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Libya: Mutassim Gaddafi reported arrested - live updates

. Sirte Mutassim arrested as indicated on the base

Benghazi . NTC officials can not confirm the capture of Mutassim Syrian ambassador to Great Britain called

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1:37 p.m.

Reporters Without Borders urges the Egyptian authorities to investigate the death of a cameraman who works for a Coptic Christian station, which was shot in the head while filming clashes in the area of ??Maspero between demonstrators and soldiers mostly Copts.

Wael Mikhael was one of at least 26 people, most of them Christians, who died during the crackdown.

Meanwhile, blogger and journalist Sarah Carr presented a commentary on Twitter during a press conference held by Egyptian activists and witnesses of violence Sunday.

witnesses Manal Khaled said that "the soldiers dragged pieces of body parts and threw them into the Nile, Sunday evening," he said.

lawyer Khaled Ali, who attended the autopsies of some victims said that four people were buried without an autopsy.


Darwish, who attended the event, said he was calm until the rocks were thrown at the demonstrators in an underpass.

"Suddenly, three rows of riot police firing at us, we are responsible, then shooting at us (in the building Maspero)," Carr quotes his words. Darwish added: "We saw armored vehicles moving very fast among the demonstrators who thought one of the drivers had lost his mind .."

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arrest reports Mutassim Gaddafi in Sirte were interviewed by several personalities NTC.

Jalal el-Gallali, a spokesman for the CTN in Benghazi, told the AP that "the extent to which we are concerned there is no confirmation that Muatassim Gaddafi was captured . "Guma El-Gamaty told the Guardian he does not believe that the report was accurate. However, Reuters is still convinced that Mutassim was arrested while trying to flee the coastal city.


fighters still battling for control of Gaddafi's birthplace.

concerns about the treatment of alleged supporters and suspected mercenaries Gaddafi, said in a new report by Amnesty, continue. A Norwegian journalist has announced the discovery of the bodies of seven forces loyal to Gaddafi in Sirte, and three others that seemed to have been burned. (See 11:02.)

, William Hague, warned neighboring countries to provide shelter for the whole family and supporters of Gaddafi almost

Foreign Secretary said in the House of Commons. "No state should host one of these fugitives from justice."


The Syrian ambassador to London was summoned to the Foreign Office this morning and said that any form of harassment of Syrians in Britain was "unacceptable" .
The decision, announced by William Hague, came after reports that the Syrian embassy staff in London, watched and harassed protesters in Britain and led to their families.

Bashar al-Assad should "step aside now" to ensure a peaceful future for the Syrian people, the Hague told the House of Commons.

criticized the "terrible violence and repression" that have become features of the plan, and said he would take steps to "intensify" the pressure on her to yield to the demands of the demonstrators opposition. Russia and China had made a mistake in the lining "with a brutal regime" when he blocked a Security Council resolution, the UN last week, he said.

At least three people were killed in clashes between Syrian troops and gunmen in the Syrian city of Binnish, according to London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Human rights.

The city is in the northwestern province of Idlib, where there were clashes between the army and deserters from the army for months.


The regime has responded to opposition groups after publishing a manifesto calling for democratic change.

The main opposition group, Al Wefaq, "imposes" its demands of the population, the government said in a statement. In opposition groups argued that the document on Manama Bahrain Al Khalifa regime was the same as in Tunisia Ben Ali, Saleh and Yemen.


The Hague continues to respond to questions of Commons, the full text here


reasonably strong words in The Hague on Syria. Assad should "step aside now," and Russia and China have made a "mistake" in lining "with a brutal regime," said Secretary of Foreign Affairs:

Unlike progress in Libya, terrible acts of violence and repression continues in Syria. 2900 people were killed by the regime and its armed forces in just seven months, including 187 children. Together with the United States and our European partners, we presented a draft resolution condemning the use of the Syrian regime of the UN force, calling for an end to violence and threats of sanctions, while avoiding the military force. Nine of the 15-member Security Council voted in favor of this resolution, but Russia and China, has unfortunately chosen to block. It is a mistake on their part to another with a brutal regime and not with the people of Syria.

will be made to "intensify" pressure on the regime of the Hague told the House of Commons. It is expected that the EU adopts sanctions soon, he said, while Britain will work with Turkey and other "like-minded countries" to increase the pressure on Bashar al-Assad.

blood Too much has been paid for this plan to regain its credibility. President Assad should withdraw now and allow others to advance reform. We urge the opposition to Syria to develop a vision of peace for the future of their country and to welcome the formation of the National Council of Syria.

