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Egypt protests: A million march in Tahrir Square? Live updates

. Protesters descend on Tahrir Square for "million men" in March

. ICC to "cooperate" with Libya by Saif al-Islam test . Turkey Erdogan joined calls for the resignation of Syrian President

. Read the latest summary here

3:17 p.m.

quarterback Tantawi respond to this unprecedented crisis in the short life of SCAF?


David, an economist at the Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts that the Army Council that "attempt to resolve the political crisis by co-opting civilian politicians in a new administration to monitor the elections."

If the reports that Mohamed El-Baradei, was approached to become the new Minister of Egypt, the main is true, this seems in line with the events.



To succeed, you need to make major concessions. This could involve: advancing the date of presidential elections in May 2012, stating that step down in June 2012, the demolition of the supra-constitutional documents, and to end military tribunals

Although the military council not to give ground on these issues, this may not be sufficient to convince the crowd to disperse Tahrir. The protesters are not satisfied with the announcement that the military council stands aside now and the transfer of sovereignty to a transitional authority civil.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a key player. They want the choice to move forward because it has invested heavily in his campaign and is poised to take power. However, you may decide to have a lot to lose permanent effect by the Army Council.


Meanwhile the leadership of Marshal Tantawi to the nation, the last color of the Tahrir Square

AP says some 30,000 have reached the place, the crowd continues to grow steadily as the night falls.

The atmosphere was reminiscent of the revolt that toppled Mubarak 18 days with joy by the large number of participants is mixed with the growing anger to the army.

The crowd was an open wooden coffin with a body wrapped in white and one protester held a funeral in the center of the square.

stuffed a military uniform was hanging from a lamppost with a sign in the central neck that says "Run the quarterback," referring to Tantawi, Minister of Defence of Mubarak, 20. People cheered when the effigy was hanged and state television showed some sticks.

men in the plaza opened a corridor in the middle of the crowd and formed a human chain to keep it open, with easy access to motorcycles and ambulances transported the injured to several hospitals in the plaza .

Earlier, Prime Minister Essam Sharaf issued another statement to the protesters to leave the place, telling them to "calm down" and focus on what he said was the main objective : the election. It was not yet a concrete response to the offer of his cabinet to resign.


Mohamed ElBaradei, the figurehead of the opposition, asked the head of a new government in Egypt


military power of Egypt have discussed the possibility to appoint him prime minister after the resignation of the current cabinet, a military source told AFP. Al-Jazeera, said:

The decision of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) had invited the country's political forces in crisis talks to try to contain deadly clashes that raged for a fourth day between police and demonstrators demanded democratic reforms.

Council ElBaradei on Monday called on to assume the role of prime minister, but the old guard of the UN nuclear chief is said to be undecided on the guarantees of his power to choose the ministers.

The meeting also discussed the idea of ??forming a new government led by El Baradei and Abdelmoneim Abul Futuh, member and former presidential candidate of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, said the source.

2:18 p.m.

The sequence of events that together suggest days could be numbered Scaf becomes a flood, says the correspondent of the Guardian Jack Shenker in Cairo.

This is a declaration of 245 major Egyptian diplomats, calling the ruling generals to "end the systematic abuse of the safety of demonstrators" and requiring the civil power was restored by mid-2012 (under the current system of military council would retain control even in 2013).

Meanwhile, Egypt's stock exchange suspended trading in shares dropped after that, increasing the sense of crisis quickly envelope Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Scaf head and around him.

most flooding in downtown Cairo to the attention of a mass demonstration today very little about the views of market fluctuations or distant diplomatic actions. However, the seat Scaf and policy making circles around the world, all contribute to a growing sense that the situation is out of control of army generals and a change is needed desperately.

That same atmosphere - initially small-scale protests and irresistible with a likely impact corners of society, such as those with political and economic power to realize that the ground has shifted and own interests are no longer able to support the status quo - marked the beginning of the revolt against Mubarak, and intensified with all the talk of the deposed dictator tried to

Tantawi is due to address the nation is imminent. Nothing short of a clear and unambiguous promise to cede power in the near future is likely to strengthen the power of crowds of protest further.

2:09 p.m. The military ruler, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi field should address the nation tonight, according to AP.

Meanwhile, protesters continue to flock to Tahrir Square. This picture, taken an hour ago, gives an idea of ??the scale.

1:51 p.m.

The International Criminal Court said that Saif al-Islam for war crimes trial can take place in Libya, provided judges International are involved.

Speaking in Tripoli, where he is to discuss the trial of Gaddafi's son and his former intelligence chief, Abdullah Senussi, with the provisional governors, Luis Moreno Ocampo said the ICC "to cooperate "with Libya on the trial. Reuters quotes him as saying to reporters:

Saif is captured by what we are here to ensure cooperation. Now, in May, he requested an arrest warrant because the Libyans could not do justice in Libya. Now that the Libyans decided to do justice, they could not do justice and we will help them do it, so the system ...

Our actions in the national ICC can not act. They decided to do and that is why we are here to learn and understand what they do and to cooperate ...

The law says that the priority is that the national system. If they prosecute the case here, we will discuss with them ways to inform the judges and they can do. However, our judges must be involved.

1:40 p.m.
Hannah Waldram

My friend has been keeping an eye on the reaction to events in Egypt in social media - is that of Tahrir to use Twitter hashtags like # # # nov22 Tahrirhints Tahrirneeds and share information.


Tahrir now also a Facebook group to share information and medical attention crowdmap and other facilities throughout the city - and you can follow the Twitter account @ TahrirSupplies updates. There is a list of Twitter for journalists and bloggers on the ground here in Tahrir Square.

