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Syria protests challenge Assad's peace pledge - live updates

. protesters in Syria test plan of the Arab League

Free . Syrian army confirms talks with opposition

. Tensions high in Bahrain after the death of opposition figure

. Italian firm Assad regime can scan all e-mails

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militants called a 18-year-old, who was "brutally" beaten and abused by Syrian security forces of be released yesterday.

Witnesses say al-Yaman
Qadri, a medical student at the University of Damascus, was attacked in front of their classmates and then taken to an unknown destination. A classmate who was taken with her was released an hour later, but the fate of Al-Qadri remain unknown, according to a Facebook page created for his release.

Yaman facing a serious danger and a risk of torture, the regime has systematically attacked the health workers and professionals speak out against repression and help the injured.

a sample letter asking for "immediate and unconditional" release of Al-Qadri can be found here.

4:58 p.m.

Syria is not the only country in the region that saw large demonstrations today. Protesters in Yemen resulted in mass in the capital Sana'a and Taiz city that funeral was held for 19 people killed by security forces in the last two days, according to AFP.

Under the slogan "peaceful rest is our choice," against the regime of demonstrators gathered on how Sittin in the northern district of Sanaa, shouting, "Quiet calm, not civil war," Witnesses said

The crowd attended the funeral of three people killed in clashes between tribes and security forces in northern Al-Hasab district, according to sources.

A massive demonstration was also held in the second city of Taiz when protesters took part in the burial of 16 people killed in bloody clashes that rocked the city over the last two days, organizers said.

4:47 p.m.

long besieged hometown Muammar Gaddafi pays secret horrors. The International Committee of the Red Cross said more than 400 bodies were found in Sirte in the last two weeks, the AP reports.

From [the capture of Gaddafi] The local doctors were finding dozens of bodies each day.

ICRC spokesman, Steven Anderson, in Geneva, said all the dead appear to have been killed in the fighting, but it was not possible to say which side they belonged.

He said the bodies were buried in temporary locations for later identification.

4:21 p.m.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said there were 17 civilian deaths reported in the country today ' hui.

As expected, Homs emerges again the most affected, with six deaths. The cities of Hama Kanaker and saw four dead, while a person died in the Hamori.

Two people were killed trying to cross the border with Jordan, where many people fleeing for shelter and medical care. There are also reports of clashes between the army and dissident soldiers in Kanaker, the observatory said, but still could not provide the number of victims.

activists have posted a video (Warning: graphic content) that suggests a man killed today by a gunshot wound on the outskirts of Damascus Sakba.


of Almo Said Abd body, heard a voice saying, ". I hope to see the plight of children Bashar [Assad] "According to our colleague Mona Mahmood, also heard rumbling voice the Arab League, which they say is" responsible for the blood of this man. "

4:07 p.m.:.

Syria needs a good dose of capitalism, said the retired colonel candidates Ed West in a blogpost in the Daily Telegraph

what the country needs more than anything is more capitalism, because capitalism can not be freedom. Baathism is a form of Arab socialism is opposed to Western imperialism, and Hafez al-Assad, has led the country's capital (which, as you might guess, its economy was so good). His son Bashar al-Assad is a self-proclaimed socialist, in fact, Syria is the problem of socialism and the best possible future for the country was for the president of the introduction of economic liberalization and create a middle class big enough to contain a democracy (which, unfortunately, it is unlikely to happen now).

West London also enjoys busy trying to link to the Syrian protesters.

main problem of the Arab world is socialism, which delayed their economic and political cultures, and what we need now is a more economic liberalism. Arab freedom fighters have nothing in common with the squatter movement, which represent only the ideas flowed past failures by teenagers who have never experienced the horrors.

3:48 p.m.

A fire in Homs now seems to have been filmed.


In the film, shots are heard before a crowd shows coming to the aid of man in the corner. It is quickly transferred to a car that blows over the ring.

2:56 p.m.

Mohammed Ahmed al-Bakr, a member of the Baath Party, who announced his resignation today (see 1:51 p.m. ), told his supporters were many other Baathists in the country plans to resign.

According to a translation made by our colleague Mona Mahmood al-Bakr said:

I have news for you today. There are many people in silence and fear, but we hope that the changes taking place in Syria now, we will be able to end the Assad era ... I mean, there are many party members may resign at any time, but need someone to give them a boost.

Meanwhile, there is no sign that security forces are changing their tactics. The Observatory of the London-based Syrian Human Rights has said that just puts the death toll now at 15.


Organizers say wave operation

Freedom lost contact with the boats to Gaza before the Israeli forces who boarded. Wendy Goldsmith, organizer with the Canadian ship to Gaza, said the interception of ships was "scandalous".

Apparently, Israel has illegally boarded the ship is sailing peacefully to Gaza in international waters. We are deeply concerned about our friends on board since the Israeli government arrogant contempt for human life. It's just outrageous and not isolate Israel from the international community. We call people from coast to coast and around the world to take to the streets for demonstrations of solidarity of emergency.


