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Grammy awards 2012 - as it happened

Aa live coverage of the 2012 Grammy as Whitney Houston's death hangs over the ceremony in Los Angeles 54. Live blogging: Brian Braiker and Joshua Alston


Brian Braiker

- Hello and welcome to live in the Guardian blog

54th Grammy Awards

I will be your host and

Joshua Alston

and music writer The Guardian Rebecca Nicholson Grammy

They have a number for the first time Nicky Minaj and LL Cool J, teamwork we label through this musical journey. Minaj released her new song of the record of the next Roman Day.

The view this evening, however, is


. With six nominations, album of the year (21), Album of the Year (Rolling in the Deep), Song of the Year (Rolling in the Deep), Best Pop Vocal Album (21), better performance solo pop (Someone Like You) and Best Short Form Music Video (Rolling in the Deep) - by their appearance at home as much material at the end of the night. It will also have the sympathy of the crowd, it will be his first public performance since her throat was operated on last year. Dave Grohl Foo Fighters were nominated for album of the year, Adele just called "the greatest record ever," as he was interviewed on the red carpet and woe to competition. Tonight will also mark

Katy Perry

aa first public appearance since his divorce s Russell Brand . And all eyes will be on Rihanna and Chris Brown, who will both be in the building - and therefore the performance - for the first time since Brown brutally beat her after the 2009 prices

The Beach Boys

will be on hand, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary

Kanye West

- who has the most nominations with seven nominations - will also be on hand, but is expected to be on their best behavior. Lady Gaga

probably will not make an appearance. And tonight is the night meets the world

Skrillex , dubstep American author to be executed.

But of course, the name that night, lips absolutely everyone is

Whitney Houston

. The R & B superdiva died horribly (if it is not intended), yesterday, for reasons not yet been revealed.

Jennifer Hudson was confirmed as a performer in a tribute to Houston and there were rumors about Chaka Khan to join. Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt will be a tribute to Etta James, and especially the absence makes no mention of a certain kind of honor for Amy Winehouse.

7:11 p.m.:

> Joshua Alston

- Hi Brian, thank you for the introduction

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

just appeared on the red carpet. It must be very annoying to go to an event and you are almost certain to run into your ex.


- Yes! Khalifa basically said he would propose to Amber in a year, what was clearly a novelty for her. Does the headline of the night? (Probably not.)


- This will probably be the holder of the night in hip-hop gossip blogs. I am very curious to see what your program is, given the war, all neuroses seems to be after the death of Whitney Houston.




very similar. And perfectly dressed for the AVN Awards. (Not that Google.)

Joshua - Well, I know nothing about fashion, but according to my boyfriend, bright orange dress is Gaultier Fergie "incredible."

- I'm not angry against Fergie dress at all. Impressive is a good word. "Classy", maybe not. But as I said, I will not argue with him.

Katy Perry , however, with ice blue hair and matching dress looks as if he were auditioning to be the deputy of the storm in the upcoming movie X-Men. Meanwhile, E! TV has done a good idea of ??what explainer Whiz Khalifa is for people at home.

7:19 p.m.:

Brian , join us for the red carpet action, what we see on E! indeed. Not literally, of course.

Unlike any other fashion commentators, we do not know anything about fashion. Therefore, it is important to note that the positive and say that Britain Jessie J looked lovely at Julien Macdonald. In the spirit of positivity, this analyst has nothing to say about this soon divorced, Katy Perry, who would probably rather at home with a pint of ice cream and one piece anyway.

7:27 p.m.:


- Gotta love the irony of the criticism live fashion. Kelly Osbourne is giving their assessments of restrictions, pending its lavender flamboyant hair color makes it sound like if she played bass in a Jem and the Holograms cover banda.



- all by hand
Nicky Minaj

been wrapped in red along with what I'm sure must be the true pope today.

Brian - nobody expects the Inquisition NICKI MINAJ

7:37 p.m.:


- A little primer on the Grammys during you wait for the show to start: the albums and songs published between 1 September 2010 and September 30, 2011 are eligible for consideration. So thank you God, Drake did not make the cut. His record will feel quite old, whereas if finally gets the green light next year. (But does not explain why Bon Iver is nominated for Best New Artist -. The guy was on the hot list 2008 Rolling Stone) The winners are chosen by members of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences. Record companies and labels to submit tracks and albums for consideration by the voting members of the academy 12,000.


- There was some controversy this year, however, during the consolidation of several categories that some people thought and minorities disproportionately affected . Jesse Jackson threatened to protest against the ceremony, but apparently have not been confirmed. After the death of Whitney Houston, would have seemed a bit small though.


Brian - A blonde Rihanna, which is impressive in a black low-cut dress, just call your team - who claimed to have designed with Georgio Armani -

"simple and sexy and a little gangsta while."


: I am here dying on the dress Rihanna. Despite my ignorance of fashion, red carpet OMG moment when I see it.


- Insight of E 's Giuliana Rancic: Nicki Minaj costume "is a little too costume-y, and not really out of fashion . "This is Grammy love.

7:55 p.m.:

Brian - E! reported that her ex-husband of Whitney Houston Bobby Brown flew and should arrive in Los Angeles in 21 hours. Meanwhile, the family released this statement to MTV today:

I am deeply saddened by the death of my ex-wife Whitney Houston. At that time, ask to privacy, especially for my daughter, Bobbi Kristina. I appreciate all the condolences that were sent to me and my family in this most difficult time.

8:04 p.m.:

And we will.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Kick

the ceremony with his new single Our Own attend his first public performance since the great man, Springsteen, saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who died last year. The group is supported by a full orchestra and it sounds very '70s-era Springsteen. Macca is at the forefront with his new girlfriend, both young and as they have fun. Springsteen is looking very strong and energetic for a man of 97 years.

8:09 p.m.: Brian: LL Cool J begins with an eloquence:

How about this time, so far? No distance around this problem: we had a death in the family. Thus, at least for me - for me - it just feels good to start with a prayer for a woman who loved us, for our fallen sister Whitney Houston. Hevaenly Father, thank you for sharing with us our sister Whitney.


: LL Cool J opening sad about the amount of the reform of this show has done for the night, with a more serious and revenential - , at least for the opening. If the producers hired a comedian to run the show would have been a very difficult night.


- LL Cool J is all class and charm and optimism and warmth. It is the anti-Gervais.

8:16 p.m.:


Joe Levy

, editor of Rolling Stone contributing, tweets clip file Whitney.

honors Whitney Whitney. Very good. This is a way of saying that no one else to match.

- Joe Levy (@ RealJoeLevy) February 13, 2012

8:20 p.m.: Performance: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has a very nice impression of Janelle Monae get an idea of ??James Brown.

Joshua - I think Bruno Mars is to completely remove the imitation of James Brown. Even Whitney Houston turned a top note, the first of many, certainly in the discharge of taxes.

Brian - and welcome

Rebecca Nicholson

, Guardian music writer, we will binds to evaluate performance. And Rebecca is not so impressed with Bruno:

Bruno after Bruce - if you receive this procedure in alphabetical order, Taylor Swift will be tired by the time it's your turn. This is the same on Mars, with a tight, synchronized performance retro, but it's not quite reach the dizzying heights of Janelle Monae hook-up at the Grammys last year.

8:24 p.m.:

Brian - Bonnie Raitt and Alicia Keys on stage seems Does to present an award. Alicia said: "We love Whitney Houston." But ... they sing a song by Etta James. The launch of two in a Sunday so beautiful duet of love. And, my God, where did you Raitt's voice anyway? You all know that this is a southern girl, right? As in southern California. It's pretty nice. You know how to go about this? With a performance by Chris Brown.

8:25 p.m.:

PRICE: Grammy for Best Solo Performance pop-someone like you Adele


- seems strangely nervous considering how many appointments she has and how many people are pulling. It should be very concerned about performance.


Performance - Chris Brown


-. LL Cool J says

Chris Brown

"Moves like no other" Unless you're Mike Tyson. I love this song. We really bonded. Chris Brown will play all their best known hits tonight. Except one.


- Are you sure you pull bluntly, Brian. I must say, Chris Brown is incredibly talented. This is a great night for him if you can call the U.S. which is an amazing artist. Maybe your story can be found listed in "Everybody makes mistakes."


- No, Joshua, judging by twitter, no.


uncomfortable, SOMEONE is encouraging a crowd beating a woman famous fuckchrisbrown #

- Samhita Mukhopadhyay (@ desifeminista) February 13, 2012

Brian: I'll punch when Brown pulled. I recognize that it is talent, but I suspect it will not do much for his image. And I find it very hard to feel sorry for him.

8:37 p.m.:

PRICE! Jay-Z and Kanye West win the Grammy for Best Rap Performance by Otis.


- Jay and Kanye are not there to collect his prize. Maybe you are in Paris to F'd?


- There is no denying that Jay-Z and Kanye Otis was the performance highlight of the slate a mediocre rap, but shame Nicki Minaj did not win, if it is only because it would be nice to see the pope spit a few bars.


- Yo Kanye, I'm very happy for you, I got enough, but the best is Otis Redding sample of all time - of all time - in Gone, the year 2005 Late Registration. Otis is thin compared to the serious:

Joshua - Jason Aldean gave microphone in his duet with Kelly Clarkson. In the first decision of the night, congratulations Jason

8:58 p.m.:

Performance - Foo Fighters

9:07 p.m.: Performance - Rihanna and Coldplay


: This version of Coldplay attended "We Found Love" is used to Rihanna. The images are a little retro but. And I'm sure I mean in a negative feedback.
: Sorry, I slept. I go back and live blogging as soon as the voice of Chris Martin keeps changing. These are difficult times in the life of a young man and I salute their courage to perform in public.


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