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Country Music Association Awards - live

Hadley Freeman hosts our live coverage of the Country Music Association Awards - CMA - Nashville

19:00: Well Hello, padners! Are not you looking all sassy evening? Let the chair 'em up, because tonight we ridin' - Ridin and drive - the Country Music Awards! Yee Haw!

Now, despite my almost bilingual skills, I'll be honest with yourself and admit that my knowledge of country music, more or less begins and ends with the word to all of you.

So get ready for a large number of comments Gumpian Forrest ("Wow, there are a lot of guys named Kenny in country music, right?") And the general expressions of bewilderment, enthusiastic, especially if they play.

Fortunately, two singers of the country

Jessy Lenat

and Kerri Lowe

- have you joined me in the office of Guardian, which not only provide insider views, but I will stop referring to Taylor Dane Taylor Swift too many times.


'Em Up in the World


By way of introduction, my colleague Matt Wells was a brief interview with our resident expert in the afternoon Kerri Lowe.

addition to writing and performing its own music, Kerri works Jalopy Theater

, a well known popular music in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

7:48 p.m.

is also here with me Jesse Lenat

, actor and singer songwriter who performed in the roots music scene in New York and across the country. I here your opinion on the powers of this evening:

is a great thing in the world of country music pop. It is the most important event if you want to the country's dominant commercial music. I call it pop country. I guess that's like saying Britney Spears rock and roll. It is very different from the kind of music I do, which is rather a conglomeration of old country music, roots, more and more popular and combined with rock, blues and pop. This is what the great American countries such as cataloging.

8:04 p.m.

Oh my God, is to start! And it opened with Blake Shelton and, oh yes ladies and gentlemen, Kenny Loggins Footloose do, a lot of dancers of writing around the scaffolding and lights revolve around drunken arena. However, it looks more like an awards show on MTV in the 1980s meets the gladiators of nothing to do with ITV country music. Well, I did in the following kickoff. Well done, the CMA.

also something terrible seems to have happened to meet recently Loggins. Let's put this way, the soul patch and the slope is less worrisome physical elements in your face. Enough said.

8:05 p.m. Breakfast

Carrie Underwood


Brad Paisley

just walking and participating in the "comedy jokes." In addition, Carrie seems to be a tent made of several rolls of Charmin. And who is my professional opinion of fashion.

8:08 p.m. Hank Williams Jr

just been published. In case you do not know who Hank is a tall and strong, which has recently become a place of hard to compare Obama to Hitler when he appeared on Fox and Friends. And Brad Paisley made a little joke reference. I think this is the beginning of Merle "rehabilitation".

8:09 p.m.

HORN horror! For some reason, Brad and Carrie have a couple of Barbie dolls ("OMG!" Carrie Cree) and now two of them make their Barbies have sex. On stage. Out loud. Is this legal? Well, it's probably in Nashville.

8:12 p.m. HORN celebrity!

Eric Stonestreet

Modern Family has a price, for reasons that I'm not sure. And then the camera zoom to the audience and he was there ... Nicole Kidman. A beautiful, if, indeed, still face.

8:14 p.m.


Single of the Year

will be "If I Die Young" by the group of Perry. "Is that good?" I ask Kerri. "Ummm, is very catchy" , she replies. I think it's a euphemism for "meh".

8:19 p.m.: ". Much better"

Carrie changed her dress and Kerri and I agree that it takes full account of this is relative. " / Aa>

Keith "Urban" Kidman plays in what appears to be the center of the arena and the Lord Almighty, look at those arms. These things are so disproportionate that actually stopped laugh at her hair. For a minute.

8:24 p.m.

Keith Urban, continues to be the kick with his boot and it's so cheesy little stink the room full of brie. In addition to using Q-reader and black jeans uniform of black shirt. I honestly think my fertile parts just turn to ashes.

8:25 p.m.


Sara Evans offset sings, and it seems to be terribly boring for your costume (black pants and black top - Trend Alert) because of the Cirque du Soleil dancers swinging on silk scarves. It rhymes "and" with "stronger". Maverick.

