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Mark Lawrenson: 'We had no warm-up, no warm-down, we drank like fish' | Small Talk

The Party of the Day commentator Kenny Dalglish, meat pies and who would win a fight between Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker

Hello, Lawro. Hello, Small Talk.

We have all that space to fill and you have a product to be covered. With it, it is called Kinect Sports on Xbox 360. down, I played with my son, Small Talk. It's addictive, even for an old man about 50 years like me, because you do not want your child to beat you, if you do, it's the end of the world. But it's great for children instead of sitting at a computer in the back eating and drinking, are physically touching. It is really addictive.

sounds good. Although they have destroyed the living room yet? No, but it's inevitable. It will happen.

you a big fan of computer games differently? m Number a Luddite.

Space Invaders? No.

Ms Pac Man No.

Jet Set Willy?

No! But I tell you what saved my life: the iPad. I became a technical assistant. I can send emails now, which for me is incredible. They have no sense, but I can send. I call it the e-mithering.

back in the real world, which are the tip of the league next season?

[Determined] Manchester United. Their signatures are very well she did at the beginning and joined the team.

What about the old part in Liverpool?

They have a chance to finish in the top four. Do not think I can win. I still think some players are short. Everyone thinks they have overpaid for their players, but sometimes it happens. Everyone is trying to choose the team for him to Kenny Dalglish, complaining that they have more midfielders, but much Kenny manager of the old school, and his thought is: I have 20 good players and they own sort.

It is not quite on the level of micromanagement Houllier, Benitez, then ...

He loves the interaction with the players, he loves training camp, he loves the costumes. He wants to have this lively banter and if you get the momentum in the right clothing that can hide a multitude of sins. I mean, the best way possible. For example, the problem of the city of Manchester is that while they can go spend money on better players might not get the dress.

However, any team with Mario Bal ...


What do you think of his efforts against bad luck heel LA Galaxy?

thought it was very disrespectful. You know what, it was not just a lack of respect for their teammates, but also the opposition. In a game of testimony when it is 8.3, very good, but I think it's very, very disrespectful. The child needs to do some growing up. It goes to show the last chance today.

for darts?

[Small Talk is ignored good word

] It has the ability to fantastic, but it's something every two months. This certainly does not help the dynamic in the locker room. If you are Dzeko or Silva or Agüero, you think: what am I going to happen to him? It will only have fun with it!

Balotelli and laissez-faire Dalglish hand, the Premier League is becoming predictable?

One could argue that if you throw in the mix of Liverpool has five teams with chances to win. But I think it was fairly predictable for a while. Usually, teams that come from championship fight with perennials and Blackburns Wigan and West Broms. So it's a bit predictable. But I think it could be argued that in most leagues in Europe at this time. Spain? Perhaps Germany is a little different. But basically a lot of leagues are a little more predictable. This has to do with the revenue stream of the Champions League.

Everything has changed since the days ...

... when we played in black and white, Small Talk.

Do you think Bob Paisley, who joined Liverpool Brighton and Hove Albion in 1981, is underestimated, given the magnitude of his achievements?

If he succeeded today, would be knighted. It's very, very underrated by people outside Merseyside. He succeeded Bill Shankly, who basically built the club in what has been done and had a vision about where he wanted to take it and was allowed to take. So when Bob took over, it was thought that everything would collapse. But in fact even better. They kept winning the European Cup! So yes, it is very difficult for him to do. You win a gold medal at the Olympics now, you get a knighthood. That is fine, but surely to goodness, why not give a knighthood posthumously? But you know, if I was still alive, he would not be a big deal to us. It was just the way it was. A real gentleman.

Is it true that when he came to sign, with a pair of sneakers?

I signed up for £ 900 000, which was a fortune in those days, I left the hotel on Friday night and said I'll pick you up in the morning and take you to the earth. He introduced himself - he had just won the European Cup, beating Real Madrid in Paris - in your slippers and a cardigan. I thought Jeremy Beadle to jump half goes in the back seat. It was like having your grandfather in charge of the team. It's actually never finished the sentence, which had to guess what would happen.

What was your biggest success at Anfield

not my first trophy - which won the League Cup in March 1982 - but my Premier League was great. This is the reason I went there. And then of course followed the European Cup in 1984. But in these days of the championship was the be all and end. [She moves away in a wave of nostalgic sepia] The plots were a lost cause. The trip was terrible, with routes of six or seven hours to and from Southampton! We had no heating, no cooling, we knew what to eat, we like fish in terms of alcohol.

What was your pre-game meal?

Very few of us had fillet. It takes 24 hours to be beneficial for the body! But we like to eat meat at 12 and play 3. And we had a culture of consumption in this club, but fortunately, the training was designed knowing that it was.

So after a few beers, plus one for the road, went to the management of Oxford. Robert Maxwell was really fun story of a stuffed labeled Guy?

He was a brute. Kevin Maxwell was officially my President, despite the few players who have bought and sold I had to do on Robert, who was the chairman of Derby. I stood before him in the end because Dean Saunders pinched my club to club. How it works for the love of God? But I really liked too. It had its advantages. There were helicopters Mirror Fleet Street building to land on the ground at Oxford. Travel on your boat ...

Ghislane The infamous Dame? I went into it, yes. I was not there when she fell. Oxford was a good education, as they say, but it would be fair to say that my best Zanussi fridge cabinet would have been the office manager. The appliance of science. The only thing that worked.

then started as an expert on HTV ... I was there by virtue of the fact that practically lived in the area, so I offered a job.

Are we missing a regional television? There is less pressure to do well in national television ... No, no. Do not miss it. The match of the day is an excellent program for less. It is a program used to stay and watch from the age of 10 years, so I think that one day I do think it was great. I like the regional TV and I love the characters, but at the end of the day is regional and most people do not want to go to the BBC, ITV and Sky.

Does it bother you that people think the experts should be like Nostradamus and straight all the time? Nothing really bothers me, I'm not that kind of person, I'm pretty relaxed about most things. The only thing that makes me smile is when people write to me complaining about my predictions. I'm not being funny, but if serious could predict the outcome of football would be in Bermuda in my million pounds in my house or boat exceeds 50 million pounds. But HEIGHT-ho.

You say not to worry about things, but what happens when Eamon Dunphy called you and your party member of the expert's Day "simulators Week " Well, I know Dunphy, who worked with him on the radio. Listen, Dunphy Dunphy. I knew him for years and years and years, is in one ear and out the other with Eamon. I'm friends with him. He gave me a little stick and I have some. All right.

If a lion fighting a tiger, who would win? a lion. These are the beasts of the jungle, the kings of the jungle, right? The kings did not always win?

MOTD If all the experts were thrown into a cage and ordered him to fight, it would be the last man standing? Shearer. Keown is not technically a MOTD experts, so I would Shearer. Lineker, Hansen I, and three cakes together, there Muller of us. Easily.

If I had to choose one of the experts to take a penalty to save your life ...?


More Shearer, who could threaten to hit your head if you do not honor?
Yeeeeeaaaooooaaaaaeeeeeermmmmmmmyyyyyeees. Although he missed that one could have when he equaled the record of Bobby Charlton in England, the cheeky chip, I think I would pick it up.