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The Joy of Six: Sheffield derbies | Scott Murray

In the first battle of Bramall Lane in 1862 to an affair with his beard Wembley, here is a selection of the steel city high dust-up

1. Sheffield Hallam FC 0-0 FC (Friendly, 1862)

Boxing Day 1860, the first football game in history between two clubs separated conducted in Sandygate Road, Crosspool, Sheffield, Hallam FC 2-0 defeat at home to Sheffield FC pure snow. But enough of that - seismic events, events schmeismic - because just look what happened when the two teams met a few years later

In 1862, the owners of Bramall Lane - then only a cricket field - have been looking for ways to make some money during the cricket season. Madness was decided to give a new twist of football, the sport has grown rapidly in popularity in the city of Sheffield FC duo Mayor Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest developed a code of conduct for the game and committed the Rules of Sheffield's role in 1858. To test the water, a charity match - the first in the world - was held between Sheffield Hallam and, to raise money for the soldiers who fought in the Civil War. Bramall Lane Owners hoped the event would win cricket knowing what was considered "unworthy" hobby. How do you think of this leak, then?

Just before the break, the largest Creswick - Sheffield Star RuleMaker man and sport - has won the ball out of his counterpart William Hallam cascade. In doing so, the sound of waterfall, which was pulling the shirt, head back. A journalist from The Independent Sheffield were asked to record what happened after his party of another report of the first world. (The Sheffield Daily Telegraph had sent someone to the game in 1860, it's true, but did not bother to describe the action, stating that "it would be unfair to make the work of a gentleman; when all was well. ")

But back to 1862. "All parties agreed that the blow was accidental. Cascada, however, appeared at the highest in the most irritable and hit several times. Also took off his jacket and began to fight seriously." The document goes on to report Creswick "wonderful calm" and "not to return at once." Major vest was settled around his waist at all times.

This version of events was disputed by Hallam, who sent a very firm in the document in response. "In the first part of the game by Major Falls, where the greatest threat to strike if he did it again. Later in the game when all players were awaiting a decision of the arbitrators, the eldest, very unjustly, took the ball from one of our players and started to run the point. He was received by the waterfall cascade of the charge and greater struck in the face, the waterfall immediately returned. "

Yet more new ground broken, then: the excitement of the football first. The final score, by the way, was 0-0, a situation was given the game lasted three hours. Exact thought Bramall Lane Committee on the success of the fixture is not recorded.

2. Sheffield United 3-2 on Wednesday (FA Cup second round, 1925)

's rights, this game should have been a complete waste of time. Sheffield the night before two giants met in the second round of the FA Cup at Bramall Lane on the end of January 1925, the heavens opened. And it is not closed. The rain fell all night and all morning, turning the field into a mud bath. "The land was practically under water," the Times reported, adding that rain joyously, "which was for half an hour" after the kickoff.

The bad weather did not stop 40,256 fans turning, and were rewarded for their determination with a classic. In the first minute, both teams had scoring chances, Fred Tunstall United Billy Gillespie creating a fire at one end on Wednesday (do not add the name of their city for four years) need is a corner all rapidly cleared in the other. After five minutes, Jimmy Trotter Wednesday was separated and converted with ease. Four minutes later, Trotter added a second, pouncing on a mistake of George Green, who failed to intercept pass Lowdell Arthur.

States, the Times noted that "in an unenviable position. But they do together. Instead of getting nervous and wild shots fall, as many have done the sides in similar circumstances, who silently installed to play football very well. "Gillespie and Tunstall combined again, instead of starting Harry Johnson to burn a little more. Tommy was a little Sampy Fizzer saved by Jack Brown in goal Wednesday. Tunstall Gillespie and tied for the third time, it has a shot saved, monitoring at home crashed Sampy. Soon after, Green had become David Mercer right cross, and both teams were level after 20 minutes.

Tunstall broke clear twice before the break, but twice refused the chance to put United ahead. Finally got a minute after the break - the recovery is delayed by bad light, the referee refused to allow players to leave the field - when he scored a Sampy beading after a long period of weaving. Wednesday pushed forward, but could not match, was in fact United came close to scoring again, Gillespie hit a pole in the dying moments. The result was more or less as expected - the U.S. was part of the Division mid-table First, on Wednesday, struggling to maintain their status in the second - but it was a rollercoaster Surprisingly, the two parties took credit for a good match. "United deserved to win," reported The Guardian. "They were the fastest on both sides gave an amazing exhibition on land that was unfit to play." It was an important win, too, so went on to win the Cup, Tunstall scoring the only goal in the final against Cardiff.


3. Sheffield United 7-3 Sheffield Wednesday (Second Division, 1951)

The marker most spectacular in the history of Steel City derby. Wednesday had been relegated from the Premier League, coming straight back after rising in 1950. (Even more unfortunately, scrabblers fellow down Chelsea win their last four games of the season for the 0044 PIP average of a goal, doubly repulsive that Wednesday had won their last game of the season against Everton 6 -0.) Yo- yo are looking back, but neighboring states had plans to promote as well. In early September, before the derby, both teams a point behind the tone early, Notts County.


claim first place at the end of the day with a surprising victory at Bramall Lane. Wednesday took the lead through Keith Thomas, but Derek Hawksworth and Harold Brook is 2-1 to United in the first half. Fred Furniss has missed a penalty for United, which momentarily regret their lack of which corresponded Dennis Woodhead. But then the sky fell on Wednesday in a few minutes, Alf Ringstead (twice), Fred Smith, and blades flashed Hawksworth had a lead of 6-2. Woodhead scored his second of the match, but four goals Brook mattress restored Kingdom before closing the game it was at that time, the largest margin of victory independently in the Sheffield derby.

The value of a bragging rights season for United, then. Or was it? Not really, the answer is this: despite two victories against their neighbors integral, united only have to look jealously on Wednesday unveiled a scoring sensation in the unfortunate Derek Dooley - at one point scored 22 goals in a game nine incredible explosion - and won the second division this year, achieving its objective of promoting a settlement target of 100 goals, new star striker hit 47 in all competitions. Meanwhile United languished in the middle of the table, despite having beaten a total of 90 divisions of the second best.