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Ea Sola: 'I'm not an intellectual, I come from the forest'

Earlier this year, Twitter has given prestige to not run when the government came calling call 2703 (d) control (eg a search warrant, but with much less privacy protections) in related information concerning individuals associated with Wikileaks. He also wondered else
had received the order and had not in front of him. Some information is emerging, and it seems that Google and Sonic.net ISP received such requests, at least for Jacob Appelbaum. Sonic.net said that, too, fought the request, but lost. Then he fought for the query made public, it has finally arrived, although some details are still under seal:

said the government has fought and lost, and was forced to provide information. Against the order was "quite expensive but we thought it was the right thing to do," said the general manager of Sonic, Dane Jasper. The government's request includes the email addresses of people that Mr. Appelbaum is compatible with the last two years, but ... not all e-mails

It is unclear whether Google has fought the same order. The company says that it will not comment on specific cases. It's nice to see that Sonic was ready to fight for their users (which continues to strengthen the company's reputation as a leading provider of Internet user ). It is likely that the government sent these orders to many others. In the case of Twitter that there were several people under investigation, not only Appelbaum, but it is unlikely that most others have used Sonic . net. Most likely, other ISPs and other service providers receiving orders, and whether or not they fought against the government never know. Meanwhile, the government continues its fishing expedition against Wikileaks, but apparently no has not yet found a smoking gun
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The era of the printing of words on dead trees, perhaps to an end, but that does not mean people are not reading or writing more. When e-readers/e-books/tablets finally take control, it is not surprising that the volume of reading material produced will be much, much greater than ever was when the most advanced technology was the printing press. These are just a few projects that journalists play so you can adapt to a fully digital future.
  • The New York Times began to experiment with some software projects that can help spread your news. Beta620 is supposed to be "a place for anyone to propose and collaborate on new ideas and products" - and perhaps it is time for the New York Times to break the line of companies / paper Netflix / url Qwikster entities similar .. .. []
  • school newspaper published his writing in the Middle textbooks online through the life of the project. These students of the seventh created a blog - is it the future of journalism? [url]
  • writing of textbooks printed journalism is not an easy task. People who write for love or reputation. But even in the evolving field of journalism, there are still some platitudes like "know your audience and how to achieve them." [url]

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The Role of Higher Education White proposes that universities should train students for future work. But not all scholars are ready

Kim Hughes

studies of a chocolate bar in the way most of us consider a diamond necklace. She has no idea what to eat, but admire its design and efforts to build it. After completing the training program graduate Nestlé last year, is now a "specialist focused on improving" by reviewing the systems of production of confectionery products.

Hughes has faced hundreds of other candidates in a selection process trying to earn their place in Nestle, but admits he was lucky to have graduated before your chances of finding work declined dramatically.

The latest figures from the series of Education Statistics Agency higher among the graduates of 2010, only 62% were employed six months after leaving university with a 7% combining work and study . This is an improvement over the previous year, but remains well below pre-crisis levels of credit.

universities minister, David Willetts, took over the numbers to justify the proposals presented in the paper white of higher education, for universities to work with employers to develop courses and "Kitemark "and to stimulate job training for students. He also spoke of the great gap between different schools, ranging from a high of 100% of employment at the University of Buckingham to 78% at the University of East London, as evidence that inefficient courts should be named and embarrassing, so students can make informed decisions on what and where to study.

However, many experts are less enthusiastic about the prospect of training students for work. Wendy Piatt, director general of the elite Russell Group, says his member institutions aim to provide students with basic skills such as problem solving, analytical skills, creative thinking and innovation, so that s 'adapt to new environments. "The development of these skills and qualities of high-level, rather than specific vocational training, is one of the vital functions of the universities should play," she said.

Professor John Brennan, director of research in higher education and information at the Open University, studied graduate employment for the past 20 years and sees the real danger of "vocational training" moving "Education for Life" in the student experience.

"employability of graduates is a shared responsibility between employers and universities, but you really have to consider if you're in the business of preparing students for their first jobs or careers in life, "he said. "I would say in the UK, there is often a transition period of four or five years out from a graduate college and become established in his career."

In a research project, from Brennan United Kingdom and Germany, the systems, concluding that the graduates in each country could be "the same point" of the late 20, the Germans spent a long period of higher vocational education, while Great Britain has gained experience in the job after a much shorter career.

"There are real benefits to the British system of having a short study at the university," said Brennan, "but you have to do what can reasonably be taught in a program three years and that is best left until graduates start their career? "

Brennan is the first to admit that the supply of relevant work experience, such as placements and internships, may be of great use. The real problem, apparently shared by graduates, the Government intends to allow companies to influence the content of the basic curriculum.

