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Syrian forces clash with protesters in key cities - Friday 30 December 2011

Syrian demonstrators fired

. days of mass demonstrations coincided with the visit of the monitors of the Arab League

nail bombs used in the crowd, witnesses report. . UN condemns attacks by Egyptian security services "in NGOs, which he describes as" clearly intended to intimidate human rights defenders "

. Relationships between the military rulers of Egypt and the United States hit new

11:04: Tomorrow good. Welcome to the blog live from the Middle East and the last Friday of 2011, when the Middle East was divided with the popular uprising. A summary and look ahead to today's events.


: Activists have called for mass demonstrations across the country today, that monitors the Arab League are ready to spend their First Friday in the country, visiting some of its most volatile cities.

rally calls were made on all channels of the revolution in Syria and the crowds gathered today in Deraa, the southern city known as the zero point of the revolt. Mass concentrations are also provided Idlib, where forces loyal defectors have struggled this week, killing dozens, and Duma, which becomes a focal point of the pressure to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.


reports that the guardian was not found suggests that there are plans to be held in Damascus and Hama.


: Twenty-eight Egyptian human rights groups signed a statement accusing the board of directors of the army in the country use Hosni Mubarak era "instruments of repression" by making an "unprecedented campaign" against pro-democracy organizations. The joint statement by the groups came just hours after security forces stormed the offices of 10 human rights organizations, including several based in the United States. The Interior Ministry said the attacks were part of research on foreign funding of human rights groups.


Reuters reports that the anti-Syrian government without an army was ordered to stop offensive operations pending a meeting with the delegates Arab League, but the armed group is having serious problems in contact with the delegates of the Arab League.

rebel commander, Colonel Riyadh al-Assad, said its forces had so far been unable to speak with the instructor the first week of the mission, and he was still in contact them urgently.

"I gave the order to suspend all operations from the date of the committee came to Syria on Friday. All operations against the regime are in custody, except in a self-defense. "

"We tried to communicate with them and requested a meeting with the team. So far, it has been unsuccessful. We have not received the numbers (phone) screens, which have requested. No one contacted us. "

11:24: This video posted on YouTube today is to show the beginning of a rally in the district of Hamediya of Hama, Syria .

11:42 pm: is the wire Associated Press reports that German officials have complained that the Egyptian ambassador in they describe as an unacceptable incursion into the Cairo office of a German research center. This adds to the condemnation of the American night.

Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which has links with a party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, was one of 10 pro-democracy organizations, whose offices were raided Thursday.

German Foreign Ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke said in Berlin Egyptian ambassador was summoned to the Ministry on Friday.

Peschke said she said it was "unacceptable for the work of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Egypt are prevented in this way" and that Berlin believed that the actions of the authorities "are going to against the spirit of a German-Egyptian agreement in August in a partnership to support the construction of democracy in Egypt.


seems that aired on Syrian activists call for mass demonstrations across the country have been heard. Reports and videos suggest that there are important events in Aleppo, Hama, Damascus and Deraa.


This video filmed today in Aleppo


Russia supports the mission of the Arab League monitors "that describes the situation in Syria as "reassuring." "Moscow welcomes the beginning of a real value of the activities of the Arab League in Syria," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The Russian government has recently faced its own popular protests in the disputed election results also commented on the visit of monitors scenes Homs some of the worst acts of violence against civillians in recent months.

The Foreign Ministry said: ". The situation is not encouraging, there were no clashes "

local coordinating committees, a coalition of activists, said at least 130 people, including six children, died in Arab observers in Syria began their one-month mission on Tuesday.


moved to condemn the attacks by NGOs Egyptian security services yesterday.

Ravina Shamdasani

, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said the raid seems "clearly intended to intimidate human rights defenders who have been critical of human rights violations in Egypt, even under the previous regime. "

Shamdasani said the leading NGOs complained that their records were searched and seized the staff and avoid going out in the raids were conducted on Thursday evening, adding that the measures were "unnecessarily burdensome ".

She said there were "many such incidents in recent months, where they have taken steps to interfere with the work of NGOs."


This corresponds to our

Luke Harding

was talking to Heba Morayef, a researcher at Human Rights Watch Middle East and North Africa, near yesterday attacks on NGOs in Egypt

Morayef, who is in Cairo, says that the fears that many NGOs could be targeted by the military rulers of the country in the coming days. She said that apart from police raids on 17 premises yesterday also showed up at his former address of the Cairo Institute for the Study of Human Rights. The organization moved into a new office two years ago, he said.

"We know there are some organizations that will be next. You can go to other organizations today. They can wait until Sunday, "he said. Morayef said unprecedented" large "attack against the United States, Germany and Egypt, groups of civil society has been disappointing, with nothing like a tried for three decades, former President Hosni Mubarak in power.

"I think it was pretty shocking. If this could still be a closure of the entire human rights community in Egypt. We do not really know what will happen," he said . No non-governmental organizations were in operation, with offices closed today, he said.

Morayef officials said was to exploit the repressive Mubarak era and vague laws to crack down on civil society organizations, "You have all the bureaucracy of the Mubarak regime still in place, we that have educated leaders with a face scale. "You must obey the law "'.

added that the decision of Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces seemed "really believe" that "foreign hands" were behind the revolution in Egypt and the popular uprising to continue. He also said he was deeply concerned about ongoing research in NGOs by the two judges, the prosecutor on behalf of Egypt.

13:15: BBC

Martin Chulov

across the border in Beirut, Lebanon this to say about today's events in Syria.

Syrian activists vowed that today would be a very visible show of defiance. And they delivered. The events of today are important, not the total number, which will become more evident at the end of the day, but because of the variety of places that are underway.

flag pre-Assad regime adopted by the demonstrators moved to events in many areas of Damascus, Midan, Qadam Duma and, despite attempts by security forces to stop all the meetings. There is a major event in the second city of Aleppo and Idlib, Latakia and the city continues to fight again in Homs. Also launched a rally across the border in an area of ??the northern city of Tripoli in Lebanon.

protesters can not trust the media of the Arab League mission to bring about change in Syria. But the mission is clear, bold - and energizing - a restless people. The protesters are playing - rightly - that the armed men of the regime were cut to see the monitors.

1:26 p.m. To add flavor to

Martin Chulov of Analysis of the expression of the masses in Syria today, this video below appears to show a demo of thousands of Hama strong today.

1:36 p.m.

Facebook page of the local group of the Coordinating Committee in Syria, which helps to bring the protests in the country reports a series of clashes and incidents in which demonstrators are shot and sometimes killed by Syrian security forces


2:13 p.m. Reuters also reported on the violent clashes that have arisen in Syria, while hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in protest against President Bashar al-Assad regime.

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