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Ken Clarke is usually smarter than his critics | Michael White

Nonken shows us the news that China's online game firm Shanda seems to have captured some of the idea that the so-called "pirates" are really customers attended. Although the company is still trying to stop private servers for their games, they sometimes attempt to attract users of unauthorized server, sometimes, who ran to get help:
Shanda will launch its own server in the same geographical area in the hope of attracting users on a private server game Shanda legitimate. Shanda same rope as the operator of former private server to help promote the game under license.

other hand, the recognition that sometimes the reasons why the server presented is that unauthorized users do not like special restrictions on a game, Shanda apparently trying to develop more flexible games that allow players to have more options in the official version:

the other end of Shanda's strategy against private server recognizes the user demand for the type of games they offer, where the rules can be changed and the players can level up without weeks of effort.

For example, Shanda is developing a platform game called Global Zero, which will allow users to create their own play world and change their rules, said Tan. A partner is also developing a game called "Shuang Cheng Jue Zhan" (roughly: "decisive battle of two cities") that reproduces the rules private server allows users to quickly level up and participate in battles against other sub voltage characteristics.
certainly not a full grasp of what users do, but it is a recognition that those involved are not just "dirty stinking pirates who want it all free "but customers are rather neglected really make a kind of free market research
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The I-slate tablet computer, designed for use in impoverished rural schools in developing ...

last year, one new educational system was tested with a group of school children. The device was the I-slate tablet PC ultra-low cost which is being developed by the Institute for Sustainable Development and Applied Infodynamics (ISAID), a joint venture between Nanyang Technological University of Houston and Rice University of Singapore. From 10 to 13 years of age, children were students at a rural school near Hyderabad, India. The tablet is designed for use in poor schools, because each unit is expected to sell for less than U.S. $ 50, and future models that run on solar energy. Now that the field tests are completed and the results were analyzed, the I-slate is set to go into full production. .. Continue reading experimental sub-$ 50 I-Slate tablet to proceed with large-scale production

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a common aspiration, welfare has become an established concept that "the poor", apart from the rest of society


months as a project of social reform in the House of Lords as well worth stopping to question the word "welfare." That mean to you? The state of well done? The institutions of the welfare state, with its promise of security for all, from cradle to grave? Or a closer, more miserable, a form of social assistance for people living in poverty?

This is the meaning imported from the United States, which is the term used to describe evidence of financial support for people of working age. And with it came the negative connotation of "dependency" - a condition in which the universal human condition, but has become a label attached beneficiaries only. The assumption that welfare creates a "culture of dependency" supports the government's reform program. Of a common aspiration, welfare has become a concept of division, which provides that "the poor", apart from the rest of society.

U.S. imports has not only tarnished the concept of welfare, but also removed the term "social security". Once upon a time, the current bill that would have been called a Social Security Act for the project. New Labour, in its wisdom, to eliminate social security policy lexicon. Instead they adopted the language of welfare reform, and the Department of Work and Pensions has replaced the Department of Social Security.

In his first speech as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, in 2008, James Purnell, stressed the importance of this movement: "The title of my ... represents an ideological break with the past. .. What's in a Name: security as something that is dictated, the transfer is too bureaucratic, people as recipients of funds ... The new game has a different story, saying that work is the best path to the well-being and welfare, but he said that if I work hard. and then help your retirement, you deserve to be free from anxiety about money. "

But what about people for whom work is not or can not provide the path to the well-being, whether short or long, or for which n 'there are no jobs available? Social Security was created to protect their welfare or well-being. Yes, you can evoke images of top-down bureaucracy - and not always effective or benign for this. However, Social Security is not just a bureaucratic means, but also represents the end of this company sucks. Wishes to ensure real security for all through social media. In a time of economic uncertainty such, we must not forget this important protective function.

In this context, it is encouraging that there is a renewed interest in the contributory principle - the idea that the granting of benefits should be linked to the media, but not the contributions (or compost). In recent months we have seen the proposals (not all attractive) to enhance the tax benefits of the right and center-left. For example, from the right, the policy of exchange rate has floated a number of options to restore a link between contributions and the receipt of benefits: a conditionality for those without a history of trading, the highest level of benefits for those who have made contributions, and personal accounts of being in the place of the national insurance and redistribution. These proposals are motivated by a desire to strengthen individual autonomy rather than the protective functions of social security.

Instead, the center-left IPPR proposed a "national wage insurance, subtitling of their report" reform of the welfare state to offer real protection. "It calls for the revival of the national insurance ideal, focusing on the unemployed who receive income protection falls far short compared to most OECD countries. A national disability insurance to provide unemployed 70 percent of their previous earnings for up to six months to a maximum of £ 200 per week (including the current allocation of £ 67.50 Jobseeker's). The idea is similar to an income supplement related, which is used to pay on top of short-term benefits and National Insurance was abolished by the first Thatcher government. There is a downside though - the additional amount, in effect, an interest-free loan because it would recover through the national health insurance when they return to work. This could be particularly problematic for people who can not find some paid work.

two versions left right and center of a revitalized contributory principle are animated by the spirit of "something for something" - slogan beloved of politicians on both sides of the political spectrum. While this slogan may promote the principle of reciprocity, which very often a punitive connotation. As such, it points to a potential tax benefit system exclusive.

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new generation of actors enjoy wave of popularity to overcome borders and the reputation of the nation to challenge deference

One afternoon last October, Danilo Gentili led to a moment in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, and turned his satirical look at the woman who weeks later would be elected the first female president of Brazil, Rousseff. He cracked a joke about how the former Marxist guerrilla, was tortured during the repression in the country a military dictatorship for 21 years.

"Vote for Dilma because he was tortured?" He joked. "To hell with that. Did I ask you to be?"

