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Ten talking points from the weekend

Aa players named

Quality Rodriguez can be believed, Arsenal dodged a bullet and the process of FA ignores another reckless tackle

1) The sky is the limit for Southampton Rodriguez harvest

executives keep telling us that there is a lack of quality and value found in the lower divisions, forcing players to recruit, but is this really the case? Have they or their scouts look hard enough? Jay Rodriguez, exceptional for Southampton against Reading Saturday was signed on loan at Burnley and Barnsley after Stirling. New Saints coach Mauricio Pochettino, said of him: "He is a player who has a dynamic, high quality is obsessed with soccer, live He has a great mind The sky is the limit for him. I do not see a roof ... ". However, reading the face, excess Pavel Pogrebnyak on the bench.

Joe Lovejoy

2) Aston Villa would be a great loss to the Premier League

After Stoke City lost 3-1 at home to Aston Villa progressive team, Charlie Adam said.. "He has a good side, Paul Lambert passes and showed intensity" To win the Britannia Stadium is rare - in spite of the severe form of the Potter was just a third league defeat this season - and the team Lambert won for having the courage to continue the philosophy expounded by him Lambert is. young manager of a team of young people who are nice to see. If they hit the fall should result in a better and a very interesting due to the more even distribution of the next summer season.

Jamie Jackson

3) Arsenal rode their luck against waste bags

suggest Arsenal could have been a bit lucky tends to cause angry comments about the origins of the Manchester Guardian, but as Arsene Wenger has certainly shown great spirit and resolve after Per Mertesacker was sent to The Hawthorns defender of an eye, no doubt, accept that the chance that West Brom lost three excellent chances to tie the game. Given its poor positioning Mertesacker aggravated and lack of pace with an attempt to address both clumsy and stupid, the alleged interest Wenger FC Basel impressive (and fast) young defender Aleksander Dragovic much central direction.

Richard Rae

FA rules

4) means another wild challenge remains unpunished

If studs-up rake deliberate or accidental (you can draw your own conclusions) Grant Holt by Chico Flores tibia during the 2-2 draw between the two sides was dangerous and certainly worthy of a red card. Hardly known for his skill and finesse in duels, Norwich City striker was introduced as a substitute when he left Swansea City defender, who had just returned from an absence of seven weeks of injury, rolling on the ground of a courtesy brutal assault.

despite referee Michael Oliver Holt penalizing the ball and his assistant who has a perfect view of the facts, no map was produced and what are the rules of the FA Holt senseless leak retroactive punishment, as Callum McManaman of Wigan after his wild knee high tackle on the left side Newcastle Massadio Ha?dara.

After protest sparked by the leak McManaman sanction, the FA announced its intention to raise the issue with the other "actors" involved in the establishment of disciplinary guidelines at the end of the season, no was not enough to stop labeling officials Newcastle unfit for use. Meanwhile Holt is almost certain to escape unpunished while Oliver will likely enjoy a lot arbitrate one or two levels below the Premier League. Barry Glendenning

5) Tony Pulis and extensive children

6) defense of West Ham is a welcome clean sheet on the road
West Ham supporters, particularly James Collins, have not been covered in glory this season, but the two halves of the center were in circulation in the draw at Anfield. Luis Su?rez has seldom had the ball taken from his toes as often and Collins, with one or two exceptions, read the intentions of the Liverpool striker perfectly. They were the key to the "point mass," as Sam Allardyce, and improve a team that had lost 10 away matches in the Premier League before his arrival at Anfield. "It was the best we have defended away from home all season. Collins and Tomkins were very, very well, "said the West Ham manager.
Andy Hunter
7) Is Sunderland slow?

is common practice for a newly installed director, perhaps only obliquely, to suggest that he inherited a team that is struggling for fitness. In this context, the evaluation of Paolo Di Canio's players simply could not continue their efforts in the first half against Chelsea looked familiar. The team, in the words of the new man "is not the best team in the world" - which could be seen as a criticism of the former owner - and levels must be improved if the action-adventure Di Canio wants to adopt approach is to make your mark. However, exactly how this can be accomplished in April, after an exhausting and demoralizing campaign will properly test the powers of the age of 44. Maybe he spoke so fatigue, physical fatigue, mental. There were a lot of positives for the new man in the defeat of Sunderland at Stamford Bridge, things to think that all is not lost, but the visitors were still beaten and Wigan with a game in hand, they are filled. task seems daunting.
Dominic Fifield

8) Alan Pardew is almost the price of admission alone
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