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Sheikh Mohammed: the ruler with real horsepower | Observer profile

Dynastic rule after dramatic transformation of Dubai has made its mark in the United Kingdom as the largest benefactor career. But is this a case of doping one of his stables cause untold damage to your name?

A couple of years before he succeeded his brother as ruler of Dubai in 2006, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, never a man tormented by doubt, developed the idea of have some of its own written in the Persian Gulf sea poetry. The poetry is in the form of artificial islands built by thousands of migrant workers recruited to form the majority of the population of Dubai, and in which they devote to Premier League footballers and others, to buy real estate board Wed He figured written in Arabic in the concrete and sand lines are large enough to be read from space.

In developing this plan, imagine that most self-mythologisers world class could be happy with a single verse. It gives a measure of Sheikh Mohammed exaggerated sense of Xanadu, which decided a whole stanza. "Take the wisdom of the wise," the script is executed. "It takes a man of vision to write on water / Not everyone who rides a horse is a jockey / Great men rise to greater challenges. "

the end, although the property in the islands expected to be sold in advance, it was one of the few wild systems that have ever occurred at the end of the scandalous construction Dubai. Other projects have been ocean and desert defying - Frond Palm Resort peninsulas, El Mundo, a mini world of offshore islands - not to mention the Burj Khalifa, the tallest in the world, and miles and miles gravity fun condominiums, hotels and office buildings. At this time, the joke came just three words have been forced to work miracles overnight building a reality glass and steel, "said Sheikh Mohammed ..."

This development is only one aspect of the 63-year-old diminutive singular drive for world domination. At the same time, it has been mounted awesome power of the Gulf Maktoum line on the horizon, I was the obsession of an autocrat to hereditary principles to the extreme in the world of thoroughbred racing, which aims to determine the scoring on five continents. Every man needs a hobby. Sheikh Mohammed has involved the creation of a larger and more stable expensive fast horses in human history.

In his mind, the two aspects of the brand, the joint expression of their family wealth and power have become intertwined. In his vision, Dubai, a place that now has more opulent race track in the world, Meydan, built at a cost of 1.25 billion dollars in two years, it was sold as the final winners enclosure "of the newly globalized wealth.

Sooner or later, however, all dictators myths that meets a dose of reality. For Sheikh Mohammed, the first came to the post-bust credit crisis, Dubai, which saw the collapse of real estate prices, a large number of incomplete development of the ego and the humiliating necessity for a maximum of 20 billion rescue "My uncle Abu Dhabi" in 2010, the debt continues to return. At that time, an authorized biography of Sheikh was due, it was rumored that his refusal to approve an epilogue detailing the lessons of the crisis his emirate to say that the book never happened

And if the housing crisis marked the outer limits of civic ambition after the events of the last two weeks in the seat of his racing operation, Godolphin in Newmarket, was a turning point of his obsession privacy, another line in the sand.

The random testing of horses under the joint control of their head coach Mahmood al-Zarooni, who identified the widespread use of banned anabolic steroids, especially in the sample from the top rated filly in Europe two years, certify, was a personal humiliation for Sheikh Mohammed.

The sentence given after that last statement dubious - huge Sheikh Mohammed stubborn personality helped itself as painful endurance horse champion sometimes for 10 hours or more - seems to have been derived from his own twin spirit formative influences. The first was that of his father, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the initiator of modern Dubai cunning, he saw that the relatively limited oil wealth has led the development would dry quickly and that the future must be made by tourism and trade. Rashid was, as he often said, only a generation after driving camel roots of his family and he instilled in their children the values ??they grew up in a room without electricity or running water and were encouraged to be seasoned runners and hunters.

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Obama: proof of Syrian chemical weapons would be 'game-changer'

says allies president of the United States "could not allow the use of chemical weapons," but goes on to say the red line has been crossed

President Barack Obama warned on Friday that the Syrian regime test had used chemical weapons against the civilian population would be a "game changer", but warned that more evidence is needed.

Speaking at the White House, Obama said the confirmation of President Bashar al-Assad had deployed chemical agents in the long civil war in Syria would change "calculation" of his government, but n has not said "red line" was crossed.

Barack Obama's cautious comments reflect a lack of consensus in Washington on how to respond to claims that Syria has used sarin gas in the recent incidents. Members informed by the Secretary of State John Kerry Congress Friday said the most likely option would be to other countries specific armed rebel groups.

Sitting alongside King Abdullah of Jordan at the White House, Obama said the international community "can not stand aside and allow the systematic use of weapons such as guns chemical against the civilian population. "

But he left open the possibility of use in Syria untested: "I think, in many ways, a line has been crossed when we see tens of thousands of innocent people killed by a diet

"But the use of chemical weapons and the dangers it poses to the international community, neighboring countries of Syria, the potential of chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists - all things add up each more urgent which is already a major security and humanitarian problems in the region. "

On Thursday, the White House said that U.S. intelligence concluded with "varying degrees of" the Syrian government used chemical weapons twice confidence. British authorities claim that there are evidence of sarin use in at least three incidents of Khan al-Assal, near Aleppo, Homs and near Damascus.

