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Syrian forces clash with protesters in key cities - Friday 30 December 2011

Syrian demonstrators fired

. days of mass demonstrations coincided with the visit of the monitors of the Arab League

nail bombs used in the crowd, witnesses report. . UN condemns attacks by Egyptian security services "in NGOs, which he describes as" clearly intended to intimidate human rights defenders "

. Relationships between the military rulers of Egypt and the United States hit new

11:04: Tomorrow good. Welcome to the blog live from the Middle East and the last Friday of 2011, when the Middle East was divided with the popular uprising. A summary and look ahead to today's events.


: Activists have called for mass demonstrations across the country today, that monitors the Arab League are ready to spend their First Friday in the country, visiting some of its most volatile cities.

rally calls were made on all channels of the revolution in Syria and the crowds gathered today in Deraa, the southern city known as the zero point of the revolt. Mass concentrations are also provided Idlib, where forces loyal defectors have struggled this week, killing dozens, and Duma, which becomes a focal point of the pressure to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.


reports that the guardian was not found suggests that there are plans to be held in Damascus and Hama.


: Twenty-eight Egyptian human rights groups signed a statement accusing the board of directors of the army in the country use Hosni Mubarak era "instruments of repression" by making an "unprecedented campaign" against pro-democracy organizations. The joint statement by the groups came just hours after security forces stormed the offices of 10 human rights organizations, including several based in the United States. The Interior Ministry said the attacks were part of research on foreign funding of human rights groups.


Reuters reports that the anti-Syrian government without an army was ordered to stop offensive operations pending a meeting with the delegates Arab League, but the armed group is having serious problems in contact with the delegates of the Arab League.

rebel commander, Colonel Riyadh al-Assad, said its forces had so far been unable to speak with the instructor the first week of the mission, and he was still in contact them urgently.

"I gave the order to suspend all operations from the date of the committee came to Syria on Friday. All operations against the regime are in custody, except in a self-defense. "

"We tried to communicate with them and requested a meeting with the team. So far, it has been unsuccessful. We have not received the numbers (phone) screens, which have requested. No one contacted us. "

11:24: This video posted on YouTube today is to show the beginning of a rally in the district of Hamediya of Hama, Syria .

11:42 pm: is the wire Associated Press reports that German officials have complained that the Egyptian ambassador in they describe as an unacceptable incursion into the Cairo office of a German research center. This adds to the condemnation of the American night.

Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which has links with a party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, was one of 10 pro-democracy organizations, whose offices were raided Thursday.

German Foreign Ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke said in Berlin Egyptian ambassador was summoned to the Ministry on Friday.

Peschke said she said it was "unacceptable for the work of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Egypt are prevented in this way" and that Berlin believed that the actions of the authorities "are going to against the spirit of a German-Egyptian agreement in August in a partnership to support the construction of democracy in Egypt.


seems that aired on Syrian activists call for mass demonstrations across the country have been heard. Reports and videos suggest that there are important events in Aleppo, Hama, Damascus and Deraa.


This video filmed today in Aleppo


Russia supports the mission of the Arab League monitors "that describes the situation in Syria as "reassuring." "Moscow welcomes the beginning of a real value of the activities of the Arab League in Syria," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The Russian government has recently faced its own popular protests in the disputed election results also commented on the visit of monitors scenes Homs some of the worst acts of violence against civillians in recent months.

The Foreign Ministry said: ". The situation is not encouraging, there were no clashes "

local coordinating committees, a coalition of activists, said at least 130 people, including six children, died in Arab observers in Syria began their one-month mission on Tuesday.


moved to condemn the attacks by NGOs Egyptian security services yesterday.

Ravina Shamdasani

, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said the raid seems "clearly intended to intimidate human rights defenders who have been critical of human rights violations in Egypt, even under the previous regime. "

Shamdasani said the leading NGOs complained that their records were searched and seized the staff and avoid going out in the raids were conducted on Thursday evening, adding that the measures were "unnecessarily burdensome ".

She said there were "many such incidents in recent months, where they have taken steps to interfere with the work of NGOs."


This corresponds to our

Luke Harding

was talking to Heba Morayef, a researcher at Human Rights Watch Middle East and North Africa, near yesterday attacks on NGOs in Egypt

Morayef, who is in Cairo, says that the fears that many NGOs could be targeted by the military rulers of the country in the coming days. She said that apart from police raids on 17 premises yesterday also showed up at his former address of the Cairo Institute for the Study of Human Rights. The organization moved into a new office two years ago, he said.

"We know there are some organizations that will be next. You can go to other organizations today. They can wait until Sunday, "he said. Morayef said unprecedented" large "attack against the United States, Germany and Egypt, groups of civil society has been disappointing, with nothing like a tried for three decades, former President Hosni Mubarak in power.

"I think it was pretty shocking. If this could still be a closure of the entire human rights community in Egypt. We do not really know what will happen," he said . No non-governmental organizations were in operation, with offices closed today, he said.

