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Minecraft hits 3 million sales

Not bad for a game that is still in beta.

Indie affected the construction sector Minecraft just reached three million sales, game creator Markus Persson announced on Twitter.

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Activision Unveils First Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Screens

The Very Best In Cosplay: Omi Gibson

Click here to read The Very Best In Cosplay: Omi Gibson

Cheer a crying giant and save the world from his tears

Cheer a crying giant and save the world from his tears screenshot

"A very good game"

-. Jonathan Holmes It is the sum total of the description I gave before playing


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George Clooney's satellite spies reveal secrets of Sudan's bloody army

Actor and activist funds from a high-tech project is the monitoring of troops and civilians against attacks Warning

Nathaniel Raymond is the first to admit he has an unusual job description. "I have the tank space to George Clooney," said the native of height, tolerant of Massachusetts while sitting in a conference room at a map of the Darfur region of South Kordofan.

nearby, pins and ink doodles on the map detail the positions of the Sudanese armed forces and refugee populations in the restive oil-producing province, where the Sudanese army is conducting a brutal repression.

the wall next to Raymond has a series of images projected on it by satellite. In the film a mouse, small images of tanks and military vehicles came into view, trapped by a few hundred miles above satellite.

Raymond is the director of the Sentinel satellite (SSP), which aims to use advanced satellite imagery to monitor potential human rights violations in Sudan. And it was all thought of Clooney, making it just another Hollywood liberal with a pet cause and a true expert and activist in Sudan. With John Prendergast, another activist, Clooney slipped several times in the country to document the random bombing of civilians and other atrocities.

After a trip last month in the Nuba Mountains, Clooney dodged rockets and returned with grisly images of dead bodies, children with hands missing and entire villages are forced to live in caves. He showed the film to the Committee on Senate Foreign Relations in Washington DC - to the praise of politicians met -. Then arrested in a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy

Clooney pictures taken in handcuffs appeared in newspapers and blogs around the world. But he is at work Sentinel satellite project every day that really felt the impact Clooney. He had the idea, and I spoke to Google and DigitalGlobe satellite company to help set up, and donated large speaking fees to keep it funded. It has been running for 15 months already.

The situation in Sudan is complex and violent. Since the majority of black South Sudan in Africa gained independence from the border dominated by northern Arabs dispute exploded last year, especially over oil resources in the region. Meanwhile, powerful figures in the fear that the northern provinces along the southern border with his new neighbor can also try to free themselves from Khartoum.

work was originally designed primarily as collecting evidence that could be used in war crimes tribunal the future leaders of Sudan. But the image was so accurate that it could also be used to monitor requests for massacres and mass graves. After someone on the ground described seeing the bodies buried in a mango grove in the town of Kadugli, the SAP was able to document the site of the air. He also discovered what appeared to be body bags found in fresh graves in other parts of the city.

also showed the troops around the towns and villages burned. In an amazing set of images, even caught a transport plane Antonov - Sudan's regular forces drop bombs - caught in flight with smoke plumes, where explosives were thrown against civilian targets

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Skyrim PC patch adds 4GB RAM support

Bethesda made ??an adjustment of yield for PC users.

Bethesda has quietly released a new patch for the PC version of its open world RPG's critically acclaimed The Elder Scrolls V:. Skyrim

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Rift dev: Warcraft 'not different enough', fans fading

Rift study hesitate to attribute their success to drop WoW.

Rift U.S. developer Cook suggested that his rival's fan base worldwide MMO World of Warcraft is "fading" because the game "is not quite different "from the moment they started working.

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FarmVille maker Zynga sued for allegedly stealing source code

leading developer of Facebook accused of copyright infringement and violation of trade secrets.

FarmVille maker Zynga was hit with a lawsuit accusing him of stealing the source code to stimulate his ascension to the top in social gaming.

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51 games pulled from sale in Norway following attacks

Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and removed from the shelves after the attacks that killed 77.

Norwegian multiple retailers have temporarily removed more than 50 games of the sale after the recent attacks that killed 77 people in a government building and the youth field.

GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards daily prize giveaway announced

Zavvi.com Win tickets every day.

Voting in Golden Joystick Awards has just had a little more acceptable. As the end approaches to vote, the world's largest player voted gala is giving away hundreds of pounds of cash bonuses to spend on Zavvi.com.