In London, British Prime Minister David Cameron described the testing of chemical weapons used as "small but growing" and downplayed any suggestion of British troops could be deployed in Syria as a result, would only say that this is a red line for the international community to "do more."

Speaking to the BBC, Cameron echoed the caution of the White House on the evidence so far, saying that the British government not to make the mistake of "rush into print" and will work to verify the evidence with its allies.

"It is very worrying that we see. Evidence is limited, but there is increasing evidence that there has been too much on the use of chemical weapons, probably by the regime, "said Cameron." This is serious - it is a war crime. - And you have to take very seriously, "

also left well short of suggesting that the confirmation of the use of chemical weapons necessarily produce military action. "I think that President Obama said was absolutely right -. That the international community should be a red line for us to do more"

He added: "I want to be absolutely clear, I think the lesson of Iraq should be the way we go and use of information and intelligence, and I think this lesson has been learned, but I think it is very important for politicians., and leaders of this generation to look at what is happening in Syria and ask ourselves what we can do. "
In the incident al-Assal Khan 19 March, the Syrian government and the rebels have claimed that chemical agents were used against him. British officials say the troops of the Syrian army appears to have been affected in this incident, but suggested that he was one and another case of "friendly fire", a stray bullet, or deliberate attempt to engage the rebels.

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The Kilburn Manifesto: our challenge to the neoliberal victory | Stuart Hall


using the crisis of global capital to assert its power. But this is not the time of retirement. Our manifesto describes the


The crisis in the global economic system caused by the collapse of the banking system 2006-08 precipitated a new moment in the evolution of world capitalism. But the novelty is not generally understood.

Some previous crises, the most famous of the great depression and the depression of the 1930s, was a radical social change: the welfare state and the New Deal, and the rise of fascism. Over the past five years as Occupy protest groups have emerged, and resistance to austerity has increased. However, there was a system failure or ideology in power. Indeed, elites have used the crisis in Europe and North America to advance the neoliberal project, as incessant attacks against the standard of living, the NHS and the welfare state in Britain show.

The disintegration of the British colony after the war was the central project of one of the most controversial political figures of the New Right, Margaret Thatcher. His funeral last week was designed for installation as the emblem of a unified nation, and the seal of three decades of work by three political regimes - Thatcherism, New Labour and the coalition - to fundamentally reform Britain. As David Cameron told the BBC. "We are all now Thatcher" Thatcher is dead, long live Thatcherism

What's new in this phase of capitalism? Its global interconnection, fueled in part by new technologies and the domain of a new type of financial capitalism that if a crisis of the system affects all these effects are mixed. So far, the BRIC countries seem relatively unscathed, while the impact of the economic devastation has spread from Asia and Africa to Europe.

Details of old forms of social solidarity is accompanied by the spectacular growth of inequality and the gap between those who run the system or their paid working poor, unemployed workers, underemployed or wrong.

The crisis has revealed a new international super-rich ethnic diversity. The Sunday Times Rich List is topped by two billionaire oligarchs and Indian. They live a life completely divorced from and almost unimaginable to ordinary people, fed by a seemingly unstoppable appetite for profit.

victory of neoliberalism has relied on the courage and ambition of global capital, in the confidence that you can now govern not only the economy, but the entire society. In the back of a liberal political and economic theory renovated its supporters have built a new vision and common sense that have permeated society. Market forces have begun to shape the institutional life and press deeper into our private lives as well as those who dominate the political discourse. They have shaped the popular culture that celebrates fame and success and promotes the values ??of private profit and possessive individualism. They have completely undermined egalitarian redistribution consensus underlying the welfare state, with painful consequences for socially vulnerable groups such as women, the elderly, young people and ethnic minorities.

collusion working with the neoliberal project - through a program of privatization, outsourcing and marketing in the public sector - has left the party can not draw a clear line with the coalition. After leading most of the gains of Thatcherism Tony Blair, which is limited by the timid leadership, lack of clear vision and new ideas.

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2013 Olivier award nominees: 'No, I haven't written a speech'

nerves, speech, practicing false face cards - nominated for five Olivier Awards this year, including Luke Treadaway and Hattie Morahan, Laura Barnett talk about one of the greatest honors theater

1. Tom Chambers

nominated for best actor in a musical, Top Hat

When I learned that I had been appointed, who had just left a bad audition. I saw the e-mail from my agent and I was high as a kite. Most players dream of winning an Olivier, who was in the back of my mind when I first heard I had the role of Jerry Travers. It was a spectacle the world premiere with me in the role of Fred Astaire immortalized in 1935. It was a great opportunity, and the producers wanted me to take all the way. In one of the first meetings I had with a dialect coach, learning an American accent on the east coast in 1930, a wine producer and said: "We want Tom to be the best you can be in the desire to win an Olivier .. "No small degree of pressure - but when I walked into the rehearsal room, all that is left of my mind

course, you can not win - and no, I have not been practicing a face fake sincerity congratulate the dancer. It's like being in second place in a race: will be nominated me in the grave. Does it help you get a job? Maybe. Just after I had heard of the appointment, I auditioned for a big BBC drama, and could not help but tell them about it. I got the job.

