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Leona Lewis: the Hackney heroine has given Simon Cowell a lesson in taste

Collide interviews ghost epic pop singer, riots and dodging the Whitney style ballads with Sylvia Patterson

Leona Lewis, despite its 9 million records sold, three Grammy nominations and the public of $ 2 million at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 (with Jimmy Page on guitar David Beckham and the balls), still lives in Hackney. We meet four days after the riots in London and the quiet so far, some might say, unfortunately, sappy, Leona Lewis has become an acute version of stick wielding heroine Hackney Pauline Pearce.

"It was Hoodrats get completely out of control," which foams with a furious hiss of her dark hair braided again. "I do not think there was some motivation for him to cause problems cos they are bored and want free stuff. Total, total


. Caga small! "

We are perched on a gold velvet sofa in a room above the Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles, 26, Leona quietly elegant with a vintage black lace dress and more strident only 21 years old, winner of X Factor in 2006 that most heard was the pronouncement of the wailing scream, "I Fank lot ... I can not believe it! "A permanent resident of Hackney with a Welsh mother and social worker Afro-Guyanese father juvenile officer, she is a liberal soul, heart, grieving young job-cuts -" The children need a place to go, so they do not get bored in the street "- but it was banned from politics.

"I do not care

how poor who are" teases, "There is no excuse for setting fire to property of individuals. I was, "It

our the community and that is to set fire to the house of your neighbor? You could kill someone! "They were not even thinking about it."

She blames the system See: "My father said:" It's been a long time coming, "he said." It was, "We have so many laws and regulations against us that we can not discipline the children.

any discipline.

"It's a lack of discipline and respect. Yes, some were just opportunists taking these things, but setting the light of these things? When I was young there was always noisy, but it has changed so much. "

"Simon and I tend to agree, but there have been arguments no doubt ... I sometimes say nooo, thank you " If it has suddenly become stubborn, which remains at the same time, a supernatural soul smooth, barefoot vegetarian who recently saved "a rabbit in danger!" a drunk homeless in Los Angeles. "I felt very sad for both," he complains. She could not help my ass, but it could help the Bunny - "She was this big (fingers circles), had died" - offered 20 $ at home. "But he did not take it," she resists, "I gave him a hundred dollars. I saw it coming a mile away, it's probably all the time! But I like it a lot ... soooo "

, unfinished third album

Leone (in November, with a range of UK production soiling mischievous boy genius American singer of ballads and Ryan Tedder Emelie Sande) is called Heart of Glass "because it is fragile, but also open and honest. "We heard a couple of songs that the current dance single corked Collide, the trail now credited Swedish DJ Avicii after a scandal author (" I do not get involved in the matter of policy "said Leone, and added that monetary disputes / legal in general," really hurts the soul "). There is the orchestral soundscape sugar, electro tinged Eastern fireflies 80. Curiously, there is the great trip-hop problems ("It's very London"), as if Kate Bush in 1979, was transported via a Tardis pop compared to Massive Attack in 1991. His pleading voice spectral "I am a lot of trouble. "

This is great news, the letters focus on the transition relation between his childhood sweetheart, an electrician who became a talent scout Lou Al-Shamaa, which was separated into 2010 (She never speaks of his "sacred" private life) and her new boyfriend, the handsome Justin Timberlake-esque incandescent German dancer Dennis Jauch, 22. "It is entering a new relationship knowing that there may be a past and a problem for you, so do not be stupid," she objected. She and Dennis have much in common, the winner of Germany So you think you can dance? and support dancer on the tour debut of 2010 Maze Leone. The only German who taught him so far is "how are you?" ("
dir Wie geht

" babbling not very convincing), even if it is, and laughed boldly, "a hot teacher ... Of course! "
Leona Lewis singing voice is a phenomenon of world-class sound that causes involuntary tears in contact (not just me), a deeply emotional gift that label bosses powerful Simon Cowell and Syco to Sony Music Entertainment Creative Director Clive Davis official favors to their persistent comparisons to the three-headed hydra of 90 balladeering yodelsome: Whitney, Mariah Carey and Celine. If you do not Leona, miraculously, has released 15 albums of Westlife and Weed B-sides, we did thank you. If I had not said no persistent, it "would have been a gazillion albums now!" Rather slowly found its niche, which could be called ghost-pop epic. The big question resisted Bleeding Love, Leona only good choice for first time in 2007: "Everyone said," It is rare, it will not work on the radio "(which reached number one in 34 countries). Not surprising that Simon Cowell, "really trust my instincts," which allows "any amount of time I want" to complete their albums, as opposed to, for example, all the other artists in the history of Simon Cowell List. Sometimes However, you still send weed songs "and I will," Nooooo, thank you! "Simon and I tend to agree, but there are certainly arguments."

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