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After Kim Jong-il's death, what next for the people of North Korea?

state media said Chief died of a heart attack on a train, and quickly signed to his third son, Kim Jong-un, as the "great successor"

They screamed and groaned and rubbed his eyes with his fists in the rough. He waved his arms in pain and left thousands of landmarks in the capital. But no one outside North Korea really knows what North Korea felt at the news of the death of Kim Jong-il.

There were beatings, of course. Some may cry out in pain for their beloved leader, some of the sadness in themselves. Some shouted for fear that the lack of public anxiety could condemn them, and some concerns about what to expect. Kim evening at his country all his life and his death uncertainty.

state media said he died at 8:30 on Saturday, felled by a heart attack "because of excessive physical and mental work," while traveling by train in one of his numerous inspections. There was not a whisper of something unusual in the two days before the announcement.

official news agency KCNA quickly welcomed his third son, Kim Jong-un, as the "great successor" and "outstanding leader of the army and the party." The boy, believed to be only 28, was prepared as the heir apparent since the time of his father in 2008.

69, left his son a country with nuclear weapons, but impoverished, where food is scarce and human rights violations abound and the unexpected death of a thrill beyond 24 million people in North Korea. Politicians in Washington, Seoul, Tokyo and beyond weighing the prospect of a third generation of the communist dynasty, with the risk of regional instability. The concerns were highlighted by reports South Korean media on Monday that North Korea fired short-range missiles, although Yonhap news agency tests had been conducted before the announcement of death. The Defense Ministry in Seoul declined to comment.


military was already on high alert, while a spokesman for Japan's prime minister said he had established a crisis management team.

Obama administration officials for talks with North Korea this week and is rumored to reflect a grant agreement for disarmament, said it was monitoring developments. The Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom, William Hague, said in a statement it was a difficult time for the people of North Korea, but could be a turning point. He urged countries to take steps to resume stalled six-denuclearization.

He left China, the main ally of North Korea, Kim will lament. "We are extremely distressed, and we extend our deepest condolences to the entire population of North Korea," he told executives in a statement. Kim described as a great leader and close friend of China, adding that they were sure that the Korean people would unite under the leadership of his son.

was a compliment rare. In the rest of the world does not care as much as Kim vilified. Which is not surprising: the claims of his propaganda machine increasingly extravagant in recent years. But those who shot him - like crazy and erratic Maverick nuclear transport as a "pygmy" (speech by George Bush), and Pompadour, platform clown put on the image to the American team can be more widely - underestimated the man.

to convert his country into a nuclear state, has strengthened its pariah status, but has influenced who would never have reached otherwise. There was no logic in threats to turn Seoul into ashes, as there was in the missile launches and nuclear tests and bombs. "He left the country with the ultimate deterrent. It is sure not Iraq and not Libya," said John Delury, a professor at Yonsei University in South Korea on Monday.

behind the large crystals, color "was a man of some ability," said James Hoare, former British charge d'affaires in Pyongyang. Foreigners who negotiated with him and felt strong well informed, well in the field of writing, but ready to refer to employees as required.

"He was competing in a hostile world and its solution can not be yours or mine, but that his country is still there and survived the elite - it is really what you have to do with "Hoare said.

clown image was much less true for people who ruled with an iron fist. Observers have called the world, the only Stalinist theme park, but there was nothing funny about it. About 200,000 North Koreans are considered in camps, with a collective punishment.

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, described the country as "a hell of human rights on earth." "Kim Jong-il ruled by fear generated by the widespread and systematic violations rights, including arbitrary killings, torture, labor and strict limits on freedom of expression and association, "he said in a statement.

North Korea has always rejected the criticism as jealousy, lies and destructive capitalist aggressors. But experts say that even their propaganda vast security apparatus sought to counter the growing cynicism on the national system, which proved unable to meet the basic needs of its people. While Kim enjoyed sipping cognac and sushi restaurants, the country has struggled with food shortages since the devastating famine of the 1990s, in which hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives.

"When North Korean history is written, I think [the time] will be a very dark chapter," said Delury. "He did well in the 50's, I began to have problems in the 1970s, but not entirely. Rectified in the 80s by the end of the socialist bloc Then just after Kim Il-Sung died, is in free fall . He spent the rule of his father Kim Il-sung to the famine in a few years. "To some extent has been given cards ... [But] at the end it will be his legacy. "


Kim to transform external relations have been better. However, improvements in relations with the South, the United States and Japan under-investment by their own decisions and those of foreign leaders.

Associated Press reported that people in the streets of Pyongyang began to cry when he learned of the death of Kim. Koryo hotel staff, who normally capacity abroad, crying. In Beijing, the waitresses at a restaurant in North Korea crying hysterically and ran into the room on learning the news.

Korea expert Dr Leonid Petrov, University of Sydney, said that many North Koreans are very concerned, "will not be as dramatic as it was in 1994 when Kim Il-sung died. .. political cynicism is growing. "predicted a long and" very convenient "state of mourning. Kim's death comes days before the start of 2012, the regime has always proclaimed as a year of glory. "[Now] it is not necessary to fulfill the promise that North Korea has become a strong, powerful and prosperous ... People will have to work hard for long hours with the centennial celebration of some of Kim Il-sung, "said Petrov.

KCNA Kim Jong-il would litter the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang - where the embalmed body of his father - before the funeral on December 28. A national memorial the next day, ending the official period of mourning is marked by the firing of cannon, the sound of sirens and a three-minute silence.

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