Morayef officials said was to exploit the repressive Mubarak era and vague laws to crack down on civil society organizations, "You have all the bureaucracy of the Mubarak regime still in place, we that have educated leaders with a face scale. "You must obey the law "'.

added that the decision of Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces seemed "really believe" that "foreign hands" were behind the revolution in Egypt and the popular uprising to continue. He also said he was deeply concerned about ongoing research in NGOs by the two judges, the prosecutor on behalf of Egypt.

13:15: BBC

Martin Chulov

across the border in Beirut, Lebanon this to say about today's events in Syria.

Syrian activists vowed that today would be a very visible show of defiance. And they delivered. The events of today are important, not the total number, which will become more evident at the end of the day, but because of the variety of places that are underway.

flag pre-Assad regime adopted by the demonstrators moved to events in many areas of Damascus, Midan, Qadam Duma and, despite attempts by security forces to stop all the meetings. There is a major event in the second city of Aleppo and Idlib, Latakia and the city continues to fight again in Homs. Also launched a rally across the border in an area of ??the northern city of Tripoli in Lebanon.

protesters can not trust the media of the Arab League mission to bring about change in Syria. But the mission is clear, bold - and energizing - a restless people. The protesters are playing - rightly - that the armed men of the regime were cut to see the monitors.

1:26 p.m. To add flavor to

Martin Chulov of Analysis of the expression of the masses in Syria today, this video below appears to show a demo of thousands of Hama strong today.

1:36 p.m.

Facebook page of the local group of the Coordinating Committee in Syria, which helps to bring the protests in the country reports a series of clashes and incidents in which demonstrators are shot and sometimes killed by Syrian security forces


2:13 p.m. Reuters also reported on the violent clashes that have arisen in Syria, while hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in protest against President Bashar al-Assad regime.

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The new wave of US voter suppression | Amy Goodman

state legislatures are pushing laws to restrict the access of voters. This is an alarming trend, and the Democrats will lose

All eyes are on Iowa this week, as the field of candidates Gallivant jumble of Republican state farm looking for a win, or at least "dynamic" in the countryside for the presidential inauguration. But behind the scenes, a battle is waged by the Republicans - not against each other, but against the American voters. Across the country, state legislatures and governors are pushing laws to restrict access to the voting booth, the laws that disproportionately people of color, low income and young voters and the elderly.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Education Fund and has recently published a comprehensive report on the crisis, "Defence of Democracy : Confronting. barriers to the ballot box modern rights of the U.S. "He writes:" The heart of the modern block vote of the campaign is a wave of restrictions that the government issued photo identification requirements in a coordinated effort, the legislators in 34 states have passed bills to impose such requirements .. Many of these bills were inspired by the legislation developed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) - a conservative advocacy group, whose founder, explains: "Our influence in the elections frankly increases as the population of the low participation .'"

is interesting that the right, always an opponent of any national identity, is to impose photo identification requirements at the state level. Why? Ben Jealous, president of the NAACP, called voter identification laws, "a solution without a problem ... not going to make voting more secure. What will do is lay the financial barriers between people and their surveys since got rid of the tax. "

You do not have to look far for people affected by this new wave of voter purge law. Darwin Spinks, a World War 86, two veterans of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain photo identification for voting, and that drivers over the age of 60 are not issued licenses driving without a photo. After waiting in two lines, he said he had to pay $ 8. They require a voter to pay a fee to vote had been unconstitutional since the poll tax was banned in 1964.

More in Nashville, 93 years, Thelma Mitchell was a state-issued identification - which is used as a cleaner in the State Capitol building for over 30 years. The ID is granted access to the governor's office in the coming decades, but now he says, was not good enough for her to enter the voting booth. She and her family are considering legal action, a turn of unfortunate events for a woman who is older than the right of women to vote in this country.

this week, the Department of Justice blocked the new law requires that South Carolina voters to show photo identification at the polls, saying that the data presented by the voters of Caroline South showed that minorities were 20% more likely to lack photo identification acceptable required in the polls.

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The arts in 2012: the British blind spot

Mark Lawson

our special arts began to see how the 2012 Olympics showed the cracks of our culture

A director recently told me that it does not apply for the vacant post of artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, because I was not sure what a the three words on the name of this organization more: the monarchy, fatherhood and permanent Elizabethan theater companies are concepts currently in the process of change. Similarly, anyone who seeks to promote the "British culture" - a key concept of marketing in the year of the Olympic Games of London 2012 -. Faced with the problem of defining the UK is declining, while the definition of culture is expanded

appears much to qualify for a British flag theoretical lounge entertainment will soon be awarded. The X Factor UK is no doubt - but what is culture? My week with Marilyn, set and filmed in the UK with a British director (Simon Curtis), but an American actress (Michelle Williams) and the production of culture is, no doubt - but British

There is an easy temptation to aspire to return to an era when national borders and creative, it was more just outlined. Artistically, the 2012 will be dominated by two veterans of our schools and libraries: William Shakespeare, chosen as the center of the Cultural Olympiad, and Charles Dickens, whose bicentenary falls in February. These are indisputable British - or at least in English -. Cultural icons of the class you would expect in banknotes

but died at ages 17 and 19, respectively, and - even though both were radical political instinct for creative and innovative - the time and attention of the education system have become conservative brands , fun safely. The cult of Shakespeare and Dickens is a reflection of the legacy. Now that the two writers will double as symbols of Britain in an Olympic year is problematic for two reasons:

First, there is the problem of familiarity. British art directors to announce their intention to explore Shakespeare and Dickens is like the owner of a fish store indicating that next year's menus focus on seafood Three of the most publicized of the year 2011 - Catherine Tate and David Tennant nuts Much Ado, Hamlet, Michael Sheen and Lenny Henry, The Comedy of Errors - give the Cultural Olympiad of the problem that the public can feel as if the 100 meters took 12 months. It is also a common complaint of critics schedules television drama - the BBC, in particular, but also on ITV - have become too dependent on adaptations of Dickens

Besides the risk of overdependence on two writers (with Jane Austen is sometimes used as a substitute for impact), its dominance has led to unintended but serious generations deprive White non-performing talent . Because the stories of Shakespeare, Dickens and Jane Austen, reflecting the society of his time, are largely filled with the white pieces, we are faced with the depressing spectacle of high-profile talent or trained in Britain had migrate to be recognized: Clarke Peters, Chiwetel Eijofor, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Thandie Newton, Idris Elba and Sophie Okenedo found a better role in the U.S. or Australia, other cultures are less dependent on the period remakes

Okenedo undoubtedly benefited from the bold cast as Nancy in Oliver Twist a 2007 ITV, and continues this corrective action. It is also a relief to know that the BBC next year's season of Shakespeare, under the supervision of director Sam Mendes, will be color-blind casting - now the norm in the theater. The World Shakespeare Festival, which runs from April to September, also addresses multiracially works.

airport novels ready

And on this issue - that the flag to put on the badge - the sweat really starts to lower the front of the cultural commissars. In a recent article, the outgoing head of the civil service, Gus O'Donnell, predicted the collapse of the UK is now a real possibility - an issue largely ignored by politicians and newspapers to protect the queen, or traditionalists nervous voters. This divide potentially dramatic consequences for the arts.

real independence or psychological
accelerates in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it may be that the concept of British culture has become impossible. Of course, the BBC, despite the departure and Salford and Glasgow staff strives to offer programming to suit all. Both the BBC and ITV, regional opt-out has increased, particularly in the areas of news and current affairs. The stories about politics at Westminster are now unlikely to be implemented through what we called home. Coverage on television next year the Olympics will inevitably inflame English complaints through station allegedly metropolitan countries.

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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - review

King, Edinburgh

Toru Okada

lost his job, his cat and his wife. All his life has become a kind of absence, and it is the void at its center. A man alone and isolated in the big city. But one night he receives a strange phone call and a visitor to turn your life upside down. Toru Okada is simply a loss of more experienced - the loss of his mind - or is finally awakening to the world around him becomes a psychic detective in his own life seemingly mundane

Rating: 2 / 5

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Chilean teenager shot dead during protests

Boy, 16, dies in hospital after suffering a gunshot wound during the mass demonstrations against the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera


A teenager died after being shot in the chest during the mass protests against President Sebastián Piñera, the capital.

local media said the 16-year-old was shot dead near a barricade of security as protesters clashed with police in Santiago on Thursday - the second day of a two-day strike against Piñera, which was marked by violent clashes and sporadic looting.

"The young man died of a gunshot wound to the chest. He died in hospital, "said a spokesman for the police.

local media witnesses said blamed police firing.

"The death of every citizen is a very serious situation," said Rodrigo Ubilla, an Interior Ministry official, ..

The government said more than 1,300 people were arrested Wednesday and seriously injured several police officers - two of them shot - such as violence broke out. Dozens of shops and supermarkets were looted, and buses were damaged.

Organizers said about 600,000 people joined the protests on Thursday in Chile. Reuters journalists estimated the crowd in the capital, about 200,000 people.

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Future RAF missions under threat if Libya operations continue, warns air force chief

Chief Air Operations Force combat alert "huge" demand for resources is already feeling the strain of cuts


opportunity to respond to future emergencies will be threatened if the mission in Libya continues beyond the summer, the chief operating officer of the Air Force fighter has warned.

In a briefing paper for politicians, Air Chief Marshal Sir Simon Bryant operations in Afghanistan and Libya were the placement of a "huge" demand for resources and morale of the left "fragile "in many areas," hot "that the cuts seem to undermine the efforts of the advocacy coalition crews.

The document, obtained by the Daily Telegraph, was presented to members last month to head the Royal Navy, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, questioned the sustainability of current operations. The First Sea Lord, who suggested that the government would take "tough decisions" on the levels of force, if the mission of Libya lasted more than six months later was reprimanded by David Cameron.

reference to the strategic defense of last year and the review of safety, added: "The impact of SRH continues to undermine the sense of being valued are concerned about the lack of strategic direction is limited confidence in the. senior executives. "

Armed Liberal Democrat Nick Harvey insisted that the RAF had "the necessary resources to carry out operations. The possibility of layoffs, of course, affect any organization, but always impressed by the professionalism and commitment shown by our people and I know he will meet any challenge, "he said.