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CCP's World of Darkness is not dead, just like a vampire

CCP's World of Darkness is not dead, just like a vampire screenshot

Chris McDonough, Senior Producer of World of Darkness , told the audience on the eve TODAY FanFest ' Today that "reports our undead have been greatly exaggerated. "CPC has had some tough times last year, and news about the upcoming MMO was somewhat limited, but McDonough said that the game is still in production, and that will only release of serum new information that may show something that you can live with the legacy.


Atlanta office has 55 people working on World of Darkness

. They built a team of developers AAA who worked in almost every MMO in recent memory. McDonough said they were spending this quiet time to work hard, do things like creating tools, game design, and shape the history and art. The development team even had a beta of two weeks of a first version of house in the world of darkness

underway, with comments taken from the session return to work.

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Escape the marauding zombies. and burn calories at the same time

An innovative mobile applications British Zombies Run! mixture of pleasure and well - and he took the gaming world by storm

A new smart phone game developed by two Britons, an award-winning novelist, with funds raised by the crowd-sourcing and no budget for marketing, has become the most successful health and the application of fitness during their first two weeks of release, surpassing even giants like Nike.

posted a few weeks ago, Zombies, Run! describes itself as "a game for absorbing ultra running iPhone, iPod Touch and Android" with an edge of the narrative. Instead of focusing on fitness, which casts the user as the struggle to survive a zombie Apocalypse . Players agree to pick out supplies, with the drama in the script complete audio, success is measured in the posterior segments of the story development

sales expected to reach 100,000 before, despite the full version costs more than $ 5, and specialists in the media say that the success of the game has many lessons for the industry.

The game is the creation of Adrian Hon, founder and director of the study of the London Olympics Six Start,. Naomi Alderman and writer, Orange Prize-winning novelist and amateur football

Alderman says his inspiration was a "learn to manage" Of course I took in the spring of 2011. "At the beginning of the course, instructors asked why he wanted to learn to run. Most people talked about fitness, but one woman said, "to escape the zombie horde!"

The idea stuck, and when honorable about his ambition to develop an application that fitness "is the act of execution itself the pleasure," Zombies born.

This strategy meant abold prices, with version for $ 7.99 (£ 5.49 UK): The highest price of any game in the top 200 worldwide in the App Store, and far from the cheap model and gay dominant mobile gaming. However, six to start the tactic paid off.

The Entertainment Retailers Association has announced that for the first time the game industry is the largest British entertainment industry.

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LEGO Minecraft set coming this summer, first pics are in

LEGO Minecraft set coming this summer, first pics are in screenshot

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Body of alleged Mafia boss found in river in Canada

Salvatore Montagna

named by the FBI as the acting boss of the Bonanno family, who was deported from the United States from refusing to testify

The body of an alleged mobster, who told U.S. authorities that was once famous in the New York Bonanno family, was caught from a river in north Montreal.

reports identified the body as Salvatore Montagna, although police would not immediately confirm or deny the identity.

The FBI once called the acting head of the Bonanno crime family - was one of the New York tabloids call him "Chief Bambino" because of his rise to power in the middle of their 30s. Nicknamed "Sal the Iron Worker", who owned and operated a successful steel business in the United States.

Aa Montagna

death is the latest in a series of mafia-related murders and disappearances in the last two years. It was considered a candidate to take over the Rizzuto family decimated.

A spokesman for the provincial police, said a private citizen called after seeing a body along the banks of the river Assumption The. The same person also reported hearing gunshots, but Sergeant Benoit Richard said he could not confirm how the victim died.

"When (police) came, they saw a man lying near the river, out of the water and began to perform CPR with the help of emergency personnel," said Richard.

He said police expected the results of an autopsy to determine cause of death.

He pleaded guilty to the lesser charge, but that she was entitled to remain in the United States. Montagna had no criminal record in Canada and came back with no problem.

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Rumours of Fidel Castro's death dispelled by interview

Former Cuban president seems fragile, but hey, the pictures posted on the government website

Photographs of Fidel Castro apparently fragile but well, were published in a government Web site of Cuba on Thursday, following recent rumors that the former president of 85 years, was seriously ill or died.


Castro, who had been out of sight for two months, is shown in what appeared to be his home in Havana to discuss Venezuela's state television commentator Mario Silva, who said he Cuba had come to put to rest false reports about Castro's health.

