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Bahrain's 'days of rage' - Friday 20 April

. Crown Prince: F1 cancellation would allow extremists

. Police tear gas to disperse demonstrators using

. Hillary Clinton calls for embargo arms against Syria

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A summary of changes in the course of Friday.


. showcase the Bahrain Grand Prix was under pressure on Friday, when tens of thousands of demonstrators against the government to police during the final preparations for Sunday's race and calls for increased it is canceled.


. Bahrain Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, described the event as "a force for good" and warned that the cancellation would "empower extremists." But others have said the high level sports equipment must be stopped.

British Labour leader, Ed Miliband urged the Prime Minister added his voice to calls for the cancellation of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

. A television crew from CNN was forced to leave Bahrain. Other news organizations reported that some of its journalists are not allowed in the kingdom.


. Some of the largest demonstrations took place this week through Syria, according to video footage of militants.

local activist group . Coordination Committees said 27 people were killed, including nine in both Homs and Idlib. Fifteen members of the security forces were killed in two bombings in southern Syria, according to state news agency Sana.

. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged the Security Council to adopt an arms embargo and other tough measures against Syria.



Marina Hyde Guardian took a characteristic aspect of the ironic relationship between the ruling family of Bahrain and two Britons who had a visibility in the last days, John Yates, and Bernie Ecclestone. She says:

Even seen on the Bahraini side, Yates seems eccentric holiday. There are only two explanations for the appointment weakly healthy.

The first is that the king of Bahrain was only in possession of clippings obsolete, and thought that hiring was the newspaper Yacht heroic tradition of garden around 2008. (You may have already had suspicions why he was so popular with some of these documents.)

The second explanation is that the king in secret is a self-saboteur who wants to be ousted by protesters. Because the thing about Yates of the court, that students approach their work pointed out is that it never gets his man.

'm sure it will test people binbags conspire against the king, and devote at least 20 minutes to decide that there is nothing to see here

10:28 p.m.:

The atmosphere was tense today at the Sakhir racetrack south of the capital of Bahrain as the drivers took to the track for practice, the report by Hugh Tomlinson and Kevin Eason for The Times (paywall).

reports that some villages near the road was partially surrounded by barbed wire to prevent attacks on the road, they also say:

The circuit itself was blocked. The police, with photographs of known activists checked the faces of spectators entering the track and checkpoints on the perimeter caused a large vehicle.

The scene contrasted with the image of national unification and celebration pasted on billboards across the country.

9:49 p.m.:

Here's a tweet from Khalid Alkhalifa, verified that the twitter account of the Foreign Minister of Bahrain, or the holder of account is described:. "Diplomat, Ambassador, Foreign Minister of Bahrain, reader, traveler, Bon Vivant '

media have now seen examples of freedom of expression and assembly in Bahrain #. While others enjoy the race .. Or a meal somewhere. Life goes on

- Khalid Alkhalifa (@ khalidalkhalifa) April 20, 2012

9:43 p.m.:.

The first editions of the morning papers in the UK came out

independent projections on its front page with the title "Rage Against the Machine as a Formula One sub-column" thousands protest against the Bahrain Grand Prix, the organizers and the stars are always difficult, "under a demonstration by thousands head against the Bahrain Grand Prix, the organizers and the stars remain difficult ".

8:38 p.m.:.

Thanks for your comments below the line here, where Bahrain seems to be the main theme

John Yates, former deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police who is employed by the Bahraini government to advise on police reform, also continue to come from some particularly heavy criticism.

Here's a taste:


This is equivalent to John Yates of a training course "away days", expect to be employed as consultant by the Met over the next two years


how we could continue to support F1 after this is beyond me. How could anyone would like to start, is also a mystery.


When you consider that this is supposed to be a rights issue, I think everyone (in this forum) who oppose the GP also continue in his opposition to the Chinese GP last week.

I'd like to think we are just a few of Ed and join him on the band wagon.


Oh, and activists who were 30 years of problems in Northern Ireland? I must have missed asking you for the world of sport in Northern Ireland to come to a standstill due to problems motivated by religion. Were different sports and politics in those days. It's funny how F1 is the only sporting event should not happen in Bahrain, a mixture of political expediency and I think jealousy.


The F1 race in Bahrain should not be the case, period!

has the world's attention is back to the demonstrators in Bahrain, and are simply enjoying his days of anger.

If death or serious injury as a result of these protests this weekend, the FIA ??is guilty with the regime in Bahrain.

8:12 p.m.:

Ian Black, The Guardian Middle East editor, filed a notice provided an overview of the situation in Bahrain, where tens of thousands of anti-government protesters clashed with police during the final preparations for the exhibition at the Grand Prix. Here are some:


[Bahrain] government tried to put a positive spin on race, the publication of a survey conducted by the Economic Development Board of Bahrain, which found that the support of 77% for Grand Prix. He said: "The appropriate and responsible to take measures to maintain security throughout the event." An official also complained of "balanced coverage".

The race offers an opportunity for the opposition to express their complaints in a moment of intense international attention and scarce. Fears are growing for the fate of Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, an imprisoned activist, who has been on hunger strike for over two months and is said to be near death.

The Freedom Movement of Bahrain issued a statement prohibited in London. "The race between human values ??and the evil is intensified as the F1 race prepares for the most controversial, as it became widely known as" Bloody Bahrain, "she said.

"The anger of the people have never been this high since most activists are quickly arrested, tortured and imprisoned by forces John Timoney (a former police chief in the U.S.) and John Yates (former Met police chief). Its purpose is to prevent serious protests, riots or any act of a revolutionary nature.

8:07 p.m.:

Kevin Eason, motor racing correspondent in the Times, the tweets:

# Whatever happens in Bahrain this weekend, the F1 showed its image unenviable as amoral and greedy.

- Kevin Eason (@ easonF1) April 20, 2012

7:49 p.m.:

an update today from Syria, where activists say Syrian troops have fired tear gas and balls of thousands of demonstrators poured mosques after Friday noon prayers.

Associated Press reports news agency that the Syrian media in the state, said the bombs and shootings killed 17 soldiers and recent diplomatic efforts to end more than 13 months of carnage in the country.

opposition activists said at least 11 civilians were killed in bombings and other Syrian regime attacks Friday on the main day of the week of protests calling for the resignation of President Bashar al Assad.

7:40 p.m.: The Bahrain Grand Prix is ??a test for political participation in Britain and diplomacy with these plans, according to Jane Kinninmont, Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs).

In an opinion article for The Guardian, says that officials in the United Kingdom hopes that by involving Bahrain, which can support a process of reforms at the local level that will make the political situation the country more stable and sustainable.

silence, they are seeking support for legal reforms aimed at making security services more accountable in the wake of last year Bahrain International Commission of Inquiry, which found services Security had used excessive force and systematic torture. These are potentially important, but the impact of legal changes are not sitting on the floor, and it is understandable cynicism about the promises of accountability in the future.

growing protests throughout the race, and the desire to keep protesters away, leading police to return to their old practice of firing pellets in the Shiite villages of the capital, Manama.

19:35: From Bahrain, The Guardian Paul Weaver presented a report (which can be read in its entirety on our website shortly) in the first three days of "rage" called to coincide with Sunday's Grand Prix. Here's an excerpt:

"It's terrible here," said one witness. "Police are using a combination of tear gas and pepper spray. There are also rubber bullets. The crowd is huge, tens of thousands of people. Seems to have a hard time tonight. Not going to be great event Manama, the capital, and also in the villages. "

in the paddock, for its part, the mood was somber, with members of the Form 12, one of the teams unfortunate that the race will take place in a context of violence and oppression.

Joining them in the paddock is that the Sauber team, which reported that a number of staff faces masked demonstrators Thursday night. Another team reported that one protester had entered his house and shouted: "Do you know that by being here that killed 80 people"

Nouri al-Maliki accused the minister of Turkey of interfering in Iraqi internal affairs and sectarianism, according to AFP news agency.

"Recent statements (Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip) Erdogan, is another turn to the procedure of interfering in Iraqi internal affairs and confirms that Erdogan is still alive the illusion of regional hegemony "Maliki said in a statement posted on its website.

"It is unfortunate that his statements were a sectarian dimension to deny that he has used before, but have become clear, and are rejected by all Iraqis," Maliki said.

After talks behind closed doors Thursday with Massoud Barzani, the president of the autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, Erdogan accsued Maliki to take a "self-centered approach" policy.

6:44 p.m.:.

The Libyan government took control of the Tripoli International Airport, now the army has raced since Muammar Qaddafi, was introduced last year

movement, Reuters reported, is an important step in their struggle to assert its authority over the numerous armed groups.

The decision of the National Transitional Council is now challenged to prove they can maintain security and operation busiest airport in the nation in North Africa, which reopened last November in the hands of the militia Zintan powerful.

"Tripoli airport is now under government control. Today, we have transferred power to the interior, defense and transport ministries," said military spokesman Adel Salama Zintan in a speech at the ceremony.

"We hope the government is able to assume and maintain an important task."

Zintan and elderly tribal leaders, government and military officials met at the airport to attend celebrations for the transfer, after months of discussion on employment and wages of members of the militia .

6:34 p.m.: Mark Sweney, Guardian correspondent of the media industry, presented a paper on the refusal of entry AUTHORITIES Bahrain a number of journalists from news organizations.

are included journalists including Sky, which owns the television rights to broadcast in the UK this weekend Formula One Grand Prix controversial status of the Persian Gulf.


following are excerpts of a text that was placed on a Web site of Formula One, F1-racers.net , the group of hackers, anonymous claims was deleted.

We demand the immediate release of human rights activist Abdulhadi Alkhawaja who spent more than 70 days of hunger strike. He committed no crime and is punished by the regime to promote basic human rights of people. Freedom he and all other political prisoners in Bahrain. Stop the torture. Deport all mercenary police and stop the use of tear gas against civilians. not forgive. We do not forget. Expect.

The home page of the official Formula One website, formula1.com is itself not yet available, probably because of some DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).


6:07 p.m.

groups for media freedom

accussing Bahrain are using this weekend Formula One motor racing as an exercise propaganda aimed at improving its international image, saying he wants to prevent journalists covering the protests against the government.

"Bahrain wants the international attention by hosting a Grand Prix, but not to foreign journalists coming out of the race track where you can see the political demonstrations," said Robert Mahoney, deputy director Committee to Protect Journalists in New York.

"Bahrain tells the outside world has nothing to hide. If this is the case, then it must allow entry visas to journalists to report freely and make them" he said, according to Reuters. CIO Affairs Authority, said more than 200 journalists from different media organsiations had entered the country to cover the race, including news agencies Associated Press, Agence France Presse and Reuters .

"We always knew and expected coverage of events in Bahrain, in the context of F1 which takes place so that we can not simply say that we try to cover 'silent events in Bahrain, "said the spokesman for the agency information. "We also invited non-related sports journalists who could not obtain a visa for this week to ask to come after the race."

6:06 p.m.:.

This is Ben Quinn take over the live blog

5:56 p.m.:

Yemeni air force killed nine suspected militants in two raids in the restive province in southern Abyan Yemen on Friday last, according to a local official was quoted by Reuters.

just one day after the army said it killed 18 insurgents in a cons-offensive in the same area.

"Five armed elements were killed in an attack in Yemen Air Force and four in another," said local official told Reuters. Both attacks were in positions of Ansar al-Sharia (Islamic law supporters), near the town of Lawdar in Abyan province.

Over 200 people have died since government forces intensified their attacks against al-Qaeda linked attacked a military camp near the town last week

The Defense Ministry said earlier on its website that the army had killed 18 militants Thursday, pushing the Ansar al-Sharia fighters several positions near Zinjibar, the strength and capital Abyan province.

17:00: A summary of the latest news:


tens of thousands of antigovernment protesters took to the streets of Bahrain today as Formula One Teams practiced before the Grand Prix on Sunday.

Police reportedly have used stun grenades and tear gas at least one group of demonstrators.

aa Bahrain Crown Prince said cancel the Grand Prix would allow extremists denied that the government was using race for political purposes. "We" try to use it for the benefit of the people, "he said.

Labour leader of Great Britain, Ed Miliband urged the Prime Minister added his voice to calls for the cancellation of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

A television crew from CNN was forced to leave Bahrain. Other news organizations reported that some of its journalists are not allowed in the kingdom.


Some of the largest demonstrations took place this week through Syria, according to video footage of militants.

local coordinating committees of the militant group claimed 27 people were killed today, nine of them in both Homs and Idlib. Fifteen members of the security forces were killed in two bombings in southern Syria, according to state news agency Sana.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged the Security Council to adopt an arms embargo and other tough measures against Syria


The Muslim Brotherhood is the victim of a fall in the polls before the presidential elections, writes Steve Negus for the Arabist.

A recent survey conducted by Al-Ahram Political and Strategic Studies indicate that 45% of those who supported the Brotherhood in the parliamentary elections will not vote for him in the next election.



says hacker group, Anonymous, that Formula A website crashed, f1-racers.net. The home page of the official Formula One website, formula1.com is currently unavailable, apparently due to a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).



The United Nations hopes to get permission the Syrian government in the coming days to send more humanitarian aid workers to help at least a million people needing emergency assistance, a top UN humanitarian official said today.

Syria has recognized that there are "humanitarian needs" and that action is necessary, but the logistics and visas for aid workers continue to debate, John Ging of the Office United Nations Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) told reporters in Geneva.

In addition, the refugee agency has asked the UN $ 84 million to more than 60,000 Syrian refugees who fled to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. However, it received only 19% of the funds, UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said in a conference. Ambassador Syria to the United Nations in Geneva, Faysal Khabbaz Hamoui, attended the meetings in camera, as well as representatives of donor countries, the Organization of Islamic, Arab League and the Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO).

Speaking to reporters separately, Hamoui said it was a constructive meeting, some delegations accused of trying to politicize humanitarian aid. "We are ready to cooperate, but we hope that you will return to the front door, no windows," he said. "We have no crisis in Syria, not Somalia."

3:57 p.m.:


: Ala'a Shehabi, who spoke before (see 24:22) tweets:

1000 protesters exercising their right of peaceful assembly r 2 is now removed and tear gas on the road Budaya. UniF1ed? # BahrainGP

- Dr. Ala'a Shehabi (@ alaashehabi) April 20, 2012

opposition party al-Wefaq

allegedly circulated a photograph showing tens of thousands in demonstrations today.

More photos on Twitter: field # # Bahrain 20 April twitter.com / layla_bahrain / ... # # Bahrain twitter.com/alshaikh3/stat Street Rally ...

- Mohamed AlShaikh (@ alshaikh3) April 20, 2012

3:46 p.m.:


: Tens of thousands of demonstrators took anti-government a main road in Bahrain, according to AP.

Protesters shouting slogans against the ruling Sunni dynasty, which is the main sponsor of the Grand Prix race was canceled last year due to political instability.

Activists video
circular purporting to show a protest dispersed with tear gas.

few tweets claims activists were fired on protesters:

Aa @ easonF1 riot police fired on protesters off the bridge yfrog.com/h2orzofj yfrog.com / odvcwsnj Bahrain yfrog.com/ocl61ulj #

- iManamaa (@ iManamaa) April 20, 2012


3:21 p.m.:


: The parents of a hunger strike Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja has raised new concerns about his health today.

Khawaja, a human rights activist who was sentenced to life imprisonment, he began a hunger protest for over two months. He is presently hospitalized and received intravenous infusion.

tweets today suggest that their daughters are now about to die:

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja called his family, informed them that he left everything, including water, 2 tbsp lawyer asked to write Bahrain F1 # #

- Maryam Alkhawaja (@ MARYAMALKHAWAJA) April 20, 2012

Urgent: My father is now called, asked us to try to make an emergency visit by his lawyer to write your # is Bahrain

- anger Arabiya (@ angryarabiya) April 20, 2012

Bahrain last week rejected a Danish release him in Denmark, where he has citizenship.

A Reuters report said yesterday that the center is "a game of provocation" and that his case raises a dilemma for policymakers:

To release Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, one of 14 men in prison for leading an uprising last year, would be a humiliation for a government that has failed to quell a movement led by the Shiite majority who seek democratic reforms that would reduce the power of the Sunni dynasty.

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