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Starbucks concerned world coffee supply is threatened by climate change

sustainability Starbucks chief Jim Hanna said the coffee giant has pushed the Obama administration to few results

Forget super-sizing in the thirty years from now:. Starbucks is warning of a threat to the world's supply of coffee due to climate change

In a telephone interview with The Guardian, Jim Hanna, Director of the sustainability of the company, told its farmers were already the effects of climate change, hurricanes, severe and more resistant to insects reduces crop yields.

The company is preparing for the possibility of a serious threat to global supplies. "What we really see a company that you look 10, 20, 30 years later - if conditions continue as they are - is a potentially important to our supply chain, which is the Arabica coffee bean" Hanna said.

was the second warning in less than one month of a threat to a food that many people can not live without it.

new research from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture said it would be too hot for chocolate grow in much of the Ivory Coast and Ghana, the main producers of the world for 2050.

Hanna told The Guardian, suppliers of the company, found mainly in Central America, were already experiencing changes in precipitation patterns and major pests.

Although well established have seen a decline in crop yields, and may well discourage the cultivation of coffee producers in the future supply even more restrictive, he said. "Even in the coffee plantations and well established firm, we have heard stories of more and more impact."

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Pornography conference blasted as 'meat market' by protesters

Wave plates

activists and hymns sung fake meat out of the adult entertainment industry summit in London

dozens of feminists organized a demonstration in central London to protest against the "meat market" of the pornography industry, such as adult entertainment executives attended a summit of international trade Bloomsbury.


as butchers aprons stained with fake blood, activists claim received meat cutters and singing hymns to the door of the Radisson Hotel in Bloomsbury. "You are not welcome in our city," he sang. "Pornographers go home!"

The three-day EU conference XBIZ, which opened its doors for the first time Friday in London, is considered an "international digital media conference" for the adult entertainment industry .

Speakers include Michael Klein

, president of Hustler porn magazine and website, and Berth Milton, President and CEO of Private Media Group, a producer and distributor of pornography. Their website says it is "designed to provide advanced educational seminars, workshops involving technology, special presentations for clients and corporate networks of high energy and opportunities to meet-".

In recent years, the industry billions of dollars has become a priority for the feminist movement as fears grow about the impact of its pervasive influence is having on society in general. Activists say that watching of pornography can lead to greater acceptance of rape myths and attitudes supporting violence against women.

Gail Dines, academic and author of Pornland: How Porn has hijacked our sexuality, said he was "central" in the struggle for equality. "You can have a huge industry, based on the sexual torture and dehumanization and degradation of women. If you want any gender equality in a society that this industry can not rollering steam into the psyche of men, sexuality and identity, "he said, adding that there was an" immeasurable "difference between 'porn industry for decades and the type of "body-punishing, hardcore" material available, it became the "prime vendor" in the industry today.

not all feminists agree, however. Catherine Stephens, an activist of the International Union of sex workers, said he was opposed to pornography as a whole does not make sense because there are so many different types.

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Baha Mousa soldiers should be brought to justice, says father

lawyers asked that the charge of "violent aggression" of British troops to be charged with murder and other crimes

British troops have contributed to the death of Baha Mousa should be brought to justice, his father said that while the lawyers representing the victims' families and other officials called on soldiers to deal with charges of murder, war crimes and crimes of misconduct in public service.

The appeal process following the publication last week of a damning report on the fate of Mousa, 26, an Iraqi who was arrested in Basra, shortly after the invasion in 2003. The public inquiry has concluded that there had been a "terrible episode of serious gratuitous violence" imposed by members of the 1st Battalion Lancashire Regiment of the Queen (1QLR).

The Father

Daoud Mousa Mousa

colonel, speaking through an interpreter, said he would like to see those responsible to justice "show the truth." He added: "My son died as a result of torture by British forces in Iraq, I saw my son after his death his nose bloodied and bruised body impact marks on his body as a number of . result of torture ... It caused me great pain and had a slight attack accordingly. "

family lawyer, Phil Shiner, said he would be writing to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, and the Director of Public Prosecutions, Bruce Houlder, urging them to lay charges against the soldiers involved.

Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers based in Birmingham, called Corporal Donald Payne, who was found through research that has violently attacked Mousa in the minutes before dying, of being accused of murder and homicide.

Payne became the first member of the British armed forces convicted of war crimes when he pleaded guilty to inhumanely treating civilian court martial in 2006, but was later acquitted of murder .

Shiner said prosecutors should consider charges of conspiracy to violate the Geneva Conventions, namely, torture and inhuman treatment, and misconduct in the public against the Mendonça and Peebles.

