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England v Brazil – live webchat with Barney Ronay

Barney Ronay was available to answer your questions about England's friendly against Brazil at Wembley

1:18 p.m. Thanks for all your comments and questions. Barney has signed to be ready for the game.

Lots to read on the website of football today. We have a list of the top 50 scorers in the history of the great game of football as well as several articles on the game tonight. Danny Taylor ahead England v Brazil and Paul Doyle looked forward to other games tonight, including Spain v Uruguay, France and the Netherlands, Germany, Italy vv. We also Jonathan Wilson in the semi-finals of the African Cup of Nations.

1:09 p.m. Tom641

suggests: "

do you think Hodgson will begin Baines as a midfielder on the left and Cole on the left side? Does this work?

answers Barney: No, it would be a disaster and everyone called for it to be rejected. And it would be his fault.

1:07 p.m. Lankeymarlon

said: "

England will be fucked. Brazil is full of world class players, just because you have not heard of them does not mean they are not good players. Britain has a short memory complaint terrible.'s the team and its supporters abroad is unbearable.

answers Barney: Maybe just take a deep breath and think of a meadow with beautiful flowers and herbs inside. Bake bread. Listen to music techno deep Amazon jungle. Perhaps then, very slowly, of course, the pain will disappear.

1:04 p.m. Tiresias42

question: "

Do you think Rooney has significantly underperformed abroad for a long time and was never able to be as influential as it can be at the club? Does it make sense out of patience with him or has been misused by administrators England? I used to assume that it is never in the space to the right for England.

answers Barney: I think your problem is that if you have not seem to play "with" any other England player in particular. Owen was Beckham. Lineker Beardsley had and so on. Rooney always seems to play a different game. And against good teams that have marked out of it, because nobody else up there is a threat. I was frustrated with him because he is a very nice player. And curiously for all this will be very close to the old record of goals.

24:59 Kennym

said: "

the lack of an online discussion with Ewan Murray, I will turn it and ask how Scotland thinks Wee Gordon continue command.

answers Barney: They are an average team, but may be too poorly achievea little more than getting a little because everyone feels a little happier. I think he will win a WC qualifier later this year and have a good chance in the tournament. I am told that there are decent fitballers high on the place that comes through. With an expanded tournament Strachan has a chance very good at it. I love to go to Scotland for tournaments again. have been missed.

24:55 JoshOwl

question: "

range from Steven Gerrard and the opposite style of play short passes and silky favored by Walcott, Wilshere and company. Gerrard may have an impact on a team whose players use a different philosophy of football for their clubs

answers Barney: If ... Walcott silky. That's what they call it. Occasionally an excellent long pass from Gerrard is undoubtedly well placed to take advantage of Theo. In fact, this question is a bit silly. Have you seen Liverpool play under Brendan Rodgers? Some say a bit too short and silky.

24:52 Magnusson

said: "

Roy Hodgson has been a pioneer of long ball tactics. During nearly 30 years held an almost religious belief in the matter. When he returned to England, feared the worst. Nevertheless, in the post-Euros, a shown a willingness to go beyond his favorite 4-4-2 and explore ideas more modern tactics based on the pressure and possession. spoke in detail about his ambitions tactics to the press in England. If yes, what are

answers Barney: Re exaggerate it. Hodgson took the training that was available in England and successfully exported less organized leagues. But he is not stupid and he saw foreign players more talented than you or me, and he knows that the game is played differently. It does not meet Andy Carroll because he wants England to play differently, so give the poor a break. I think he would play as Germany in its "racing game" mode, where the attack speed (and horizontally) with fast and athletic players in key positions and defend as a team. If England can do is nothing.

24:48 cryogenic

question: "

Hopefully, Big Phil did a great coach England? would have Cole and Johnson bombing forward at every attempt, leaving large gaps or fired head forward and was snipe with the English press?

answers Barney: would have been interesting is not it? Basically, Capello got nothing. One or two nice screens qualifications - High against Croatia. But he was not interested in developing in all tournaments and England were below it - and certainly good medium - level. I think Scolari would have been more fun. I think it would have been a more natural international manager. And he loves his offensive players. I wish I had those years with him, if only for the weirdness warranty. And prayer meetings of the team.

24:45 SamtheEagle90

question: "

Do you expect to see a gradual evolution towards a more offensive line-up - maybe tonight - before the World Cup in doubt, the press and the fans will lose patience if Hodgson continues to replicate negativity shows as seen in the Euro

answers Barney: Hodgson spoke of his model for an England player: Rhythm, youth and athleticism seem to be the main things. He saw the pain in the second half finishing the Euro and wants more vim. England can not simply defend the victory. So let's see anyway. The players are here for? Probably not ...


Stronzito question: "

Neymar says England has a winning goal. Would you say this was thundering bad? may be wrong, but I think Rooney scored once for England in a major tournament since 2004.

answers Barney:

Yeah right. I guess Rooney scored the goal against Ukraine in the summer (two meters). But let me tell you this. When he was 21 years old, Rooney had done much more than Neymar is now in his hat-trick against China, their goals, eight of nine this year in a friendly against teams like China. No doubt this is a great talent. But there are still 21 years old, Wayne Rooney.


Peppernaul question: " What

is more likely: a "realistic" and performance in the world to the point of one or two people unhappy in England established to blame, or a "result" and having to listen to Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney call each other players "world class" (new)

answers Barney:



question: "

to of England is expected to line up in a 4-4-2 with two rows of four
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