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Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan and Max Mosley face privacy committee - live

as complete coverage as the actor, comedian and former head F1 driver says his fellow deputies and search and privacy precautions

2:10 p.m.

Well, looks like a short distance from the Royal Courts of Justice in Parliament. Some of the star witnesses in the investigation Leveson - Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan and Max Mosley - appearing before a joint committee of the House of Commons and Lords to discuss the privacy and arcades injunctions 14:15.

is not entirely clear if we hear anything new - if less Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MP, who admitted using a writ of privacy, is also in the mix . Goldsmith, unlike the other three, did not appear before the magistrate Leveson. Shortly after a group of regulators, and regulators, including Ofcom and the PCC will appear.

Now that Leveson began, the parliamentary inquiry, also created by David Cameron at the height of the superinjunctions "crisis" seems superfluous. However, MPs and peers do not like being ignored, so no doubt there will be a small theater, and perhaps an idea too.


Leveson, two former officials of the Office of the Information Commissioner was giving evidence this morning. Here are the key points of what he said:

. The Information Commissioner Office (ICO) was advised by a lawyer in 2003 that Steve Whittamore seized records showed that the journalists had committed crimes and that "several publishers to be at aware "of it.


. Francis, the former deputy commissioner for information, said he believed that the press was "too big to take" and that journalists were studied.

You can read a full account of their data in our live blog.


While we await the action, here are some playback information in the form of witness statements provided to the Leveson search by three of the witnesses.

Hugh Grant

first, second and

Steve Coogan - is here

, Max Mosley, for his part is no longer here

Happy reading ... aa>


and aligned, all the sober suits and ties. Seems much more intelligent ...


Coogan opens. He complains that we "other side" of the press reports were not "the platform" to answer his critics. He says that the intrusion into their private lives over the years is "nothing special, superficial." Smile if. "The use of celebrity launch," says Coogan is considered a derogatory term, but adds that "they feel more comfortable with public speaking of some of the least known and most victims deserve "the intrusion of the press.

2:28 p.m.

next grant. "I never denied that I am cross," the intrusion into their privacy. But he complains about the intrusion of wives and other relations was "all in the name of profit" and it means that the wrath of his "double". Grant Coogan repeat the mantra over and he adds that he is here "for the country, if it does not sound too pompous."


, Max Mosley, begins by noting that only the rich can sue for defamation. "It is very similar to the violation of privacy burgarly," said Mosley repeat an argument made several times before. "We need an organization much cheaper" to resolve cases of defamation, he said , then argued again the need for a "notice" of respect for privacy.


Zac Goldsmith reminds us that The Ecologist magazine published once before returning to his injuunction. "Very briefly, I discovered that many e-mails between my sister and my ex-wife had been illegally distributed" journals. He said he had reached a "provisional superinjunction" to prevent a person using e-mail messages in the news, and later the order was subsequently varied to be identified. He said that e-mails had gone " Sun, the New World, Group Mail, much more. "Concerned that he left without even knowing who was behind it. Goldsmith said that the day after the journalists were" crying on the wall of his garden? - Is it true that she is divorcing his wife "The email contains no great revelations, but about the imminent break with his wife then.

2:36 p.m.

Despite all the big names there is no coverage of the BBC or Sky News. It's all about the German Chancellor and French President

2:37 p.m.

Mosley said that someone in violation of privacy is "desperately important" to the person making the object of history. It should not be conducted by a newspaper insulation Goldsmith added that "any marginal decision" must be "taken by an independent" -.. which is independent of the newspaper

2:40 p.m.

conversations award of two industries in the newspaper. One who is "great", whose editors would trust to make a decision on the public interest, and a second based on the ownership of "criminal means of privacy of another person for profit." Grant now supports the suggestion of Nick Davies is a newspaper that could be applied to an independent arbitrator to provide guidance as to whether the publication of certain facts or new can be justified.