According to the report, employers expect graduates have attributes, including teamwork, communication, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving and management skills, including in addition to knowledge of their subject degree.

"There is a tendency for employers want graduates ready in the oven and it is unfair that some are abandoned by their universities and are at a disadvantage compared to other graduates applying for jobs," said David Harbourne, director of advanced research which commissioned the University of Glasgow to carry out the study.
"Some scholars believe employability according to the office of the college and career will get their hands dirty with it. There is a balance needed, but no one can dispute that a scholar of English literature is is not to think about the work they will do after graduation. "

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students at Hendon love the weekly visit of a farmer, is one of the elements that help you comply with the Children's Manifesto

attendance record Angel Hendon, a large spacious north London, is poor. It comes in one day a week. But that day made all the difference. Because Angel is a white farmer and his job is to help students who encounter problems. "Angel is there for vulnerable children," said Sue Fella, the children each school business manager and a former social worker. "One guy was pretty isolated, so that gave Angel to look after. If you take a dog around the school, people talking, right? Road Angel received the confidence of a child and began talking to people. "

animals - including George the poodle, poodle Fred, Guinea pigs and a fish tank - is only one of the innovations that make the school Hendon close to matching all the points of the Manifesto children, said the school must have perfect animal care.

At first glance, the school of Hendon with net addition of eight and more than 1,300 students, is a promising candidate for one of the best schools in Britain. The original construction in the early 20th century is surrounded by the "new building" - a block of 1960 with peeling window frames. There is a scattering of portable classrooms. Science labs still have wooden benches. But when age and downs of architecture, the staff began to illuminate. The director, Kevin McKellar, personally dipped a brush into a pot of emulsion purple and made manifest the will of "the prohibition of gray, black and brown school." In each lane in ruins, the reign of bright colors. A tree in source form, decorated with ice in winter, is at the center of the courtyard where students gather. Only seven years, the school was in special measures. Now, 82% of students at a * - C at GCSE.

But according to students 9 years Payal Gopal, academic success is not making your special school. "It's the atmosphere," she said. "Everyone gets along well with others. We all listened to each other. "There is an active school council table and the voice of the student," You Said "and" what we were doing "columns. An example: You said: "We want more say in how the school uses the budget." What we did: we were told that Mr. McKellar gave the student council and students £ 1,000 a vote on how to use the money to benefit the school. "Not only listen, but to take the children's comments seriously and make changes accordingly," says the manifesto.

"opportunities to go abroad and learn other languages ??and cultures" is on the manifest. Hendon is a specialized language school and is proud of its multiculturalism, all learning together world is the motto of the school. Flags of students in the country house of paper walls. There are classes on Saturday mornings, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Latin.

trips are also closer to home. Tours, for many, in fact, it was difficult to make an appointment for a guided tour of the school and everyone has always been an activity. Some were "travel time" to Stonehenge or archaeological excavations. 9 years had gone camping in Hertfordshire. More than 40 other students have made a weekend of outdoor activities in Devon. No one is left side. A hundred "unsung heroes" are treated to a trip to Southend. "Not the best for children and not children who misbehave," said Doonan. "It's a special trip for those who are sometimes not enough attention. "
The school is included in every direction. There is no provision for deaf students, and each teacher has the name of his company is in the lobby. This is the first thing you see when you enter there is a sign of the week, when I visited, was independence. There is also a unit of autism, where Guinea pigs are kept.

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We have heard much talk about job creation, Obama speaks after the working day, but it contains everything that might work?

Obama discovered the severity of the recession. That's what he told an audience in Chicago last week. To be fair, he was referring to the review of data from the Commerce Department shows that the fall in GDP was larger than initially reported.

But a fool is right. He and we knew that the more people were unemployed. Employment figures have been told that the hole size and the desperate need for government action.

This type of ridiculous comment, and the weak response from President Obama to the recession in the first two and half years of his presidency, said the wave of skepticism about his next speech widely promoted in the jobs of the festival week postpartum. The list of remedies has been disclosed in advance does little to inspire hope.

At the top of the list of measures to create jobs is spreading the reduction of 2 percentage points of the social security payroll taxes. This is not to give impetus to the economy, because it remains in place a tax that was already there, but if the court is allowed to end in early 2012, will be a drag on growth.

As the social security program is fully reimbursed for lost tax revenues, but there is always the possibility that Republicans used as a base to attack the program. Taking into account the will of President Obama to support reductions in social security, it is understandable that this part of his work schedule does not generate much enthusiasm.

A second element is often called a bank infrastructure. This would allow the government to address long-term investments in infrastructure costs and capital depreciated over its expected useful life, rather than costs to be paid in full within the next year the construction takes place. It's a good policy and accounting (the same approach used by both private companies and state governments), but it will not create many jobs and much less in the next two years.

