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Open wide and scream for FIFA 13 launch dates, UK pre-order info

Open wide and scream for FIFA 13 launch dates, UK preorder info

FIFA 13 launch is scheduled for September 28 in the UK, placing the date of the United States, so-called September 25 . The

FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition will give buyers of UK FIFA 24 Ultimate Team Gold Pack, once a week for 24 weeks and with a value of over £ 15. Each package includes 12 articles of gold, such as stadiums, managers, contracts, healing, shields and players ranked 75 and above, and a rare item. The Ultimate Edition will be available through pre-order or on launch day only.

Joystiq Amazon reserves
receive 10,000 credits EA SPORTS Football Club, which can be used to purchase items in games. Set pre-order incentive for buyers to adidas All-Star Team, which includes 23 of the best players in the world, including Karim Benzema, Lionel Messi Nani and you can see is

so excited

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Traverse Rainbow Moon with this pair of dev diaries

Traverse Rainbow Moon with this pair of dev diaries screenshot

Rainbow Moon Releases is just around the corner and SideQuest studies would get two more about themselves. It could not have run a series of developer diaries, detailing everything from the combat system to how to use maps and tutorials. With six players, 120 special abilities, and over 20 dungeons, this strategy open world RPG that promises up to 100 hours of total content (which is a bargain for the price of $ 14.99) . As mentioned above may also get 20% discount on the first two weeks of its release, if you are a subscriber to PlayStation Plus. If this sort of telephone numbers for you, then you keep an eye on Rainbow Moon on PSN when it releases in NA, July 10.


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Here are our Lollipop Chainsaw contest winners!

Here are our Lollipop Chainsaw contest winners! screenshot

Last week, we ask you to be our cheerleaders Dtoid to win a box

Lollipop Chainsaw

treats. The results were a mixture of disturbing, hilarious and ... and, more worrisome.

Unfortunately, only ten of them could walk away with the award. Congratulations to jessalynzo, Keyrlis, ladyzaner, linzbot, Shadowstew, solidturtleman, Sparklykiss, the silent protagonist, and TheFrozenOne trueb7ue to the winners! Check your email as soon as possible to get information on how to claim prizes!
meantime, read on to see the winners cheers!


San Romero
Go let's get to the top!

Come, fight, we kill tonight

Juliet, Rosalind and Cordelia defend the human world!

Come, Let us fight, we will reverse the blood tonight

not need love,

just need the blood

go! (Clapclapclap)

We will fight! (Clapclapclap)

Worms will meet tonight!


She is the daughter giving head

not let these deaths. .. a-live

San Romero! Well, gentlemen, come!

Cheerleading hero, shooting>

Juliet from brain Suda

Your Curves raise the dead!



I have boobs

Time to cut pieces of zombies!

Go Team


HAMZA that is! That's him! THE ONE WITH THE END!
IS SHARP .. Shark!

their movements, not even hesitate! shark! With JAWS


goooooo HAMZA


ALL RIGHT! Let's do it.


* Space Jam * thematic Works

aa * The pom-pom Dtoid girls leave a message for the year looks suspiciously like a staff member of Dtoid. I will not say who. It's a surprise! *


(clap clap clap )

Give me a SAW

(clap clap clap)
Lend Me A SU

( clap clap clap)

Bring COCKS!

(clap clap clap)

What said that!


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Final Fantasy VII will be remade when FFVII is bested

Final Fantasy VII will be remade when FFVII is bested  screenshot

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PBS takes a look at modern '8-Bit' culture

PBS takes a look at modern '8-Bit' culture screenshot

name video

The evolution of the art 8-Bit

, but do not let the title fool you. This video is not on the "8 bit" modern games (such as Mega Man 9

mutant Mudds and

Talking to Women about Videogames: On icons & minorities

Talking to Women about Videogames: On icons & minorities screenshot

[talking to women of video games

is a series where Jonathan Holmes talks to various people who are women on the biggest new game week for any reason.

We shot this episode a week and a half ago, long before Allistair Pinsof Dtoid Jim Sterling, Holly and Green had already written to their respective positions on the next

Tomb Stiff

restart. I will try to take a different perspective to discuss the game with an emphasis on why people feel strongly about it. Despite the fact that this is a long road to release and we know that trailers of games and gameplay videos Tomb Raider

has already provoked a reaction deep visceral fans and the fans are not. Many people I talked to are not even sure why they feel so strongly about it. I just saw the trailer and before you know, they are furious.

