical weapons were used against innocent civilians.

A No 10 spokesman said: "The Prime Minister and President Obama are both very concerned about the attack, which took place in Damascus on Wednesday and growing signs that this was an important chemical weapons attack by the Syrian regime against its own people. Security Council asked the UN immediate access to UN investigators on the ground in Damascus. The fact that President Assad has failed to cooperate with the United Nations suggests that the regime has something to hide.

"reaffirmed that meaningful use of chemical weapons deserve a serious response from the international community and ordered officials to examine all options. Were agreed that it is essential that the world continued ban the use of chemical weapons and deters other outrages. agreed to stay in touch on the subject. "

The dramatic rise of the issues came after the international medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) reported that three hospitals in Damascus had received approximately 3600 patients with neurotoxic symptoms in less than three hours in the morning of Wednesday, August 21 Of these patients, 355 of them died.

Dr. Bart Janssens, MSF director of operations, said: "The medical staff working in these institutions offered detailed MSF doctors regarding a large number of patients who arrive with symptoms including convulsions, salivation excessive, students point, blurred vision and difficulty breathing. "

said strongly indicate symptoms reported "massive exposure to a nerve agent. This would be a violation of international humanitarian law absolutely prohibits the use of chemical and biological weapons."

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, said Saturday that "all the information at our disposal converge to indicate the existence of a chemical slaughter near Damascus, and that the [Bashar al- Assad] is responsible. "

Foreign Secretary William Hague said last week that "it is a chemical attack by the Assad regime" and "is not something a civilized world can not ignore. "

France, Britain and Turkey have accused the Syrian regime for the attack, which came as installed in the military area.

Syria continued to deny any responsibility at the head of the UN disarmament, Angela Kane, arrived in Damascus to try to negotiate access to the site of the attack of a team inspection was sent to investigate three previous alleged attacks. The team was in the capital for six days and was pressing for permission to travel - within walking distance of your hotel

rebel groups in the region say they will ensure safe passage. However, the Syrian government has not accepted and the UN fears that the road is not safe without a negotiated settlement.

The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, said the Foreign Minister of Syria, Walid al-Moallem on Thursday, the State Department said Saturday. Kerry said the Damascus government should let the UN inspectors have access to the site of the attack to the alleged gas, the department said.

Kerry called to "make clear that if, as they say, the Syrian regime has nothing to hide, would have allowed the immediate and unrestricted access to the polygon rather than continue to attack the zone affected to block access and destruction of evidence, "said a senior State Department.

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First it's a visit to Auschwitz, then an organised bar crawl | Catherine Bennett

We are in grave danger of trivializing history, it is essential that young people learn properly

dismay, a few years ago when it appeared that the organizers of stag party involved children of Auschwitz-Birkenau as a small must-see, arrested the unruly British people book tours to the extermination camp - "this mysterious trip is a must," said a tour operator. In fact, judging by the number of specialists parties now offer the tour, revulsion and widespread accusations of insensitivity Auschwitz was only confirmed as a bonding experience up to run with the bulls and oil wrestling, it says another expert Krakow, the characteristics of "incredibly attractive women, wearing only a lubricant."

"Quads morning after visiting one of the most disturbing Auschwitz museum in the world," offers the same operator. "A permanent tribute to one of the greatest hoaxes of the 20th century, followed by the Saturday VIP bar hopping tour with English-speaking guides." There is little evidence that clients fight hangover, taste-wise, with the so-called stag do package Auschwitz supplier, which could be due to amnesia, or the fact that, with the lap dance and medieval banquet what happens in stays Birkenau Birkenau.

equity for guys who are a short bus ride to Auschwitz, a field trip is now considered by many tourists as "bucket list elements" of the Holocaust, up there with the Anne Frank Museum, where Justin Beiber recently released compliment. ". Anne was a girl I wish I was a Belieber" TripAdvisor is the stress several times a visit to Auschwitz is the only way begin to understand the Holocaust, visitor behavior allows.


are prohibited, but the environment does not stop visitors drinking, eating, taking young children, take pictures of hilarious cast, filming the Harlem shake. A student recently saw the Conservative MP Aidan Burley, asleep and text messages during an educational tour Auschwitz (yes made to atone for his past involvement in a Nazi-themed stag so that guests toasted the Third Reich).

