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The Bristol Festival of Ideas

Now in its seventh year, the Bristol Festival of Ideas - in association with the Observer - brings together economists, writers, scientists and activists to discuss problems in a globalized world and to propose radical solutions

As a young schoolboy in Bristol, Peter Higgs was so inspired by the life and work of Nobel laureate Paul Dirac, who pursued a career in physics. Decades later, the Higgs boson is the center of attention worldwide as the Large Hadron Collider is designed to test whether the Higgs boson exists.

Bristol has always been a good place for the development and delivery of ideas. Dirac considers his education in the city - in physics, mathematics and engineering - as crucial to his own career. Isambard Kingdom Brunel came to Bristol to build bridges, ships and railway lines, contributing to Britain the world leader in the industrial revolution. Thomas Beddoes Pneumatic Institution has attracted some of the great thinkers, writers and scientists in the late 18 and this is where Humphry Davy developed laughing gas.

was also an innovative center for art and media:

Lyrical Ballads

was first published here, the introduction of English Romanticism, Angela Carter began his writing career in the city, the Bristol Old Vic has been the flagship theater, the musicians of Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky, among others are known worldwide, the street artist Banksy has managed to create much of his best work here, and if you want to see the digital future, the widespread media Studio is a pioneering work in creative industries in the

social movement prominent in the history of Bristol - from the campaign to abolish slavery (in one of the greatest benefits from trade), by the release of Tony Benn, his peerage, with the bus boycott that opened the way to the Race Relations Act 1965. It has the most "soft" factors as: network of efficient workplaces, people make connections so that ideas can be created, shared, promoted and delivered

Bristol Ideas Festival, now in its seventh year, welcomes all ideas that can help change the world for the better. Bring the arts and sciences, which houses an intensive 12 days of discussions in May, and special events, exhibitions, books, events, corporate and academic projects in the past.

Genius Bristol

Our theme celebrates the ideas of the city. The aviation industry of the city, more than a century of continuous production, has grown from a wood and a paper airplane with supersonic era to today, where Airbus and Rolls-Royce, among others, are trying to create more air-efficient. Sustrans cycle has built a national network based in Bristol. World famous for movies on BBC natural history are made here, as Oscar winners Aardman animations. And the work of two universities in Bristol, pioneering law, healthcare, advanced engineering and improving the environment, are promoting a better functioning, greener cities.

But everyone must learn, also, the ideas of others. This May, the festival will include sessions on the brain, optimism, science, Peter Higgs, Angela Carter's work in film and television, a celebration of geeks, the rise of China and the India, the impact of protest around the world and the rebellious cities, if capitalism can be responsible, the identity and self, the possibility that today's youth become a lost generation, the role of faith . and more

is important for communities to celebrate ideas, promote discussion of ideas and help create new ones. The cities are ideal for this. Cities are also the future - if we come to the right that might be able to offset some of the critical environmental and social issues facing the world. But we have to do and places to live and work. Help a city to think and debate is essential, as is the promotion of these ideas in the city more generally. But it is essential to take inspiration from around the world so that we can learn from others, as I hope others learn from us. Thus, the ideas will help us, our cities and our world a better place.

For more information about the festival, places, and to purchase tickets, visit


. ideasfestival.co. UK

new world orders: the politics and economics

David Harvey

one of the most influential scientists of the social world, Harvey cities located in the heart of the capital and class struggle, arguing that they have long been the main sites of political revolution and remain the cradle of social and political change. As for sites ranging from Johannesburg to Mumbai and New York to Sao Paulo, Harvey explores how cities can be reordered in a more socially just and environmentally sound, arguing that it could become the center of the anti- capitalist.

Stephen Armstrong, Katharine Quarmby and Guy Standing

changes in the global economy, neoliberal policies and the recession have increased dramatically in the budget reduction of unemployment, poverty, part-time work and welfare, as well as reports of abuse treatment of elderly and disabled. Guy Standing, author of

The precariat: The class of new and dangerous

, Katharine Quarmby ( scapegoat: Why are we failing in people with disabilities aa) and Stephen Armstrong ( The Road to Wigan Pier Revisited

) to discuss whether we give to the poor. In his writings, all paint a picture of a nation that disregards the vulnerable, but all offer the hope that a better society can be created.

