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Occupy Wall Street: protesters regroup after eviction - Wednesday 16 November

protesters gather at Zuccotti Park this morning, is planning a "day of action" Thursday. Wall Street deal has been said that Wall Street will close and take the subway. Follow live updates here


That's all for today, but we'll be back with live coverage of the day of action tomorrow. Thank you for reading.

5:14 p.m.

Karen McVeigh

adds that Coreal Jones of Brooklyn, left the garage with his personal belongings - a couple of sleeping bags and fleece intact. But he said he was about to cry when he saw four laptops and cell phones were among the goods of the people broke into the garage.

police, who requested the entry ID, dismissed the petition of the guardian to enter.

Andres Lagos, 27, New York, said the police told him he could not find his suitcase and now cling to their identification.

"They took my bag and I got my name and now I have to go back Monday," he said.

5:09 p.m.:.

Karen McVeigh

is in the middle of 57th Street, where sanitation possessions were removed from Zuccotti Park taken on Tuesday

a tunnel on the Upper West Side, a group of angry protesters stood looking at a metal gate guarded by four policemen. They were following the instructions of the mayor, to collect their belongings, taken during the expulsion of the morning with the New York Police Zuccotti Park on Tuesday. But most were unsuccessful.

few were rejected after police told them it was too late, that the place closes at 3:30 p.m. (although the official announcement on the site of the Department of Sanitation says 16 : 00).

Brendan Butler, who helped care for sacred space and altar OWS the last two months are expected to know what has been recovered. He was not optimistic.

"We tried to maintain a sacred space where people could pray and connect with their heart. My friends are there now, but we learned that everything was broken and destroyed.

Witnesses told us and can see things in the live broadcast of the expulsion was broken. "

Butler, who believes that spirituality is at the heart of the protest, accused police of indiscriminate destruction and said the protesters were investigating whether they could take legal action against them.

"No need to break the elements, whether nature," he said.

"Everyone was outside the park, when they started taking the property so that you can not say that things were broken in the action. Things tear. This be cons-productive for them. "

4:48 p.m.

Paul Harris more about the events scheduled for tomorrow in New York.

The protesters are planning activities throughout the day in all five boroughs. In early potential flash point will be a demonstration scheduled to begin at 7:00 that will focus on the wall of the street protesters trying to disrupt the operations of the New York Stock Exchange before the sound of the opening bell to mark the commencement of trading at 9:30 am.

Since the protests began, Wall Street has become a permanent virtual protest zone, surrounded by a steel fence and guarded lot. Later, the actions planned to be carried out through the subway system of the city, the demonstrators come in 16 different seasons and start protesting.

Finally, the day will end with a rally in Foley Square, near Town Hall in New York, and March 1 at the Brooklyn Bridge, where hundreds of protesters were arrested in the headlines the 'mass action earlier.

will be the focus of some actions in other cities. In Boston, Detroit, Washington DC, Portland and Seattle, protesters, some allies of organized labor and community groups, the high profile is leaving the bridge, to highlight the problem of the collapse of the infrastructure of the United States States and the poor.

"I do not why the police and the demonstrators," said Stephen Squibb, Boston occupies an organizer, the group will head to the City of North Washington Street Bridge. "It's about jobs and other things. This was our message for two months and we will continue to say, "he said.

The range of activities across the country covers a spectrum ranging from the dramatic to the small scale, including talks, demonstrations and direct actions aimed at banks and companies. In Portland, Oregon, protesters plan to arrive at a bridge in the city and then try to organize flashmobs to go to local banks. In Detroit, protesters marched in the center of the field center for the City, where the idea to highlight the brutal impact of government cuts to ordinary citizens.

4:37 p.m.

My colleagues Mariana Santos and Simon Rodgers produced this animation that explains what the data says the key to wealth America:

So what? In a blog post that accompanies Simon Rodgers, editor of the Guardian data, explains:

In fact, the super-rich - the 0.01% of the population - more typical of the national wealth than at any time since 1928, just before the Great Depression. And the richest 1% of the population in the United States? They own a third of the net value of the United States.

3:44 p.m.

The action of New York

tomorrow will be supported by a number of unions. The strong economy for all of the coalition, formed by unions and community groups, has a post on the day of action on your website. "Participating organizations include the work UFT, SEIU 1199, SEIU 32BJ, CWA, TWU, UAW Region 9A, Workers United, and the PSC-CUNY," says the coalition.

face with Wall Street and the movement of the action on November 17 were also approved by the following organizations: Make the Road New York, Move On, NY Citizen Action, the Coalition for the Homeless cause , NY Common Community voices heard, Goddard Riverside Community Center, Granny Peace Brigade, the Network of Action against hunger in New York, 2022 - A South Penn Organization, 99ers, Chelsea Forum, the Committee of Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), Coalition for Educational Justice, Labour Party, Judson Memorial Church, NEDAP, the New Deal in New York, New York New Sanctuary Coalition of Northern Manhattan for the rights of immigrants, the Coalition of New York, legal education, peaceful uprising and the right to the city.

2:10 p.m.

Moving in public policy advocacy group OWS support has created a website that allows the public to tap into your post code for more information on local, Thursday, November 17 reports
Karen McVeigh

The site encourages people to "show 99 percent can not be expelled or silenced" by participating in scheduled events or organize their own events.

said: "We're just days before the Super Committee propose tax cuts for 99% or greater than 1% then go out and help increase the pressure on Congress to Tax wall. Street to create millions of jobs. "

1:31 p.m.

Despite Mayor Bloomberg's office to ensure the demonstrators via Twitter that "the library of the people" was safe and well, occupy part of librarians Wall Street went to see the books on taking on the morning of Tuesday, and complain about some missing or damaged.

care of Wall Street blog cites library in the center of sanitation, as saying: ". Many books [were] destroyed"

librarians compiled a list of what is missing:

* Between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds (we will know if she looks good when you see it), including five cases of "reference" materials, many of which were autographed by the authors;
* Our measure "OWS library stamps,"

* 5 (4?) laptops * Our wireless device

different paper supplies;

* A laptop

round table

rectangular folding table

* 6

metal shelves (five of which were established in two parts)

three sets of wooden boxes,

a rack of magazines circling

* Approximately 60 plastic bins / containers of various sizes (mostly small, but several large)

archival material (which was beginning to do things in the library)

Posters (including many original posters created by the participants OWS)

two lamps

four sun lamps

* 7 (or less) chairs

a wooden table (which was our right to ?); magazines / newspapers / magazines (not counted in our book in total)

our shop impressive

* Signal

personal property librarians


Daniel Alterman, one of the lawyers representing the National Lawyers OWS in their attempts to recover Zuccotti Park on Tuesday, said that he was concerned by the police before the guidelines could legally enforceable in the park

Karen McVeigh


says that police efforts to enforce the ban on sleeping bags can be challenged.

"We are very concerned that camping gear was arrested and thrown in is or is not available," said Alterman.

"We are also concerned about the raids going on in the park. They try to say you can not put a sleeping bag in the park. We believe it may be difficult. "

On the east side Zuccotti Park, where it is Wall Street had amassed a considerable collection of books in the library called Pueblo , committee members put the library recently donated books in plastic bags to protect them from rain, type
Karen McVeigh

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