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Syria: Arab League meets as defectors attack - live updates

. Free basic Syrian army attack near Damascus

. Arab League to penalties at the meeting in Rabat

political prisoner shooting hours after being released


militants in the region of Homs Baba Amro raised images of a burning house and shot after the announcement of bombings in the region.

The local coordinating committees of Syria said that seven people were killed in the city this morning.

Samson, an activist who said he lives near the area near Baba Mala'b Amro, told the Guardian that he started hearing explosions at 4am. "We heard gunshots intensive," he said.

Messenger Skype, said the bombing was in retaliation for attacks by the Syrian army free "Yesterday we saw soldiers without Syrian army had returned after leaving the area the last week. "

Writing on Twitter yesterday, said:

Leaving home after sunset here in the city of Homs # is like a suicide attempt. I was almost shot [sic] twice in just 15 minutes

The account can not be independently verified.


uprising in Syria ... Now there's an app for that.

activists have created a free iPhone and the iPad application with the latest videos of events, maps and news sources.

In a blogpost developers said:

In fast-moving events in Syria .. And deliberate attempts to distort the facts by some.

We have compiled the most important sources of news available Syria, covering events that are efficiently distributed to most of the videos and the latest news as soon as possible.

In our attempt to spread the word about our beloved country at the highest level, we have designed and developed this program especially for her. According to the martyrs of Syria and its people.

11:43 pm:

Here's a video of Bahrain happy interlude (hat tip for the blog is still America), where militants have established renactment a parody of the terrorist cell allegedly plotting against the Iranian-backed royal family of the Kingdom of the Gulf. The government of Bahrain has accused the cell planning to blow up high-profile sites, including the Embassy of Saudi and Gulf causeway connecting Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Part of it is in Arabic, but the feeling is clear ... four lions.

The Bahraini authorities have been accused by the opposition to blame Iran for the opposition demonstrations to justify a violent crackdown against demonstrators.

11:19 pm:

Nidal Mohammad al-Shaar, the economy of Syria and Trade Minister said his country plans stimulate the economy with Asian and African countries to offset Western sanctions, reports Reuters. Shaar said:

Business being exported to Syria and Asia. We have many options ... such as Mercosur (Latin American bloc) countries, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Africa and some countries in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, the impact of sanctions continued to provide a sweetener Assad Syrian citizens in the form of exemption from certain taxes (a strategy that was adopted by many as a government seeking to increase its popularity). The state news agency, Sana, reports:

President Bashar al-Assad issued Tuesday Law No. 19 for 2011 in which the taxpayer exempt from tax on real income and the benefits of added interest arrears, fines and penalties for late payment for the years 2010 and before they pay taxes or fees imposed in previous years before December 31, 2011.

11:03 pm:

Syria has promised more attacks on foreign embassies, after a series of incidents involving supporters of pro- regime in the missions in countries perceived as hostile to the government Assad, including Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, according to the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From now on Lebanon:

At a meeting with Arab ambassadors in Damascus Tuesday, the number of Faisal Syrian Foreign Minister Mikdad the two, "promised that such incidents do not occur against the embassies in Syria" , The spokesman of the ministry, Mohammad Kayed official Jordanian news agency Petra.

"The Syrian government has apologized to Jordan for the attack against the Jordanian embassy in Damascus, during which protesters tore the flag of Jordan," added Kayed.

security of Syria after clicking on the Security Council of the United Nations to act on it:

In a statement, said:

members of the Security Council condemns in the strongest terms the attacks against several embassies and consular premises in Syria, which led to encroachment on diplomatic and consular premises, causing severe damage.

members of the Security Council recalls the fundamental principle of the inviolability of diplomatic and consular premises and the obligations of host governments, including the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Vienna Convention 1963 on Consular Relations, to take all necessary measures to protect diplomatic and consular premises against any intrusion or damage and to prevent the disruption of peace of the mission or impairment of its dignity.

10:52 pm:

Syrian activists have circulated video of smoking remains of a tank they say was destroyed in the city of Homs on Monday Free Syrian army.

The video was shot in the area in need of Baba Amro, in the southwest of the city.


prominent Syrian dissident Kamal al-Labwani was one of 1180 prisoners who said that the Syrian regime has released Tuesday as part their commitments to the initial offer of the Arab League agreed almost two weeks. Labwani had been in prison for six years and nine days, the activist Kareem Lailah and in nine of the last 10 years, according to Amnesty International, welcomed their release.

Labwani founded the Liberal Party of the Democratic Opposition of the Union and was imprisoned for the first time in 2001 for peaceful reform activities during the "Damascus Spring" period following the opening Bashar al-Assad.

Amnesty acts in the Middle East and North Africa said Philip Luther:

After a long ordeal in prison - some of which endured in isolation. - It is very good news that Kamal al-Labwani was released and reunited with his family

In recent years we have become more aware of cases in which the Syrian authorities to delay the release of prisoners of conscience beyond their prison sentences, apparently in a last attempt for the press not to resume their political and human rights work when released from prison. This practice must be stopped.

Kamal al Labwani and all former prisoners of conscience in Syria should have the right to freedom of expression protected and allowed to participate in peaceful political activism if they wish.

During his imprisonment, he suffered recent abuse, including beatings and periods of solitary confinement in a small underground cell, said Amnesty.

activists say the other, published Tuesday, Burhan Khalid Muhammad, was killed during celebrations of freedom in the suburbs of Damascus, Zabadani.

PFLP, said in a statement that the suspension has opened the way for NATO intervention, which he could harm the possibilities of dialogue and reform.

Palestine should not support the decision of the Arab League, as it not serve the Palestinian cause and the Arab people, the PFLP said.

"This decision could be used in favor of the Zionist and imperialist plans that seek to divide the region, dominate people and plundering their wealth," the statement added.

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