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Indian police arrest Twenty20 cricketers over match fixing

cricket authorities suspended three players for the Indian Premier League Rajasthan Royals after allegations

Indian cricket has been hit by a new scandal Thursday after the Delhi police revealed they had arrested three players at a rapid pace and the glamor of a day Twenty20 tournament countries for allegedly fixing games.

men, all with the Rajasthan Royals team that plays in the Indian Premier League have been suspended by the authorities of Indian cricket.

include Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, former international bowler.

Police said seven bookmakers in Mumbai and three more in Delhi were also arrested.

"We had information that the Mumbai underworld is engaged in match-fixing or fixing point and contacted several bookmakers and some players," said Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar journalists.

"There was an agreement between bookmakers and players who would give a predetermined minimum number of races it's over," he said.

Police said

bookmakers and players use 'fix' signals during games. He asked the players to accept a certain number of points in a given which indicate that the bookmakers would watch the game from a hotel room on live television. Police said he had proof of the three IPL matches over a period of 10 days this month that the practice took place.

Council for Cricket in India (BCCI) Sreesanth immediately suspended and his teammates Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila and promised more severe punishment if convicted.

"All necessary information for those involved in the hotel will be collected and taken more stringent measures, if found guilty," BCCI secretary Sanjay Jagdale said in a statement.

Sreesanth, 30, has played 27 Tests and 53 one-day internationals, but injuries and disciplinary problems have kept him in the side India since late 2011 gap.
Police say

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Under siege: North Dakota's last abortion clinic fights on

The state capital, Fargo, home to the last remaining institutions offer finishes. And as contract law across America, the pro-life movement begins to feel the victory

from any point Tammi Kromenaker not an easy task. She leads the women's clinic of the Red River in Fargo, North Dakota, now offers the only abortion services throughout the state is deeply conservative. It is also under siege.

politicians North Dakota approved a number of new laws to the clinic out of business. For several days, anti-abortion outside the doors of the building protesters. Security is intense: the doors are closed and there are cameras that monitor those outside

Kromenaker But, you know that you must be careful in their daily life as it comes and goes in stores and restaurants in Fargo, has a simple explanation for why he gets there. Sitting in the waiting room of his impeccable clinic, took a ringed notebook and read messages from desperate women who have had recourse to it in a moment of unintended pregnancy.

"I am in tears," he confessed that he wiped his eye and examined the book. "These are the women who read this and know. That's what keeps me coming back. "

Not surprisingly, the other in the most difficult subjects have very different opinions. In spite Kromenaker unconditional posture, a wave of anti-abortion legislation sweeping across many parts of America, threatening to create something long desired by the lobby "pro-life": a state without an abortion clinic at all. Although other progressives in the United States, as gay marriage causes seem to be on the March, the anti-abortion movement is growing in power and influence.

the cause of abortion was hardly helped by the terrible judgment of a Philadelphia abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell, who was accused of murder, even cut the spinal cord babies born alive, while procedures was performed. All of America was transfixed by the horror stories coming out of the box.

The jury in the trial has been locked in discussions for more than two weeks, struggling to find a verdict. But for many in the anti-abortion movement, the decision is already a victory for public relations. "Gosnell perhaps an extreme case, but these things happen all over the country," said Chris Dodson, executive director of the Catholic Conference of North Dakota.

North Dakota is at the forefront of the battle to overhaul the laws on abortion in the United States. In March, the state legislature banned abortions beyond six weeks when a heart beat can be heard in the fetus, and to carry out due to genetic defects. Also promulgated new rules require that doctors who perform abortions in the state to have admission to local hospitals privileges. Something often difficult in states like North Dakota, where the doctors often come from outside the area

new laws come into force on 1 August and Kromenaker has no doubt about his intention or potential impact. "If that happens, then we're out of business. Want cease to exist. This is his point of view and objective," he said.

But they already do a lot across the country. In Arkansas, a state law that recently passed a ban on abortions after 12 weeks. The Kansas legislature voted in favor of a bill that defines life as beginning at fertilization and sexual prohibition of consulting group Planned Parenthood of teaching sex education in schools. The bill also prohibits tax breaks for abortion providers.

flow of new legislation on the subject is relentless. The Guttmacher Institute, which is the new legislation, said that during the first three months of this year, 14 states introduced laws that ban abortion, even before the fetus is viable. Eight states have passed laws that define the "personality" that begins at conception.

