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A letter to my dismal allies on the US left | Rebecca Solnit

Please leftist radicals, protect us from bitterness and negativity, we need hope and victory and to provide additional or

Dear allies

Forgive me if my eyes briefly to remove the price flies, but the buzz lasted for some time. I have a big goal, which is to respond to the Republican right with her deep desire to destroy everything I love to targets much more radical than the Democrats never really supported. As part of the execution, however, I found the customs of my supposed allies and again.

stale industry on the far left, please stop your whining! Compared to you, Eeyore looks like a Teletubby. If I gave you a pony, not only would be furious that everyone is a pony, but what you get with the pony not being radical enough, until he cried tears sad pony hot. Because what we are talking about here is an analysis, a strategy, or cosmology, but an attitude, and one that poisons. Not only me, but you, us and our possibilities.

leftists explain things to me

The poison is often on electoral politics. Look, Barack Obama has done bad things and I'm sorry, but not noisy because they are a surprise. Sometimes they do bad things, and sometimes I mentioned in passing and not mention denying the reality of evil things.

The same thing happened with other politicians: recent Governor of my state, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in some respects, quite good on climate change. However, it was impossible for me to say what a radical without receiving a good dose of all the other ways in which Schwarzenegger was terrible, as if it was a new ball, as if he or she thought I ' had been living under a rock, as if the presence of bad things done in the presence of many irrelevant. It was impossible to talk about what Schwarzenegger has been done on climate change (and useless for my partners know, at least not to find a way to use it).

So here I present a principle seems incredibly obvious need clarification.

There are bad things that are bad. It is good and they are good, even if bad things are bad.

Mention something good does not require notification automatically a bad thing. What good can be an interesting way to go yourself if you want to get something. In this context, the sentence has all the security of a deadlock. And yes, both in the field of electoral politics is horrible, but it also gives way to a few people, if you want to be a politician or even reported having to pay attention to it and maybe work with it.

Instead, I'm always an answer that the work in question is to know what the problem is, even when there is a real victory, or a constructive development. Recently, I mentioned that the current Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris, is against the death penalty and also acting in good position to defend people against foreclosure. Immediate response snarky Berkeley professor, began: "Excuse me, is anti-death penalty, although it notes that his office condoned the illegal purchase of drugs by lethal injection."

apparently not allowed to celebrate the fact that the Attorney General 12% of all Americans very well in some key areas or know where it can lead. My informant tried to crush my enthusiasm, and dried the discussion, and what is it exactly?

This type of response often has an air of punishment or condemn those who are less radical, and is the exact opposite of movement or covenants. Those who are not limited to leave will be much more careful when you open your mouth. Except bitch kingdom currency acceptable.

My friend Jaime Cortez, a wonderful person and writer, has sent my way: "At a dinner recently, I expressed my satisfaction that some parts of Obamacare passed, and in 2014, outlook could improve. gave me a reminder of the horrors of the drone program that supports Obama and noted how Obamacare was insufficient. I said it's not perfect, but it is a gradual improvement, and I'm happy for her. But in fact, I felt stupid and flat feet to be grateful. "

The emperor is naked and uninteresting

Maybe that's part of the Puritan heritage of our country, to demonstrate the purity of self and superiority rather than focusing on solving problems or demonstrate compassion. Maybe these are people who grew up in the mainstream and it was like the child who says that the king was naked, they were not lying naked, hypocrisy and corruption in the system .

Believe me, many of us already know more imperial dimples in the ass right now, and there are other things that are worth discussing. Often, it is the emperor who is the big news anyway, but farmers in their revolts and even his triumphs, while the thought that I'm describing the emperor remains locked with a fury and Perhaps assertiveness.

When you are a hammer everything looks like a nail, but it is not a good reason to continue to get something close. Think about what needs to be raised as well. Think of our forces, our victories, our possibilities. Ask yourself what you contribute, this kind of story you say and what you mean

Sitting around the first occupants of Zuccotti Park on the first anniversary of the occupation, I heard a handsome young man talks about his teammates rage, including their sex often. But he added, anger is not a tactic or strategy, but sometimes can provide the energy to do things.

There are so many ways to imagine this way of thinking - or maybe your thoughts many multiple origins - many of whom are mired. Perhaps a version of repose academic debate, which at its best is a building constructive argument collaboration through trials and challenges, but at its worst is usually the first demolition, and encourages subculture of acidity could be less productive.

Can you imagine how the civil rights movement would have been if it had been fully implemented complaining that nothing was good enough? To hell with the integration of public transport system in Montgomery when the problem was much bigger!


demonstrators image Gandhi complain all the way to the sea or the Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos, though it was only the Lacandon jungle master kvetcher or Aung San Suu Kyi, who was U.S. caustic as an expert. Why Did I mention Egyptian revolutionary being tortured repeatedly seem much less bitter than many I meet here who have never suffered such damage?

idealism somewhere under that pile of bile, idealism pernicious wants the world to be perfect and unfortunate that this is not - and never will be. This is why the best is the enemy of the good. Because really, the people who are part of how we will prosper in this period is imperfect momentum, esprit de corps, the fierce hope and generous hearts.

about policy foreshadowing the idea that you can play as your goal. This is often presented as a political organization by means of direct democracy, but not as something heroic in his generous spirit and actions.

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