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Is the Muff March such a cunning stunt? | Naomi McAuliffe

By focusing on activism against pornography British designer vaginas gets the headlines, but it hides the real problems

So this year, women have emerged as whores and Fannies. You know, I do not think we send the right message. While I fully agree with the principles behind these steps, what appears to be reducing women to the same kind of stereotypes that we are fighting against, that we are defined by our vagina. We seem to have yielded much in a race to make headlines, trends in Twitter, to get our banners and slideshows log ingenious.

this weekend March Muff was the real subject of genital cosmetic surgery. Some women feel so ashamed of his nether regions, they are willing to take a knife to him. Lady Gardens are not only hedged, which are invasive with re-landscaping. Labiaplasty (cut pieces of the mouth), the tightening of the vagina and hymen reconstruction are increasing. And while women, especially, you consent to these procedures, the context in which they are doing is wrong. Context of lady bits of shame. Women and girls have to live with accusations of fishy smell, the smell in our times, have vaginas that are too loose, with children who are not clean enough, the growth of hair too (as if it is an option), or decorate a minge like a Christmas tree with some horrible vajazzle. Respond to these accusations with razors, wax and a surgeon with a scalpel.

It was much more active against "designer vaginas" in the United States, where the phenomenon was more common for longer. But there is one interesting difference in approach. Activism is US much more concerned about the risk of such procedures tested, unregulated, and unnecessary for the health of women. March in London has become undeniably and inevitably Muff porn. This certainly helps you get press coverage for a couple of days and to obtain the commentators of the race. But it is also far removed from those women who do not believe that all their personal decisions about their bodies are based porn, that Bush is the cup of treason. Or probably not want the subject of women's rights sleeve centered

make progress on the risks hidden porn real health of the operation - an experimental procedure performed at the request of the surgeons are not trained to do - and, more broadly, the "cures" for healing sexual problems are not sold for parts of fluff in newspapers and magazines immoral.

not link to the whole "Selling penis enlargement! Viagra "email currently hitting my spam folder, or the medicalization of sexuality in general. It draws a parallel with female genital mutilation, which is monumentally insensitive to women and girls living with the world. These are the women who did not want to wear a flashy Merkin in central London.

is remarkable that all women have to do to make a political statement, it seems, do not shave. So much is being done to make us ashamed of our beavers cloying to a complete sleeve is considered "courageous", "courageous" and "Don King in a leglock."

March 1 organizing with women parading as Quimsa and condemning pornography is, ironically, sexy for the media - as evidenced by the large number of photographers in March, Saturday. But being in favor of the round does not mean they feel the need to push my grumpy on her face.
Its great that people are out of their laptops and do something to change the world. But that must be followed by a discussion of logical and sensible questions: please the media to get a picture of a bunch of stuff is not enough

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Martin Hughes obituary


psychologist who has studied the differences between how children learn at home and at school

development psychologist Martin Hughes, who died at the age of 62 after a multi-organ failure, studied how children's learning, knowledge and understanding varies by social context. In a career based mainly in universities of Exeter and Bristol, was difficult questions about the role of schooling and learning from the perspective of the child, and his work continues to be instructive for teachers and parents.

For the book he wrote with Barbara Tizard, children's learning (1984, reissued in 2002 as a children's series Understanding of the World), four girls were reported to talk to their teachers in kindergarten and their mothers at home, where much richer conversations were recorded. This suggests that children themselves a sense of intellectual effort was an essential part of learning, and questioning of young children does not exit if it is essentially limited to answering rather than asking questions.

in children and the number (1986), Martin compared the math skills that children have before going to school with the difficulties encountered by many to be the first time you meet in school mathematics. This raises the paradox: "The children seem to start school with more mathematical knowledge has so far in this case, why the difficulty of such an experience with math in school.?" He presented evidence that children develop their own forms of writing informal mathematics that do not correspond to the system of symbols that are needed to learn in school. The important message that children need to develop links between the formal and informal knowledge of numbers, was lost when the national strategy for mathematics was introduced in 1999. Martin's work deserves more attention.

Following the Education Reform Act of 1988, he led projects that explore the understanding of the relationship with parents and policy changes more and more centralized. He was among the first to identify the growing trend of parents as consumers and education as a commodity.

Martin was born in Hull and raised in Manchester, where his parents, Sam and Eileen, were teachers. Educated at Manchester Grammar School, University College, Oxford (where he studied philosophy and psychology), and the University of Edinburgh, Martin focuses on the importance of social context from the beginning. In his thesis work, reported in the mind of the child, Margaret Donaldson (1978), the tasks that led to a review of the findings of Jean Piaget on egocentrism of young children has reached its three tasks mountains. Instead of requiring the child to choose the views of the mountains could be seen by a manikin placed in different positions, the experience of Martin had hidden the child two dolls doll police. Use this task that has a social meaning, even very young children were able to demonstrate their abilities to the point of view of coordination.