This is probably because their feelings are confused by different issues, but equally sensitive. With this new game, everything that Lara Croft is an icon, and as a woman, changed forever. Can not wait to make such moves without receiving any bounce.

Before we begin, we will establish our conditions. I think we all have a basic understanding of what the word woman media - although certainly all have different interpretations of the details of everything - so let's there is icon

. Although the term is often used synonymously or popular legend, it actually means something very different. Icon will not be well known, the time that represents an idea or concept. The icons on the desktop of your computer can not be famous, but always do a great job of symbolizing things bigger and more complex. The same goes for other familiar icons such as a stop sign, a smiling face, and the American flag. The icons are all around us, even though they often take for granted. For example, each letter of the alphabet is an icon. The shape of the letter "A" represents "unity", the letter "B" is the entire "B-ness", the letter "P" is .. well, you get the idea.

Icons should be simple to work. They can not be too detailed, or their ability to represent clearly and quickly becomes clogged just an idea. This is true both for the appearance of an icon, design, and even icons in a narrative history. The disorder of the message detail too, which reduces the ability of the icon to show us what it means.

Lara Croft was originally an icon of action and adventure, a hero of detail without conscience substitute player to inhabit. His adventures were our adventures. His story is our story. He was a person, which allowed

your becoming

. In the absence of details to make the human character, Lara Croft could easily become an extension of our own psyche.

According to Crystal Dynamics, which is all set to change with the new game Lara. With these details, his character is bound to lose some of its iconic properties. Now she has her own story, which will become a person, rather than a "life" incarnation of the ideal action-adventure. Do not be so easy for us to see it as an extension of ourselves, now that she is her own person. His face was symbolic, literally and figuratively muddy to the point where it is difficult to recognize.

It's a waste. Lara was a classic women's tracks in the game has not really hit the jackpot. Although women constitute the majority of the world's population, remain a minority in the world of the protagonists in this action game - probably because the consumer action games are all men. Humans are still primitive, so that, in general, we find it hard to identify with someone who does not seem that this is probably why so many people who like my videos are from Brazil, the Uruguay and Peru [Editor Note: Do not forget our audience increasingly Lebanon]

The fact that Lara was able to break that barrier was nothing short of revolutionary minority. Contrary to what game developers can think Lara Croft is a character that millions of men were able to identify a point in his career (specifically, the party escaped a Tyrannosaurus Rex). The fact that the developers of the new Tomb Raider

are deliberately throwing the familiarity of an original story full of torture has led some to question its discretion and for good reason.

His decision to represent Lara as a constant victim is also questionable. If developers of the new Tomb Raider

was responsible for creating the story of Nathan Drake home, allegedly beaten continuously, moaning, and abused at the beginning of your trip? Do you feel the need to share this kind of abuse in a male protagonist in order to "build his character" someone who would be "hard" enough to explore the tombs and kill strangers? I do not understand it would. They seem to be in the mood for a woman

to become an action hero must pass through a

- Spit-in-your-Grave

style nightmare to break barriers for women to be a normal woman and a wild, action heroes mass murderer.

Photo Photo Photo Any potential sexism aside, this is not the way to go about writing the story of a minority that has been done to attract the majority. Focusing on the differences only serves to make their minority status more difficult to relate to most, and most importantly, you run the risk of his portrait comes off as awkward. Imagine if Photo Photo The Cosby Show Photo Photo was called

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Nintendo hosting special Wii U webcast ahead of E3

Nintendo hosting special Wii U webcast ahead of E3 screenshot

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THQ and 4A Games Debut a Slew of "Metro: Last Light" E3 Preview Screens

7 Indie Games That Rocked at E3

Is This a Screenshot from Limbo 2 or Just The View From My San Francisco Window [Screenshot]

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Indie Royale bundle has PixelJunk Eden, Escape Goat, more

Indie Royale bundle has PixelJunk Eden, Escape Goat, more screenshot

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Lollipop Chainsaw: Suda 51 on inspirations, music and creating games on the toilet

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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will shake things up

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will shake things up screenshot

Major League Gaming

Anaheim Spring Championship are running today through Sunday. In the case, Blizzard was offering journalists the opportunity to come play a few hours of multiplayer games

Heart of the Swarm


against some competitors.