An American student journalist However, he wondered why the idea of ??genocide should not be incompatible with coffee, cigarettes and a tasty snack. A guide criticized for being disrespectful, "I eat the sandwich anyway, almost defiantly, making sure to savor every last crumb rationalize any Polish Gypsy, Jewish or who died literally kill for a bite of the sandwich . . "It is well known that the accounts of the prisoners of Auschwitz, as Primo Levi, witness incredible acts of altruism on the ground and the refusal of the prisoners to be reduced to their instincts." It is perhaps a surprise, "writes Levi

Moments of Reprieve

" in the camps one of the states most popular spirit was curiosity. And However, in addition to being frightened, humiliated and desperate, we were curious hunger for bread and also to understand the world around us is upside down and that someone must have spilled ... "

the Holocaust Educational Trust, with its mission "to provide knowledge to new generations," remains a symbol of faith, in addition to teaching the Holocaust and school its own negotiations impressive survival program, films and seminars, visits to the extermination camp are particularly useful. There are other ways to fight against ignorance and oblivion: the Imperial War Museum, for example, has a magnificent exhibition of the Holocaust (not recommended for children under 14 years), with testimonials survivors, helps visitors understand the tragedies genocide individual family. Lessons from Auschwitz principle of trust is that "hearing is not like seeing."



funds through visits trust program, two students from each school - one remembers called "something" David Cameron - continued under the coalition, in order to create a new generation witnesses.

selection of candidates sense, no doubt, make sure that these trips are not selfies round random name-spots and purchase chocolate sometimes hear, occurs for the first war of the lighting world. As with Auschwitz and Anne Frank House, some tourists from the battlefield is the level of stupidity and lack of respect of the most painful aspects of your trip. But the body committed to deliver the course is committed to develop in students a "personal relationship with the First World War, through interaction with the battlefield, record, reflect and share their own experiences."

Besides the importance, value and risk Beiber style, personal experience of children as a way to honor the war - or the Holocaust - death, it would be interesting ecodesign explained the benefits of thinking hear (or read) are sufficient to justify the sending of selected students to see the graves of war, rather than funding more inclusive experience.

travel movies and museums might even give an accurate picture of events in Loos reports that a reconstruction of a ditch, less stool, gas and other horrors survived Graves. "After the first day or two of bloated corpses and obnoxious," he wrote. "I vomited more than once while performing monitoring Those who could not enter the German wire continued to swell up stomach wall collapsed, either naturally or when pierced by a bullet. An unpleasant drift by "odor.
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Screw you! The psychology of anger and aggression | Dean Burnett

Many people were very upset by many things lately, both in the real world and online. This is nothing unusual. But what makes people so you work on what others are relatively trivial?

There may have missed the latest debacle Twitter. Some people deeply unpleasant very angry against women pursuing public agendas pro-woman. People are very angry against those people who sent threats and Twitter, in general, for not doing more to stop it. Some people were angry against these people instead of solutions they wanted. A short twitter-boycott was organized after a large person, it seems that people get angry with her, I mean its very existence. People are very angry against the supposed reason behind the boycott. People are very angry against those people who were upset by the boycott. It could have been more, but it got too complicated for me. I'm just a neurologist.

Around this time, a message received GQ rage fueled fans One Direction because of trivial comments made about Harry Styles, one of the sections mentioned in the bipedal hair band. Then he announced the new Doctor Who and many were angry against him another white man. This is a big problem for some, diversity is not enough racial / gender in the Time Lords. Each of their own.

lot of anger about the end of time, is what I say. If it was a liquid that would pile sandbags against doors. But where does all this? And why is it so often directed against foreign targets?

