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London's Shard: a 'tower of power and riches' looking down on poverty


by Renzo Piano, will be the tallest building in Europe, can provide a shot in the arm of London - or simply be a symbol of financial strength of the Qatar

through the air above the tunnels and wet by the Victorian London Bridge is a new symbol of the extraordinary confidence.

The Shard prismatic glass has become the tallest building in Europe, rising higher than the main tower at Canary Wharf, the Commerzbank in Frankfurt and the Ostankino television tower in Moscow.

the 310 meters (1017 feet) of construction is scheduled to open in June, what should be an economic slowdown continues. But with the experience of the apartment on the top floor 66, the thoughts of stagnation in Britain are obliterated by the magnificent view.

From the cavernous hall with double height over 200 feet into the air, the city of eight million people looks like a toy town. The London Eye became a sideshow attraction and model ship HMS Belfast. Twin Arenas - Wembley Olympics - they feel in touch with the distance. The train inches along the centipede, as London Bridge Station, while in the east of the curves of the Thames to the sea

At this particular time is above the cloud cover. Spectacular views next year will be on sale to the highest bidder when apartments could reach tens of millions of pounds each.

In total, there will be 27 office floors, three floors of gourmet restaurants, a 18 floor five-star Shangri-La Hotel, spa and 10 luxury apartments, each with an average of seven times greater than duplex. A vision of public space is four stories built from the 68th floor is likely to cost about 20 pounds and access. The developer plans to lease the higher the room of the 78th floor of high-powered conferences and policy debates - the ridges at the top

"We could send the most important European politicians up there and do not let them down until he solves the crisis of the euro," said Irvine Sellar, the developer the building.

architect Renzo Piano, has discussed an alternative use as a result of meditation and is said to be interested in space should not become a playground only for the super rich and powerful .

But how all this, rising alongside the poorest of the halls in the country, are listed in the economy of the United Kingdom? It should be noted that to date no office tenants have been reported, although the developers say they are in talks with several and they are selective. The answer may lie in your property -. The play owes its existence to a power play of a gas-rich kingdom, more than 4,000 miles away

Since spring 2009, when construction began, the wealth of Qatar is poured into the project. While the global economic crisis has forced the manufacturers of tools on the sites in the UK, around £ 1.5 billion - mostly from the Gulf -. Funded the fragment

Two apartments on two floors each and all are supposed to be at home in London for members of the royal family of Qatar. The Shard - 80% by the central bank - is now the crown jewel of the property increasing in the emirate of London, which also includes Harrods, the building of the U.S. embassy in Grosvenor Square, and Chelsea Barracks

insist that the Qataris are simply diversify their investments. But political observers believe that the Gulf is fine and regional diplomatic rivalry in the game. For example, some Kuwaitis and Emiratis are said to be jealous of Harrods, London's favorite store is owned by Qatar.

would not be. In 2000, when the shape of the fragment was first described on the back of a letter from a restaurant in Berlin by the piano, the project was entirely in the hands of the sella, a former merchant of Carnaby Street, and trade partners. London skyline rose in a tide of easy credit and property prices wearer. Pickles the form of Lord Foster of the Swiss Re tower would be built in the city and plans of a group of tall towers - the "cheesegrater", the "walkie talkie", the "HelterSkelter" -. They wrote

A survey of planning followed by the presentation of the design of the piano, which he says inspired towers charming old churches of London, and John Prescott, then deputy prime minister, has approved in 2003. But when it came to erecting the building, the Sella and its partners could not get the funding for the construction due to the global financial crisis.

Qatar investors bought 80% of the project in January 2008 when he was worth £ 2 billion.

"The UK is an expensive country for us," said Qatar's ambassador in London, Khalid bin Salim bin Rashid Al-Hamoudi Al-Mansouri. "We have invested in this country before and after the accident. The investment is a long-term investment. We do not need money now. It is a strategy to diversify our economy more than 10, 20, 30. Us that the UK is the place to put our investments. The UK is a strategic partner with our country. "

Governor of Central Bank of Qatar, Sheikh Abdullah bin Saud Al-Thani, was more explicit about the diplomat potential acquisition. He said he hoped the piece would become "a symbol of the close relationship between Qatar and the United Kingdom."

Dr Christopher Davidson, an expert in Gulf politics at the University of Durham, said that the fragment was instrumental in the program of Qatar "soft diplomacy" with countries like the United Kingdom and the United States to provide security guarantees.

"It's not about money," he said. "It is with surprise and joy. Thus the cities should be. It must stop and must not go beyond the Green Zone. If you do this by going vertical that sends a message of conservation land. The building is not the arrogance and power, but on increasing the intensity of city life. "

compared the project to the Centre Pompidou in Paris, he designed with Richard Rogers in the 1970s. Model turned art gallery in the opposite direction, by the bowels of the building - ducts, pipes and structure - the facade

"Architecture is not neutral, celebrating something," he said. "When we built the Centre Pompidou celebrates the rebellion against the idea that culture should be intimidating. The fragment will be held in the community, the sense of the city, the direction of change. I think the building will become expensive in London, and it is not arrogant. towers are not loved because normally closes at 18 hours and a block of black glass. "Is not about money or power. It is with surprise and joy."

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