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Eurozone debt crisis live: Italian bond yields spike

. Two years bond yields rise above 8% as investors put risk premium in the short term . The auction markets continue to fall after the Italian

2:41 p.m.

Thanksgiving mood appears to raise the mood of the market. The

FTSE is now 46 points helped by the


be open by mid-day trading and was up 60 points.

2:29 p.m.

Previously, we asked for thoughts on music from the crisis inspired by that. Loads of you have commented on the thread and also on Twitter. My friend Hannah Waldram collected a little more.


said a look the Smiths

would be nice:

God knows I'm miserable now I know, I started something I could not finish anywhere, panic, still sick, I have everything now ...


will Marlene Dietrich Lili Marleen in German.

PatLogan refers to the album of the band playing on the Titanic.



my hometown of Bruce Springsteen

[the head is a popular choice] seems an echo (groan!) in this day and age.

On Twitter, @ purpleline reader sends us a link to a blogpost which replaced the words to Candle in the Wind with a Euro beings particular crisis - the new title is goodbye to the Euro with a choir catchy and not on the German mark.
smkh777 comes with Echo and the Bunnymen Cutter
and our own JillTreanor @, with others, shows

Take sorrel and directed by Steve Miller Band


is really Black Friday - the FTSE has actually penetrated into positive territory. Now up to 13 points.

1:53 p.m.
update market. Things seem a little better in the FTSE

is now only 5 points, or 0.1% in 5122 . Since its lowest point since early October, but perhaps better than they were coukld. However, it could be in positive territory for the first time in nine days. The

German Dax fell 0.41%

while Cac is more or less similar to 0.44%

1:38 p.m.

Barroso not give up without a fight. Despite the blow he received


earlier this week, it goes back for more. The President of the European Commission has today spoken in Portugal and said that Europe still has not found a solution to their crisis of sovereign debt to regain investor confidence.

The truth is that to date no response to the sovereign (debt) crisis that restores confidence to investors. So far, we have very serious problems and debates in Europe.

therefore more or less interpreted as - "Angela, if you do not like me what is your plan? Because if we allow the status quo, we are all doomed."

Brazilian President Rousseff

jumped in saying that the crisis of the euro will take some time, perhaps more than two years . Well, I'll keep blogging.


time for a summary of the lunch hour.

Italian bond yields

increased after a fierce auction this morning. Two-year yields are higher than 8%

euro area bond yields also

and margins to ensure the German debt rose

stock markets are - the FTSE100 is facing its 10th consecutive day of losses

. And as it is Black Friday

the U.S. We have tried to find songs for the crisis.

13:14: Development interest for Germany, which is to see the cost of insurance to increase your debt TODAY 'hui.


Germany enlarge CDS hollow today: 15 basis points to 126 basis points. Now 20 basis points wider than the UK.

I'll try to learn more.


Louise Cooper, brokers BGC, including the comments regularly on the blog, is looking good news for to end the week. Surveying a landscape of sales, increased yields and the general despair, writes:

I mentioned earlier that I am a big fan of behavioral finance - as how it affects their decisions to investors - and now I fear that I show the "confirmation bias". This is the technical name of the people want to find the information that is in accordance with their point of view.

Like I'm falling, you tend to find all the negative news that confirms my point of view and ignore all the positive news. So if I need some good news, someone tell me please?


Back down to business again and it is interesting to note that the bonds were stolen a few days in Belgium 5.81% in the accumulation of an auction on Monday . The country has not had a functioning government for almost 600 days and seems to be the weakest link in the chain following the euro zone after Spain by the simple section of returns.


more music. There is Ghost of Tom Joad , of course, why Springsteen is an entire album about the hard times, referring to the Grapes of Wrath. We could go on indefinitely with this issue.


My colleague Hannah Waldram Community team has kindly set up some of the comments that it was written on the music or concerns about the financial crisis, inspired by

Steely Dan Black Friday

I think it is not yet written a definitive anthem of our current hard times. The Movement is a song called? No. Anyway, here are some excellent suggestions on the thread of comments.



The International


suggests Tramp

Elvis Costello is dirt Down

, and writes:

Perhaps the great altruistic, Sir Richard Branson, might have to produce a "crisis" alone? Maybe a duet with the giants and colleagues Berlusconi humanitarian Bono

could be released to the "market" of Christmas, with all proceeds going to charity ........ uh no - a Swiss bank account of your choice



eve of destruction by Barry McGuire

a festive little prepares you for the weekend.


suggested yesterday felt like a day

Jacques Dutronc , opportunism

( Music Lyrics Jacques Dutronc Jacques Lanzmann and Anne Segal) and Jarvis Cocker to run the world

Today I want to add David Bowie We Are The Dead who, with his ghostly image of a "theater of financiers, seems appropriate.


adds: Bruce Springsteen - try

Telegraph Road

And the team thought of a new community We also ask for suggestions

under the hashtag

blackfridaysongs #

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