Psychologically, it is a complex issue (like many emotions tend to be). Aggression (in humans) is defined by Anderson and Bushman as "any behavior directed toward another person that is performed with the following for (immediate) harm. Furthermore, the author must believe that the behavior will not cause harm and that the target is motivated to avoid the behavior. "Someone does something you do not like (for example, a woman who expresses opinions ), do something for those experiencing harm (eg, threatening violence and assault), and I hope I can answer prevent new (eg, fail to express opinions).

is important to differentiate between anger and aggression. Anger is the emotional state of physiological arousal. You can get angry about something, but choose not to behave aggressively to another, therefore, this type of behavior is considered very mature. Similarly, can be very aggressive with someone, for example, to attack without being angry against that person, chances are that you know nothing about them except that they may have valuables in them. For the record, attacking someone who is not considered mature.

hostility is the cognitive component of aggression. These are the things you think that leads to aggressive behavior, and keeps going while you do it. Hostile aggression is when aggressive and impulsive responding to the threat / perceived insult. In contrast, instrumental aggression is when aggression is used to buy long-term goals. A colleague who eclipse openly in front of others is likely to have instrumental aggression to get promotions in their charge; cave try later with a stapler head while in the bathroom is a hostile attack

There are many theories behind human aggression. Psychodynamic, evolutionary, ethological, the hypothesis of the frustration-aggression cue-awakening, social learning and much more. Perhaps the most comprehensive decision is the general pattern of aggression. Neuroscientificallly, it is believed that the attack on the involvement of the frontal lobes, amygdala and serotonin, but the overall understanding of what appears to be limited. This is understandable, scientific study of anger that you need to make people angry. However, most psychological experiments in humans require ethical approval, and it is unlikely that the damage / active people angry. In the Venn diagram of "people easily angered" and "people who were willing to volunteer to allow scientists to tickle the" not going to have a lot of overlap, so that research opportunities are limited.

This is something that the Internet is not going well, but it provides a great thing to get angry if we have the power to alter or affect, but we offer many opportunities to move and aerate our aggression and anger into smaller goals, less important.

Obviously, the truth of the matter is much more complex, taking into social, psychological and evolutionary beyond the scope of a single blog post. And anger and aggression are not all bad. Without anger, serious injustices remain unanswered, we would be less motivated to ourselves and our loved ones protected and may not have survived as a species, and daily traffic Web Mail site collapse like a paper canoe rice .

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Cornel West and Tavis Smiley do a disservice to African Americans | David Dennis

used to love these two prominent black intellectuals. But lately, the voice critics have targeted oil-bashing Obama

Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley disappointed.

Cornel West and Tavis Smiley are certainly two of the most important figures of the black intelligentsia and political action in my life. West is probably the most important voice that helped shape African-American identity in recent years, and their careers that matters is one of the most needed in American history. As for Smiley, unwavering news coverage and calls for political action always measured and effective, especially in the light of other activists, celebrities candidates seeking their next book or a sponsorship contract.

That is why it pains me to say that Smiley and West have disappointed me. Of course, I'm not important to them person, but I represent a generation of African-American men who looked to the West and Smiley - to see damaged his legacy by participating in public barbecues embarrassing President Obama

I watched Smiley and West since he was a teenager, the collection of an assessment of race relations and my understanding of my place in this country. I always dreamed of having even a fraction of their impact on the American discourse. So I can not help but feel disappointed when I see these two men relegated to fighting, insults, throwing self-parody, especially when it comes to discussing the president.

Obama called West a "Rockefeller Republican in blackface" and support both the president recently criticized Al Sharpton as an example of this being "in Obama's plantation." These inflammatory comments that discredit criticism valid Smiley and West may have about how President Obama has led in the past five years. And that's a shame, because the two men were also much to offer the country as true intellectuals.

Smiley and West are supposed to be two thinkers who help eighth year of Obama to power in a broader context. They should be our moral barometers, men who advocate for change Obama promised in 2008. With the attention of an African-American president and the state of race relations in this country, it was natural that Smiley and West luster, becoming iconic leaders of his earlier work seemed to prepare. And is fixed for people like me who grew up in the example, the smiley and West show gross participate in Obama-bashing is more embarrassing than inspiration.

Smiley and West do not see it. West responded by saying the air strikes are way Obama a "comprehensive George Zimmerman," while Smiley said the speech was "low pre-sweetened Kool-Aid" (whatever that means).