2. Simon McBurney

Nominated for Best Director,

The Master and Margarita

get me wrong, it is an honor - but the experience is curious. After spending so much time trying to make a show in the intimate partnership of trust with materials that are committed to, it is disturbing to find the actions of another person environment, having no idea what costume to use, or even if you have a speaking part. Toby Sedgwick received his award in 2008 to choreograph War Horse neighing in the micro - perhaps the most eloquent response to a surreal night are prices changed over the years? Yes I went for the first time at the end of 1980, when [Complicity theater company] have been appointed for a season that we did at the Almeida [in London]. It was a big deal, with masses of people, and then ended up in a seedy hotel, with hardly anyone there. Now they are apparently for Bafta television. The only difference is that the television audience has never heard of most people, and the theater, you'll wonder why everyone is crying, and video clips look so dramatic lighting

Remember, this is only one aspect of theater in London, not in the UK, and many of the best works can not by definition be recognized. The boundaries between designers, actors, writers and directors are also not clear. My appointment as director, while flattering, does not reflect the fact that the Master and Margarita was done in collaboration. I like to see a Best together.

But an opportunity to celebrate should be taken. I hope these awards remind the government divides each show, we see that it has grown out of the grant, in one way or another.

3. Hattie Morahan

Nominated for Best Actress,


is impossible to know why he was appointed. Maybe it has something to do with playing a "part owner" means a function known as Nora in A Doll's House. But really, I think the production works because playwright Simon Stephens surprising adaptation. It's fun to do Somehow, the Olivier Award as nonsense: how the heck do they compare? There are all sorts of arcane eligibility criteria. I saw so many great performances last year - Love, love, love the royal court, the shawl Young Vic - works that are etched in my mind, but for one reason or another, do not have had a look.

This will be my first time at the ceremony. I have not written a speech - it feels like jinxing - but probably I will outline the skeleton: the worst thing would be to go on stage and forget that you want to thank. I think Helen Mirren will win and it will be a relief. At least I could relax and enjoy. The prices Evening Standard last year [Morahan won the best actress] my stomach was a knot overnight. I hope you get my middle-class early.

nominated for Best Actor,

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night

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Peter Brook on A Midsummer Night's Dream: a cook and a concept

Your RSC 1970 production of Shakespeare including circus trapeze, stilts and swing - and changed the history of cinema forever. In an excerpt from his new book, Peter Brook explains how the most seductive dreams came to life

Once a computer was asked: "What is truth" It took me a long time before I got the answer: "I'll tell you a story ... "

Today, it is the only way I can answer the question I have often asked: "Why do not you write about the dream of a summer night, you must have many things to say "

-. I'll tell you a story

When I was 18 or 19 years, my only ambition was to make a film. Luckily, I found the highlight of the day producer Sir Alexander Korda, a small ethnic Hungarians who emigrated first to make a fortune in France and in Britain, where he came to power, was knighted by the king and married a beautiful star, Merle Oberon, my father was the "perfect woman."

only been on a trip to Seville during Holy Week, was excited by the multitude of impressions mysterious and imagined a story set in this special fund.

"Sir Alexander," I began, "I have an idea for a movie -"

He interrupted me with a memorable phrase contained in the short time in which it was delivered, the British class system and snobbery of a newly enlisted member of the upper classes. With a light hand dismissal, said: "Even a cook can have an idea"

It was almost the end of the meeting. "Come back when you have developed your" idea "enough to have a true story that I offer."

took many years to deliver his sentence of his time and context and hear the profound truth contained.

This brings me directly to the dream of a summer night. It had never occurred to me to lead the dream. I had seen many productions house with a beautiful landscape and enthusiastic girls pretending to be fairies. However, when I was invited to work in Stratford, I discovered to my surprise that my answer was "yes." Somewhere in there I had an intuition that I had ignored.

Then, the first visit to Beijing circus in Europe showed that the lightness and speed of anonymous bodies that perform incredible stunts without exhibitionism, was a pure spirit appeared. It was a pointer to go beyond the evocative illustration, and I began to imagine a co-production with the Chinese. A year later, in New York, was a ballet by Jerome Robbins opened another door. A small group of dancers around a piano brought new life and magic of Chopin Nocturnes has always been inseparable from the trappings of tutus, painted and clear trees moon. In timeless clothes that danced. These pointers combustion encourages a feeling that somewhere unexpected waiting to be discovered.

I spoke with Trevor Nunn, director of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, who said this season he has created a new company that could in a short time to learn all that is necessary. It seemed too good to be true, especially since the Chinese circus acrobats began his training at the age of five.

So we just started with the belief that if we work long, hard and with joy in all aspects of the game, seems to gradually form. We began to prepare the ground to give way to try this. Within each day improvise characters and story, practical acrobatics and then passes through the body in mind, we discuss and analyze the text line by line, without any idea of ??where we wore. There was no chaos, the direction of the company, within the meaning of an unknown form that calls us to continue.
For nothing can be bad

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Is hacktivism on behalf of Rehtaeh Parsons a revolution in rape campaigning?

Canadian police have reopened the case of a teenager who was allegedly raped after his suicide led anonymous online activists threaten to "do the work for them"

Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a population of just under 400,000, is presented as a place dedicated to outdoor activities, with more than 150 parks. But Sunday, April 14, a large group of people gathered outside the police station to protest against something far from healthy. "Do your job. Do your job, "the demonstrators chanted in response to the death last week of 17 Rehtaeh Parsons, who committed suicide after allegedly being raped by four boys, photographed during the attack and then brutally harassed. "Do your job," the police warned the protesters "before someone else do it for you."