"Those who are now enjoying and believing that Fidel had a stroke, I'm sorry to inform you that is alive," Silva said in a video of his TV show in Hojilla Cubadebate website, as well as images of Castro.

The program supports Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and routinely lambastes its critics.

Silva Castro said photographs were taken during an interview with him in Havana on Tuesday.

They showed Castro with gray hair, wearing a white jacket and green pants, sitting, standing, smiling and gesturing at the interview.

few photos showing him wearing a wide brimmed soft hat green camouflage.

They were the first glimpses of Castro since he had appeared in early July in the videos with his friend, Mr. Chavez when he received treatment for cancer in Cuba.

, or opinion columns published by state media since July 3.

Thursday, the president of the Cuban Parliament, Ricardo Alarcon told reporters that Castro did it well.

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Mongolia bids to keep city cool with 'ice shield' experiment

Aa trial

winter temperatures geoengineering aims to 'shop' in a giant block of ice to cool the water and Ulaanbaatar in summer

Mongolia is to launch one of the largest glaciers in the world by experimenting later this month in an attempt to fight against the harmful effects of global warming and the effect of urban heat island .


The trial, which is funded by the Government of Ulaanbaatar, is to "store" the freezing temperatures of winter in a huge block of ice and water will help cool the city, as it melts slowly during the summer.

The scientists who conducted the

1 billion Tugrik (£ 460,000) for the project hope that the process will reduce the energy demand of air conditioners and drinking water supplies and regular irrigation . If successful, the model could be applied to other cities in the Far North.

The qualities of naleds (also known as aufeis, German for "ice on top") have been known for hundreds of years. The North Korean army used to construct the crossing of the River reservoirs during the winter and Russia was used as drilling platforms. But engineers generally regarded in negative terms, as a threat to the railways and bridges.

The Anglo-Mongolia believe that the proposed use in Ulaanbaatar could set a positive example that allows northern cities around the world to save on air conditioning costs in summer, a steady supply of alcohol use, and create microclimates costs.

"Everyone is panicking about melting glaciers and ice caps, but no one has yet found a cheap alternative, environment," said Robin Grayson a geologist Mongolia-based. "If you know how to handle, shields naled ice permafrost can repair and construction of parks in cold cities." He said that the process works in cities where the summer is extremely hot and winters with at least a couple of months with temperatures of-20C to 5C.

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Sorry sport, bloggers and tweeters are not above the law

Norman Giller, veteran sports journalist whose blog posts (The Giller memorandum) are always a pleasure to read, is busy looking Leveson not hear of sports journalism.

"Someone, somewhere in authority has to get up and put the case of the team the last page," he wrote.

"You need a sports editor - or at least one specialist in sports - to participate in the debate, so that the Lord Justice Leveson can listen and take into account the great differences in the operation of an athletic department with respect to news and features. "

Why? Giller maintains that sports writers use different methods to work in what he calls the "toy department" of newspapers.

He writes: "Sports journalists must return to the sources of her time and again because the sport is, relatively, a world populated, and to keep contacts happy stories often have to be settled and likely to require and to protect future negotiations. "

I do not know if he thinks it's good or not. But they show a good understanding of this activity is:

"If I had to have something to say, I beg your honor not to be so focused on the aspect of hacking your search is missing the larger.


soon - maybe even in this era of git (I will not say an old trick) for life - being a story of yesterday.

are losing readers and powers to the minute for the new phenomenon of the interweb.

Giller will complain about the online complaints against Tottenham, Harry Redknapp, who said, "would result in immediate legal action if it is printed in a newspaper."

But the law is the law and bloggers and tweeters and obey.

Giller said that lawyers are turning their attention to the Internet and predicts there will be "a wave of libel."
He writes: ". Bloggers will soon discover they are not above the laws that restrict and limit journalists'

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Did Kim Jong-il die in his bed rather than on his train?

rumors surrounding the death of the head of North Korea as intelligence experts of South Korea in question the official statement

His life has been shrouded in mystery and now the death of Kim Jong-il is causing the same amount of rumors and speculation.

intelligence experts have questioned

account South Korea North Korea, which Kim said was killed in a train on Saturday in one of his trips orientation.