These comments are all the more disappointing because they seem to come from a place of personal contempt, rather than any desire to promote intelligent discussion. West has gone on record saying that his initial break with President Obama is that I could not get tickets for his family to go to the inauguration. Smiley threw a crisis in 2008 when President Obama could not make his State of the Black Union event (also say "no thank you" to the proposal that Michelle Obama is in place).

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Will the Republican party get another George W Bush? | Harry J Enten

The Republican Party is not necessarily intended to amortization. Is likely to choose a candidate who appeals to the populist Midwest

is the destination to the Republican Party? Some have argued, for example, that the unconditional conservatism House GOP wants to hurt them with moderates. Others believe that the lack of movement on immigration GOP House will seriously damage between the Latino voting bloc growth. I said wide reasons that Republicans be much, although some Republican politicians are out of the ordinary in some subjects. But if I'm wrong?


Republican primary voters with a large participation of party members will solve the problem. There is a tendency among many to think that the Republican primary voters are the driving force behind the initiative of the Republican Party to the right. The academic literature tends to reject this view. In addition, there is a good amount of evidence suggesting that the Republican presidential primary voters took the lead almost everyone: win.

During the 2012 election, Republican primary voters were greeted with many options. Most people agree that Mitt Romney was one of the most moderate of these options outside of Jon Huntsman, who was more liberal than even moderate Jerry Ford. Romney had developed a health plan during his time as governor of Massachusetts, which was very similar to Obamacare. Obamacare, of course, is something that is the most despised in the Republican ranks as a "war on Christmas".

But Romney won the nomination. He did it because he was considered the most electable in the primary after primary. Think of the primary key of Michigan, where Santorum win could be devastating for Romney hopes. A plurality of 32% said that defeating President Obama was the most important issue. Among voters Romney won 61% of the vote - far higher than the 41% of all voters. The same thing happened the following week in the key state of Ohio. Then, 42% said they win in November was more important and Romney took 52% of voters against 38% who had overall.


Republican primary voters got the message? As demonstrated in the party decides (read the book), the presidential appointments are decided by party members. If you like insiders as a candidate, you will receive great support. This took place in almost all of the modern primary nomination.

I expect the same trend that emerged in 2016. Republican insiders want the center of his party to win. The gain factor is especially true where a party has been out of power for some time as evidenced by the fact that most of it is in the power of the increased possibility of a more moderate candidate is chosen. That is why we have all this discussion about whether, and if so, how the Republican Party needs to change to make in a year when the economic conditions are not conducive to their overwhelming majority.

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Sierra Leone's Irish alliance bodes well for women affected by violence | Lisa O'Carroll

Ireland supports efforts to fight against gender-based violence in Sierra Leone and pay greater attention to the rights of women

The World Health Organization has recently formed attention to gender-based violence, particularly in Africa, where nearly half of all women experience physical or sexual assault in their lifetime.

the princess Squire, counselor, and his sister, Annie Mafinda, a midwife, it is not a surprise. They have a clinic of sexual assault in a maternity hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Last year, 1,000 cases were treated mainly rape.

The number of reports of attacks has more than doubled since the first of the three countries Rainbo Centre opened in 2003, reflecting an awareness that violence against women is a crime punishable and that women have access to treatment.

"Because more and more women, there is a realization that what a man can do, a woman can do, then they will not accept what happened before" said Mafinda.

Historically, tolerance of violence against women in Sierra Leone has been high. Cultural factors have shaped this trend, but efforts to change attitudes reinforced in 2007 when, in one of the three acts gender Parliament adopted this year, domestic violence has become a crime.

Ireland, which recently Sierra Leone, one of the nine key Irish Aid partner countries, said gender inequalities and issues related to long-term care, by focusing on rape crisis centers and the strengthening of the judicial system.

If denounce sexual violence is the first link in the chain of justice, then the number of women who go through the Rainbo centers, which are funded by Irish Aid, is a measure of success.

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It's summer, let's dance!

dance has never been a more important part of popular culture. Diplo and Beyonce team then why, then you can also link to learn the latest moves with our instructions based gif.