Israeli soldiers boarded ships sailing to both the coast of Gaza. In a statement on the website of the IDF said:

Upon arrival of the ships in the port of Ashdod, the activists will be transferred to the custody of the Israeli police and immigration authorities at the Ministry of the Interior.

2:10 p.m. Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Force has ordered the Navy aboard two ships attempting to break the blockade on Gaza. In a statement posted on its website, the Israeli army said the decision was made "after all attempts to communicate with ships do not."

Previously, the Israeli army issued a video warning of the Israeli navy two ships would violate international law by sailing off the coast of Gaza. In the video, to dialogue with Tahrir activists aboard a ship. Activists say:

the Gaza Strip and the coastal area are closed to boat traffic as part of a naval blockade imposed for reasons of security in the Gaza Strip. His attempt to enter Gaza by sea is a violation of international law. Please note that humanitarian supplies can be delivered to Gaza by land and you are invited to enter (Israel) the port of Ashdod and deliver supplies by land border crossings. "

The Navy asked the activists leading the charge, destination, and how many people on board. You hear a voice saying: ". The blockade of Gaza is not legal"

1:51 p.m.

A brave member of the ruling Baath Party in Syria announced his resignation Dirbasieh City, in accordance with this material. He is named as Mohammed Ahmed al-Bakr.

so far from the defection of the party were rare, as Crisis Group, yesterday, the international report. So far, the most high-profile defection of civil society was the prosecutor of Hama, Bakkouri General Adnan in August. It has not been seen since denouncing the repressive regime in a series of videos.


tear gas appears to have been used to disperse a demonstration today in Hama, the last of the militants images not verified.

militant group local coordination committees of Syria claims 11 people have died today. It reports the death of five people in Homs, two Deraa, two Kanaker, one in Hama and in the suburbs of Damascus WQAS.

These reports can not be verified. The Syrian government has agreed to allow journalists and human rights monitors to enter the country as part of the offer of the Arab League. So far, it has been authorized to do so. The Arab League said the media should go out to the Syrian authorities, if they want to access.

1:29 p.m. Last night in London Protesters Occupy

participated in an event stream two-way connection to the Cathedral of St. Paul to those of Damascus and Homs in Syria. Here's a video of the event guardian.

occupy the movement say it is the first of these events in the UK, and part of his attempts to link events around the world. Nearly 50 UK Syrians took part in the protest, which was broadcast live to Syria

1:09 p.m.

The Syrian government remains as defiant as ever. He called "insurgents" becoming.

Reuters quoted state television, saying:

The Ministry of Interior calls on citizens armed with guns, sold, delivered, transported or financed the purchase of them, and do not commit crimes, to be delivered to the police station nearest you.

The Home Office said that people who give ... then be released immediately and should be considered a general amnesty.

Syria also tried activists' accounts of events in Homs by the reports of the apparent anger of residents with "armed terrorist groups".

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that killed four people in Syria. He says two killed in the southern city of Dera, including a soldier who had deserted. A man and a woman were killed in Homs, he said.

activists have circulated the video

[Warning Explicit Content] a woman they say was killed in Homs.


now a brief lunch


Demonstrations were held across the country in response to a call of the opposition to test the Assad regime's commitment to the roadmap of the League Arabic.

in Hama, where one of the largest events are believed to have occurred, the security forces were reported fired into the crowd. (See 11:08.) Activists told Reuters one protester was killed in the city of Kanaker, 19 miles southwest of Damascus, while the LCC said two people were killed in Homs. (See 24:07).

activists and the international community should give the peace plan of the Arab League the opportunity to work, according to the International Crisis Group.

Despite yesterday's blood, a new report warns that, as might be the last chance to stop Syria descending into civil war, "every effort should be made to maximize the chances of proposal success. "(See 9:41).

An Italian company has provided the Assad regime with the power to intercept, analyze and catalog almost every email that circulates throughout the country, reports Bloomberg. Espace Spa

employees, a security company based in the suburbs of Milan, is the installation of the system, headed by Syrian intelligence agents, he said.


security forces used tear gas and armored vehicles to repel protesters who runs Pearl Square.

Hundreds of people tried to Mars in symbolic opposition this morning, AP reported. There were no immediate reports of injuries. (See 11:49.)

Many demonstrators in the direction of Pearl Square is believed to have been the procession at the funeral of an old man who died yesterday, apparently by riot police . The Shiite al-Wefaq party said Ali al-Dehi, whose son, Hussein al-Dehi is the second largest party in control, died of his wounds after being attacked by the police. The Bahraini authorities insist that he died of a heart attack caused by high blood pressure. (See 10:23.)

Israel and the Palestinian territories

The disarmament of former rebels will take "some time" and will be applied, the Libyan Minister said the first.
Abdel-Rahim al-Keeb told Radio France 24 that his government would only weapons of the former combatants once they could offer alternatives, including jobs. The proliferation of armed conflicts in the former rebel militia in Libya has expressed concern about instability.


activists called for an international day of action on November 12 to defend the revolution in his country. In a statement calling for solidarity activists occupied the global movement in Egypt that his revolution is "attacked" army generals and insist they are also fighting a "1 % "for the elite to stifle democracy.

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