Martin finished his collegiate career with a teacher of the Council of Economic and Social Research in communion outside the training school (2005-08). He acknowledged the growing interest in the region outside the school between teachers and educational policies, but there was criticism of a campaign to organize and control it to meet the objectives of the school system. He said that "Rather than trying to control -. Or simply ignore - the students' academic learning, schools must actively seek ways to make visible and celebrated in the school "
Martin wrote about his ideas clearly, and was willing to communicate their research to researchers and teachers. Although I was skeptical about its likely impact on politics, his work is often directly linked to politics, and worked hard to make sure he knew what he was doing. His colleague, Charles Crook, University of Nottingham, said: "Unlike many professors, Martin seemed genuinely interested in hearing about the activities of other people and opinions, and he was always happy to develop this type of conversations. "

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Global language league tables are pointless

countries fear that the levels of rank, but the comparison is no competition

that China now speak English better than India? Spain to Scandinavia soon challenge the skills of English language?

world ranking table of the English competition for the multinational has recently published the largest provider of English language teaching (EF English Proficiency Index) suggests that the answer to the first question is "yes" and the second "no." The rate of EF confirms both common knowledge, but raise eyebrows in other countries: Scandinavia, the Netherlands, the top of the list of "highly competitive" group, but Poland has won the Swiss and Hong Kong, and is just below Malaysia. China, meanwhile, beat India, which in turn is only marginally higher than Brazil. But India is really in a league of Brazil with regard to English

I followed the changing fortunes of English in different countries in recent years. In fact, the EC report is based indirectly on my own publications. But I never tried to develop an "index of the fatherland" of this kind, and for good reason.

The first is the lack of data. There is no standard way to describe the language: in each country are different types of tests are used, and the results are often difficult to obtain. For example, the index EF said China India wins, but I realized when I was researching my report for the British Council, English Next India, remains a mystery exactly how many people in India speak English and "at this level of competition. / Aa>

Some countries believe that the results of national examinations as "state secrets", and the detailed results of tests by independent bodies are often trade secrets. What is the provider of independent review is ready to publish the same number of subjects examined in each country?

EF, of course, have their own data - some simple averages based on four online tests, two-level tests taken by students aspiring EF. But there are serious problems with the use of these data for the construction of "national scores."

The first is the issue of representativeness. The EF is a test done by a group of people who chose to take - not representative of the national population - or, indeed, an easily identifiable group. You can see this problem more clearly if we look at other international sources of data - which has produced an annual average of scores by country (and the first language of those examined), but the seller has not taken any international comparative validity

IELTS, Cambridge ESOL has created, is taken by about 1 million people worldwide each year. (This compares with EF claim 2 million students tested for four years.) Comparisons between countries for the data show a quite different from that IELTS scores of EF. Germany leads the world in the IELTS, but just above EF languishing in Malaysia in the index. Spain is over Hong Kong in the IELTS, but is beaten by Nigeria. Not reported in the Scandinavian countries, reflecting the small number of people tested in these countries.

Neither IELTS or EF data represent the national adult population. Just think about the different markets that each organization in each country. For example, in some countries, a large group who take the IELTS may be students who do not find place at university in their country of origin, but have wealthy parents who are willing to pay to study at the abroad. In Hong Kong, by contrast, all second year students are encouraged to take IELTS by the government, who will pay for their consideration. In each country, the nature of self-selection is very different, which makes international comparisons based on the data value.

The second trend concerns the structure of economies - What kind of jobs are available, how many workers are paid most of these jobs and if English required. In many economies in a widening gap is widening between the jobs of low-level services (such as restaurants, hotels), which do not require more than A1 or A2, and the graduate level, professional jobs that require C1 or C2.

In a study earlier this year, I realized that as the structure of the Hong Kong economy has changed over the last 20 years - were taken to factories in mainland China and Hong Kong was left as a service economy -. requirements came two English in the workforce

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Jimmy Carter: Few houses built for poor Haitians (AP)

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter pauses during an interview as he and his wife Rosalynn visit a Habitat for Humanity project in Leogane, Haiti, Monday Nov. 7, 2011.  The Carters joined volunteers from around the world to build 100 homes in partnership with earthquake-affected families in Haiti during a week-long Habitat for Humanity housing  project.  (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

-. AP

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วันจันทร์ที่ 26 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2554

16,000 Holocaust victims to get German pensions (AP)

FILE- In this April 19, 1943 file photo, a group of Jews areescorted from the Warsaw Ghetto by German soldiers. After a year of tough negotiations, Germany agreed Monday, Dec. 5, 2011, to pay pensions to about 16,000 Holocaust victims worldwide who survived wartime ghettos or were forced to hide from Nazi persecution. (AP Photo, File)

World stocks fall on Europe debt crisis impasse (AP)

People check share prices on an electronic indicator in Tokyo, Friday, Nov. 25, 2011 as the 225-issue Nikkei Stock Average, shown top row center, lost 5.17 points to close at 8,160.01. Asian stock markets were mostly lower Friday after Germany continued to oppose a bigger role for the European Central Bank in managing the continent's debt crisis and Portugal's credit rating was lowered to junk. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

ESSAY: Reliving instead of remembering Sept. 11 (AP)

FILE - In this Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001 file photo, pedestrians in lower Manhattan watch smoke rise from the World Trade Tower after an early morning terrorist attack on the New York landmark. Television brought the 2001 attacks to the world in real time, and forever linked the thousands who lived through it and the millions who watched. It became a collective experience, and, from every angle, one of the most digitally documented events ever. And so it remains. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta, file)

South Sudan set to become world's newest nation (AP)

Southern Sudanese military helicopters fly over an independence rehearsal procession in Juba, southern Sudan on Thursday, July 7, 2011. The Government of Southern Sudan is making lavish preparations to celebrate its declaration of independence from the north on Saturday, July 9th. The south's secession comes after decades of brutal civil war between north and south that resulted in more than two million deaths, most of which were southerners. (AP Photo/Pete Muller)

Poor Filipinos have 9/11 victim to thank for homes (AP)

In this photo taken Aug. 3, 2011 in Manila, Philippines, Felisa Morta, right, with her family pause outside their home in a village named after Marie Rose Abad who died during the Sept. 11 2001 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City. Unlike many victims of the 2001 attacks who are remembered mostly by their family and friends, Marie Rose Abad's legacy lives on half-way around the world in a once-notorious Manila slum now turned into a tidy village that carries her name. (AP Photo/Pat Roque)

Congress honors Japanese-American soldiers (AP)

Bronze Star Medals are seen before being presented during a ceremony to Japanese American World War II veterans of the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team at the Washington Hilton in Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011. Nearly seven decades after Pearl Harbor, Congress is honoring Japanese-American military units that helped the United States win World War II on two fronts despite the hardships endured by many troops’ families back home. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Truth is being murdered in Putin's bloody Russia | Observer editorial

Another journalist was brutally murdered for daring to expose corruption and organized crime that is less tolerated by the elite of Moscow

course, says that given in case after case is not possible. A general conclusion, however, is inevitable. Russia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to practice journalism or any kind of revelation of the truth. Far from Moscow, scattered republics, anything goes - and goes unavenged. In Moscow, the leaders who pay lip service the parade of human rights is only an indifference which makes them complicit in these crimes. Mr. Kamalov died the same day as Russian organizations, journalists had gathered to commemorate those of his colleagues had been killed. Bitter irony. How much more, Putin? How long are we supposed to mourn his colleagues who died trying to tell us, and his fellow Russian, which is a loose, muddy state, Running Wild?

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Mystery bird: Brown-rumped seedeater, Serinus tristriatus | @GrrlScientist

This common bird is the mystery of Ethiopia in search of a kind to call your own

Brown-rumped Seed Hall

marbled, 1840 (synonym



Image :. Dan Logen, February 9, 2011 (with permission) [velociraptorize] Nikon D300s, 600 mm lens, f/10, 1 / 640 sec, ISO 800 I encourage you to buy

images from photographers who freely share their wonderful work with us.


This mystery birds of Ethiopia is not uncommon within its range. Can you identify the taxonomic family of birds? Can you identify the species?


is a coffee-rumped seed room



, a kind of start Fringillidae, the finches. The coffee-rumped Seed-dining room is a congener of domestic canary

S. canaria
, a species that illuminates the homes of some people with joyful songs and variety of colors.

the "group of islands" in a genre is controversial. The molecular research using some of the mitochondrial gene cytochrome b indicate that this type consists of two sub-types

Serinus strictly speaking
and Crithagra

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Ai Weiwei's mother accuses officials of hounding her son


Chinese artist and activist says he saves the officers' actions were "shocking, twisted, evil"

The mother of the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and activists accused the authorities of persecuting her son, who described his approach as "creepy, badly twisted."

Gao Ying said he was speaking because she feared Ai - who was detained for nearly three months this spring - would lose their freedom again. He faces a tax bill of £ 1.5 million, of which the good people have pledged to help pay.

"My heart is injured ... Why not act in accordance with the law? "She asked.

"As a mother, I love this country, I love people and want this country to have a good image in the world. However, these events are too embarrassing. How much of this type of product for him? Is not that harassment? "

She said officials would not speak to the media, but told the Guardian: "I do not resist ... I must speak, or I am not qualified to be a mother.

In a separate interview with Human Rights in China group, Gao complained about the tax bill was "astronomical", adding: ". The payment period is so strong that not even fly could help Banks "

She says her son has just risen to defend the rights of ordinary people, by asking, "Is it just happened to turn a person into an enemy, and an object of hatred with these words authorities:?. [Is a] strange, twisted way, evil "

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Mystery bird: Chinese francolin, Francolinus pintadeanus #birds #MysteryBirds

this bird and his family are easily recognizable, even if you've never seen this particular species before

Chinese francolin



(protonym Tetrao


), also known as Burma francolin, photographed in Hong Kong, China.


:. Marie-Louise Ng, 14 August 2011 (with permission) [velociraptorize]


this bird and his family share several other morphological structures in its taxonomic family. What are the similarities? Can you name this species?

is a Chinese francolin


. This bird is a member of the family of the ancient world, the Phasianidae, pheasants and partridges. This family includes the rooster (chicken range particularly familiar), the Old World quail, peacocks and monal. Some authorities also include Grouse (black grouse), the African Numididae (guinea fowl) and the New World Meleagrididae (turkeys) in Phasianidae.
Phasianidae are placed in taxonomic order, Galliformes. The Phasianidae are terrestrial species that live because they are generally overweight, with broad relatively short wings and strong legs. The beak is short, strong and has a curved edge. This group often shows sexual dimorphism, with males than females. The males of larger species tend to have colorful plumage and spectacular and extravagant facial ornaments such as beards or crests. Phasianidae many have a spur on their legs, a characteristic shared with Guinea hens and turkeys (and perhaps led those genres that are included with the Phasianidae).

