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Premier League half-term fans' reports: Arsenal to Manchester United


a review of network Observer fans' of the 2011-12 season to date ARSENAL: 6 / 10

Bernard Azoulay,

GoonersDiary.blogspot.com It feels as if the temple I showed that in the recent series of the form was forged in the debacle of the first week of the campaign, when we struggled to cope with outputs Fabregas and Nasri, with the absence of Vermaelen and Wilshere. You can not remain a hamstring a disaster in terms of Van Persie, but no matter where it ends, most Gooners see much reason for optimism in the dynamic spirit in this team - something that had been gone "a long time. / Aa> Star Man

Obviously Van Persie, but with a lot of praise for the unconditional commitment to others as Koscielny.


Chamakh, a pale shadow of the mysterious attack happened at the club, and Arshavin, who seems like he has not can expect to escape.


Arsene Wenger, 7 / 10

While the desire for Wenger to s to hang our star players is perfectly understandable that he was forced to the equivalent of

Supermarket Sweep behind some of the signings he felt like a failure from you. However, all credit must go to the

you Uncle

to silence the critics were too quick to sound our death sentence.

Who needs him to sign?

Despite our recent injury crisis defender has revealed a disturbing lack of depth in the team, we are desperate for a replacement fire power up front. Although somewhat erratic, Podolski is not related to the European Cup and perhaps more appropriate to meet the Premier League.


Jonathan Pritchard, Observer reader

Everything was so sadly predictable: Beyond the waste, the loss of quality, anti-high tsunami when McLeish play badly ... You can play the season like a book. And it's not a very good book. We all want something sublime or ridiculous to raise the discomfort: football is certainly not supposed to be the monotony? It feels like death by a thousand Blackburn today.

Star Man

Gabby Agbonlahor was easily our best player, we marked the 18 years, scored five and assisted eight, and the buzz around of the floor when he receives the ball is back.


controversy, I the target of most criticism of Bent and his inability to do anything but hang goal. Five tap-ins and absolutely nothing else is what has helped in 14 games. I sell.


Alex McLeish, 4 / / 10

do not blame him, as far as the majority. It had been stripped of their two most creative players prior to their arrival and a commitment to N'Zogbia failed. We played football austere, but not everyone except the billionaires? I'm not sure someone could make a silk purse with a sow's ear of this squadron. Villa fans should stop being with parochialism "Bluenose" things: he is our leader, so you can get behind him

Who needs him to sign?

Bobby Zamora.


Marcus Tattersall

Blogs.soccernet.com / blackburnrovers

a farce, a tragicomedy that must have the theme song

The Benny Hill Show

playing in the background. No wonder more than one club who have suffered the assassination of character, to be a model of quiet respectability, under the direction of John Williams for disaster embodies Venky dysfunctional. Contrary to popular belief, the fans were magnificent, but the rumor newspaper took its toll and most have never been disappointed and the distance of the club. The authorities have led to a split between supporters through messages and return, and the club are in danger of collapse and the loss of a generation of fans.

Star Man Samba Yak continues to dance and had a good appetite.


Radosav Petrovic looks like a deer in the headlights every time you play.


Steve Kean 01.10

The biggest manipulator as Alastair Campbell. If Kean was captain of the Titanic telling passengers that had arrived from the ice to help keep cold drinks. The only positive is to score more goals, but if we can not keep the ball that counts for nothing.

Who needs him to sign? a president or CEO experience which can demand the respect and confidence of the fans is a priority.

BOLTON: 3 / 10

Shaun O'Gara, Rock '

The season started well with a 4-0 win against QPR, but it has been downhill since disastrous in a race. The bottom of the league, nine points in 15 games - in fact, that our semi-final defeat at Stoke last April, we played 21 games in the Premier League with just four wins and 17 defeats. A significant improvement is needed or we will be relegated to the New Year.

Star Man

inconsistent performances were so many players who do not work, but Klasnic seven goals are a plus.

Flop Reo Coker and Pratley

in midfield are very disappointed. Eagles have been inconsistent. Ngog is still finding its feet, a goal so far, and it seems that the defense Boyata also be -. Probably back in the city


Owen Coyle 10.04

last season, this time I had Award winning Manager of the month and we were playing free flowing, attractive football. Now we can connect two passes together, they have forgotten how to defend themselves and confidence is at its lowest. Reputation management has taken a hit Owen. The teardrop shape of the defeat at Stoke in the FA Cup is alarming - it's like the belief of the players the manager and he's trying to do is evaporated at the time, because then things were in an upward spiral were in the top 10. most of last season in the semi finals of the FA Cup for the second time in 50 years of Owen Coyle is certainly the most difficult support in the management - which has had terrible luck that injuries have stolen the key players - Stuart Holden, last season's player of the year and the heartbeat of the party to be the most successful. All our problems seem to start in March with his latest injury, he and Chung Yong Lee, winner of last year, are both the most out of the season. In fact, 11 players currently on the disabled list, including four with broken legs! We lost 20 goals in Elmander and Sturridge, we have not replaced. He has been hampered by lack of money to spend. Replacements brief overview of the quality of the Premier League ..

Who needs him to sign?

desperately need some. Steel and creativity in midfield Assuming Gary Cahill is sold and a half center and two full and one lead. In fact, we need to strengthen worldwide.

CHELSEA: 7 / 10

Fiorellino Trizia

ChelseaSupportersGroup.net a good start, fell ill and choosing

spectacular. Since we have some new players and a new director is trying to impose a new style of the old guard, I am more than satisfied with our current perch. Upset lose parts on average, but will always be those who benefit from another device when subjected to a major change - who had the chance to play against us at a vulnerable time

Star Man

Romeu was a revelation and has made us a team more difficult to break, but Mata has shone. Instantly makes us look more inventive. Leaving the players confused the opposition in its path, providing excellent service to our attackers. Whisper it - it may be better than Zola


Malouda - we all know what he is capable, but it is now invariably lose the ball, the bottling and addresses through improper commissioning.

Uncle André Villas-Boas


I like the way it is conducted, particularly Gary Neville and excavated in the media - we need a manager who sticks to us. We are finally beginning to see the appearance of his first computer and you do not see anything wrong. Not afraid to take controversial decisions and give a couple more of his own company and I think it could be something.

Steve Jones

BlueKipper.com The season was very frustrating for Everton as so far. With Beckford and Yakubu for economic reasons, and Arteta to play in the Champions League, which left us very few offensive options. We suffered because they were not replaced. David Moyes has had to use young players like Rodwell, Vellian, McAleny and Barkley, who had great moments, but we have also demonstrated the need to learn a little more before giving a run on the computer.

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