Several protesters wore masks V for Vendetta, the distinctive white masks worn by members of the hacktivist network Anonymous, who had called the protest in an attempt to force Canadian authorities to review the decision not to file charges against someone with a complaint of violation of Parsons, in November 2011. Anonymous complaints have identified two of the alleged rapists and believes it is only a matter of time before everyone knows.

"We are committed # OpJustice4Rehtaeh in response to his suicide," Anonymous said in a video released last week. "We want the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] to take immediate action against those involved ... We do not tolerate the action of self-defense. Names will remain until it is clear that he has no intention of doing justice. Better act fast. "

body Responding Scott MacRae of the Halifax Regional Municipality, the local director of the county's governing body, said: "It is worrying ... that people may not be sufficient to make due diligence opinions and rumors are taken. truth. innocent people could be affected. "

MacRae also states that took place one year of investigation into the alleged rape, but the decision was taken "not to bring criminal charges for lack of evidence."

The answer is ambivalent. In many blogs, Twitter and Facebook, people ask children to be named. But in the Canadian press, they ask that Anonymous made the judge and the jury. "As I thought of suicide of child abuse is not terrible enough, now we have to live with the guilt-mobs entering a narrative line waiting and seeking justice, and not necessarily in a court," writes Chris Selley National Post.

Selley critical

highlighted, including the death of Amanda Todd, another Canadian teenager who ended his life after being targeted by sexual extortionists, whose alleged torturer Anonymous marginalized in 2012, as evidence of what happens when "the guilty finger wrong." Anonymous response was that the absence of arrests does not mean that the information was incorrect, but it is "another example of how lazy and ill-equipped police in handling these types of crimes."

"In these cases, it's just a matter of taking things to light, but also change the way they look," says Sadie Plant, an academic with expertise in the social potential technology . "They draw attention to the actions and relations of power [that] were not treated with the same urgency before. So, in terms of trends, monitoring technologies can be one side of the coin but this type of [reaction] new decision is clearly another, and very powerful, the counterparty. "

a natural sense of excitement surrounding the subversive Anonymous operation, and the idea that rape victims often abandoned by the authorities, an ally suddenly feels right. Anonymous, but critics argue that there is legit. Jennifer Emick, a self-described expert and former member of anonymous, virtual hands accessible from the network when it does not agree with some of their practices and went to start his own hacking website. She describes the months of torment, have posted photos of their children from sexual online threats. "They can be folded for rape victims, but also have been known to persuade women members to undress and then share the images. Are sexual thugs t themselves.Don "believe all equal. There are leaders and leaders are men. The majority of them are still men. "

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Serbian shooting rampage: war veteran kills 13 relatives and neighbours

Mother and child of two years among the dead after a gunman opened fire before turning weapon against him

A 60-year-old soldier, described as a "good man" and "decent neighbor" was a massacre in a village in Serbia on Tuesday, killing 13 people, including family members and other villagers.

At two years, was one of the victims of crime in Serbia murderous rampage in two decades in which the man, a veteran of the wars in the Balkans in the 1990s, driven most of his victims while they slept.

man shot and injured himself before the police arrested him. Doctors are supposed to be fighting for his life in a local hospital last night.

One reason for the attack at dawn, in which six men, six women and children were killed after being shot in the head, it was clear, even if there were history of mental illness in the family man, according to a village Velika Ivanca 12 house, which is perched on a hill with fruit trees, 25 miles southwest of Belgrade.

"We were all taken by surprise," Serbian Milorad Veljovic police chief, told reporters. "Most of the victims were killed in their sleep.

"We've never had a tragedy of such magnitude in Serbia and now we have to understand what led this man to kill so many people," he added.

He said 12 people were killed immediately, while 13 died on the operating table in a hospital.

Three other people, including the killer, were treated for life-threatening diseases, said Veljovic.

The government

Belgrade convened a special cabinet meeting to discuss the incident, including how the country should mourn the dead.

Bogdanovic neighbors said had been a "good neighbor" and was not prone to violence. Milovan Konstantinovic told Reuters that he was a "good man."

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San Francisco strengthens ties with China despite Washington suspicion

Mayor Ed Lee and California Gov. Jerry Brown celebrated the Chinese presence transform the culture of the city and the economy

stretching Tai Chi practitioners in their parks. The restaurants offer a lot of soy sauce and ginger. An exhibition of terracotta warriors from the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor, draws crowds. Downtown hair with signs in Mandarin. The mayor, the son of immigrants from Guangdong Province, China's prosperity stems.

Welcome to the largest city on the continent of Asia America: San Francisco. Home of the Grateful Dead, the Golden Gate Bridge and the 49ers quickly reacquire an identity as a portal of China in the United States.

A growing presence of China is transforming the demographics, culture and economy of the city, observers expect the trend to accelerate.