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วันอาทิตย์ที่ 25 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2554

Gunmen kill four members of government-backed Iraqi militia

Massacre à Travers les attentats Moins UA Suivi PAIE lui la DANS la DANS lequel 68 morts sont Les Gens du Apparemment les Coordonnées Attaque

Des hommes vêtus d'uniformes de l'Armée Armes AVEZE irakienne

Quatre Membres Paire Tué le gouvernement Apres Le milice Sahwa soutenu AVOIR FAIT D'Une sunnite glisse mosquée Thème Bagdad, près Activités du Soir Lundi BNO Prière activités après des ERP, de Sécurité des sources.


J'Ai A Travers Meurtre au Pays des Minus 68 UA Attentats PERSONNES Attaque à Coordonnées décédées Apparemment. Sunnites autoritas j'ai d'islamiste Al-Qaïda en Ontario Attribué l'intention des affiliés Sud, un spectacle de Retrait vigeur U. S. ILS Ont troupes des d'avant La Fin de l'ICI Anne.

"Je INDIVIDUS islamique d'Etat de l'Irak (ISI), leurs uniformes ROULEMENT l'Armée, de la Mosquée al-Tawab NOM ET LES PERSONNES Appel des Entière D'Une liste OUT. Leur ILS et aux adorateurs Fallu abattu "Qasim al-Hamdani, Milica Membres rejoint Sahwa, a dit.

Une source d'interne

Pour Lui déclarer un laissez ministère des Hommes Noter la DANS privilèges pression Les Corps à l'Armes Disent laquelle appartenir ISI ILS

It Happened Dañs Meurtre

Sayafiya, à 12 miles (20 km) au sud de Bagdad UA UA l'. J'Ai particuliérement Soirée avec le Sacre du sont Prière mois Associés Ramadan, il ya Qui Deux Semaines de commencer.

"L'Armée des Quatre licols BNO Membres et les organes des Trois Bless Sahwa. Au débuts, Qui IL étions BNO Bless pensaient Trois mar. aussi qu'ils etaient Ete UA PARCE Bénit Sérieux" unit la police Travaillé La DANS la DANS UNE de ville Qui dit Voisine Hôpital.

"sacrifierons Davies et BNO BNO mettre en danger-Familles, MAIS BNO gouvernement du rire n'avons Moins retour," j'ai Ajout ». Laissant Sahwa Mon meilleur rejoint Choix versez Été Dañs rejoint La Tête m'épargner balle. "

AVEC eux Travail des Membres des forces de la Sahwa la DANS milice des pôles Sécurité des zones de contrôle sont principalement irakiennes sunnites Effectifs Travers Le Pays.
L'intégration de gouvernement Combattants Dans le formulaire de Sahwa HNE considérée gissement Comme l'Clé pour l'Irak, Stabilisateur raison des craintes nouveau Qui rejoint chiite gouvernement promesse de Ne Pas Mene Eux embauche.

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Indian police capture alleged contract killer suspected of 165 murders

Condemnation Jaggu

Pehelwan may be hampered by the lack of witnesses willing, the Policeman Said

would have hired a killer believed to be responsible for the deaths of more than 150 people were arrested in India after a chase that lasted more than a decade.


Pehelwan was arrested by armed police in the city of Ghaziabad, north of the poor law and Uttar Pradesh on Monday night. Five shots were fired during his detention, but no one was injured.

Pehelwan, the leader of a gang of the most famous of the city, was formally charged with 30 murders in a criminal career of 15 years, and police believe he is responsible for about 130 more. The victims included members of his own gang suspected of disloyalty, criminal rivals and many others, is accused of killing Pehelwan money.

"Although officially wanted 100 cases of murder, which is believed to have killed nearly 165 people," said Anil Kaparwan, the policeman who arrested the fugitive, the local press .

The case has highlighted the deep problems of applying the law of India and the justice system where criminals to intimidate or bribe witnesses and judges. Kaparwan said that getting a guard at the prison of conviction and it can be difficult.

charge between £ 12,500 and £ 32.500 for the murder, authorities said, and had recently entered into an agreement for the murder of two dozen £ 200,000. The objectives include a telecommunications operator, a contractor and a local activist of the party.

He comes from a village near Ghaziabad and is believed to be in his mid-30s. He would have made his first contract killing in 1998. The victim was a businessman in New Delhi.

Pehelwan is accused of murdering the owner of a hotel in 2003 and two developers and a transport operator in 2008. Last month, is accused of killing an alderman of his ward.
Officials said he had ordered the killing now be located and brought to justice.

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