Won Sei-hoon, director of the National Intelligence Service (SIN), told MPs that there was no sign that Kim's special train left the station in Pyongyang has never the weekend, citing satellite surveillance photos of the U.S. - although some media reports suggested that the Southern army did not agree.

"We kept an eye on the location of Kim until Thursday, but could not locate it as of Friday," said Won, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper. "There are indications that tried to go somewhere [in the morning of Saturday], but he died. "An unidentified intelligence official added:" We believe he died at his home. "

"Death on the train is probably the best history of the North Korean regime can be used to promote worker Kim as a leader who worked for the city until his death. North Korea believe that 'there is a difference between a sweet and peaceful death in his bed and killed on the job away from home ", the newspaper said.

However, a researcher at a state think tank disagrees: "It is a great risk to the credibility of the regime, if it is later revealed that Kim died in his bed, think twice before lie about it. ".

Aa military officials told the Chosun Ilbo they believed Kim was being traveled over the weekend. "We can determine that the train traveled through which the stations using our intelligence network," said an officer. "Based on this understanding, we concluded that the train was moving."
Aa news agency Yonhap reported later

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Clinton demands urgent reforms as Syrian forces kill protesters

Aa demonstartors

activists say 12 dead in the middle of the largest protest against Assad in the other handle


further increased the pressure on President Bashar al-Assad to implement "real reform" to the largest day of protest across Syria since the uprising began nearly four months .

Demonstrations took place in the city of Hama, where 200,000 people took to the streets, and there were clashes in Aleppo, the economic capital. Activists were told that many injured when police fired on demonstrators in the Damascus suburb of Daraya. According to the protesters, at least 24 people died in what was called "Friday," a slogan taken from protesters against Hosni Mubarak in Egypt in early Arab insurgency.

Syrian forces shot dead three protesters in the central city of Homs and thousands would have resulted in Deir el-Zor, on the east. Access for foreign media has been limited, although a small number of journalists were allowed in under escort days. News agencies reported nine deaths.

Louay Hussein and Maan Abdelsalam, the authors of a "roadmap for a safe and peaceful transition to civilian democracy," that the reforms would put Assad in power, for now, n ' United States have not felt that the United States approved the plan. and The European Union imposed sanctions against Assad and his senior officials in response to the violent repression of demonstrations. However, the U.S. calls repeated reform reflects the uncertainty about the way forward. Neither tougher sanctions or military action appears to be effective in the context of Syria and the United States has not openly called for the overthrow of Assad -. In stark contrast to its policy on Muammar Gaddafi in Libya
Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Alma will give us a glimpse back in time to the beginnings of the universe

The largest astronomical project in the world will see years of dust than 13 billion light years - because it was half a billion years after the Big Bang

These photons. Two main things that determine what can be learned from a set of telescopes, as the new ALMA telescope in Chile. How many photons are gathering, and what is its wavelength?

Alma is important - the largest astronomical project in the world - so you can make a lot of photons. In particular, you can pick up enough to see things that are very small, light sources such as galaxies, stars and billions of light years away cosmic dust. As photons travel at the speed of light, when looking very distant objects are also looking back in time because light takes millions or billions of years to get to you.

ALMA will be able to see the dust that is about 13 billion light years. The universe is about 13.5 billion years, so the powder is "only" about half a billion years after the Big Bang. The world was different then. Well, you can expect to be. Certainly, a 13-year and a half years, is very different from a baby six months old.

At that time, stars or galaxies were "first generation". They were the first nuclear reactor, which jumped and said "Let there be light" in a dark universe. These stars have begun the process of creating heavy elements like iron, and when they died as supernovae ( colossal explosions) that share the goodness around. After the second or third generation stars like our sun, and could start to have planets with iron cores and forms of carbon-based life. Alma is the dust that formed the first stars and galaxies.

models of wavelengths, then we say that atoms and molecules exist there. In fact, the pattern is shifted wavelengths, depending on the speed, which depends on the distance, so it's also a way to work at a distance which is a bit. For example, carbon monoxide is produced in star-forming regions of galaxies, and has a different set of models that will allow Alma to measure the composition and distance of the birthplaces of stars.

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E coli outbreak leads to French ban on seeds from British firm

eight people taken to hospital in Bordeaux, France and Great Britain with an examination of three types of seeds by the supplier of Suffolk

security officials are investigating a connection between food seeds sold by a British company and a

E. coli

epidemic in France.

action by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) comes after France banned the sale of three types of seeds attached to Thompson & Morgan, based in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Eight people affected by the

E coli

were admitted to hospital in Bordeaux. French officials said the test results in two of them showed an infection of the same strain of E coli

that killed 44 people and injured others including 3,700 British, in a home centered in Germany.

An investigation by the competition, the French consumption and fraud prevention agency found the hospital had used mustard rocket and shoots of plants which are believed to have been grown from seeds sold by Thompson & Morgan in a business school in the town southwest of Begles.

Frédéric Lefebvre said Minister of Commerce of the prohibition of fenugreek seeds, mustard and arugula participation.

But he added:. "The relationship between symptoms and the appearance of food so far has not been definitively established"

The FSA said it was asked Thompson & Morgan for more information on seeds. He added that none of

E coli

cases were reported in the UK.

The agency said in a statement. "We have been in contact with the French authorities about the outbreak and are aware that the British company was mentioned in the same

"We have requested additional information to the French authorities regarding the three named types of seeds to help us conduct research in the UK."

investigation must determine how the seeds were grown, who planted and how the food was prepared , the FSA said.

News of the World pays footballer £70,000 for libel

The newspaper famous for its undercover operations have been the victim of a sting.


World News

was misled into believing that a footballer had sent sexually explicit text messages to a "mystery woman ".

Under the headline "Ex-Celtic keeper glove is a real rat," the newspaper said he had cheated on his pregnant girlfriend by sending her "X-rated explicit messages" and " pictures sleazy. "

story was published on the Polish international player

Artur Boruc , edition of Scotland in July last year.

The story was totally false. Boruc sue for libel and the case was scheduled to go to trial.

But the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Friday told the newspaper now accepted that it was in the wrong.

had therefore been agreed in an out of court, to apologize for Boruc and pay £ 70 000, which is considered an unprecedented amount in a defamation case in Scotland. The document will also pay all legal costs.

Under the new as a lawyer in the world,

Roddy Dunlop QC

, the document had been "duped by a very complex man."

The court heard that the man, identified as

Kevin O'Donnell

, posed as a financial advisor and Boruc has developed a network of development lies, with many interrelated chapters seemed to corroborate the story.

Dunlop told the court that the accused (
News Group
, newspaper publishers) "to accept that were taken in full by this fraud ", but added:" They were not reckless and irresponsible belief that sustained

. Lawyer

Boruc told the court that the charges against his client was "extremely worrying". He said the players' fault that the unmasked faces pilloried by rival fans. "

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Male deep-sea squid seeks mate of either sex for fun in the dark

remotely operated underwater lift the lid on sexual blind deepwater squid

Scientists have identified any other incident that could result from sex in the dark after filming creatures that live in the deep ocean.


sequences revealed that the man submersible offshore squid struggle to distinguish between potential partners and members of the same sex in the waters of low light.

But rather than develop more acute senses to help find a mate, the male of the species adopted a sexual strategy to adapt to the following conditions. His companions with any deepwater squid comes through aa

researchers blame the bad light, similar in size of male and female body and the scarcity of blind dating behavior of the squid, which leaves its mark on the bodies of unsuspecting men as sperm sacks last.

Henk-Jan Hoving

, a marine biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California, said the semen was lost, apparently cheaper for people to improve their ability to detect females.

His team found evidence that squid "Shot in the Dark" for sex when examined screenshots of video recorded at depths of 400-800 meters in the canyon in Marine offshore Monterey California. To his surprise, many males than females made sperm bags are produced in your body, a sure sign that the men had attempted to copulate with them.

. When the second squid, the male releases a bag full of semen that is discharged into the tissues of the female. The event is fast, but leaves the empty bags of sperm in the female body as an outward sign of recent mating.

underwater images of squid in action was recorded by robotic submersibles between 1992 and 2011. Although the squid were filmed 108, 15 were under age and in 54 cases it was impossible to determine the maturity of squid, sex, or bags of sperm were present in the bodies of animals.

Among the remaining squid were 19 women and 20 men, 10 women and 9 men had bags of sperm visible on their bodies. Those who remained were men in such positions that have been left by other males, researchers say.

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Classic YouTube | Sneaky old Lance Armstrong, Copa América magic and the first golden goal

raid this week also has a brilliant basketball player cut in the prime of excellence, Wimbledon and the robot jockeys

1) Some time classic tour to mark the start of the race this year on Saturday, Eddy Merckx Bernard Thevenet breaks (the last day that I never wear yellow) in Pra-Loup in 1975 wily Lance Armstrong in 2003, the incredible Charly Gaul, "the angel of the" Mountain, the story of the rivalry between two great Italian riders, Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali, and pure genius descendant of Fabian Cancellara. Finally, this is not the Tour, but always worth another view. not celebrate too soon ...

2) America's Cup begins Friday. The final was won by Brazil, but the goal of the tournament was a delightful chip from Messi against Mexico. Argentina are the hosts of this year and will be desperate for victory did not win the competition since 1993. Perhaps because they have players who can lose three penalties in a game. It is not surprising, Argentina and Brazil tend to win, while Uruguay has surprised the last in 1995 and Colombia in 2001 caused a sensation. It's not really a contest in which Brazil has players like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, though. Oh and how could we forget the splendid chippy, nasty and downright brutal 1987 final between Uruguay and Chile? In the Gold Cup, meanwhile, Giovani dos Santos was a moment of magic against the United States.

3) Drazen Petrovic was a basketball genius, whose life was tragically cut short at 29 years by a car accident. You can find more information about Petrovic, Vlade Divac's old friend and how one of the best basketball teams of all time was broken as Yugoslavia broke up in the brilliant ESPN 30 of 30 documentaries, once the brothers (in this case in its entirety ... for now). Or here too.

4) The introduction of the golden goal in Euro 96 does not go as planned. Is supposed to put in place to encourage teams to go for the win in overtime, four of the five parties that can not be resolved after 90 minutes ended up going to penalties for the parties were too scared to concede a goal murderer. Well done, FIFA. Well done! Today, however, marks the 15th anniversary of the first golden goal, puff, Oliver Bierhoff, shot in faffed by Czech Petr Kouba keeper to give the victory to Germany in the final. Also that day in 1998, David Beckham movie promotional flag effigy of trade, and in 1954, Hungary beat Uruguay in World Cup semi-finals of the largest in history. You can see the best here, here, here and here.

5) For the pure stubbornness and refusal to surrender, shot surprise, Lleyton Hewitt against Robin Soderling at Wimbledon in 2011 is hard to beat. But the carefree style, hot dogs, Andy Murray against Ivan Ljubicic gets by.

6) If only Spain had a plan B.

Our favorite is the blog of last week 1) Note the large vertical tennis player Mansour Behrami.

2) A pitch invasion with a difference.

3) After an international outcry against the use of children as jockeys in camel racing, the UAE has come with a new idea: robot jockeys

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British man faces extradition to Portugal

Graham Mitchell acquitted of attempted murder 17 years ago, but the Portuguese authorities want to extradite him for a new trial

A Briton faces extradition to Portugal

for trial on a charge of attempted murder in which he was acquitted 17 years ago in a case that raised more questions about the system extradition of the EU.

Under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), established in 2002, the EU countries can apply to citizens for trial in neighboring countries within the bloc, without describing the evidence. Critics say this has led to a number of cases unjust.

Graham Mitchell, a photographer for 49 years, Canterbury, Kent, was arrested with a friend in May 1994 during a stay in the Algarve. Portuguese police accused him and Warren Tozer attacking a German man aged 26 who came upon a sea wall and was paralyzed from the waist down. After a year in prison, the couple was acquitted of attempted murder, handed their passports and allowed to return to the UK.

The case drew attention at the time and was the subject of a BBC Panorama program. The images of the end of the test shows that the judge of the cleanliness of the duo.

However, Mitchell told the BBC this month has been visited by three members of the police in the UK who said that the Portuguese authorities are seeking his extradition for that it a new trial for the same offense. After a night in jail is now on bail.

Mitchell, who is now married with two children, told the BBC she had been severely traumatized by his initial year long spell in custody in Portugal and back to hell "on Earth." He said: "I'm terrified my wife is terrified Our lives turned upside down and backward at each moment is a constant concern ...."

A group, Fair Trials International, says Mitchell. Chief executive Jago Russell said: "We hope he realizes that Portugal would be wrong to extradite years later Graham was acquitted, and withdraw the request for fear that if they do, it can have little ability to stop. surrendered under the Extradition Acts defective in the UK. "

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Become a Legend - Hedone Trailer

Become Hedone

famous legend and spread worldwide in Hedone television.