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Will Defense Distributed's shots be heard 'round the world?

The defense weapon created in a 3D printer Distributed looks unprofessional, but new technologies can make a big explosion humility


that pranksters Texas in navigation under the banner of "defense distributed" have managed to create a firearm work using 3D printing technology has thrown the cat in the . attic reaction was hyperactive traditional American Democratic legislators Representative Steve Israel of New York was the first starting positions:. he sponsored a bill that would prohibit "undetectable" weapons, announced today, added weapons 3D printed regulations. "security checks, background checks and regulations weapons will no good," said the

New York Daily News

"if criminals can print their own guns plastic at home and bring guns through metal detectors without anyone knowing."

Meanwhile, printers weapons lost no opportunity to hype their achievement. "I see a world where technology has said that you can more or less be able to have what you want," said Cody Wilson, the Chief of the Defence distributed. "It depends on the political actors." It is an elegant way of speaking that leads to publishers that they lie in their bunkers, wondering about the technology out of control and he is the head, while in another part of the technology evangelists forest feared boffins Defense distributed 3D printing has a very bad reputation.

that are in effect. But in fact, everyone was giving 3D printing any type of name. It is seen variously as a revolutionary technology that will transform the production and jobs to the United States, a serious threat to the intellectual property, democratization technology that allow individuals and small businesses, a powerful force for good medicine, a new form of haute couture. and as exaggerated so exaggerated

What happens is that people project their hopes, fears and fantasies about what is essentially a logical extension of an old technology - jet printer ink. Instead of ink jet through small nozzles controlled by the computer, however, a 3D printer jet plastic beads or other materials, and creates three-dimensional objects by "printing" layers off successive data as in a computerized object model.

The reason why successful companies are surprised, Christensen found is that the first manifestations of technology are managed so thought seems to represent a threat to incumbents. Your products, though expensive, are also polished and refined, it seems incredible that their customers would be tempted by these pathetic devices.

It turns out that some customers are willing to buy the crappy product, they can not afford the expensive stuff, and manufacturers of dangerous products quickly improve, make it less terrible. And the cream on the lower segment of the market incumbents. And so on until the holders (or companies for that to happen to entire industries) passes underneath.

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OJ Simpson back in court to challenge 2008 Las Vegas robbery conviction

former football star whose murder acquittal captivated America says 1,995 lawyers in the trial of 2008 were insufficient flight

Like a recurring nightmare, the OJ Simpson back in court in Las Vegas on Monday will remind Americans of a tragedy that became a national obsession in the process of changing attitudes countries in the justice system, the media and celebrities.

His demonstration in 1995 is the stuff of legends, the sudden fall of a Hall of Fame football player at the top of the veneration of an accused murderer who, although acquitted of murdering his ex- woman and her friend was never paid in the public mind.

But less is remembered for testing 2008 in Las Vegas that Simpson was sent to prison by a strange hotel room burglary in which the defendant said he just wanted celebrity retrieve objects staff who, according to him, it was stolen.

When it comes to court on Monday, it is a conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping, which will be before a Nevada judge. Simpson is seeking freedom in what lawyers often call a "Hail Mary move," a writ of habeas corpus. He said he had misrepresented that his conviction should be quashed and a new trial ordered. Most defendants lose these movements, but in this case nobody takes paris on the result.

"Nothing is the same anymore when do is involved," said Loyola Law School professor Laurie Levenson, who watched the Simpson trial in Los Angeles. "An OJ case is not like any other case."

With Simpson, the past is always a prologue, and if the memories of his murder trial will inevitably serve as a backdrop throughout the hearing in Las Vegas. This case, although less dramatic in nature, involves much more disastrous consequences.

now 65, Simpson has spent the past four years in prison and must serve at least nine years of his maximum sentence of 33 years before he is even eligible for parole. It would be 70 by then. If Simpson does not win a new trial, could spend the rest of his life locked up.

