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Can online careers advice work?

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The role of employment counselors is declining as a Web-based services come to light, but what about the personal touch?

Margaret-Anne Mackenzie

left school without qualifications in April. "I had no careers advice at school," said the 16 years. She is not alone - one in four 15 - to 19 years, said the same thing in a recently published survey by the City of professional qualifications and provider associations

The teenager, who cares for her mother in sheltered housing, has also faced recent rupture of a movement from Scotland to South Wales, which has felt "very scared" to start again in a new place had no friends or contacts.


but may have been lucky, because in the summer drop-in session run by the Career Center in Newport, which was linked to a personal career counselor who took the time and hassle to meet their.

All excited, he gathered the confidence to attend a pre-16 young gateway by careers Wales Gwent. After saying he wanted to be a hairdresser, an evaluation consultant Mackenzie need to improve your communication skills and basic life leading some to an intensive support to help place a professional

access course.

see your advisor a few times a month during the summer, then was helped to apply for Educational Maintenance Allowance (although no longer available for new applicants in England, the EMA is still made in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and a college scholarship, and contacted an organization for young carers.

This ongoing relationship with a counselor who knew he was obviously important. Without it, says Mackenzie, "I'm afraid, because they know what to do and I could not have done my career. I just stay home. "

With hard work and probably a fair bit more guidance as you navigate your way through the training options to come, we hope Mackenzie do not end up increasing the number of unemployment young people. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that nearly a million young people under 25 who are unemployed. If you are 16 or 17, the picture is even bleaker -. Less than a quarter have jobs

Add to mid-career public sector employees were laid off tens of thousands of people - 111,000 in the second quarter of this year to be precise -. And has 2.57 million unemployed people

As employment centers do not do much for professionals who have been fired, his advisors are available to anyone under the age of 18, and hubs that respond to the fringe of age of 16 and 19 are closed en masse, many are confused about the nature of the board available to the wide variety of different skilled and experienced people seeking new career and training.

The following spring, when two national career guidance will be launched in England and Wales (Scotland, a web portal called My workplace has just experienced), is available and may seem very different from what is available today.

A "mixed" approach seems to be the official mantra to describe how career guidance to come. Translated, that means more automation with websites and support services are strongly encouraged. Simply put, websites are cheaper counselors training and experience, which means more of the former and less of the latter.

expensive, of course, does not necessarily less effective. Jane Artesse, director of research in higher employment unit Education Services (Hecsu), which is in charge of remodeling Prospects.ac.uk graduating careers site, said the increasing automation of guidance services have the potential to work well for certain segments of the population, but only if a good support mechanism is in place around him. "The web is a great place for information, but it is an ideal place for the orientation," he said. "It is not enough by itself."

His view is shared by Ciaran Wrynn, responsible for the design and implementation of programs in career transition Recruitment Hays. "There's no way the Internet can benefit from the motivation or challenge beliefs," he said. "However, a combined approach means that people can enter the labor market more effectively."

skills development in Scotland, director of service design and innovation, Jonathan Clark, said that because the workplace has become more complex and varied, "the idea that a person can be a gateway to the world of work opportunities is not realistic over. "

Those who benefit most from new portals, he says, self-motivation, personal skills and stamina to enjoy the experience of exploring and planning your orientation career.

However, Paul Chubb, director of racing in England, the membership organization for professional careers, says many of its members are concerned that relying on web portals and call centers disadvantage those who are already struggling to break into the labor market. "The idea of ??taking responsibility for their own career planning may be unthinkable for some young people and vulnerable, without a lot of one-on-one support," he said.

Imagine having literacy problems. Or no computer at home. Or you can not afford a new computer and you have not run Flash, so bizarre and Web sites can not access certain pages. School or you're 16 and went with low skills, who can not have the confidence to even begin, much less motivation to continue when you realize that the amount of independent research that has to do

"If you sit and write on a computer that is not really build your confidence - you must be able to do a lot of questions," says Shaun Donald, 18, of Dundee

left school in 2009 and, after an internship with the office supply retailer Staples, started a college course in art and design. After five months when he realized they could not pay travel expenses, he retired. Since then he has been looking for work, but without success: work experience in the short and a false start in college is exactly why, experts say the race, you need a customized targeting instead of a site to help a Web

"There are a million different places," said Donald. "You spend hours and hours to plow through jobs, and when you find one, you will be taken to another site and they will be gone. "
Only a few weeks ago, however, when you click on 18, he began to seek help in a job club, during which he introduced on his site Of My World Scotland job. "People who work in the club gave me more confidence to look for work, and the site allowed me to find out what my strengths and skills and helped with my CV - it seems incredible today," he said. By using the Web site was nice, he says, but once you have your resume "must be able to talk about things like that."

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