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Phone-hacking scandal - live coverage

Follow updates direct phone hacking scandal and the crisis of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation


Hello, David Batty is with another day of live coverage of a phone-hacking scandal

A brief summary of recent events:

. New International initiated the advertising in all national newspapers in Britain this weekend to apologizing "for the serious irregularities that occurred in the News World. "

The ads, which are signed by Rupert Murdoch himself, present a new and contrite tone contrasts sharply with the editorial in the final edition of the Sunday tabloid.

. Les Hinton, executive chairman of Dow Jones and Rupert Murdoch's man on the right, resigned from News Corp on Friday.

Hinton, who led international news when allegations of hacking Murdoch has surfaced telephone, hours after leaving Rebecca Brooks, general manager of News International, has finally resigned.

Murdoch did yesterday a "complete and humble" apology in person to the family of Milly Dowler school killed in a private meeting at a hotel in central London. The global head of News Corporation, "held his head in his hands" and repeatedly told the family that was "very, very sad," said Mark Lewis Dowlers lawyer. "He was humble and very, very busy and very sincere," said Lewis.

. There is evidence that Andy Coulson has been a guest on David Cameron at Chequers, the removal of Prime Minister in March, two months after No. 10, director of the Communications and former Director of the World News resigned to renew the telephone charges of piracy.

. Ed Miliband, has turned its fire on Murdoch, the Labour leader said that "we do not yet understand."
Miliband said that 'he hoped that when the head of News Corp. appeared before the committee to select the media Tuesday that it would begin to "take responsibility for what happened in their organization."

Miliband said Sir Paul Stephenson, head of the Metropolitan Police is facing questions about its commitment to Neil Wallis, a former News of the World Executive has Stephenson advised last year and was arrested Friday in connection with the police for hacking your search.

Stephenson appear before the Commons Home Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

. In the United States, the Attorney General Eric Holder said that in response to requests from members of Congress to phone hacking allegations to be investigated "we moving in this direction with the relevant agencies of the federal police of the United States. "

The FBI is investigating allegations that the news media around the world have tried to enter the 11.09 phones for victims, as reported by the Daily Mirror.

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foreign minister, William Hague, has defended David Cameron's decision to invite the old Andy Coulson at Chequers after resignation as Downing Street director of communications.

invite the former news editor in the world at his official residence in a country is well reflected by the Prime Minister, The Hague told BBC Radio 4 Today program:

Ask Andy Coulson
behind the Prime Minister invited someone to thank for their work, who worked for him for several years, which is a normal thing to think, which shows a positive side to his character.

Hague, a former columnist of the New World, said he was not ashamed "no way" by the government's relations with the leaders of International News.

I personally do not feel embarrassed by it in any way, but there is something wrong with this country and must be corrected. It was recognized by the Prime Minister and I think it's the right attitude to take.

No wonder that in a democratic country there are contacts between the leaders of the country, including opposition leaders, and I do think that this list of meetings is also meetings with management The Guardian, Trinity Mirror and other news organizations.


A summary of the coverage of the scandal of piracy in the British newspapers today:

The Guardian led to the resignation of Les Hinton and Rebecca Brooks yesterday, describing it as "the blood of Rupert Murdoch on Friday."

The paper said it was unclear what prompted Murdoch to accept the resignation of Brooks, holding it firmly behind her, but notes that:

is understood, however, that the decision was not made overnight. His departure was planned with military precision, for a series of summits of the family and transatlantic phone calls with shareholders in recent days. The resignation comes just four days before she must appear before the Parliament with James and Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News International, to answer questions on the scandal.

Matt Wells

other hand provides an analysis of the release of Hinton, which he describes as "the decision even more spectacular Murdoch" in its "final battle to save the company he built from nothing. "

In a desperate effort to save the most valuable assets of the Company News - its 27 broadcasting licenses, the United States and Studio 20th Century Fox Film -. Murdoch is prepared to sacrifice one of his closest allies


The problem is that every time a trench key executives, the flames of scandal ever closer to the film.


to take the role of others in Murdoch apologized for the scandal yesterday piracy.

"Day of Atonement," is how the owner of the Times, the first page (paywall) yesterday described the same time, Murdoch, who just a day before had appeared to ignore the scandal in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

The document notes that "Murdoch has published a series abject apology and announced radical changes in its yesterday's newspaper business, while trying to repair the damage phone-hacking scandal." Notes:

The flurry of activity marked a change in tactics by Murdoch's News Corp as he tried to get a grip on a crisis which last week cost him a newspaper and a television deal with billions pounds per satellite.