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Science, technology and industry scoreboard: how do countries compare?

Where people lose their jobs? What are the access points of the university of science? Find the latest OECD statistics that show how trends in science, technology and industry of a country to compare

. Get Data

When people have lost their jobs in Europe? Why do American universities senior in the world of science?

The final tableau of Science, Technology and Industry published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shows that U.S. universities are leading the way for research worldwide.

top 50 research institutions in all areas are 40 American universities - leading to a large extent by the chemistry, computer science and neuroscience. The UK has the second highest number of major research universities. The report highlights the strength of the leading institutions in the UK for thematic areas such as agricultural science and biological and environmental sciences.

The U.S. also leads the ranking of the reputation of universities around the world earlier this year, taking almost half of the 100 best places in the UK boasting the second largest number of 'renowned universities.

research and development represented $ 400 billion spending in the U.S. in 2009, the highest of the countries compared. China and Japan spent the highest amounts of the second and third place respectively.

marker OECD also highlight the declining quality of patent applications filed in the last decade. An average decrease of 20% was observed between 1990 and 2000. The United States, Germany and Japan leading the way as innovators, with the largest number of patents cited inventors.

With over 180 comparable indicators, the total score focuses on trends in science, technology and industry. We have compiled a selection that you can download the spreadsheet.

The above table by our graphic designer, Finbarr Sheehy, shows that the access points of the university agrees with the OECD to research the topic. We have already published classification research company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), which examines best universities in the matter - although the research is only part of the methodology of these tables. Interestingly, the U.S. is ranked first in both tables.

We are also able to see where the greatest losses were in Europe during the period 2009-2010 the graph. The industry of mining, manufacturing and services saw the largest number of jobs in the Czech Republic and Italy, see the greatest changes.

What can you do with this data?




data and data views of The Guardian
government data in the world

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Spain's La Liga dominates shortlist for 2011 Fifa Fifpro World XI

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Rewind radio: Today; The Infinite Monkey Cage - review

Guest Editor Mo Ibrahim gave listeners a convincing image of success today in West Africa and corruption

Today (R4) |


infinite monkey cage

(R4) |


Bits and Bobs

this week: listen to uneven compilation of Christmas songs ... Steve Lamacq 6 Music has won the v 5 Live, hurray,


Time AA plans offered and the customs of their grandchildren, Huw Stephens on Radio 1 that plays to each Once more at home during the day, 5 Live, Stephen Nolan talking to other alcoholics who had been in their distress and that, tragically, did not. (The latter is uneasy listening: Nolan does not seem somehow to get the right tone, as it seems obscene Victoria Derbyshire, rather than journalism.). Anyway, besides all this, I have a new hero. His name is Mo Ibrahim, and he is a businessman cell phone: not my usual genre, but we must move with the times. And Mo is definitely the time. As guest editor Tuesday

Ibrahim, who is British and Sudan, has created an award which recognizes African countries show that they are corrupt.

Anyway, Davis met Ibrahim at the end of the program. His speech was cut a little short, but the BBC website in its entirety. Davis asked Ibrahim of "lubrication" in business, the idea that in some places, it does nothing unless you bribe the right people.

"This is absolute shit," said Ibrahim and launched a tirade on the line. "For every corrupt politician, there are dozens of corrupt business people," he said. "How many traders have been prosecuted for corruption? They are honored here. You give them titles. It makes them masters. "

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Chimps to be spared from use in US medical experiments

American scientific group urges strict limits on laboratory research with chimpanzees

chimpanzees should only be used for medical research, a group of leading scientists said Thursday that the U.S. government -. Council refers to days in the laboratory can be said because the parents of the man

The Institute of Medicine came to recommend the absolute rights activists ban animals had lobbied for.

Instead, he urged strict limits to invasive experiments on chimpanzees essentially a last resort, now the tools of the most advanced research: the use of primates will rarely sufficient to offset the moral costs.

Chimp research and has been declining faster than scientists have turned to alternative, less costly and ethically.