"China is here and sees an opportunity," said Eugene Zhang, President of InnoSpring, the first technology in the U.S. and Silicon Valley startup incubator China. "It is very, very attractive to investors. Get things done. "

political and business elite in Beijing celebrated San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, the first Chinese-American mayor of a major American city, like a celebrity during his recent official visit 10 days China.

city is promoted as an opportunity to invest in real estate, information technology and other sectors while enjoying Chinese culture - as well as sunlight and vineyards - . In the U.S. territory

Governor Jerry Brown will follow in the footsteps of Lee this week with a similar message throughout California, not just San Francisco, welcomes Chinese investment, the more the better. "We will provide billions of dollars of investment," Brown said last week. "Not overnight, but over time."

Washington Courtship suspicion contrast with China. Last year, the Intelligence Committee of the House urged U.S. companies to avoid association with Chinese telecommunications companies to protect customer data, and the Obama administration has allowed a Chinese company to buy wind farm in Oregon for reasons of national security.

California, meanwhile, can barely contain his enthusiasm. Hollywood films such as Red Dawn 2012 adjusted battleship and Iron Man 3, falling Chinese massage or wicked plots attract growth at the box office in China. More and more films are shot partly in China to circumvent the limit of foreign films.

Brown push Chinese investors to back $ 68 billion high-speed rail in California, among other projects. It plans to open a sales office in Shanghai state.

Since 2005, foreign investment in China has increased sixfold, to $ 77 billion last year, according to the Ministry of Commerce of China. Some analysts expect the actual number to triple by 2020, a huge cat.

"The potential is 10 times higher than what we see"

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Ten talking points from the weekend

Aa players named

Quality Rodriguez can be believed, Arsenal dodged a bullet and the process of FA ignores another reckless tackle

1) The sky is the limit for Southampton Rodriguez harvest

executives keep telling us that there is a lack of quality and value found in the lower divisions, forcing players to recruit, but is this really the case? Have they or their scouts look hard enough? Jay Rodriguez, exceptional for Southampton against Reading Saturday was signed on loan at Burnley and Barnsley after Stirling. New Saints coach Mauricio Pochettino, said of him: "He is a player who has a dynamic, high quality is obsessed with soccer, live He has a great mind The sky is the limit for him. I do not see a roof ... ". However, reading the face, excess Pavel Pogrebnyak on the bench.

Joe Lovejoy

2) Aston Villa would be a great loss to the Premier League

After Stoke City lost 3-1 at home to Aston Villa progressive team, Charlie Adam said.. "He has a good side, Paul Lambert passes and showed intensity" To win the Britannia Stadium is rare - in spite of the severe form of the Potter was just a third league defeat this season - and the team Lambert won for having the courage to continue the philosophy expounded by him Lambert is. young manager of a team of young people who are nice to see. If they hit the fall should result in a better and a very interesting due to the more even distribution of the next summer season.

Jamie Jackson

3) Arsenal rode their luck against waste bags

suggest Arsenal could have been a bit lucky tends to cause angry comments about the origins of the Manchester Guardian, but as Arsene Wenger has certainly shown great spirit and resolve after Per Mertesacker was sent to The Hawthorns defender of an eye, no doubt, accept that the chance that West Brom lost three excellent chances to tie the game. Given its poor positioning Mertesacker aggravated and lack of pace with an attempt to address both clumsy and stupid, the alleged interest Wenger FC Basel impressive (and fast) young defender Aleksander Dragovic much central direction.

Richard Rae

FA rules

4) means another wild challenge remains unpunished

If studs-up rake deliberate or accidental (you can draw your own conclusions) Grant Holt by Chico Flores tibia during the 2-2 draw between the two sides was dangerous and certainly worthy of a red card. Hardly known for his skill and finesse in duels, Norwich City striker was introduced as a substitute when he left Swansea City defender, who had just returned from an absence of seven weeks of injury, rolling on the ground of a courtesy brutal assault.

despite referee Michael Oliver Holt penalizing the ball and his assistant who has a perfect view of the facts, no map was produced and what are the rules of the FA Holt senseless leak retroactive punishment, as Callum McManaman of Wigan after his wild knee high tackle on the left side Newcastle Massadio Ha?dara.

After protest sparked by the leak McManaman sanction, the FA announced its intention to raise the issue with the other "actors" involved in the establishment of disciplinary guidelines at the end of the season, no was not enough to stop labeling officials Newcastle unfit for use. Meanwhile Holt is almost certain to escape unpunished while Oliver will likely enjoy a lot arbitrate one or two levels below the Premier League. Barry Glendenning

5) Tony Pulis and extensive children

6) defense of West Ham is a welcome clean sheet on the road
West Ham supporters, particularly James Collins, have not been covered in glory this season, but the two halves of the center were in circulation in the draw at Anfield. Luis Su?rez has seldom had the ball taken from his toes as often and Collins, with one or two exceptions, read the intentions of the Liverpool striker perfectly. They were the key to the "point mass," as Sam Allardyce, and improve a team that had lost 10 away matches in the Premier League before his arrival at Anfield. "It was the best we have defended away from home all season. Collins and Tomkins were very, very well, "said the West Ham manager.
Andy Hunter
7) Is Sunderland slow?

