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First it's a visit to Auschwitz, then an organised bar crawl | Catherine Bennett

We are in grave danger of trivializing history, it is essential that young people learn properly

dismay, a few years ago when it appeared that the organizers of stag party involved children of Auschwitz-Birkenau as a small must-see, arrested the unruly British people book tours to the extermination camp - "this mysterious trip is a must," said a tour operator. In fact, judging by the number of specialists parties now offer the tour, revulsion and widespread accusations of insensitivity Auschwitz was only confirmed as a bonding experience up to run with the bulls and oil wrestling, it says another expert Krakow, the characteristics of "incredibly attractive women, wearing only a lubricant."

"Quads morning after visiting one of the most disturbing Auschwitz museum in the world," offers the same operator. "A permanent tribute to one of the greatest hoaxes of the 20th century, followed by the Saturday VIP bar hopping tour with English-speaking guides." There is little evidence that clients fight hangover, taste-wise, with the so-called stag do package Auschwitz supplier, which could be due to amnesia, or the fact that, with the lap dance and medieval banquet what happens in stays Birkenau Birkenau.

equity for guys who are a short bus ride to Auschwitz, a field trip is now considered by many tourists as "bucket list elements" of the Holocaust, up there with the Anne Frank Museum, where Justin Beiber recently released compliment. ". Anne was a girl I wish I was a Belieber" TripAdvisor is the stress several times a visit to Auschwitz is the only way begin to understand the Holocaust, visitor behavior allows.


are prohibited, but the environment does not stop visitors drinking, eating, taking young children, take pictures of hilarious cast, filming the Harlem shake. A student recently saw the Conservative MP Aidan Burley, asleep and text messages during an educational tour Auschwitz (yes made to atone for his past involvement in a Nazi-themed stag so that guests toasted the Third Reich).

An American student journalist However, he wondered why the idea of ??genocide should not be incompatible with coffee, cigarettes and a tasty snack. A guide criticized for being disrespectful, "I eat the sandwich anyway, almost defiantly, making sure to savor every last crumb rationalize any Polish Gypsy, Jewish or who died literally kill for a bite of the sandwich . . "It is well known that the accounts of the prisoners of Auschwitz, as Primo Levi, witness incredible acts of altruism on the ground and the refusal of the prisoners to be reduced to their instincts." It is perhaps a surprise, "writes Levi

Moments of Reprieve

" in the camps one of the states most popular spirit was curiosity. And However, in addition to being frightened, humiliated and desperate, we were curious hunger for bread and also to understand the world around us is upside down and that someone must have spilled ... "

the Holocaust Educational Trust, with its mission "to provide knowledge to new generations," remains a symbol of faith, in addition to teaching the Holocaust and school its own negotiations impressive survival program, films and seminars, visits to the extermination camp are particularly useful. There are other ways to fight against ignorance and oblivion: the Imperial War Museum, for example, has a magnificent exhibition of the Holocaust (not recommended for children under 14 years), with testimonials survivors, helps visitors understand the tragedies genocide individual family. Lessons from Auschwitz principle of trust is that "hearing is not like seeing."



funds through visits trust program, two students from each school - one remembers called "something" David Cameron - continued under the coalition, in order to create a new generation witnesses.

selection of candidates sense, no doubt, make sure that these trips are not selfies round random name-spots and purchase chocolate sometimes hear, occurs for the first war of the lighting world. As with Auschwitz and Anne Frank House, some tourists from the battlefield is the level of stupidity and lack of respect of the most painful aspects of your trip. But the body committed to deliver the course is committed to develop in students a "personal relationship with the First World War, through interaction with the battlefield, record, reflect and share their own experiences."

Besides the importance, value and risk Beiber style, personal experience of children as a way to honor the war - or the Holocaust - death, it would be interesting ecodesign explained the benefits of thinking hear (or read) are sufficient to justify the sending of selected students to see the graves of war, rather than funding more inclusive experience.

travel movies and museums might even give an accurate picture of events in Loos reports that a reconstruction of a ditch, less stool, gas and other horrors survived Graves. "After the first day or two of bloated corpses and obnoxious," he wrote. "I vomited more than once while performing monitoring Those who could not enter the German wire continued to swell up stomach wall collapsed, either naturally or when pierced by a bullet. An unpleasant drift by "odor.
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