Needless to say, it was completely destroyed in all games, although most of them were kind enough to let me live long enough to mess around with the new units.

There are certainly a lot of content here as well. Each race gets at least two units, and several other updates and new skills. A representative of Blizzard, said he has focused many multiplayer add-ons to provide defenses against the strategies of popular tournament players, and trying to redirect some of the powers that players use a wider keep off simultaneously with the original concept behind each piece.


StarCraft II

are subtle but the game changing. As I said before, everything that was added was very specifically designed to change how they interact in two innings. For example, a new Zerg unit, the snake can take the enemies and throw them anywhere in the Viper. This can have dramatic consequences for players from their Terran Siege Tanks can be neutralized almost immediately.

Protoss can now start building your mothership before, from a kernel before upgrade later in the game The Mothership has some core capabilities of full unity, as the removal of mass. The total equipment cost often deters Protoss players to take risks, which was added to encourage players to be more aggressive early Protoss Thurs. Photo Photo

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Doing Fan Service Right: The Amazing Spider-Man

both love their children too, given how Activision games approved treatment, the originating IP address.

    Face it, video game adaptations of films do not have the best reputation among the players - and usually for good reason. Many experiences are bland and superficial created on the cheap to enjoy the innocent offspring with an interest in the original material. So you can imagine our surprise when, during a demonstration for the next The Amazing Spider-Man, we saw some of the film has not been required to make easy money, but rather the celebration of history of one face more recognizable Marvel. Here are five things that we believe that this game superhero is next made to stand out from the crowd of mediocre collections.
  • [Watch]

this video


this video

High Def

close ties with the source

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E3 2012: Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer preview

Ultra authentic military shooter

EA is back with a new define the multiplayer mode with equipment to fight against new concept

One day, the only way that will ever understand what is happening in the world is through video games. Everyone is worried about it now, and it seems strange that Medal of Honor: Warfighter must select a series of conflicts in the real world and hot spots on which to base his campaign for a player. But what is the online media that could be called to express the complex, contemporary warfare at random? We all live in this world of inexplicable global conflicts, and information programs are not really help us understand. However, this is a cartoon world Warfighter with a fanfare.

As we all know now, the Medal of Honor series has focused on the major operators, and the secret elite soldiers operating behind enemy lines in small groups, in a secret absolute. In the final game - the series re-boot - he was in Afghanistan, and say what you like about the game, this time with the small group of soldiers with manned and murdered, in a desolate hill, then with men prepare each other for their dead, apparently inevitable, was one of the most touching kind military shooter first person to beg. It is not surprising that the developer first danger has several former members of a level in an advisory capacity and as a producer. They want to breathe this stuff in. They want us to understand the human cost of all the soldiers themselves and their families.

At that time, the first danger is not saying much about the single player campaign Warfighter, apart from the fact that it will take in everything from terrorist operations in the Philippines, piracy of the coast Africa - and that will be fed with information on these hot spots in the real world. But in the absence of new single-player, we find the multiplayer modes always important.

They are based around 12 different levels of force around the world. Each team has its own weapons, tactics and skills, the latter in contact with the left bumper. Polish GROM operations are the versatile all-armed with assault rifles HK 416 and rocket launchers, while the U.S. fast-paced with mild MP7s OGA agents in Hong Kong. In essence, then, covering all classes are military families gunner, sniper, heavy artillery and rapid appreciation guys for all present and correct. Each class has its own different support option, too. JTF 2 in Canada may call a Blackhawk helicopter hovering above the fields of conquest, offering both a point of regeneration air and insertion of a fire support mini-gun deadly. Meanwhile, the point man SASR Australia can call an explosion of air mortar devastating attack.

and images made alive merciless frost motor complex 2 are grittily sublime. Arcs of blood sprayed brick surfaces, burning rays of the sun through the damaged masonry ... This is a game that is designed in every way to appear authentic. Whether or not we want to use these inexplicable forces, it is one thing, but Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Multiplayer, at least - is exciting, challenging. We must take stock, but with the fire crew feels included and social, while taking no prisoners.

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