20:31: We had more performance than price so far. This night has to do with the show on stage is clear. Here

Kerri Lowe take what we have seen:

has been rather disappointing so far. The songs are songs that sound like the countries in the last five or ten years and it does the same species. It all sounds very familiar, not all fresh. Keith Urban is too hard and try to Sara Evans can not really sing so well live.

8:33 p.m.

Wow, Carrie has changed again and is now wearing a pink dress half. Maybe she did not have time to put everything on. Miranda Lambert

is the baggage claim and hips

song in a way I think someone once said "brazen." It also seems that wearing a belt of giant World Wrestling wide around the mean.


GONG "If I Die Young" wins

Song of the Year

. The way that differs from Single of the Year, who won a few minutes ago is beyond me. Anyway, well done, Perry band.

8:40 p.m.

Someone called Zac Brown sings Georgia on My Mind, I think that not only did not write but I think it is as your name, judging by their appearance Beardy, thick, which is clearly Galifinananinikis Zach.

8:41 p.m.

Greg Allman was at the piano for this. I guess I should have mentioned that.

8:46 p.m.

Rascal Flatts

are far and as a journalist the truth is my duty to inform you that right someone ate all the pies. This is not a trial. This is the reality. Hey, I worked in the office of fashion: it's my working tools fattism

The Flatts was joined on stage

Natasha Beddingfield , Snuffleupagus a leader in the lower half and only one patient in the upper half. It is an extraordinary combination - brave, bold, a final blow for the next season and, no, I can keep this up, is complete and utter cack

8:47 p.m.


Sugarland win
Vocal Duo of the Year

and experts in the office are upset. "They suck," says Jesse. Kerri is encouraging civil wars, which is not a sentence I wrote before. should have added above - Prices of glass are the provision of AMC is surprisingly phallic. Again, I'm wrong. It's bringing me a fact.

8:54 p.m.

A gentleman named "/ yy>

Eric Church sings, it seems, it is somewhat of a novice, but that does not stop hitting s fingers to the crowd. I think it's called "artistic expression".


Thompson Square

took the microphone. Ms. Thompson (Keifer and Shawna are husband and wife) seems to be dressed in costumes and sing in front of Elvira are very similar to what a manger. I think it's really a nativity scene. Any sarcastic comment would be superfluous, right?

8:58 p.m.: ". Voices all the time"

a young whippersnapper is singing about how you can hear the words Chris Young

are written in his guitar strap and I'll assume that's his name. You can hear many voices you need a constant reminder of your name. Or maybe he knows that nobody knows who the hell is.

8:59 p.m. good news, readers liveblog! Lionel Ritchie

will be singing with a load of country singers who will be the country Ficaro their songs. Have you heard this? A bluegrass version of Bonjour -. All that the world needed

9:06 p.m. TAYLOR SWIFT

HORN: Yes, adolescence is transparent on stage. Apparently, his rake in $ 750 000 concerts each show. I know because I read in The New Yorker. Because I'm an elitist snob from the East Coast.

They opened the door to a room like crazy hoarder in middle age. Seriously, there is a bird house in the lounge.

Anyway, she sang a sweet song and wafty on people who throw rocks at things that shine. Kanye is he? I'll say yes if this song has no meaning at all. Throw stones at things that glow? Of course, I still do not understand that you have a bird house in your living room.

9:08 p.m.

Good news! We have the worst team of the year, perhaps the worst team of all time, ever. Carrie Underwood is now leather jacket with short pants, a tuxedo jacket and a hat. Now someone named Luke Bryant, Kerri said, a country version of a hip-hop. What song, God only knows, but there are many women out there who have sex with chairs. "Only white girls," says Jesse. Well, duh - is a country with a hip-hop. If you do not listen to you, Jesse

9:13 p.m.

Here in the office Jesse Lenat and

Kerri Lowe

actions discussed so far. Here are the best parts of their exchange:


No one is really comfortable. Taylor Swift does not look great, but she does not know how to write a song. She tried to do something that was relaxed and intimate ,...

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