Tariq Ramadan A writer and commentator Muslim leader, Ramadan explores the opportunities and challenges across North Africa and the Middle East, as they seek to create new businesses, more open. Arguing that the debate can not be reduced to a confrontation between the Islamic and modern secular and traditional, which shows that not only are these roads in crisis, but that the Arab world has an historic opportunity to stop blaming the West to drop their status as victims, and create a new dynamic.

Margaret Heffernan

distinguished entrepreneur and author examines what makes a man so prone to willful blindness. The presiding judge in the case of 2006, the Government of the United States charged against Enron jurors to consider the concept of willful blindness - if the defendants did not comply with the corruption that takes place before them, then aware that it was not a defense. Jury's verdict of guilt began to shake the backbone of business. They will freely throughout history, and business to government family science, Heffernan explains why willful blindness is as dangerous in today's globalized world.

Paul Mason

As the global economic crisis led to the social crisis, the gap between rich and poor grows ever wider. Mason, BBC

journalist and writer, explores the causes and consequences of the current wave of rebellion. Reports on the fronts of protest, of Westminster in Wisconsin, claiming that the events of 2011 reflects the growing power of the person and the call for new political alternatives.

Bidisha, Selma Dabbagh and John McCarthy

novel by Selma Dabbagh

Of It

, is a captivating tale of dispossession and belonging, betrayal, loyalty and courage redefines the concept of Palestine and its people. She spoke with Palestinian critic and broadcaster Bidisha (left), who visited the West Bank as a journalist in spring 2011 and whose book Beyond the Wall: Write a route through the Palestine

unwavering portrait of life in the West Bank today. In a separate event, writer and journalist John McCarthy, who was held hostage for five years in Lebanoncorrect, 1986-1991, is based on his experience in Beirut to tell the hidden story of the Palestinian struggle.

Tom Watson MP The man who led the research of International News in Parliament, and is at the forefront of research Leveson, is based on unique information and access to tell the story behind the scenes phone hacking scandal, the connections between the News Corporation, the police and politicians, and how it collapsed.


and identity: life lessons and new directions in this era of globalization

Tom Chatfield, Jean-Paul Flintoff, Roman Krznaric, Philippa Perry

school life provides direct night lighting fast and furious. Covering topics such as love, sex, work, money, emotional maturity, technology and change the world, TSOL offers advice and inspiration to face the dilemmas of life. The combination of research material with common sense and humor, these fun and highly interactive sessions will include lectures, performances, debates and activity. Among the speakers: Tom Chatfield, author of

how to thrive in the digital age , Jean-Paul Flintoff (

How to Change the World ) Roman Krznaric ( Finding a satisfying job ) and Philippa Perry ( Staying Healthy aa. )


The author of the bestseller

The Bastard of Istanbul and


The rules of love

, and the most widely read novelist of women in Turkey, talk about immigration policy, fiction and identity, his essay

people happy (Rubio its reflection on individuality and multiculturalism), and his new novel honor , about half-Kurdish, half Turkish family .

Noo Saro-Wiwa

The author and daughter of activist Ken Saro-Wiwa was educated in England, but was brought back to Nigeria every summer. She talks about her return to Nigeria after an absence of 10 years and details of the corruption and inefficiency, but also the beauty of the jungle, palaces and ancient monuments, and people.

Harry Belafonte
singer and actor was at the heart of the civil rights movement and a host of other causes. He talks about his career and his activism - the struggles, tragedies and, above all, the triumphs of his life with Martin Luther King Jr., Paul Robeson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sidney Poitier, John F. Kennedy, Marlon Brando, Robert Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Tony Bennett and Bill Clinton.

Edmund White

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