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Huub Stevens's comeback proves to be a quiet triumph | Raphael Honigstein

The reaction of the fans in Hamburg for the return of his former manager says a lot about the Bundesliga, and all of Germany

Happy Birthday: The new United Germany is 21 today. The official, sanctioned by the State party -

give Deutschlandfest

- has been going strong since Saturday, but it is a matter intellectual, and very discreet. Young Iraqi symphony orchestra plays, there is an ecumenical prayer service and Budafok principal act - not a death metal band Nepal, unfortunately, but another classical orchestra of Hungary

In other words, the parties have little to do with the kind of unbridled celebration is usually associated with the achievement of this particular age. However, that Germany "creeping" or "unlimited" any more. It is too mature and sensitive.

If it's a real 21-year economics student would be academically brilliant, hardworking and looking unbearably swottish a haircut of Harry Potter, a white polyester jacket with three different colored pencils in the pocket chest and a gray plastic case. To reach the university by bicycle to do their part for the environment and seek the most attractive, naughty children in the class with a mixture of contempt and envy open secret, he says, again, that would have the last word is "time to review. / Aa>

This very logical, emotionally repressed attitude to life, clearly informed the way football is consumed in Germany too. To be fair, a few hundred extremists have tried their best to introduce a measure of the exuberance of America and the childish stupidity in the proceedings, in recent years. Manuel Neuer flagrant circumvention of anti-silence edict Lederhosen (some groups Bayern fans had intensely debated whether Schalke goalkeeper must first be permitted to use the clothing as part of a "code of conduct," said as for the player) on Sunday, however, shows that the prospect of madness once again triumphed at the time.

No hysteria surrounding the national team, and Jürgen Klopp, the last of the season kicking and screaming priest


(football fun ), there is a disciplined man in the light of a difficult start to the season of Borussia Dortmund. The show SKY90 television talk, an infallible barometer of the mood of the country, if ever there was one, sums up the mood when a man wild Kicker Carlo said he had "more important things in the world, for example, in Africa, "said an altercation between Arjen Robben and Jupp Heynckes.

All this goes a long way back for Huub Stevens expaining Bundesliga with Schalke, Hamburg expenses such little noise. The 57 year old was booed and jeered by the crowd home early. Here is a man who negotiated with both sides openly and effectively chosen royal blue on the red trousers relegation zone, while Hamburg, professed to withdraw from first conversations. There are also the most lovable characters thorny Dutch, which made its name selling austere, clean sheet of football.

But there was no actual poison letters to fans of HSV, not to mention a tendency to explore new depths of depravity with the songs of terrorist attacks or pedophilia. Hands were shaken all around. The fact that it was not a derby can partly explain the lack of hatred. Hamburg, have too much on his plate to worry about former coaches (Stevens was there in 2007-2008) to refuse the second coming.

The team has even played pretty well. Led by the Acting Director Rodolfo Cardoso, HSV were aggressive and incisive in the wings, but the strikers Mladen Petric and Paolo Guerrero were few real opportunities. Schalke, meanwhile, put his first attack useful: Klaas-Jan Huntelaar made an excellent head Jaroslav Drobny beyond

The home team has not made his impression of a normal baked soufflé, though: for once, stood firm and returned fire. Petric equalizer in the 37th minute was well deserved.

During the break, Stevens has made full use of his tactical expertise and experience. "He said he had played well at the beginning and we must do it again," revealed Huntelaar. And they did: the Dutch sent a cross from Christian Fuchs VHS keeper with the outside of his boot to decide the game entertaining, with a superb goal 20 minutes from time. The victory was the second of three days Stevens - Schalke beat Maccabi Haifa 3-1 in the Europa League - and lifted the club to fourth place in the table. Stevens does not want anyone to get carried away, though. "We had a striker who scored twice, while the lone striker scored once," he said, adding that a team that played so well VHS probably escape problems in a short period time.

Unfortunately, this is not the case: the north shore is on the table for two weeks minimum. Sporting director Frank Arnesen, has undertaken to present a new manager "today or tomorrow," or at least until resumption of hostilities in Freiburg Bundesliga 16 October. Cardoso has no coaching badge to carry more and DFL would be willing to allow an exception waiver.

"We have time before Christmas," said Arnesen, who is under intense pressure to get this right. The Danes insisted that "licensed coach" would be on the bench soon, but the wording left open the possibility of installing a new interim board until they agree on a candidate.

Former striker Sergej Barbarez, you never miss a trick, richly promised to work on Sundays. "I do not want to send a video of the application, but I mean I'm close to the club and a lot of emotion for him," said the Bosnian sky, revealing that he had "small talk" with Arnesen. But most long-standing member of the Bundesliga is unlikely to follow the path the new recruit at the time.

The club knows that even the strongest sense of perspective among fans count for nothing if this existential crisis is in winter. It is, perhaps, they get very ugly very quickly.

"Prinz Poldi has just been crowned king," Markus Babbel had warned before the game against Cologne with a mixture of seriousness and irony. But he was on his side Hertha BSC, who ruled in the Olympiastadion: Anis Ben-Hatira, who worked there as a ball in his youth, hit the Stale Solbakken-tactic against, with two goals. Brazilian striker Raffael made three before the break with a fine volley, only has ever given to visitors. "We wanted a result, but the first half exceeded the limits," said goalkeeper Michael Rensing Köln.

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