Hannah saw this report on the reaction of disbelief Tweet storyful Donald Trump said yesterday:

Egypt is becoming a hotbed of radical Islam. The event today is another coup attempt. Never should have left Mubarak.

1:32 p.m.

The Embassy

U. S. Cairo is investigating allegations that three American students were arrested in Tahrir Square on Monday, accused of throwing the security forces Molotov cocktails, reports my colleague Peter Beaumont.

Adel Saeed, spokesman for the Egyptian attorney general's office, told CNN: "The three children were throwing Molotov cocktails and had no passport with them when they were arrested

"They were interrogated by the police and will be examined by the prosecutor in Cairo today." It is understood that there were three students, one of whom had a driver's license in Indiana.

of the Egyptian revolution began in the early years, thousands of foreign activists gathered in Cairo in solidarity with the objectives of the Arab spring.

Occupy Occupy Wall Street and other movements, including the UK, have issued statements of solidarity with demonstrators in Tahrir Square. In a recent General Assembly, took Wall Street voted to send 20 election observers to Egypt.

Egyptian state television reported on the arrests here. Three young men are standing in front of Molotov cocktails apparent.

1:22 p.m.

Four of the victims of violence in Syria are children, according to rights groups and activists.

The local coordinating committees (LCC) and Syrian Observatory for Britain-based Human Rights, said the children, aged between 10 and 15, were shot at random military control from a pool near the town of Hula, in the province of Homs, AP reported.

on his Facebook page, the names of young victims LCC

Ayman Alkasim Shahada, 15, Ruslan Abdul Kader, 10, Ammar Ismail, 13, and Faramli Maas, 11.

Meanwhile, the BBC has more on the draft resolution on Syria is presented by Britain, France and Germany at the UN Commission on Human Rights.

The vote on the resolution to be held at UN headquarters in New York 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. local time (3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. GMT). European nations hope this is the first step to bring the matter before the Security Council of the UN.

A previous attempt to pass a resolution to the Security Council was rejected by Russia and China.

The final resolution is no mention of sanctions and urged the Syrian government to end all violations of human rights and to condemn the systematic violations. Calls on Syria to implement the plan of the Arab League to end the violence.


time for a summary of the lunch hour.


demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square to join a "million man" in March to force the military to make way for civilian rule.

The show, which begins this afternoon, came after days of clashes between protesters and security forces in which over 30 people died.

The clashes continued today in the roads around the main square

with tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters cast, and pumps incendiary riots back in the police. Field hospitals were reported to be struggling to meet demand. Reports are mounting of victims killed or injured by firearms apparent. (See 9:56.)

elections taking place next week on a tightrope in the storm in progress.

Several parties canceled their campaigns, but the SCAF authorities insisted the vote go forward. The powerful Muslim Brotherhood, which is expected to dominate the survey, was suspended but not canceled his campaign and is meeting with the authorities. Military leaders have not yet formally responded to the resignation offered by the government. (See 9:44.)

interim military rulers are guilty of violations in some cases were worse than those committed under Hosni Mubarak

, says a new report of Amnesty International. Scaf criticize the authorities for failing to "live up to their promises" in human rights, the organization reported the use of military tribunals for civilians and the repression of peaceful demonstrations. The report was written before the latest wave of violence.


Acting Minister of Libya principal chose to form a cabinet without clearly secular for the Islamists, according to details disclosed.

The announcement, which by day is likely to get approval from Western backers. The biggest surprise was the appointment of Osama JWEL, chief of the army Zinta Council, Minister of Defence. (See 23:54).

youngest and most feared Khamis Gaddafi son is still alive and surrounded by the forces of the CTN, according to unconfirmed reports. an anonymous official of the Defense Ministry was quoted as saying that the news agency Xinhua Khamis is supposed to be Terhouna, about 70 miles southeast of Tripoli, and will be captured soon.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo is in a meeting with the Libyan authorities to discuss the fate of Saif al-Islam and Abdullah Senussi. While flying to the ICC prosecutor said the two men "have to face justice." But Mohammed Alagi, which should be confirmed as attorney general, said: "no way" that Saif al-Islam will be delivered to The Hague.


Turkish Prime Minister asked Bashar al-Assad to resign as president of Syria. In a strong warning, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has compared the position of the Syrian leader to that of Adolf Hitler in the last days of Nazi Germany. "For the good of their own people and the region, just out of this seat," he said. (See 11:12.) The call comes after Abdullah Gul, the Turkish president, told The Guardian that Ankara no longer trust the regime in Damascus.

Committee of the UN Human Rights General Assembly must decide today on a draft resolution

prepared by Germany , Britain and France condemn the Syrian government crackdown on demonstrators. Posted yesterday by Syria to the UN criticized the project as a "declaration of war [diplomatic]" in Damascus.

11:54: Acting Prime Minister

Libya has decided to form a cabinet without clearly secular for the Islamists, according to my colleague Chris Stephen in Tripoli.

The biggest surprise in the list of details of the flight of the Cabinet was Osama JWEL, chief of the army Zinta Council for the post of defense minister, at the expense of Islamists Bilhaj Hakim.

JWEL is an accomplished military commander whose forces have played a key role in the attack on Tripoli in August, but so far had not had a high political profile nationally.

Fonts Zinta told the Guardian at the weekend that management had demanded Zinta the city will receive a cabinet post in exchange for the surrender of war crimes suspects Saif al-Islam, currently detained in a secret location in the city.
Messages other government officials are human rights Swehli Minister Abdul Rahman, whose son, Ahmed, a psychiatrist at Manchester Royal Infirmary, has spent most of the war, he worked as a doctor in the besieged city of Misrata.

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