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Jason Russell: Kony2012 and the fight for truth

In March 2012, the charity children in the United States launched an invisible film, Kony2012 in an attempt to highlight the barbarity of a warlord in Uganda. He became a viral hit online, but the media frenzy was too much for the campaign organizer Jason Russell, who had a very public crisis. In his interview with the press for the first time, why should continue its campaign

exactly a year ago, Jason Russell was less than nothing. There is one person with precision, but quite normal. Normal. He was a father of two healthy children, lives in San Diego, and he was happy and satisfied with his position as Director of Invisible Children, a non-profit organization, which helped found.

And later, on March 5, launched

Kony2012 , a 30-minute film that explains why the world needs to capture and prosecute Joseph Kony, a warlord in central Africa, which for the past 26 years, 30,000 children have been abducted to serve as soldiers and sex slaves. Russell directed and starred in the film, and in a few hours it was on track to become what was then the most viral video of all time. It took a day to reach one million views, six days to reach 100 million

Each media in the world, apparently, wanted an interview with him. All news sites in the world made a report about it. Each blogger had an opinion about it. More than a million people have made a comment about it on Youtube. In Facebook, 11 million people have clicked "share".

obscenities Ten days later, tore the clothes on his back, he ran naked into the street near his home in San Diego, closed his hands repeatedly to the curb, she even fought against parked cars, and finally shouted until he was taken away by the police. This, too, has become a viral video.

Doctors never agreed to a definitive diagnosis, but it was sectioned in a psychiatric hospital suffering from what could have been a schizophrenic manic episode caused by post-traumatic stress. It was nearly two months before returning home with his family. It is still in "mood stabilizer" drugs.


was everywhere at once, and for all sorts of reasons, extraordinary: it was not a two-minute video of a cat falls into the toilet or a laugh baby. It was a much darker region and the importance of continued international justice. And Jason Russell.

and provoked an extraordinary response.

"The only way a viral video could have more if Susan Boyle and Mrs. Ben Cat together to eat shit in a cup," said Charlie Brooker. "It looks like an ad for T Mobile-killed by the bite of Pepsi Max ... with a charismatic front man who looks like a version of Abercrombie & Fitch Jesus Christ. "

And it was probably one of the more moderate views. A year later, the version of Jesus Christ Abercrombie & Fitch is looking tanned and healthy in his office in San Diego, but my eyes with skepticism. Last fall, he was on the Oprah Winfrey and NBC


show and talked about what happened, but not in this detail, this length.

"On one hand, Bono said Jason Russell deserves an Oscar and Oprah wants to fill stadiums for me, and I want to Ryan Seacrest

American Idol

"he said." On the other hand, there were people saying, "These people think they are white saviors trying to save Africa" ??and "money corrupts places , "and" there is a special place in hell for you.

"They were so diametrically opposed. So far. And in my head, I wanted to reconcile and I could not. "

For a week, he did interview after interview and only when I was in the office of an agency for Crisis Management in New York, days, said, who first realized the true strength the consequences. "My head was spinning with all the things we had to do in the future and Ben [Keesey, CEO Invisible Children is] saying.." No, Jason We must resolve what to do with the negative press. '

"And that's when I realized what was happening, when I opened my laptop and the first article I read was all these terrible things. .. Jason Russell . white savior complex military intervention ... ... ... questionable finances blondes ... blah blah blah "And suddenly there was a bang, and I was back in high school."

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parents Russell founded a national organization called Christian Youth Theatre, and spent his childhood as "the tin man, Mr. Toad, Peter Pan." He loved musical theater and her best friend was a girl, Danica, whom he met at the age of seven years and married. And for all these reasons, he was bullied at school. "Think you're an adult and you are last things and it turns out it is not. might be taken there in an instant. "

In 2003, 24 years after graduating from film school at USC in Los Angeles, two friends traveling to Uganda to find a subject for a film. In Gulu town, discovered thousands of children who have spent every night sleeping in the streets en masse because of their fear of being abducted and recruited by the Lord's Resistance Army of Joseph Kony (LRA) . His response was to form a charity, Invisible Children, for which he has worked since then in an attempt to bring Kony to justice.

Nothing in life Jason Russell had prepared at the forefront of the Internet. "I am a" glass half full or overflow "type of person," he says at one point in the interview. "I've never been depressed. I thought it might be bipolar, but my wife and my mother told me: "It's not just you. I do not throw down."

never suffered any mental illness. Or at least he was not the world wide web to become hellhounds with him. Could someone have resisted the pressure was on Russell? "My doctors say that there are very few people who are not known, then the famous then tore it into pieces."

When I asked if he is treating this happened and the effect it had on his life, he said: "I do not know if they were treated more ... there are days where I. "It was a total failure." This is the worst thing that could happen. This left me. And there are others who think that we have done what we wanted to do. We met Kony. And now it is. So I can not t ... But the problem is that my crisis put a blanket of distrust and fear and shame around. This is something we deal with every day. "

O as


magazine reported:. "Those who live in slick viral videos can also die for them," A few days ago, he warned his readers not to give money to Invisible Children, because of their finances "doubtful" and "exaggerated", adding that it was "composed of idiots."