"serious", he said, drawing laughter from the packed house. "A president should be intelligent. If he was captured and tortured, it's because she was an idiot." It was the edgiest moment in a 80-minute monologue - trying to make fun of a woman who was brutally tortured by the dictatorship. However, Gentili, 32, a controversial comedian, but also very popular, which is opening a way for stand-up comedy in most nations of South America, is a man who likes to live on on board.

And in a country with a reputation for fame and respect for authority, and hundreds of other stand-up filled with bars and clubs in Brazil represent a breach of increasingly influential in the past.

Brazil has a rich history of political satire and humor in literature, theater, art and television. But never before has a vibrant scene on foot, with artists who are so free to say what they think. Gentili, for example, the son of a man repairing typewriters in the industrial suburb of São Paulo, more than two million followers on Twitter. His partner and fellow comedian Rafinha Bastos was recently named the most influential Twitter in the world, ahead of Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey.

Wands Last week, more than 3.1 million followers. Next year, the increase in stand-up scene in Brazil has been strengthened with the launch of Comedy Central channel in the U.S. here. Local content will be led by a stand-up show hosted by Gentili. "They realized that the public, the market and there is now sufficient to maintain the kind of comedy," said the inlet channel in Brazil.

Less than 30 years under military rule, public beatings Gentili politicians who have their arrest and deportation. "O death," he said dryly. But the new, confident Brazil, one of the fastest, the new economic powers in the world is a different place. And a new generation falls in love with stand-up artists. "I would never have happened [during the dictatorship]," said Gentili. "Probably in the first two minutes of the show as the army moved into the theater and was not present anymore."

"We make money this way. If people get on TV they will earn more money, even better. But if not, fuck . This will prevent it from happening. So it should not. loyalty to anyone "Rise of the media in Brazil also offers stand-up artists in the country with a high degree of protection, politicians might not like jokes - but the challenge at your own risk. Traces the origins of many of Brazil in the ongoing movement to the Bar Association Beverly Hills São Paulo, where a legion of young actors cut their teeth in the open mic sessions that began in 2004.

"It's like a graduate course in humor," said the 29 year old actor and actor Robson Nunes, one of the organizers. "To get good you have to go through the step of Beverly Hills. If a joke does not work, people are cruel. "He was in the Beverly Hills Club Gentili has a plan to open the first Brazilian club devoted entirely to foot.
"From the first show there ... he said, "Damn, there must be a comedy club in Brazil," said Gentili, who last year was his dream, opening comedians Comedy Club, a chic 300-seat bar in the center of São Paulo answer to Soho, Rua Augusta.

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can not always be right, but the moral compass of the Secretary of Justice is more reliable than most

never cease to wonder about the alliance of right-wing conservatives and progressives who fight constantly - they are still -. To reduce Ken Clarke

is surely one of the most masochistic of life, since we can safely assume that the court clerk will shake their opponents with a shrug turbulent.

is the point, really. There are few politicians high enough to earn the respect and even affection, half of the UK, even when they disagree with him or her. As David Cameron observed, Clarke was one of them, and rivals conspire to cover mainly demonstrated his own lack of adaptation.

syndrome might call Denis Healey, such as former Foreign Minister of Labour was also a politician popular with voters, but has repeatedly rejected by his own party - and look good as that they did. They were more expensive, both by Michael Foot and Tony Benn. 'Nuff said.

attacks is now the second reading Clarke common legal aid, conviction and punishment of the bill, the type of black garbage bag that measures rightly deplored by the government 21 organization whose criminal justice laws have left everyone especially safer or wiser.

Conservatives are right

through the efforts of KC for 50% reduction in sentence for guilty pleas - an area of ??30% discount on the job - to save on the cost of testing and preventable prison places, but also to free the victims from the trauma of a trial - as evidenced recently by the anguish of Milly Dowler family murdered in the hands of Levi Bellfield lawyer

But, as Alan Travis and Owen Bowcott report, the Labor spokesman for justice, Sadiq Khan, is also aligned with the right hand to try to stop Clarke limit the use of pretrial detention except in cases dangerous - all cost money - and stop the enormous growth of indeterminate sentences for public protection (IPP), a work of political Clarke dismissed as a "trick" that had emerged of the hand

Khan, himself a lawyer and an honest man speaks too much in the shipping carton and must learn to control his tongue if he wants to become a force to fear.

in this case seems to be the game of labor law and lobbying in order - a legacy of the war Tony Blair auction "tough on crime" with Michael Howard - without doing much to protect victims of crimes more often than poor people.

All this to try to paint Clarke and, by extension, Cameron, as soft on crime or guilty of U-turns, boring a responsible policy that we have said here.

At the reception, no hacks 10 this week - it's like the annual festival of the owner for the peasantry - I heard Dave says there is nothing wrong with change Management (Mrs. T was an expert), as long as it is done quickly and does not apply to central policy. Very well, too. Who now remembers the decline in sales of forestry, I think he said by way of illustration.

Today's program on Radio 4, Clarke was noisier. Have you tried to do the 50% discount on the policy of wide consultation, but could not overcome. "At the end I decided to leave," he said. Do not ignore # 10? "Just a bunch of stupid newspaper articles - not the Prime Minister told me to do something."

That's why people love him. Robust, eager, confident, happily neglected virile Evan Davis is trying to make him stumble. If you go and do not listen, you're accused of being deaf, if you hear who is accused of a U-turn in the press was "ridiculously excited about U-turns." Exactly.

When Clarke said, as he did, even today, that his criticism is a case of "lawyers who want to spend more money on lawyers," it is difficult not to accept - regardless of the language of high principle they dress, the lawyers for the most money, not their customers.

human rights is a burgeoning industry, often lucrative legal industry, not to denigrate the concept of scoring.

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