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Ideal Christmas gifts for scientists | Dean Burnett

With the holiday season, people are desperately trying to find the right gifts for their loved ones. But what if you need to buy a gift for a scientist? Consumer culture tends to ignore fans scientific market, so there are relatively few conventional products intended for them. The only solution is to invent a new

is the holiday season, which means that people have to buy gifts. Buying gifts can be stressful at the best of times, but it can be even worse if you need a gift for a scientist fanatic / science. These people, by definition, such as science, but there is relatively little in the way of common products that meet this growing demographic of fans of science-types apparently. Science and technology are, of course, heavily involved in the development and manufacture of almost all consumer products purchased as gifts regularly. All Smartphones, Tablet PC and console is the final result of large quantities of advanced research and development. But even their storage costs generic deodorant lot of science behind them.

Almost nobody cares much. It seems that science is merely a means to an end, when it comes to consumer goods, which is used and unmanned in any way. People are more inclined to consider the science behind his shiny new possession as Starbucks ask the bartender what kind of machine used to grind grain. With this kind of attitude to face, why would you produce articles that focus on possible gifts and celebrate science itself?

Then someone told me that you can buy caffeine infused panties. Ie pants infused with microcapsules that release caffeine. Caffeine intends to fight against cellulite or something, do not you wake up is more typical. Caffeine is apparently quite common in products of skin care. It's a bit more reassuring, there are many vehicles for drug delivery, but "short" is not usually one of them.

But whatever the mechanism of the actual or anticipated these clothes, and regardless of whether they work or not (not, apparently), I found comfort in his own life . This shows that, at some point, someone suggested "the administration of caffeine Knickers" product as possible, instead of alcohol, they are serious and things are done. I think logic is that if there is someone to buy. And if it happened once it can happen again.

In this spirit, I thought I'd suggest some possible products make ideal gifts for lovers of science. If anyone is interested in reading this and able to, please do so. I do not want royalties or anything.


The beloved property board game development interplanetary March edition. The whole family can experience the thrill of the colonization and terraforming our sister world, since the game has been redesigned to take the realities of life on Mars in mind.

The board is about half the size of standard dice but only go as high as 2 due to gravity and thin atmosphere that requires a slower pace. Each player starts the game with $ 6 million. None of this has been said and there is no infrastructure for land costs nothing to buy, but the construction of a hotel is ridiculously expensive and largely useless anyway. The main excitation is provided by the random cards that say things like "Life Discover, be famous forever," "explosive decompression experience, dying almost instantly" and "You learn that everything I did in the game until a false memory was implanted 'Memories'. back to the beginning, do not collect $ 200. "

"Monopoly: March edition." It promises a lot of fun slow, dangerous for all ages

BATMAN: ARKHAM psychiatric ward

The latest installment of the popular video game franchise sees the Dark Knight against his biggest challenge yet: his own fractured psyche.

finally realize that dressing like a nocturnal flying mammal and engage in constant clashes with criminals increasingly sophisticated can not be normal behavior, Batman admits that the death of their parents may have left with serious psychological problems, it is checked in the mental asylum of Gotham known legitimate.

battle with mental problems that have plagued Batman since childhood. Discover the lasting effects of post-traumatic stress, depression, psychosis and borderline. Deal with the many side effects of psychotropic drugs, such as olanzapine, SSRIs and others that you are trying to find the right balance of drugs to ensure the normal functioning cognitively. CRY gently regular sessions with a therapist will help you reach an agreement with his grief and pain, and we hope to move forward as a person.

"Batman: Arkham Psychiatric Ward" is an exciting journey through the practice of mental health from the perspective of someone obviously sick. It also has a new online multiplayer mode where multiple players can participate in a group therapy session, where you can talk about issues of anger and insecurity, while trying to avoid calling each other "fagot" every 8 seconds.



You've heard of Where's Waldo? Well, now it's time for science to which the sample is difficult to obtain in the game with the "Where's Higgs?" Puzzle Book. Each book contains pages and pages of scenarios devilishly difficult in a single Higgs boson is hidden in a complex image and must be found. To make things easier, each Higgs particle (or the mark of an artist) was dramatically reduced, and measures a huge diameter of 0.5 nm. Special mechanisms of the printing ink: the Higgs boson is only visible when the book is colder than the vacuum of space, and generally requires the combined efforts of hundreds of people to watch. The Higgs boson can be considered "found" when enough people agree that there probably.

"Where's Higgs?" Just below the bust-ups charades family is guaranteed.



to taste the pleasure of being a professional psychologist studies human behavior at home with all Psychology startup. Each group consists of almost nothing but documents, including forms required to explain the basis and because of his experience (design it yourself), the form required to apply for grants, forms for ethical approval , magazine articles model for writing, forms, subject recruitment patterns, and much more.


all, run the test, recording your results confirm their hypothesis and experience the true to have someone with the same game tells you that you are wrong then cruelly mocked by anyone that a chemical microscope kit or are not "clean" science.

as they grow older, girls are under considerable pressure to meet

an increasing number of feminine ideal that demands unthinking and uncaring society. Why not do it all in one convenient package with the doll My Little Gender Stereotype?

MLGS The doll is a pop star fairy nurse who plans her wedding, so she runs a kitchen (national), discusses realistic baby kitten and also turns into a horse or a unicorn or something. It also has realistic hair that can be styled and idealized anatomical proportions that are impossible to achieve with normal human physiology. Despite this, it also comes with a selection of fake Daily Mail describing their "defects" worrisome physical detail.

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