Acceptance of the resignation of Ms. Brooks and the declaration of penitence comes after criticism from MPs of all parties, which were criticized for not facing the severity of problems facing their journal of company. In recent days, Mr. Murdoch had acknowledged that only "minor errors" in the saga of piracy and noted that Ms. Brooks has been a priority.

leading newspaper column (paywall) describes the movement as "the process of restoring confidence that [international news] lost," and said the company "has finally begun to demonstrate an understanding of serious than it could have happened. "

In fact, only changing the attitude of society to the crisis required that the responsibility was taken. It is possible, when the fullness of time the truth of this crisis is separated from fiction, such actions may even seem excessive. But there is no doubt that they are necessary for a minimum of respect for the public. News International has apologized to the nation as a whole and should be an excuse, especially those affected by this sad story.

This week comes a litany of questions, but one clear lesson: if you do not have their mistakes, the errors of his property. Before attempting to question the behavior of others, International News necessary to demonstrate that this lesson was well learned. Yesterday, they showed that there was. Yesterday, News International began the long road back credibility.

"hacking Murdoch response regrets" is the main story in the Financial Times (paywall) describing yesterday's apology and resignation as an attempt by the media baron "to take control of the spiral phone -hacking scandal. "

In the analysis of handling parts Murdoch of the crisis, as John Gapper suggests that Murdoch has lost his usual dexterity on the crisis because "your business, simply became too personal"

cruelty in the shedding of assets, the paper supply of BSkyB, has been absent in people management. (...) News Corp was less business and more intimate than other media empires - Ms. Brooks is the best example of a seasoned executive who has almost become a part of the family

News International, since 2007, was led by James Murdoch, while Elisabeth Murdoch, which was redesigned for the recent purchase of News Corp., his father, his brightness, the television production company.

Murdoch was, in other words, the negotiation of a network of old loyalties and family relationships, instead of flying in a very distant and disturbing division of News Corp. to organize a high output clear. At least within your company, if not the victims of piracy a lot magnate turned out to be too human.

yellow press coverage "of care in the scandal Murdoch's personal apology to the family of Milly Dowler is.

The Sun reports that Dowlers Murdoch said he was "appalled" by what had happened and made a "sincere apology" for the murdered boy's parents and sister.

The mirror reflects on his meeting with Dowlers in a front-page article titled "FINALLY Murdoch Embarrassed by Miller apologizes."

Although relegated the story of their inside pages, also focuses on what he calls "emotional apology" Milly Murdoch family, saying it appeared "humiliated shocked and sincere. "

cables independent "Cameron 26 meetings in 15 months with the heads of Murdoch," which says that reveals the extent of the private relationship between the prime minister and international news.

In the rest of the article, the author Margaret Drabble said that the scandal is an opportunity for Britain to talk dirty is purged from the tabloid press:


Murdoch has infected our public discourse. Rival newspapers were forced to compete for sensational headlines, faux scandals, gossip made the representation to the public interest would not apply. Of course, the public was interested. The public or a section of the public gathered to witness public executions, as they do in Iran, and half the chance. Bad journalism drives out good, and we were forced to witness the honorable newspapers around censorship falsely high-minded people like me, rounding the work of other more embarrassing stories, just to make sure you do not miss the great names and small and sensational cases of divorce and financial scams and complaints about decisions in fake British Got Talent.

can purge the decades of insidious conspiracy of shame, not to dive deeper into them. The public will is there, and Parliament know. We represent. This is what works.


My colleague Lisa O'Carroll has more about face of Murdoch's response to the scandal of piracy:

full page apology

national newspapers today, leaving two of his most loyal lieutenants, and a face to face with the family of murdered Milly Dowler adolescent announces a new course of the campaign to put Rupert Murdoch end the crisis that has often left with your feet flat.

After meeting the family's lawyer said he apologized profusely and said he was "horrified" by allegations that not only the phone for your teenager hacked by News World defunct but the voice messages have been removed to make room for new messages, giving the false birth family she could be alive.

Murdoch told The Sun: "It was a totally private meeting as a founder of the company I was horrified to see what had happened and apologized .."

and marks a departure from 80 years ago spent two days on the offensive to decide he had handled the crisis "very well in every way possible."

Today is another story - contrition is the agenda. In the ads by the national newspapers today, Murdoch is an abject apology says "no regrets taster action to fix things."

also promised:


Despite his private life often splashed across the Mirror newspaper, presenter Jeremy Clarkson TopGear gets up to today's tabloids, writes Lisa Cresta:

Jeremy Clarkson warns "that could end with a press that can not be exposed to something" if regulatory reform newspaper is left to Parliament.

In his column in the Sun, which says: "Of course not," I want to be photographed looking fat, of course I do not want my private life splashed all over the mirror. "But leave politics "many people who are still reeling and journalists presented their allegations of fraud" to drive the debate will be a mistake, he said.

It is described as one of "close friends" Rebecca Brooks and deplores the loss of the New World, but he says that Rupert Murdoch would be worse if it sells its remaining shares, the Sun, the Sunday Times and the Times.

"I urge you all to remember that if Rupert Murdoch, is now presented as the devil, and even if you think it is, at least the devil you know.

"A man who loves newspapers almost as much as you ...."


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