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Leveson inquiry: NUJ, Guardian editor, core participants' lawyer - live

Live coverage as Michelle Stanistreet , Alan Rusbridger and David Sherborne research show phone-hacking


Leveson gave a short five-minute break

24:20: alleged hacking

Sherborne also increase in research.

, a former intelligence officer of the army he represents, will discuss the" Trojan horse "software that has been placed on your computer to access private documents.



now talking about the covert surveillance operation to Mark Lewis News International lawyer, acting on behalf of the family Dowler and other hacked phone.

This, Sherborne said, was not a "nefarious activities in the dark dark days of 2005, 2006," Mulcair when Glenn was in the New World.

"This was discussed as recently as last summer at the same time the company said the special committee that was done everything possible to get to the bottom of what went wrong," said Sherborne said.


also criticized the insistence of the News International client confidentiality when questions began to arise about the e potentially compromising-mail the editor had given the lawyers a third party for investigation. This is a reference to an investigation by the law firm Harbottle & Lewis.

lawyers are subject to client confidentiality, says Sherborne, but News International.


Sherborne says that destroyed the first international piracy News phone went beyond a journalist.

It is "a scandal," said Sherborne, that pirating material information phone was limited to newspapers and broadcasters.

There was "no fingers moving," said one of the tabloids.

24:08: The magnitude of phreaking raises questions about who the new

"Can we really be reasonably argued that it is a simple case in the balance of power were not observed and a handful of rogue journalists could be unleashed with a checkbook?" Sherborne calls.

Or is it a system tolerated by people in positions of responsibility in the newspaper? He asks.

Anyway, Sherborne said there was a cover-up in the New World.

"There was ... a concerted effort in any case, after the fact to hide the grim reality of the surface. "


police are still analyzing the notes Glenn Mulcair five years after his arrest

The volume of notes and documents relating to the case is "proof of the traditional industry, but rather a change in the cultural industrial revolution, we might say, far from the old school of journalism ".

sometimes voice messages supposedly visited on behalf of the news media around the world were used as "date of friends" or "just to make up stories for those who otherwise had no proof," said Sherborne.

24:03: Sherborne is now a summary of the New World.

"None of these stories would be of public interest ... [Had] no defense of this blatant invasion of privacy. "


Research has also heard Tom Rowland, a property journalist from the Daily Telegraph. The interest in the information that may have bought and sold homes for the rich and famous.

The alleged phone hacking Sara Payne, Sarah Payne's mother, was "a nasty postscript, perhaps a new low" for the newspaper, said Sherborne.

11:57 pm:

Sherborne speaks of a witness, code-named "/ yy> HJK

HJK is a member of the public, whose phone has been cut because of a relationship with someone famous.

"It was all a terrible experience," says HJK Sherborne and how soon after being diagnosed with a serious illness against a photographer who jumped in front of them to take a picture. This indicates Sherborne, someone entered the medical records of HJK.


Mary Ellen Field, an assistant Elle Macpherson, will also be looking next week

11:52: Sherborne now turns to the issue of celebrities who have hacked their phones. He said it would be wrong to reject just sympathy for these people, because they are famous.

says it is for them that the law is currently being developed to protect everyone.

it is because of "those who have adequate access to lawyers," or those who have "the courage of these people to run the gauntlet of the press law, including law privacy has been developed to protect everyone, and all alike, "said Sherborne.

11:51: Milly Dowler parents

Sally and Bob

aa />

Leveson be the first research show next Monday, Sherborne revealed.


will say that the press does not stop with the interception of voice messages.

When his parents went to rebuild the last trip of his daughter, the New World-to-tail and photographed.

face etched with pain, lack of Milly's mother

," the newspaper said.

Milla pain

" was another of the owners of several previous articles that have been introduced in their distress and privacy, said Sherborne .

first flight voice mail, why not fly this time too? Ethical point of view what is the difference.


was this revelation that led to the Leveson investigation.

Sally Dowler, Milly's mother says Leveson research in their own words "high" he felt when connected to phone messages and Milly is removed. These acts of interception of voice mail were "negligible," said Sherborne.


Sherborne described what happened when Milly Dowler disappeared. Five days later, a call was left on her voice mail. The call was a hoax. News of the World put it in its first edition. "Deception missing Milly indignation."

"What we now know another scandal, another act of cruelty and insensitivity" is not mentioned in the New World ... the interception and removal of voice messages Milly.


Sherborne still talking, but for those interested, here's a link to the full speech by Alan Rusbridger.

11:42 pm:

Sherborne said the "victims" will be able to give an accurate picture of the damage caused to the press to appear before Leveson next week.


refers to comments made by a former news editor of the world and of course the Sun has changed the operation of culture in the newsrooms.

"I guess that meant in a positive way," laughs Sherborne.


"I'm here on behalf of the evils - patents are systemic and deeply rooted," said Sherborne

You can have the false impression that it is "the press that the victim" if you were listening to speeches at a seminar Leveson last month when several editors and complained of Draconian laws and orders of arcades that stifle press freedom.

It's not a surprise, Sherborne said, that the press is an organization that has a lot to lose.

11:36 pm:

Sherborne says that newspapers operate under this modus operandi: they can not buy, so you can not try purchase through deception and lies, they can not be stolen or catch up because it sounds good and sells newspapers


There are 13 new journalists of the world stopped, but the tabloid is not only above, but all the press is in the spring supports Sherborne.

illegally access the voice mail of people ... blagging, blackmail vulnerable people the opportunity to terminate the trust of famous people ... the denigration of ordinary members of the public, harassment of family and friends well known because it sells newspapers - all a statement of objections amazing what you think. Not surprisingly, this research could have a time

11.30: There was a "serious crisis of confidence between the media and the general public," said


He said he sat and listened to News International and Associated Newspapers yesterday and was not impressed.

"Instead of suggesting concrete solutions to correct problems or really recognize that something is not phreaking", suggesting a greater freedom of press, no less. "We say this is a symptom of a level of complacency in the British press, or at least part of it," said Sherborne.


David Sherborne, representing 51 major participants of the "victims" is now on his feet

11:17: research Leveson took a break of 15 minutes. We will be back at 11:30.


Rusbridger extends previous suggestion that it may take some kind of social element in a new regulatory system for the press.

He says that "we may need to adjust the bit of the law" for this new way of working does not mean that the legal regulation of the press.

11:13: Rusbridger gives some details on how a new service mediation work.

If mediation has failed and the case ended up before a judge and a newspaper has been shown to have made every effort to resolve the conflict, which can be offered as a complete defense.

Leveson to the mediation service may be able to assess the damage to a certain level.


Leveson Rusbridger supports the idea of ??a new system that does not involve a service to readers of judicial disputes.

I think there are many possibilities in the search for some mechanism to resolve disputes between members of the public and the press, the courts below, it has become so expensive.


Leveson said that this raises the issue of "prior publication" and how you can try.

"I will not answer these questions I ask is," said Leveson.

11:07: Leveson Another key issue is the definition of public interest.

acknowledges that journalists can do things like blagging as part of investigations that are in the real interests of the public. But he said it was difficult to draw a line because reporters do not know if they get "lollipop" until they have completed their investigation and proof.

11:04:. Leveson is a long answer to Rusbridger and says he has a series of questions

says he needs to know how to "expose what needs to be exposed" to the press especially after the Stanistreet 's

comments on the possible intimidation of culture in the News of the World.

But there is no doubt that the concepts of privacy perceived differently by different titles and I need to know how I should solve this problem.

I need to know how I have to think about privacy and the extension of those affected by the privacy they have very strong opinions and where the balance is I think it's a struggle.

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