Other items on the list are less clear. On bad days, we learned that President Obama will promote trade agreements with Panama, South Korea and Colombia. These offers are all issues in the best, but even his supporters can not say with all the seriousness it will generate a significant number of jobs.


subsidize the social security tax. It is difficult to understand why President Obama has adopted the same approach.

Of course, we must not be defeatist about creating jobs. Anyone who cares knows how.
At the top of the list should be an employment program for young people who would be the model of the Civilian Conservation Corps. There are many parts of the country where the rate of youth unemployment is 40-50%. These young people have no real chance to find a job. Provide work or near minimum wage, street cleaning, parks and abandoned buildings in the neighborhood can make a big difference in their lives -. And significantly improve local

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Vietnamese artist creates performance pieces with the farmer, aged between 50-75. Alfred Hickling talks to her about her work is constantly changing, drought and rain

in a stuffy room in the center of Naples, a group of Vietnamese peasant women being on stage. They are not professional actors, but farmers aged between 50 and 75 who had never left their villages, much less was transplanted into the streets full of trash from the chaotic city of Italy. Slowly start swinging, as if the wind shakes a rice field. While their movements are simple, have a quality that is sometimes furtive ritual quite surreal. By tilting the head gently nodding tops of the conical straw hats resembling a fungal strain abroad.

not easy to say that this act enigmatic, is intended to be - it's hard to call it theater, because no one speaks. It is difficult to characterize it as dance, because artists barely move.

The play, called The drought and rain, is the creation of Vietnamese-French director, choreographer and performer Ea Sola.

as a rare example of a Vietnamese theatremaker with an international profile, Sola was invited to drought and rainfall in the Naples Theatre Festival, after which it will be seen in Edinburgh and London Sadler Wells. However, it does not become an artist to provide products for the international festival circuit - in fact, he hesitates to call herself an artist at all, "I'm not an intellectual," he said. "I just the jungle, I just spent three months in school. "

Sola was born in Lam Dong, in the highlands of southern Vietnam (who refuses to say when, stating only that "age is an illusion"). His father was a fighter resistance in the war against the United States, and in 1974 fled the country in its original French, Polish, Hungarian mother, finally settling in Paris. The experience was extraordinary. "I grew up in a world beauty who came to Paris and suddenly everything was huge, mechanized and terrifying, "he said. "I needed to rebel, to save me."

daily Sola took to the streets and stood still until seven o'clock. "It was my way of saying, I do not belong here, I'm not one of you has been an incredible experience - I learned to control my body and observe the reactions of people around me, I discovered how to handle the pace, tension. and space. Finally, I met people who told me what I was doing was performance art. "

Among the artists and intellectuals who found Sola was the Japanese Butoh dancer Min Tanaka, the founder of an agricultural colony in Japan, where Sola spent some time with other artists who tend to the rice fields. He also received encouragement from composer György Ligeti. "Ligeti gave me the confidence to continue my exploration of memory and consciousness. I miss him a lot."

return to France, street events Sola earned a reputation as a cult. But she yearned to return to their country of origin, and in 1990 a grant from the French Ministry of Culture allowed to return to Vietnam. "I cried and kissed the ground," she says, "but it was horrible. The war and the embargo had destroyed everything. The country was in the dark."

Sola goal was to create a music theater piece inspired by the collective memory of the war. His research led him to remote villages in the northern delta of the river where the pockets of traditional culture is still preserved. "Vietnamese culture comes from the people and the earth," says Sola. "Art is made by farmers. Just no time or strength to the left of the culture when people need each hour of the day to get the next meal. " Traditionally, Vietnamese women stop dancing after the wedding. However, in many cities, only older women recalled the rituals and celebrations of his youth. "They were women who had taken up arms to survive, and became the guardian of the dance," says Sola. "I realized that for the work to be sincere and authentic, it would have to do with women themselves."

Music was provided by a traditional percussion granted, strings and distinctive circular "moon lute" Vietnam, led by Nguyen Xuan Son, a school teacher in northern Vietnam Cheo the music people. Although most images were Sola purely abstract, in the heart of the play was an allegory in which the sun and rain battled for dominion over a helpless population - a reference to the war and the Vietnamese climate extremes. "The room was in the minds of men of war," Sola said, "but somehow the tragedy of Vietnam is the constant struggle with nature. People must fight against time to survive. "

Sola in 2005 created a second version, different from the room with the classically trained dancers of the Ballet de l'Opéra National de Hanoi. "I wanted to work with a young generation born after the war was over. They said they never thought about the war seems to have no influence on their lives. But gradually the stories began to emerge. Young dancer had a father rarely spoke did not realize who had fought in the war, I said .. "Now I begin to understand the silence of my father .'''

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