If Russell had suffered a heart attack, a stroke caused by extreme stress, it might be a different story. Heart attack victims receive sympathy. People who rip her clothes in the street is not, despite his attack its own body is as much a symptom such as chest pain. It is a measure of the acute stigma and misunderstanding that still afflicts people with mental illness that his failure was, for many, a kind of justification. They thought he was an idiot. And it seems to prove it.

"It was so public," says Russell. "The video is so visually compelling. So obvious that I'm not well. And I am naked. And it is very, very public. Joke has always been, even before that happens is that the Internet is forever. If you put your crotch there forever. And now it's there forever and my children will have to deal with it at school.

"The only thing that sucks is that it gives people an excuse to do nothing. People are like, 'Is not that the filmmaker takes all the money crazy and naked in the street? "


not get money. Invisible Children has five years worth of audited accounts and received four out of four stars for the financial soundness of Charity Navigator, a watchdog nonprofit. "He spends more than 80% of its budget on its programs and services," said Charity Navigator ", outperforming most charities in our database in terms of how it allocates its expenses."

also notes that some people "mistakenly" concluded from their data "have not completed an annual audit. Is not true. "

too late. This is just one of the benefits of becoming a big trend hashtag Twitter.

Invisible Children When I visited the office in San Diego last week, there were 60 officers and 35 new faces internal answering the phone and connects computers in a file. Cool and quiet A year ago, said Chris Carver, Chief Operating Officer, it was a different story.

"We had a public relations person, Monica, who was an intern, volunteer. He never felt that there was less than 4,000 e-mails in your inbox. Every second, our website had 37,000 unique users. And we took hundreds of thousands of dollars of orders in our store for Kony2012 kits. "

It was the "action teams" Video viewers were invited to buy awareness Kony.

"Even though we knew it could never have the opportunity again, we had to turn it off. Did two people in our compliance department, and may be allowed to engage up to 100 orders per day. Y hundreds of thousands of them. "

The kit includes a red shirt with words on it Kony2012, but incredibly, "we are full," said Carver. What do you mean, I ask you. "We're all at home just red shirt across the U.S.. Did nothing to buy. "

The site has been tested with the stress of dealing with a


appearance a year ago, but crashed. The telephone system crashed. "The only way to communicate with the outside world was a site Tumblr if all the material on our finances, our five years of audited accounts, details of our programs, we have built 11 schools, thousands of scholarships that paid for the early warning system, we built the radio, none of that was there.

"People want answers necessary context. Penalty was nine years ago. Simply could not reach."

can test on a website. I can not stress test a person. No images on film invisible children published last fall Russell shortly before the break. It is late at night. Shortly after arriving in New York and is visibly upset. "There has never been a war like this online ever," he said in the video. "That's what they do for you. ... My fear my fear is that everything is in my head. "

"I loved him," he says later in the film. "I did not know what he wants." And begin to mourn.

The details of what happened next is pretty scary.

"I did not sleep," she said. "My mind was racing. I tried to relax and calm down. They said:" Take two days off "of so that [his family] went to Palm Springs., but we went to the pool and people recognized us and wanted to take pictures so we went in and closed the hotel room, closed the windows and doors, and we felt that we were attacked.

"The next day was a little better, we went to see a movie,

The Lorax

, a film by Dr. Seuss. And I thought I he was speaking directly to me. I thought it was all around me.'s character wears a striped top like this [his son] Gavin door in the film and I said, 'C' is so weird! And the character is trying to protect the trees, and I thought it was me, and the trees were Rwandans. "

back home, Danica had realized that something was wrong and began researching online surreptitiously symptoms.

"But I called this friend, Bobby, and he came around and told him that I wanted to bring all the books on my shelf and give a chronological sense for us to determine the future of humanity. It is where my brain was. thought we could discuss the books and we arrive at the answer of what the world has to do. thought I'd help put it all together.

"And then it was shortly after that I heard the voice." The voice told him he must go to New York in 12 hours or Joseph Kony win. "And say to all those who tried to bring peace to the world had to pass this test."

And then he took off his clothes and ran into the street. All I can remember "residue" of what happened next. The horror in the face of his mother when he was handcuffed and taken - Danica had left home with the children and called his parents. He was taken to the hospital. "But I thought that the staff wanted to kill me. Was convinced. Continued trying to give me medicine and I refused to take them. Came to a point where I ran into my panties kicking in doors. Did eight people tell me now. finally tied my arms and legs to the bed and injected. was incredibly traumatic. was convinced he was dying. "

is so open about it. "My publicist and equipment, they say:" Do not use words like schizophrenia, you are marked for life. "But I'm like, 'I can not be myself. Might as well get it out there. "At the height of criticism, was accused of running a cult, embezzlement, leading a secret mission Gospel. He was a narcissist, a megalomaniac, a boastful racist warmonger suffer from what is known Twitter commentator" white savior industrial complex. "

However, what is most evident in the performance of Russell is an almost total lack of guile. It reverses his guts for hours, then right at the end, said: "We will not turn around and do it all of my spirituality and the fact that I am a Christian, right?" At the height of the rush the he received a call from a reporter and spoke for an hour and a half between 4 and 5:30. "And then he wrote this horrible" complaint "to the


about how we were a Protestant sect. 'm Very open, it's just that I am, but I'm not sure To manage and vulnerable to be hurt like that. "

"And it happened for how long?" Said one of them. "If that happens, even for one night in the United States, would be on the cover of

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