is common practice for a newly installed director, perhaps only obliquely, to suggest that he inherited a team that is struggling for fitness. In this context, the evaluation of Paolo Di Canio's players simply could not continue their efforts in the first half against Chelsea looked familiar. The team, in the words of the new man "is not the best team in the world" - which could be seen as a criticism of the former owner - and levels must be improved if the action-adventure Di Canio wants to adopt approach is to make your mark. However, exactly how this can be accomplished in April, after an exhausting and demoralizing campaign will properly test the powers of the age of 44. Maybe he spoke so fatigue, physical fatigue, mental. There were a lot of positives for the new man in the defeat of Sunderland at Stamford Bridge, things to think that all is not lost, but the visitors were still beaten and Wigan with a game in hand, they are filled. task seems daunting.
Dominic Fifield

8) Alan Pardew is almost the price of admission alone
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Wallander's Krister Henriksson: 'I'd like to play King Lear'

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Greek torments keeping Giorgos Karagounis outside cosy football bubble

Fulham veterans memories

favorites now tempered by economic studies fellow playing

Interviews with Giorgos Karagounis

used to stay in football. They can play the free-kick past Fabien Barthez loop components as Panathinaikos Manchester United in the Champions League in the new millennium or the head slipped by David Seaman for Arsenal, one year after the event did not disappoint quarterfinals. But inevitably attracted to this glorious summer dizzying 2004 when Greece, against all odds, won in Portugal.

those days of the bravest issues in which they live. Talk away track to economic recession and financial crisis, their compatriots who are struggling to make ends meet or even feed their families, and the burning of national pride and stimulated teammates Karagounis in Euro 2012 with Section shit party and evoke a night in Gdansk in June when politics and sports mix too easily. "The defeat of Russia in the quarter-final against Germany was a great success," he said. "As for what we faced was almost equal to what we did in Portugal to win competition. Was against us all. Had a duty to put a smile on the faces of the people back home. "

Karagounis is a cult figure in Fulham, a veteran who received the letter of safe release last summer and turned 36 last month, but the streets and the industry experience weight and appreciated by those at the end of Hammersmith. Back in Athens is emblematic. It is a midfielder who, for 14 years in the national team, won a record 124 caps and still talisman for the team currently second World Cup Group G. He was a key player in 2004 and captain in 2012, but lost the culmination of two European campaigns - the first light, the second challenge - through suspension. He appeared in Italy Inter, Benfica of Portugal and now in the Premier League, established and respected reputation throughout the continent.

others can bury their heads in the sand on the events in a distant country, happy with life in the flat Thames Chelsea Juan Mata and Oscar as neighbors and ignoring the political Karagounis readily admits that is impenetrable. But do not live in a football bubble when are idolized by those who suffer in the debt ridden countries as pants through its sixth year of recession, one third of the population lives below the poverty line. "I'm happier than most of Greece, but when you see your friends with the smile wiped from his face, did not have enough to support their families to buy food ... You can not live your life abroad to know what they are fighting for the return home. there all the time. scold you. There is no escape.

"We all feel at the European Championship last summer, there was a desperation that we do, we must give people something positive to cling to .. wanted to put a smile on their faces, so that the victory over Russia, the joy of winning the final group game to qualify, has almost doubled. trying to do something for Greece and make people happy at home. took us, especially when felt everything was against us there. have played half of the first match [against co-hosts Poland] with 10 men. I had booked to Russia when it was a clear penalty against me, which cost me a place in the quarterfinals. and each game was a road game, because the Greeks fans could not afford to travel. Yet, despite all this, we entered the quarter-finals. 'Have made people happy. It meant something for "us.

Karagounis was the goal that defeated the Russians and forced to leave the group, although the player himself had to be replaced by his exhausted mind a reservation by Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson after to protest against the award of the penalty. Prudence, his second of the competition would be to deny participation in the quarterfinals in motion. Germany is the largest creditor of Greece and effectively the country guilty of the severity of choking austerity measures every day after the bailout of the European Union. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was in the crowd that day as Karagounis.

This unfancied side ranked 35 in the world, had come with a record of five defeats and a draw (with West Germany in 1980) in the final. And yet, after qualifying for his first tournament since a decade, they beat the hosts in the opening match - with Karagounis start the tournament in style - the Rescission, in France, the Czechs in the semifinals , Back in Lisbon, Portugal coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is back at the end - not bad for a team based in Vila do Conde, was limited at best

"People have talked about our organization on the ground but outside there was simply no" Karagounis said. "We were probably the only national team in the tournament, no facilities at our disposal. We were in a hotel about 40 outside Porto no gym, so if someone wanted to go to work, they had to find a place.

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WikiLeaks activist in New York to protest US whistleblowers clampdown

Iceland MP Birgitta J?nsd?ttir reached U.S. for the first time since there are controversial WikiLeaks Collateral murder three years

Birgitta J?nsd?ttir, Icelandic MP who was part of a small group of activists who produced the WikiLeaks dump of state secrets in the United States, joined the United States for the first time since the controversy three years ago to protest against what he saw as a disproportionate repression by the U.S. government Internet complainants.

J?nsd?ttir marks the third anniversary of the "Collateral Murder" video to WikiLeaks put on the map, on 5 April 2010 by a developer material from a U.S. Apache helicopter attack against unarmed civilians in Baghdad - in organizing an exhibition of photographs taken from the video in New York. She expects the screen to draw attention to the plight of Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier currently facing a court martial for being the WikiLeaks source as well as increasing public debate on the treatment of whistleblowers online.