Think you're one of

twerker you? Learn the moves, then post your videos @ guideguardian

gelatin turns Elvis

legs. John Travolta finger strokes. Jacko Moonwalk. Madonna's Vogue. Strange dance Bez. Beyonc? gymnastic prowess. Pogoing punks. Breakdancing in the Bronx. Big fish, little fish, cardboard box. Wherever there was pop music was dance. One of the major factors that we still use to measure the effectiveness of pop music is its ability to make you want to get up from his seat and pull your body to the rhythm. And do all of the artists mentioned above have the same cultural impact without their signature moves?

Recently, however, we have some lazy thing. Dance music became separated from the actual dance. The laser shows hot stars EDM encourage revelers to face the scene rather than the other, while the extent of the most current dance clubs is an awkward foot shuffling and point air occasionally. Here's a quick test: When was the last time you danced? Really danced. No marriage Aunt Hilda, roll on the floor Agadoo. No, Glastonbury, you and coordination in a festival tent lose. Not ironically, an Internet phenomenon as Gangnam style. Yes, that's what I think.

"People do not dance enough," agreed Sean Paul reggae ambassador, a leading advocate of the rump-shaking. "Went Electric Daisy Carnival in the United States [EDM Festival] but if this is supposed to be dance music, not a lot of people dancing. "Why is it so important?" It is an expression of the joy of being alive, but you can not dance "philosophize . There is, however, to the global dance scenes cool to the forefront. New York is experiencing a renaissance voguing with producers to contribute to the dissemination MikeQ face coaching moves to remote locations, while rapper Azealia Banks pays tribute to the gay dance scene with their siren on bashes. In Chicago Rashad and DJ Spinn introduced the gaming world legs, completed more dizzying rhythms of dance. Same time measurements are enjoying a renaissance thanks to electro-swing. In Jamaica, there is a constant flow of new movements, corresponding to the greatest songs of the club. Dancers compete to put videos online in the hope of starting the next elf, dutty wine hot wuk or feeling. Dancehall artist Elephant Man and Sean Paul have that measures Willie bounce and cheer by beating cross to submit their videos, while project Major Lazer Diplo can take credit for introducing the world to the joys of daggering - to caricature dancehall dry hump - in his 2009 video Put the floor. "I was thrown into this world with EDM biggest clubs and festivals," Diplo said, "but in reality people dancing, no fist pumping, has always been my source of inspiration. "Your video you speak last year with the New Orleans bounce queen Nicky Da B, focused on a style called twerking incredible swing end. Now everyone from rapper Iggy Azalea jet popping Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore twerked even through the Internet. Africa is a rich source of creative styles. Afrobeats singer D'Banj had a Top 10 hit with Oliver Twist, popularizing Ghana azonto contagious. Creative Director Beyonce, Frank Gatson Jr., had the idea of ??routine Run The World (Girls) when the management company Tofo dancers from Mozambique was hot corner for kwaito. He immediately moved to the U.S. to teach Beyonc? movement. "We have everything you can imagine to do," said Frank, who has worked with Beyonc? for 16 years and employs 15 choreographers of his last tour. "Beyonc? has at least 2 million" eight counts "[dance segments often fall into] it is important to find the most innovative movement that we can, but also try to think about the steps that n ' Anyone can do it. A friendly way of doing a dance move a success. "

How dutty wine

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Australian bushman claims to have footage of legendary night parrot

• desert bird still not seen alive for over a century

• Record of sighting described as overwhelming

An Australian bushman and naturalists claim to have captured video of the night parrot, a bird not seen alive for over a century.

John Young, who describes himself as a detective wildlife showed images and a series of photographs of birds in a room full of fans and media at Queensland Museum Wednesday. The night parrot living in the desert

Pezoporus occidentalis

has never been photographed, and the only evidence of its existence was two dead birds found in 1990 and 2006.

birdwatchers and wildlife authorities have responded to the observation of excitement, saying that the evidence supporting the claim Young was overwhelming.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy ecologist Dr. Steve Murphy told ABC News that the finding was a certainty.

"is indisputable. He stills, a video on the move and feathers, "he said.

decimated during the 19th century by cats and foxes introduced, the population of the Night Parrot has collapsed and fell into the scientific record until 1990, when he found a bird death on a highway in southwest Queensland.

in 2007, was questioned in a lawsuit earlier by young people who have discovered a new species of parrot fig. Some experts have accused him of taking care of your pictures to appear to be new species. He says he has hundreds of photos and video of 17 seconds Night parrot.

