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Society daily 06.02.12

Aa abuse that feed disabled "benefit cuts

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benefit cuts fuel violence towards disabled people, charities, for example

Minister Disability: no shortage of jobs

. "I never entitled to disability benefits, however, I am still called"

Tanni Grey-Thompson, "a false Many disabled people are afraid of changes in the disability living allowance "- video

aa . Ed Miliband: Defeat NHS reform could save 6,000 jobs nursing>
. Terms regulatory review of the nursing profession is in the midst of concern about the quality of care

. Ken Clarke reveals his plan to give more rights to divorced parents

. Women with diabetes are invited to precautions to have a baby

. Stop and "toxic relationship" with the riot police are accused of Tottenham

. Jackie Ashley: Government officials of Sir Humphrey had fun time, but changed Whitehall

. Patrick Stewart: Domestic violence has ruined my house. This is why I support Refuge

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. Ed Miliband: Everyone who loves the NHS must fight to defeat this bill of health

. North-South divide grows as jobs are lost in four times the rate elsewhere

. Deborah Orr: Can you forgive his son the riot and a wonderful father yet? Yes!

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. Public groups were very popular in the housing sector and the efficiency of the unit Gershon - why owners complain about their services

legal battle Surrey council on libraries run by volunteers shows how public services can fall into the legal obstacles first. Deputy Paul Brant said Liverpool

. The means of the nature of charities slower, they are better equipped to take a broader view of public services, says consultant Tom Levitt

. Dick Vinegar, the patient from hell, there is nothing - or nothing - nothing but praise for his treatment least one of their local hospitals

on my radar ...

. The reform of health care and social, must return to parliament this week. Protests against government proposals to reform the NHS are provided outside of Lords and the BMA. Speculation is growing as to whether the bill will be withdrawn. Stepping Out on the blog, a regular contributor to The Guardian Craig Dearden-Phillps said that the current NHS is an ocean liner headed for the rocks in 5 years. On the question of how health services can reduce costs and "improve its offer," he writes:

The left (including many liberal Democrats) that it is all about planning and coordination. The right to think that it is ultra-refoulement and the establishment of markets and private providers with the state and the road.


sensitive (and most non-political community) recognize that they need the little bit of both. The high-level planning is needed on the range of long-term allocation of a book of the health of our taxes. As a nation, we must agree that our response to our well-known demographic and health challenges should be. This is the "national dialogue" to be carried out by our political class. So the job of government to implement the framework. This is not the same as the "coordination" offered during the years of work -. This led the National Health Service are micro-managed as a nationalized industry

even reasonably necessary to separate the non-essential to our health needs another sector. This has resulted, as has happened in social care, where the diversity of suppliers and prices moved lower quality in recent years - with notable exceptions, of course. But it must be done carefully. The argument of "cherry picking" is real and can not be ignored. We must use the private sector where you can drive standards -. But keep an overview and maintain the local authorities to support the private sector under control when not working for the common good

Meanwhile, the writer Matt Leys urges patients to join health professionals who have expressed their opposition to the reform plans:

The NHS is not perfect. No system is at this scale, which has never been and never will. However, it is - in terms of performance and costs - the best in the world (like the U.S. research center investigating the Commonwealth Fund revealed). You may not think that when you sit in a crowded waiting room for an appointment that was to arrive an hour - but the appointment rather not have happened? Your primary care physician - that under the proposed system Lansley will be responsible for deciding how money is spent - you do not remember all. And GP groups are limiting. If you're the third person with this condition by the door of the week, and the ration is two reference week - Damn. Unless you have deep pockets, or your insurance company is feeling generous.

When Nye Bevan founded the NHS in 1948, one of its guiding principles is "freedom from fear." The fear of not being able to pay the doctor, that fear was very real for millions of people. Do not let the fear of a return. We can act.

The NHS is ours. And it's time for - the patients, were heard. It is time our voices are added to professional associations and unions of healthcare workers who oppose the privatization of health - who oppose the fear

. An excellent blog post by Simon Barrow Ekklesia on top of the proposed benefits:

... when it comes to benefits, it appears that the government suddenly develops an interest in low wages - because they can be used as a weapon against unpaid work. But when it comes to AXING public sector jobs, tighter investment, reduce work patterns, reducing the budgets of local governments, putting downward pressure on wages and employment of other harmful consequences of economic austerity (a strategy that the Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz calls a suicide pact "between some European governments), suddenly, both working poor and 2.8 million jobs TODAY 'Today is ineffective are conveniently forgotten. All the blame should go to benefit the plaintiffs.

. An interesting post from John Craig Unit Blog of innovation, and the report of a workshop with staff from the public sector:

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