"Repression against whistleblowers went well beyond what is reasonable," he said in an interview with The Guardian. "No other American president has been treated as many applicants as Obama - who is not in the spirit of transparency that he promised when he was elected"

J?nsd?ttir believes that the American public has been unable to keep pace with the changes, which saw a rapid transfer of the information activity on the Internet. "The general public does not understand that activism to keep our government honest acted in line."

points to the recent suicide of the Internet activist Aaron Swartz, who is being tested as part of a flight of newspaper articles that had been hacked. "How is it justifiable Swartz put in jail for 45 years? Justifiable How Bradley Manning could be sentenced to life in prison?"

J?nsd?ttir was part of a small group of volunteers who joined Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, Iceland to prepare the Collateral Murder video for publication. He fled in a real solid state secrets U.S. admitted that Manning WikiLeaks from between 2009 and 2010, including hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables from around the world.

The video was one of the most spectacular and impressive releases that showed U.S. military apparently taking pleasure in attacking the Iraqis were supposed militants, but that turned out to be civilians including children and two Reuters journalists were killed. The New York exhibition also includes images showing the scene of the attack helicopter training in people with titles drawn audio inside the Apache recorded.

J?nsd?ttir Given the heavy-handed approach of the U.S. government towards those he considers the complainants of the Internet began to tarnish the reputation of the United States in the world. "It's like China, alertness when the U.S. government ordered its employees not to look at WikiLeaks, it was as if the Chinese regime telling his people not to look at the Internet material on Tibet -. I I see no difference. "

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Human rights groups fear impact of draft Egypt law restricting their work

legislation may force international non-governmental organizations for permission to new committee for almost all aspects of each project


of Egypt is about to pass a law that advocates say will severely restrict the activities of groups of human rights and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and is considered a serious betrayal objectives of the uprising in 2011 that toppled former dictator Hosni Mubarak.

According Heba Morayef, Egypt, the director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), the bill, if approved without change, "make it almost impossible for human rights organizations Human operating in Egypt. "

In its current form, the law - which has been condemned by the UN and the EU, which could be approved next week - could force international NGOs for leave to almost all aspects of each project. The work must be authorized by a new committee could veto any project that believes that work against the national unity of Egypt, morals and development goals - loose activists fear concepts enable the authorities to suppress any project which challenges activity Islamist government in Egypt.

"His language is so vague that it gives the government discretion to stop any activity that does not agree with the noun," said Morayef, which are mostly human rights activist high level in the country.

"I can not fully imagine saying that in the future, if you want to work on women's rights, then it is not a priority in Egypt. No work on women's rights. "Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, and most of the current members of the country are subsidiaries of the Muslim Brotherhood, who recently condemned the measures for granting basic rights for women.

In a situation where many believe will be exacerbated by the new legislation, the government has tried to limit funding to groups of women's rights, such as the New Woman Foundation, which in turn were forced reduce staff salaries and losing.

activists also criticized the way the law gives the authorities of state security a leading role in the authorization process. "This is a back door of the security apparatus to restrict the activities of NGOs - not approve funds for NGOs monitoring elections and the situation of human rights or torture," said Mohamed Zaree, program director of Egypt in Cairo Institute for the Study of Human Rights.

Morayef agrees: "The idea of ??MI6 or the CIA the right to make non-governmental organizations in the UK and U.S. organizations would be ridiculous"

Samra added. "Not what we expected after the revolution in Egypt, and most importantly, many of these problems are in total contradiction with international law

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Britain seeks opt-out of new European social media privacy laws

"right to be forgotten" laws, giving users - instead of services such as Facebook -. Controlling personal data will save billions of euros and thickets of bureaucracy so why Britain resist

Britain trying to choose a European initiative allowing anyone to cancel their personal data from online service providers - a power known as the "right to be forgotten"

The confrontation between Brussels and the Ministry of Justice has erupted in the final stages of negotiations on the protection of data of the General Regulations of the EU, which aims to rebalance the relationship between the individual and the Internet.

The debate reflects growing tensions between freedom of expression and privacy as an increasing number of people are complaining that your online reputation is being eroded by outdated information, or malicious harm which may not be remove. In France, the number of complaints relating to the right to oblivion rose 42% last year. Project Guardian discovered hundreds of cases of people alarmed by the mismanagement of their data or personal information.


main objection to the disposal of the EU is that unrealistic expectations are created by extending the right track because the proposed controls will be relatively modest in its impact on the margins data or traded either websites.

The right to oblivion, Article 17 of the Regulation on data protection has been developed by the Office of the Commissioner of Justice of the EU, particularly in response to complaints how social media such as Facebook, conserve and manage information. Although the terms of the regulations have not yet been finalized in its current form provides for punitive fines - up to 2% of global turnover - for companies that refuse to comply with requests to remove data Customers

Viviane Reding, the Justice said: "Today, a citizen may request deletion only if [the data] is incomplete or incorrect We want to extend this right to make it stronger in the E-world .. The burden of proof is on the companies. have to demonstrate that the data are needed.