2:40 p.m.

seems we have four answers for each question. Coogan defended the regulation of broadcasting and the BBC said that investigative journalism may well be governed by the likes of Ofcom.

2:41 p.m. Hugh Grant

necklace is remarkable in its place. Someone has to make an analysis of style here.

2:42 p.m.: ". Defining public interest law"

Lord Harris wondered if it would help if there was a see Mosley arguments on both sides, but adds that "it is probably a need for some kind of definition that comes from the parliament," because it is an "argument to increase the protection of the press when there is a substantial public interest ' .

2:43 p.m. Hugh Grant does not support a privacy law in a brief response to Ben Bradshaw MP. Mosley reiterated that "there really great harm" to the law, other than a "need for greater protection for the press and the previous information." But he adds: "The real problem is the application" - indicating that he believes that the CPC is too low

14:45: ". Idea of ??notice " MP George Eustice said she was attracted by the Mosley said that you can take S12.2 drafting of the Human Rights Act - which says you have to take" all reasonable steps "to alert a subject. Mosley said that celebrities only need about 24 hours because they are entitled to lawyers, but people on the street may need 48 to 72 hours. (How newspapers Sunday in that environment, one wonders.)


Goldsmith reiterated there is a need for reform to bring charges of libel and privacy actions. Mosley, who is most not mean, that "severe sanctions after the event would only work if they have been so great" that the newspapers did not dare breach of privacy in advance.

2:48 p.m.: search

Leveson has finished for the day. If you missed our live blog here.


Coogan argues for the need for newspapers to publish an apology on its front page, but Mosley said that would not help you. Confidentiality is different, he said. If the New World had published "was an orgy private" on its first page, he says, then "I could not help." There are a few laughs.

2:51 p.m.
Hugh Grant said he wanted his lawyer could explain the "procedures that would by" papparazi stop "torturing a adult woman and her son, "and the mother of harassing his daughter and her family. He repeats the story that the CCP could not eliminate the photographers outside their home - which only reduces your amount of" about 30%. "At the request of Coogan, Grant adds that for many years was not worth playing until the police" for theft or assault or something, because very often the first person you call a journalist. "

2:53 p.m.

! "We are not the kind of people who are photographed in our living rooms for the magazine OK" says Coogan . But he says even people who do not sign up for their "broken door in the magazine Hello." You will not lose all your personal information to give interviews.


John Whittingdale question, or touch, Divine Brown. Grant said the issue was "criminal, not one. This was lower in the public record, he hopes it was reported, had no meat. "

2:56 p.m.

Goldsmith told to "draw a fine line" between freedom of the press and any restrictions. Lord Shawcross quotes Coogan in 1962, saying that the type and said that "the press must be given another opportunity to" reform before the laws were introduced. We have been here before, he said. Coogan, remember that he was "talking to Simon Jenkins" this past week (there was a heated exchange with Times editor and columnist for The Guardian earlier on Radio 4 can not remember) - and Coogan said Jenkins, says the press is quiet for a while and then misbehaves again.

2:59 p.m.

Coogan said PCC reform "needs to have an element of the press" so they can "do their part "but want a stronger independent side. Baroness Bonham-Carter, wonders if "the law is too big gun" and wondered if that would prevent newspapers like The Guardian. Grant says the Guardian "has never had a case against his private life", but says this would like to see newspaper libel law reform.


Paul Waugh tweets that we do not learn something new here:

I wonder how many of Privacy joint CPE and injunctions Leveson actually seen? In this session feels like a repeat of the BBC.

3:02 p.m.

Hugh Grant asked if the sun made Four Weddings a success. He says that "arrogance is crazy," as one British tabloid could not have been the hit movie in Venezuela and other countries that I missed.

15:04: Mosley said that there must be a distinction between the body that "makes the rules" for the press and the organization applies. It was a point that was "dying to do."

3:05 p.m.

Hugh Grant said: "I do not know you had a good reputation" and said that has nothing to do with whether a film is a success. On the contrary, says, "Tom Hanks has a great name, is a family man, but is still able to make films that are failures .."

3:06 p.m.

Max Mosley said that footballers are not role models in the room. Testing should be required tabloid show that "people would not have bought the [football] shirts" if I knew the player was a womanizer or whatever. (No idea how to show a sensation, but it ' is what he suggests.)

Coogan tries to say something about the case of Rio Ferdinand V Sunday Mirror, but Mosley is interrupted, noting that the player "will appeal."

3:09 p.m.

Goldsmith argues that in the case of a member who is on his private life, which is not a matter of rape someone's privacy. The role model argument, in fact, apply. "There are many complaints that judges are out of control, I think they behave responsibly," he said. However, in response to criticism from an increasing number of judges in cases of confidentiality, Goldsmith said that Parliament should legislate anyway.

3:12 p.m.

Here is a picture of the evidence to Coogan

3:14 p.m. Lord Black of Brentwood, said that a free press must be "commercial success". The importance of this, given its role in Telegraph Media Group and the PCC. "Do you believe that when a court is currently a judge of the public interest, it is necessary to consider the commercial viability of the newspaper?" Coogan stands up and says: "Absolutely not," while Mosley gives you a longer answer. Then, Goldsmith says there is no excuse if a company violates the law. "Nobody said that Auschwitz was open, but creates jobs"

3:17 p.m.

Coogan says there are many people "interested in asylum seekers and housing prices continue to buy The Daily Mail "without the" bad taste "in the privacy intrusion. Dacre attack again ... Alan Partridge does this mean?

3:18 p.m.

Mosley said he spent "more than £ 500,000 'Get references to" Nazi orgy "story of several sites including obtaining references, it fell from 192 sites in Germany.


Here'a a test image that gives grants


Coogan said she spent more than £ 200,000 in phone-hacking case against the News of the World - a number of money that says "I lose sleep."

3:21 p.m.

Mosley reiterated that he obtained £ 60 000 in damages from the News of the world and 82% of costs News of the world. While it was £ 30 000 from his pocket and "judge not even be removed from the public mind." Repeating his key point, Mosley said that is the justification of the notice.

3:23 p.m.

grant leans to one side of the chair a meeting room, waiting for a question. Are placed on the harassment of photographers. Grant says "always talking to them, or violence, I tried once or twice." He says he "got my car back stabbed Stanley" after complaining of the conduct a photographer. He says the freelance photographers "are often recruited from the criminal classes" - is a point echoed by Coogan. Grant reiterated that he get a court order to protect Hong Lan Ting and said, "I can not believe how good my only job." Mosley added that most people can not afford an order of court.

3:27 p.m.

Grant: "I would say that there is a gap between what privacy sifgnificant is put into a blog or a tweet and a newspaper. "He says he is less important to him because blogs do not benefit from the invasion of privacy in general. But he said that" history clear "the papers allowing the new can not print "escape the blogosphere."

3:29 p.m.: line Zac Goldsmith

compare red caps in a Nazi extermination camp, made the rounds on Twitter. Here columnist Janice Turner on the subject:

Zac Goldsmith

tabloids compared to Auschwitz. Tom Watson and Steve Coogan compared them with the Mafia. And it is that newspapers are tabloids?


Mosley said of the video images taken by the orgy News of the world can still be found on Google. He always says that "people who are, you Google" and the images can still be seen. He can not escape the news of the world's history, he says, if she won damages in court. He said search engines should be required to put an end to news, images that happen to be in violation of privacy.

3:32 p.m.:. of this trend is on Twitter

3:35 p.m.
Hugh Grant says his experience of the CCP is negative, repeat the year of the battle with the mirror in the middle of 1990 and claims that he never knowingly used by the CCP. Apologies were small and did not explain the original error - although his lawyer once tried without knowing

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