The government agency of the United States in charge of it - the National Institutes of Health -. He called the new recommendations "scientifically sound" and noted that some changes would be

"Although the operational details need to be resolved, the NIH intends to approve the general conclusions of the group," said Dr. Francis Collins, director of NIH.

genetic similarity of the people of apes long ago caused a dilemma. This is what has become so valuable to scientists for nearly a century.

They are essential in creating a vaccine against hepatitis B, for example, and were shot down, even in space to ensure that the trip would not kill the next astronauts online.

"We established the criteria that will set the bar high enough to justify the use of chimpanzees."

for biomedical research - testing new drugs or giving the animal a disease - which means the use of chimpanzees as if the studies can be performed in other animals or people themselves, and if it gives chimpanzee studies that impede progress against life-threatening or disabling other diseases.

The panel recommended the government to limit the use of chimpanzees in research on behavior as well, saying that such studies should provide insights into the brain and behavior that are otherwise inaccessible -. And use techniques that minimize any pain or distress

Why is the US so afraid of me? | Raquel Gutiérrez

Am I blacklisted

? I was surprised when the plane he was traveling in was thrown out of U.S. airspace, because I was in.

On Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 22:35, I embarked on Aeromexico flight 033 to Mexico City to go to Barcelona. I had to connect from there to another Alitalia flight to Italy, where he met with friends to share their experiences of Latin American struggles. The flight was normal until just after midnight, when the captain told us we'd be back to Monterrey, Mexico, as the airspace of the United States was closed.

extreme To my surprise, when we landed a little after 1 am, a flight attendant asked for my ID and asked me to collect my things and accompany out of the plane. When I reached the door of some Mexican federal police and two or three employees Aeromexico asked me to identify more, and leave the plane. I told them I was not going to be explained what was happening. They said "the U.S. government refused the plane because you're at it."

I was amazed. A good person in Monterrey Aeromexico said they were also very surprised, and said they would see what could be done. I had no choice but to leave the aircraft. The federal police asked me to submit a copy of my passport. I think that young women were surprised that I Aeromexico. We waited at the airport for an hour and a half until they were finally able to send the plane on its way. After that, I was taken to a hotel. I was scared and very angry. I asked them to give me a place on the first flight back to Mexico, which has agreed to do so. I felt a shock, a profound vulnerability, and desperately wanted to return home in safety.

I think I am on a blacklist of the U.S., although I have never said. Presumably I am blacklisted because he was arrested in Bolivia in 1992 as a result of my political activism. I was tortured and imprisoned and accused - now with Bolivia, elected vice president, Alvaro Garcia - with membership in a guerrilla organization. The case was dropped due to lack of evidence, and all charges against me were officially retired in 2007.

Those of us who are in a U.S. government "black list" - for a variety of reasons often absurd - We are not asking that they let us in your country. It is absurd to maintain an aircraft in the air when we travel.

China trial of veteran activist Ni Yulan begins

former prosecutor paralyzed as a result of alleged abuse by the police appears in court on charges of fraud through better security

A former lawyer and veteran left disabled by ill-treatment by police has made the trial in Beijing, the third dissident in a week to be treated as China continues its offensive to deter uprisings that shook as the Arab world.

Ni Yulan

lay in bed looking thin and frail, and uses an oxygen machine to help him breathe during the hearing, the daughter of Dong Xuan said. Dong said she told the court about the treatment of his mother by the police since 2002 and how strokes left her paralyzed.

Neither is charged with fraud, accused of falsifying the facts to steal property. She is also accused, with her husband, to cause a disturbance at a hotel where they were arrested by police.

Ni and his followers denied the allegations and say that she is punished for his years of activism, particularly his defense of people forced from their homes to make way for development of property that rapidly re- Olympic Games Beijing 2008. Open his defense earned him the enmity of officials and developers. The family home in an old neighborhood in the center of the capital was removed too, and the couple were left homeless.

In a sign of the sensitivity of the government on the matter, the trial was held amid tight security as tens of uniformed police officers cordoned off and patrolled the streets around the courthouse, journalists arrest and bring to a small office away from the building.


few dozen U.S. diplomats, the United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries came to the court and the police moved inside.

not told the court he was not guilty, said his lawyer Cheng Hai, out of court. Cheng spoke briefly while being pushed by journalists by men in civilian clothes who were not identified.

Dong said he was not optimistic about the outcome of the trial, citing a long detention of the couple and the heavy security presence in court.

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