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The Saturday interview: Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika Jonsson

has rarely been in the tabloids. Now she claims the News of the World hacked the phone. But if you really want a quiet life, why talk of another journalist?

"I am nothing," said Ulrika Jonsson behind Miu Miu shades when we sit in the sun, if Poncy, courtyard of the Hotel du Vin in Henley on Thames. "I am not a Criminal master. I do not Mugabe. I am someone who used to say he was going to be sunny or rainy. "

The first TV meteorologist-am has a point. If all human effort devoted to achieving this austere 'no' had been used for good instead of evil, which could have cured cancer or at least reach a cloud zapping laser gun to encourage summer.

It is a little naive. Ulrika Jonsson was determined not by Pappe and his work 20 years ago, not because of his presentation of work later, the gladiators, who acts as team captain of shooting stars, or appearing on Celebrity Big Brother but because his love life. She was involved with Prince Edward, former England and colleagues Swedish Sven Goran Eriksson, Stan Collymore the footballer and comedian Vic Reeves. She also had four children by four men, a fact that has caused much scandal and the ridiculous tabloid.

However, there are twists. Jonsson was complicit in feeding the monster that was tired of his fame - as when he sold the story of the birth of her fourth child in Hello! magazine three years ago. And now, as one of several celebrities planning to continue the New World for allegedly hacking their phones, which is in him.

"The press has always done terrible things to me," she said. The journalists went to the hall of the hospital after her second son, the daughter of Bo, was born with a heart defect, posing as doctors for medical reports. "You are at the lowest point in his life," says Jonsson, "waiting to see if your child will survive, and tried to get our medical records . " Some journalists rang BT and their telephone bills redirected to another address so they can lean on them. Others called Jonsson claimed to be the Child Support Agency in the amount of money he received from a file. Ex husband

"In my fourth pregnancy I send someone to take a pregnancy test because I dare not be seen going into a boot. With my last two pregnancies went to the doctor after 12 weeks because I thought that I dare not risk to find out. It's a horrible way to live. "

The scandal made the phone hacking horrible way to live qualitatively worse. She says police told him they had evidence of your phone may have been hacked. Is that a President of Zimbabwe or bad, there may be a justification for it. "But it is not. It's like someone breaks into your house and standing in a closet listening. He feels horrible. My experience of the press has always been one of fear. I get nervous and scared. "

This may not be the whole truth: not only was smart enough to use tabloids to help put the public eye, but who once worked the streets of paper brazen shame

is probably the fastest lap on the history of Ulrika Jonsson. Unique among the victims of alleged phone hacking, he worked as a columnist for New World from 2003 to 2007 - for the role that hired investigators, he claims, dried. "I worked for Andy Coulson and it was very clear ... it is clear that if a story is to come after me, had a duty to run, but he spoke first. "

Perhaps, I suggest, she deserves what he gets from the press. His relationship with Sven Goran Eriksson, for example, was one of the reasons the New World was hired as a columnist and has written about him several times over the next four years. "This is what Piers Morgan would have us believe," said Jonsson, lowering the curtains. Morgan, another former editor of the new world was on the verge of tears on television in 2009 with the Inquisition in their relationships. "You deserve to be punished for being in the public eye, make lots of money and put his head above the parapet.

"I want to see how their attitudes have changed, now that he's a celebrity. It is hard to think of someone more hypocritical. He spent his time making people unhappy and it is now spending his time absorption tried to screw people over. "

tabloids Jonsson first screwed over when she was 18 and worked as a secretary on TV-am. "I was photographed with His Royal Highness Prince Edward. We had gone to the theater with two other people. I was not his day in every way. But they were photographed together and the next morning I am on the first page of the Daily Mail I called my father in Sweden and he told me he had all journalists. They had visited the ex-boyfriend, because all my life. "

so it began. "My intention was never to be famous," she says, to become a weather forecaster to 21. "I was doing a job that was really good and loved. For three and a half years I got up at 3:30 morning to work and I loved my job. "

She met her second husband Lance Gerrard-Wright in 2002 at the launch of ITV dating show Mr Right. Fifteen women had to compete to get to Gerrard-Wright, but the pleasure rejected bidder allegedly eligible bachelor. Jonsson filled the void, to marry the former Squire Duchess York in August 2003. His daughter Martha was born nine months later, but Gerrard-Wright Jonsson and split the following year.

Jonsson was married three times. The father of her son Cameron is the cameraman John Turnbull, who was married in 1990-95. The father of her daughter Bo Markus Kempen German hotel boss, with whom he had a short relationship. In 2008, she married the American art director Brian Monet and her son Malcolm was born this year. The four children by four fathers took the tabloid nickname "4x4" as if it were a danger to the environment rather than someone - like you, maybe, or surely I -. Whose history includes a few chapters unfortunate

"Newspapers have always had in me as a mother when I went into Big Brother, who writes:". She leaves her daughter seven months old. None of the men were challenged in this kind of thing . It makes me angry because I am a feminist at heart. When you come from Sweden, which can not be a feminist. "

We meet because Jonsson wrote a novel. This is the worst I've done, but my opinion on the importance of being conspiracy Myrtle lead, wooden characters and improbable dialogue is not important now. Let's say Myrtle is the antithesis of Jonsson - a female gray, no sex in your 50s, you must restart their lives after the sudden death of her husband's control. Austin was a tyrant who had decided that day Myrtle washed hair. Ompany sounds horrible, but not unpleasant Collymore circa 1998.