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Human behaviour: is it all in the brain – or the mind?

neuroimaging is widely regarded as the key to understanding what we do, but the authors of a controversial new book, brainwashing, claim this approach is erroneous and dangerous

You've seen the headlines: This is your brain on love. O God. Or want. O happiness. And reliably accompanied by images of brains sunny colors - Explorations in capturing Buddhist meditation for cocaine like monks and students who choose Coke over Pepsi. The media - and even some neuroscientists think - like to invoke the neural basis of human behavior to explain everything from the Bernie Madoff financial fiasco slavish devotion to our iPhones, sexual indiscretions of politicians, dismissal of global warming and conservative an obsession with self-tanner.

brains are great at school, too. Take a map of all the major universities and you can follow the progress of neuroscience research laboratories and health centers in schools of law and business and economics and philosophy departments. In recent years, neuroscience has merged with a number of other disciplines, new spawning areas of study as neurolaw, neuroeconomics, neurophilosophy, neuromarketing and Neurofinance. The brain was obtained in these unlikely redoubts as English departments where teachers wonder if the brain scanner subjects as they read passages from Jane Austen's novels is a) successful research on the power of literature, or b ) desperate to inject innovation in an area that has exhausted its romance with psychoanalysis and postmodernism attempt. As a brand new cultural artifact, the brain is depicted in paintings, sculptures and tapestries and put on display in museums and galleries. As a scientist, "if Warhol was alive today, he would have a series of silkscreens dedicated to the cortex, the amygdala is hung next to Marilyn Monroe"

Obviously brains are hot. The ability to solve the riddle deep humanity has ever seen - yes - through the study of the brain has captivated researchers and scientists for centuries. But never the brain involved with such force the public's imagination. The main impetus behind this enthusiasm is a form of brain imaging called functional MRI or fMRI, an instrument that measures brain activity and makes the vibrant iconic images are now in the pages of the journal Science.

As a tool to explore the biology of the mind, neuroimaging has been brain science with a strong cultural presence. As one scientist said, brain imaging are "planetary Bohr atom replacing the symbol of science." With its implicit promise to decode the brain, it is easy to see why images of the brain fool almost anyone interested in drawing the curtain on the mental life of other politicians who hope to manipulate the attitudes of voters, officers legislation infallible lie detector, brain playing marketers learn what consumers really want to buy, addiction researchers that attempt to measure the strength of temptation, and defense lawyers fighting to prove that their clients do not have malicious intent or free will.

The problem is that brain imaging can not do any of these things -. At least for the moment

author Tom Wolfe was typically prophetic when he wrote of fMRI in 1996, a few years after its introduction: "Anyone who cares about getting up early and take a truly dazzling dawn of the 21st century want to maintain an eye on him. "Now, we can not look away.


fixing? First, of course, not the same issue of exploration: the brain, the organ of our deepest self. More complex structure than any of the known universe, the brain is a masterpiece of nature with cognitive powers that far exceed the capabilities of a machine built to emulate silicon. It contains about 80 billion brain cells called neurons, each of which communicates with thousands of other neurons, the world ? 3 cradled between our ears has more connections than there are stars in the Milky Way. How this huge building of subjective feelings neurons leads to one of the greatest mysteries of science and philosophy.

scan images of the brain are not what they seem. There are images of the brain in action in real time. Scientists can not simply look "in" the brain and see what he does. These beautiful images of mottled colors are actually representations of specific areas of the brain that work hard - as measured by the increase in oxygen consumption - when a subject performs a task such as reading a passage or respond to stimuli, such as images of faces. The powerful computer in the scanning device converts changes in oxygen levels caramel color family spots indicating areas of the brain that are most active during the execution of the subject. Despite well-founded conclusions, the biggest challenge of the image is that it is very difficult for scientists to look at a fireplace in a brain scanner and conclude exactly what happens in the mind of the person.


years, as the season of the presidential election of 2008 was in preparation, a team of neuroscientists at UCLA tried to solve the riddle of undecided voters or swing. They scanned the brains of undecided voters who responded to photos and videos of the candidates. The researchers translated brain activity resulting from tacit attitudes of voters and, with three political advisers a company based in Washington, called FKF Applied Research, presented their findings to the

New York Times in an opinion article entitled "This is your brain on politics." Readers can view scans for access points dotted tangerine and neon yellow indicating regions "lit" when subjects been exposed to images of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Rudy Giuliani, and the rest of the candidates. Revealed in these activity patterns, the authors argued, were "impressions of voters in this election that could turn ". These impressions were that two candidates had completely failed to "engage" with the undecided voters. Who were these unpopular politicians? John McCain and Barack Obama, the two potential presidential candidates.

press offices of the University are known for retail in the tabloid media of the environment: this is a place that lights up when subjects think of God ("Religion Center found! ") O researchers find a region in love (" Love is in the brain "). Neuroscientists sometimes appropriate derogatory reference to these studies as "blobology" sealing his tongue in cheek studies showing that brain areas are activated as test subjects

or do



scientists journalists grind teeth when I read accounts that say the scanners can capture the spirit itself in action. Perpetrators of serious science strive to describe the quality of neuroscience research accuracy. Indeed, a flurry of discontent form. "Neuromania", "neurohubris" and "neurohype" - "neuro-balls", if you are a British - are some of the labels that have been distributed, neuroscientists sometimes frustrated themselves

too interpret brain scans can truly be consistent when the concerns of the real world in the balance. Consider the law. When a person commits a crime, who is to blame: the author or the brain? Now, of course, this is a false choice. If biology has taught us anything, it is that "the brain" and "me" is a false distinction. However, if the biological roots can be identified - and, better yet, taken on a brain scan as patches of juicy color - it's too easy for non-professionals who assume that the conduct in question must be "organic" and thus "connected" involuntary or uncontrollable. Criminal lawyers, which is not surprising, attracting more and more images of the brain show supposed to be a biological defect that "make" their customers commit murder.

the future, some neuroscientists provide a radical transformation of the criminal law. Neuroscientist David Eagleman, meanwhile, hosts a time when "one day we can see that many types of misconduct have a biological explanation based [and] the time to think badly of decision-making in the same way thinking any physical process, such as diabetes or lung disease. "As it happens, he predicts," most judges place Sentenced not guilty side of the line. " But is this the right conclusion to draw from the data of neuroscience? After all, if all behavior is ultimately attributed to the activity of the brain correlates detectable, it means that one day I can write undesirable behavior in my my-brain theory non-fault-blame crime?

scientists have made great strides in reducing the complexity of brain organization body intact its constituent neurons containing proteins, genes, etc.. With this model, we can see how human thought and action are developed in different levels of explanation, working from the most basic elements. In one of the lowest levels of the hierarchy is the neurobiological level, including the brain and its constituent cells. Genes direct neuronal development, neurons in brain circuits assembled. Information processing, or computation, and dynamics of neural networks oscillate up. At the intermediate level are conscious mental states such as thoughts, feelings, perceptions, knowledge and intentions. Social and cultural contexts, which play an important role in the formation of our mental contents and behavior in the highest hierarchy landings.

According to neuroscientist Sam Harris, brain research over time and explain in detail the spirit and therefore human nature. Ultimately, he says, neuroscience - and should dictate human values. Semir Zeki, a neuroscientist and British jurist Oliver Goodenough from the future "," ancient ", perhaps a few decades away [when] a good knowledge of the justice system of the brain and how the brain reacts to the conflict can provide critical tools in solving international economic and political conflicts. " No less impressive than the neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga expect a "brain-based philosophy of life" based on an ethic that is "built into our brains. Much suffering, war and conflict could be eliminated if we live according to more consciously. "

ours is a time when the brain research is booming - really a time of great expectations. However, it is also a moment of absurd neuroscience brings us to overestimate the amount of neuroscience can improve the legal, clinical and marketing, much less inform social policy. The naive means neuroentrepreneur the spot, and even zeal sometimes exaggerate the analytical skills to reveal the contents of our mind neuroscience, brain physiology exalt level intrinsically more explanatory value for understanding the behavior and rush to under developed, whether dazzling business science and forensics.

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New York's vote to curb stop-and-frisk is another win for civil rights | Brittny Saunders

City Council took an important decision to add more monitoring policies NYPD that stop and search, which are discriminatory

New York City Council approved two bills aimed at ensuring the safety and respect of all New Yorkers. The measurements were supported by the United communities for police reform, a broad coalition of groups in the city, and strengthen the existing prohibition on the profile of the police and establish independent oversight of police department the city.

Today is a new day for the city of New York. The decision reflects a growing concern about the policies and practices of the NYPD who violate the rights of thousands of New Yorkers and undermine relations between the police and the community - practices such as discriminatory use of stop and search valuable public funds waste while producing no measurable impact on public safety.

Criticism was not only the board but also in federal court, where he questioned the legality of these practices. These same questions are repeated in the homes of regular New Yorkers - most of those who disapprove of the two-thirds support the independent supervision of the department of stop and search, and. The message is clear. It's time for New York to move away from an approach to monitoring results in a number of human rights violations each year, while doing little to reduce crime, according to an analysis by the Center for Human Constitutional

For too long, too many city leaders agreed discriminatory police tactics on the assumption that the costs incurred by New Yorkers who register are outweighed by the benefits accruing to communities that are then directed an illegal and abusive treatment. But the truth is that the discriminatory policies of the NYPD and practices have indirect negative effects on those who live in the city, including its white residents. They allow the NYPD to replace the crude and ineffective strategies - how to stop New Yorkers on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender phrase - for the work of sophisticated police could expect the agency the largest country of the local police. In the process, the position of the NYPD officers as adversaries rather than allies of most communities, they are responsible for the protection, which reduces the willingness to report crime and to all New Yorkers less safe.

is increasingly obvious, then, that the costs of massive spending on ineffective policing strategies extend beyond those supported by the people who run illegally on the streets every day. But the most powerful argument for increased accountability NYPD has nothing to do with the financial costs and benefits and everything to do with what we, as New Yorkers, we allow to do on our behalf. And it is to remain faithful to the legacy of the city of innovation and the belief that here - if nowhere else -. We can find a way to keep everyone without sacrificing the rights of someone

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Serena Williams, like the rest of us, lives in a woman-hating world | Jill Filipovic

We live in a political and cultural climate that is hostile to women and even toxic to rape victims. Just listen to Rush Limbaugh

most popular sports Few Americans who beat women. While men are proportionally attackers physical and psychological violence, women are not immune to attack our own - especially, it seems, with the words. Tuesday, Rolling Stone magazine published an interview with 16-time Grand Slam tennis title winner Serena Williams, where Williams blamed a rape victim aged 16, saying that the girl, whose case has been widely publicized was "luck" just been raped. The victim of a violation has been assaulted at a party, instead of intervening, many of his peers took pictures and posted on social media, ensuring that it has not been attacked, but was publicly humiliated.

According to Williams, it's pretty good luck, because "It could have been much worse." Williams also said at the outset that he was not blaming the victim, just before blaming the victim:

"I will not blame the girl, but if you're 16 years old and you're drunk as well, parents should teach. - Do not take drinks from other people"

Or maybe parents should teach their children not to violate people. Even better: teach your children to intervene if safe to do so, or contact a representative of the authority if they witness someone is attacked.

After a bit of indignation, Williams apologized. A little. She said:

What happened in Steubenville was a real shock to me. I was deeply saddened. For someone to be raped, and only 16 years old, is a horrible tragedy! The two families involved - the rape victim and the accused. Currently, I am trying to learn the family of the girl you know that I am deeply sorry for what was written in the Rolling Stone article. It was written - as saying -. It is insensitive and hurtful, and in no way say or to believe that it was all to blame

my career, I have fought for women's equality, equal rights for women and respect in their fields - all I could do to help women who have. My prayers and support always comes to a rape victim. In this case, in particular, a 16 year old innocent.

fever is not the only American popular game for the He-Man Woman Hater. Republicans are pushing for a ban on abortion after 22 weeks, which passed the House on Tuesday. The ban has no chance of becoming law, but that does not stop the GOP wasting time everyone - not to mention taxpayers' money (which is the segment of Limbaugh whom).

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