The Syrian ambassador to London was summoned to the Foreign Office this morning in The Hague added, saying that any act of intimidation or harassment of Syrians in Britain was "unacceptable" and "not be tolerated."

24:18: Foreign Secretary, William Hague, warned the country against hosting the whole family or friends Gaddafi. In the House of Commons, said:

No state should host one of these fugitives from justice.


"I do not think this report is accurate," said London Guma Gamaty former spokesman for the Council Transitional National, reports of the arrest Mutassim Gaddafi.

could have been a hoax or a person on the side of Gaddafi is trying to release this story Mutassim built can have time to breathe and deal with it certain to escape Sirte. We have to wait for clarification on this in the story goes. There is no evidence or confirmation, but was arrested.

the concern of organizations of human rights on the treatment of prisoners, said Gamaty:

If human rights violations of prisoners captured, violations must be condemned. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I am sure that the NTC to investigate and take corrective action to the right ... The new Libya Libya is one that respects human rights.

In the battle for Sirte, Gamaty said:

Sirte is very, very close to being fully released. There are still pockets of resistance on the right in the heart of the city. This bag is completely surrounded and is only a matter of time.


yesterday five opposition groups to the "Document of Manama", arguing that under the Al Khalifa of Bahrain was the same Ben Ali in Tunisia and Yemen, Saleh. Today, the regime responded with a strong attack on the largest developed country, Shiite opposition group Al Wefaq, saying:

Al Wefaq Islamic society does not match the reality on the ground, but imposes its demands to the community in general attempt to chart the future of Bahrain is based on their own close and personal perceptions vision .... The way Al Wefaq Islamic Society has chosen to call for reform was not accepted by most citizens of Bahrain and the major political powers ... Freedom of expression has always been a right for the people of Bahrain, but must be exercised in a peaceful manner in the laws of the constitution.

In the statement, the regime responded to the demands of opposition activists that the results of recent elections were illegitimate, because of the low turnout (17%) in the first round. The real figure, he said, was 51%.

document in Manama: Bahrain Road for Freedom and Democracy, activists called for an elected government, a parliament with more powers, changes in the constituencies, more freedom of expression and an independent judiciary. He said:

The reality is no different from any other non-democratic state. This is a copy of Ben Ali of Tunisia, Egypt's Mubarak and Saleh of Yemen. The lack of democracy is evident in the absence of the popular will in the government formation, the negation of popular address in the legislation and the judicial system poorly.

11:19 pm:

activists are due to a press conference in Cairo in which they will react to the version of the ruling military council the bloody clashes that took place the weekend. Ahram reports online

activists tell stories that contradict the assertion that military units on the site were attacked by some of the protests, and that the army "intentional 'run against peaceful demonstrators with armored military vehicles.

As a witness into question the official version of the fighting increases, the generals have become increasingly defensive. 25 people were killed and 300 wounded, and at the end of Sunday evening.

We will provide more than the press conference where we have it.


foreign minister, William Hague, is to make a statement to Parliament on the Middle East in the coming hours

Foreign Ministry Twitter:

FS @ WilliamJHague make a statement in # # MiddleEast North America and the Parliament today @ about 1200 GMT.

You can watch live here.


A Norwegian television journalist discovered the bodies of seven forces loyal to Gaddafi in Sirte, on Wednesday, as a player below BrownMoses on-line. The report comes at a time when so many Human Rights Watch and Amnesty have found more evidence of abuse by Gaddafi loyalists by the new government.


At least three people died in clashes between Syrian troops and gunmen in the Syrian city of Binnish, as based London Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The city is in the northwestern province of Idlib, where there were clashes between the army and deserters from the army for months. The group reports: