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Inside the unit for the UK's most disturbed female offenders

The Orchard is a medium security hospital that rehabilitates women with convictions for violence. Sarah Boseley talks to some of them

Marian seems that someone can share a smile with the tail of the bus. 43 years old and well dressed in a shiny suit, she has beautiful eyes. A few years ago, also had the idea to bomb Tesco.

"And suddenly there came into my head that I should blow it up," he said.. "I worked at Tesco in question and has seen many crimes that threatened television [ with lyrics], saying, "Look, there's a bomb coming your way - the pen. "Then I went online to find a way to make a bomb." She gave a little laugh of disbelief. "There is a page on it. It is supervised by a team of serious crimes, I think. So he was arrested by them. "

not just Tesco. Marian also sent bomb threats to his brother's wife and her parents of her husband. The family is another matter, but can not explain why the goal of Tesco. "It was by chance that I would say that there was a deep dark meaning -. But they were not sent messages of Cards "The next will blow you afraid yet ?'"

This little woman has come to Ashford matronly prison. "I could not leave [my cell] if there were three officers and all the others were locked in their cells." After he was imprisoned, he says, "seemed to become very violent. I tried to catch people, choking, washing things to people. "


Marian had reached its lowest point. An intelligent and hardworking young people who had been derailed from the track more people travel along that had to be treated as a violent criminal for his own safety and that of others. But the more we hear about his life, the more you have to wonder why someone does not intervene long ago.


history, although it seems extreme, it is not uncommon in patients with de la Huerta, a medium security unit that is part of the San Bernardo Hospital in Ealing, with the West London. He now lives there and the staff, with great kindness and attention, help repair damage from childhood that one day it can regain its place in society.

Marian has been abused physically, sexually and emotionally at a young age. "I was three years old when started physical matter -... The first thing I remember I hit on the head with a porcelain lamp, I always essential

"No one helped me. When I was 10 I asked my teacher how he took an overdose of pills. She ignored. That night I took the drug throughout tinful [stay home] with a little milk. I was vomiting all night. Mom knew what was done and not take me to the hospital. "

was his mother that his father abused her? "She must have been," said Marian breath. He was the youngest of three by some distance.

"I was in school. Somehow I put my heart in education. 'D go to my room and make tons of writing and try to avoid them. So I have a reasonable degree. I could have the opposite direction, "she said.

At 16, he landed a job in the small co-op across the road from the house, and 21 married. Those were the days. She went to night school, writing and took a job selling the bill. But she was made redundant and joined Woolworths as a manager overnight. Then one night she started crying and could not stop.

"said go home. I remember arriving at my car and next thing I was in a hospital bed to tell me who took an overdose. So I took him to a psychiatrist. Did not 't feel depressed so just let me go. Then it happened again a month later and they took it more seriously. "

Marian began to enter and leave the hospital with failure, recovery and sick again. .. "When I was in hospital for the first time, my husband had an appointment with my doctor's waiting outside and left, said goodbye, and the doctor took me into his office said, "I have something to say - her divorce husband by the irrational behavior. "My husband has not the courage to tell me. It made me feel very bad." I was about 24, she said. " We have been treating children and everything. "I've never seen. He sold the apartment she was living in and moved into sheltered housing.

In 1999, she became pregnant and had a child. "In six days was taken to the adoptive parents. I could still see, but you can imagine how painful it was. I tried to convince him not to them but was put on the risk register before he was born. I never intended to hurt or anything. "Could it have been accidental?" No, no. "

"I had visits and then I went to the unity of the mother and baby in Bristol, where I proved he could take care of it. I was allowed to take home. She was 10 months old. That's all fine until I had a relapse. I warned. It took three months to get her back. Then I had another relapse and never returned.


"I went to all the family courts, but I had no intention of detention. But I contacted her mailbox. I can send letters and pictures and birthday cards. 'S write back and send photos. "Her daughter is 11 now, and pretty, he said." I am proud of it, "he said. There is a brief pause." This does not mean they do not miss it. "

Your baby is 18 months when the last time. Marian decided to prove them wrong and got a night job at Tesco. He stayed for a year and said that no one had been sick, but sometimes had to leave. Sainsbury then worked for four years, leaving to train as a caregiver at the hospital where he was treated. She was fine and had been off drugs for two years. She took a course of five days, but could not because he was not physically fit enough. Having given up a secure job, she was devastated. "I was angry against everyone."

Marian attempted suicide by taking sleeping pills and reducing their stomach with a craft knife. But an official who called the house "could get no sense out of me," called the police, who intervened when he left the hospital, she began again. "The only way I found c It was because I was in the bathroom and I Gangsta Paradise by Coolio on repeat in my stereo for five hours. My neighbor called 999 for an ambulance. She knew I was in trouble. "

However, if it came to calls for help that went unanswered. This was finally it was the bomb threat at Tesco, as well as the brother who had repudiated her for talking to his abusive father and family policy was convinced that he had persuaded her husband to leave. She was arrested, charged and convicted of attempted assault and death threats.

in custody in the grounds of the hospital east of Bristol and then on the Ashworth, was violent, trying to strangle the other women. She can not explain why. She completed to unlock three officers. "I'm used to it. I spent 23 hours in my cell. I felt alone, but had an aviary outside the window of my cell and saw that all the time. And the officers were very good, "she said.

high security hospitals
certainly care and treatment of women, but WEMSS is an attempt to offer more. There are more staff, which is a close relationship with women, who work to earn your trust. Not more numerous and varied psychological therapy and physical environment are spacious and bright, even though all doors must be opened and closed again when going into the building. At its heart is a small atrium with a café and a hairdressing salon, where women can work or have a haircut in an environment similar to that of a small shopping center. The program aims to help women WEMSS along the path that can eventually lead to a return to society, but not all succeed.

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