"I try to explain to people how someone could come out of nowhere to live the American dream and then lose everything," said the former director and officer of Simpson, Mike Gilbert, who is expected to testify at the hearing. "I have trouble with it."

Close friend Jim Barnett, a venture capitalist who visited Simpson in jail several times, which he describes as more gray paunchier and limping a bit more these days the old knee injury .

Simpson, Barnett said, is a favorite among prisoners. He served as director of the prison gym and coaching a baseball team champion prison. "He gets along well with everyone there," he said. "But it is slow. The last time I saw him he had gotten pretty heavy."

The man who was known for his phenomenal career in a football field and advertisements Hertz car ran back to be named as a suspect in the murders of June 1994. The sight of police chasing one of the most famous in the United States through Los Angeles freeways men was a picture of the history books. The slow hunting white Ford Bronco is part of the legend.

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Giulio Andreotti: tenacious Italian prime minister

controversial leader at the center of Italian politics for 50 years

Giulio Andreotti, who has died aged 94, was the last Prime Italian politics. For half a century has been the heart of power. His stay in the upper echelons of the government was without equal in Europe. Since the early 1960s until the early 90s, it was - almost continuously - or the Prime Minister or Minister of State

Andreotti was all but six of the 45 governments that ran from May 1947-April 1992 took seven of them, and several times was the Minister of Defence, Foreign Affairs ( five times), finance, treasury, and interior. He served as prime minister for more than any other Italian politician after the war, Silvio Berlusconi, with the exception, however, never took the Christian Democratic Party.

His tenacity to stay in the heart of the issues became a source of fascination in itself. As Julius Caesar became Divo Giulio, the god of July, so the filmmakers Il Divo 2008 biopic Andreotti, attributed to Giulio pragmatic powers seemingly mesmeric modern infinitely more striking its surface monotony.

Andreotti was the most controversial figure in the politics of what became known as the First Italian Republic (1946 to the political and constitutional crisis of 1992-1994). As a senior Christian Democrat, who played an important role in all the major political spectrum while not having a major policy initiative. Some of the many causes of Italy celebrates left spotless surrounding the construction of the Rome Fiumicino's main airport, which opened in 1961, banking scandals difficulty of Roberto Calvi, found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London, in June 1982 and Michele Sindona found poisoned in his cell in 1986 while serving a life sentence for murder.


parliament called 27 times to be allowed to investigate Andreotti, and 27 times the Parliament rejected the request. However, he was never directly involved, and much less pronounced in the most important of all, the mother of all scandals, the great Tangentopoli ("Tangentopoli") issue of 1990, which overthrew the Christian Democratic Party with the other four parties that make up nearly all the governments of the First Republic. Andreotti's personality and especially his closest political convictions, remained shrouded in mystery - a remarkable achievement for someone so often in the public eye, so often discussed in the press and judges often interviewed and so prolific writer

The most powerful men lives modestly with his wife, Livia, whom he married in 1945 and with whom he had two son and two daughters. Andreotti, who had interceded for endless argument as a true


(sponsor), do not use their power to pursue personal wealth or improve the prospects for their kin .

had a slight deformity of the spine that gave him a front porch, which was used by cartoonists to represent him as a hunchback dwarf evil (actually quite large), with disproportionately large ears, always dressed in black, lurking in the dark corners of the Republic, which holds the power of the political puppet show developed year after year.

was born in Rome. Giulio His father died when he was two years old, and the family survived the mother of the unfortunate widow. While in college, he joined the Federation of Italian Catholic University students and became president in February 1942. This allowed him to meet and befriend many characters that dominate post-Fascist Italy. Andreotti earned a first class degree in law from the University of Rome in 1941, specializing in ecclesiastical law.

Her frail physical prevented him from being drafted, but not spend more than World War II, considerable network connections and make friends of different political shades. In the last days of the fascist regime, Andreotti grown vigorously throughout the Catholic establishment, especially the notables who had spent years of fascism low altitude, in anticipation of a change of fortune.