"This law is one of the largest market opener in recent years. Removes conflicting rules 27 [one representative from each EU country] ... and replace mechanism to all continent. This means savings of € 2.3 billion (EUR 1.9 billion) per year.

"[But] the British government has asked us not to do it and [more] Acts. One for UK and one for another, that is, there would be separate layers of complication I exchanged letters with. [UK Justice Secretary] Chris Grayling in what is something like Kafka Britain intends to oppose the bureaucracy by Britain wants an extra layer of bureaucracy is crazy The UK is 27 rules - one for each country ... "

Grayling In a letter dated March 8 Reding wrote: "You raise the possibility of specific rules for [small and medium enterprises] SMEs operating nationally and border

"I would be surprised to learn that the UK intends to introduce a new layer of complexity, cost and risk of failure by having a number of obligations to use other domestic and cross-border transactions. "

The UK is pushing for changes to be part of a directive, which would give the government more flexibility on how to adopt, instead of being enclosed in a market regulation innermost normative.

Reding, who is from Luxembourg and also Vice-President of the European Commission, said that the new right to be forgotten "is not absolute" and to be evaluated by comparison to ' other rights, such as freedom of expression, preservation of medical records or data for tax purposes. It would, for example, allow students who show embarrassing pictures of themselves on social media sites to remove at a later date. If these images has spread to a third party, however, the right of withdrawal would be diluted considerably site undergoes first contact should be with other sites that are linked informing them that the request had been made for clear information.

"[There will be] no power to remove the other, but if a company has given to the other [company] without asking if you can sell, then individual rights will be strengthened . "

The law does not apply to newspaper archives, comment on articles or posts of bloggers, to be exempted on the basis of freedom of expression. Documents published by other people - friends or antagonists - are also affected: no exception to the rules of data protection to the matter of "personal or domestic" nature

Information Office of the Commissioner in the UK, agrees that the new regulation will change the balance between consumers and "data controllers." But he warns: "Our concern is how difficult (or impossible), this can be achieved in practice and how it might lead people to falsely believe that they can achieve the complete elimination of information about them

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Corporate initiative can play a major role in anti-trafficking movement

The Global Business Coalition against human trafficking needs the support of the biggest brands to have a truly global impact

convincing politicians is a constant struggle for the non-profit organization. Years of relationship building and foundation work usually required. Not the case for the Global Business Coalition against Trafficking in Persons (gBCAT). President Barack Obama spoke about it from the podium of the Clinton Global Initiative shortly after the coalition was formed.


seal of approval? Partly because of the seriousness of the case. Human trafficking is the wrong side of the current global trade networks. Affects about 2.5 million people per year, its market value is estimated at $ 32 billion (? 21 billion) - making it the second most profitable criminal activity after drug


The coalition is a unique company that has some of the largest companies in the world among its founders, including Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobil, Ford, Microsoft and ManpowerGroup. Overall, really pack a punch.

"NGOs and governments are very passionate about it [the fight against trafficking in persons], but for U.S. companies is behind this reality, nothing changes his mind," said Robert Rigby Hall, co-founder of gBCAT.

In this spirit, Rigby Hall and co-founder David Arkless hired Mark Logan, former director of the U.S. Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, identify brands with an interest potential in the subject.

Arkless said that some degree of "neurosis" initial negotiations with the company colors. Taking a public position on the issue, many feared that the public assumes that they have problems in this area and "trying to hide something," he said.

His answer was simple. "When you're involved in something like this to your employees will love, the audience will love and enjoy its shareholders."


was not so reticent. While the brand entrepreneurship gBCAT highest profile to date traffic is far from the first. Many of the early supporters of the coalition of current policies in the field and experience in the fight against human trafficking in their supply chains.

jobs Manpower

global service company provides a good example. As a former director of corporate affairs and government Arkless put the name of the employer of the Athens Ethical Principles, which have a "zero tolerance" against suspected traffic providers.


ManpowerGroup includes support for support groups, such as human trafficking end now, and fundraising used by organizations in the fight against trafficking. It also aims to address the root causes of trafficking, support for a program of counseling and employment support for abandoned and at-risk youth in Colombia.

travel industry and hospitality

It is not a coincidence that gBCAT supporters include a number of companies in the travel industry and hospitality. Hotel group Carlson (including Radisson), United Airlines and Delta provider Travelport business services business coalition, which has made the fight against sex trafficking in the tourism industry as a key issue for the future. The tourism industry is not blind to the reality of sex tourism and the possible complicity of hotels, airlines and others to facilitate traffic. The objective of the industry is focused primarily on children to date. In the United States alone, about 18,000 children are suspected of illegally entering the country by train, car or plane - many of whom are victims of abuse in the sex tourism industry main industry response came 10 years ago when British charity ECPAT has developed a code of conduct for travel agencies that seek to protect children against sexual exploitation. The adoption of this code has grown after the abduction case of Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007. More recently, the International Association of Tourism has developed a position statement on the human trafficking industry, which has 16 hotels worldwide between its signatories.

Similarly, the UK ABTA Travel Association has distributed all of its 5,500 members advice on security procedures for children. These measures include anti-trafficking measures, such as signing children in and out of the hotel and take note of the coordinates of parents.

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