Having got his ass vigorously set about the organization of the new generation of Catholic intellectuals and politicians. When he was 23, Andreotti knew everyone who was anyone in the Catholic community in Rome, that Pope Pius XII, Alcide de Gasperi (co-founder of the Christian Democratic Party and Prime Minister from 1945 to 1953 ) and Giovanni Battista Montini, then advise the Pope largest in 1944 at the age of 25 years, Andreotti became a member of the National Council of Christian Democracy-ups. In 1946 he was elected to the Assembly as a representative of Rome. He was then elected to all parliamentary elections until 1991, when he was appointed senator for life (one of the five of these messages in the gift of the Presidency of the Republic).

control over the apparatus of the Christian Democratic party in Rome and beyond has been overwhelming. He was seen by the upper echelons of the public service to be "your" man. He also had confidence that the Vatican and the most important property of Rome and banking interests. One result of this meticulous and painstaking accumulation of power was generally able to conduct the voting chart personal preferences in all elections (in the old electoral system, voters could indicate, after voting for a party? Which candidates on the list who prefer).

In 1947, De Gasperi was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Presidency. This cabinet post - equivalent to a minister without portfolio - which allowed him to be the center of all activities of the government. It was, indeed, the Prime Minister primary fixative. However, he was also responsible for a practical task: the reorganization of the film industry. Andreotti led by an Act of Parliament to give the government more power over the economy, helping the industry to produce, in 1954, about 200 films a year, while Italy, the largest film producer in the world after the United States. States ..

His uninhibited attitude towards artistic production contrasted with that of his more traditional colleagues: "The more legs and less cloths" then sang censored Umberto D 1952 film Vittorio De Sica, the sad story of struggle retirees. His wishes were respected as the industry away from the disaster carefully neo-realism of the post-war comedy with slightly spicy and sub-Of epics, located in the old with the cast of thousands of Roman ladies plump Thousand section . This relaxed pragmatism has become his trademark. This allowed him to move from left to right and again it is not surprising, in particular.

In 1954, after the death of De Gasperi, Andreotti became his own man, he organized his own supporters and became Minister of the Interior Minister of the Interior in the first of many governments led by Amintore Fanfani. Between 1955 and 1958 he was Minister of Finance, who was then Minister of Defence, who held the position from 1959 to 1966 - still and motionless - while premiers occurred Antonio Segni (1959), Fernando Tambroni ( 1960), Fanfani (1960-1962), Giovanni Leone (1963) and Aldo Moro (1963-1966).

then went to the Ministry of Industry (1966-1968). Outside the government between 1968 and 1972, was "lost" (or fortunately Supreme ruse) the last day of the first center-left government, the student revolt, the revival of the militancy of the working class (the warm autumn 1969) and the first wave of terrorism. However, he was far from inactive. As leader of the Democratic caucus, which has played a leading role and mediation incessant infighting between factions of the party.

In early 1960, he was a pillar of the right of the party, whose main objective was to prevent the formation of a coalition government with the Socialist Party - the

center sinistra

(center-left). At the last minute, the light foot Andreotti shifted their support and gathered around Moro and Fanfani, the architects of the new coalition, which sought to reform the country, while isolating the Communists.

Andreotti had thrown its weight behind the new center-left coalition in 1963 only after ensuring that it was acceptable to those whose consent is considered essential: the United States and the Vatican. He knew well. As Defence Minister, Andreotti is the politician closest Americans. As a personal friend of Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini, who was about to become Pope Paul VI, who was intimately familiar with the thinking of the Vatican. Andreotti supported developments after the completion of the maximum consensus.

In 1972, the Socialist Party withdrew its support for the government and the coalition of center-left has ended. Displayed a period of great political uncertainty. Without the Socialists, it was extremely difficult to form a stable government - even by Italian standards. Andreotti has emerged as Prime Minister (1972-1973), which has a low center-right coalition, strengthening his image as the scourge conservative left, whether communist or socialist.

It was a time of great change: the end of the long boom, the oil crisis and the end of the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates. Italy, a country with little energy resources and a weak currency, reeled under the impact. Terrorism has intensified, such as organized crime. But it was also a period of rapid modernization. Workers and women gained new rights was legalized, the central government was returned divorce. Government "right" Andreotti not firmly opposed to these changes. In practice, they have been provided.

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