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Tim Minchin: Mocking God in the heart of Texas

When Tim Minchin - actor, comedian, atheist - has decided to take his comedy to the American Bible belt, we were concerned that could be burned at the stake. Here he describes what happened next ...

The type of car rental at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona, says that there is no "standard" cars to the left, then, suggests that for an additional 10 would have to upgrade to a Camaro - a wannabe Mustang muscle where I have to double as a circus clown. Grizzly, my tour manager (which has a thick beard and last name of Adams, and took my name as a dancing bear), starts the engine and have fun to hear him roar like my VW Golf. I will not use this remarkable vehicle-body-but-not-under the hood as a metaphor for American culture, but it is tempting. Not that I give a shit about cars, but I like the symbolism rather low.

Speaking of which, looking out the window of the airplane during the flight, I was struck by the incredible tenacity needed to build such a large city in the desert - an oasis of grid for me as a triumph over nature and a child futile act of defiance, as the firing of a toothpick into a dragon. Long before Oprah started selling his psychology popcorn, they were terribly optimistic.

the unit out of the airport beyond the orgy mandatory American flags, which, despite its quiet flutter managed to shout, you're in America! You are in America! You are in America!

Where am I?

Oh, yes. Thank you.

Every time a friend or a fan learns that I began a tour of the States, there is an inevitable increase in the eyebrows (or eyebrow, if you are blessed with the talent of the most desirable) . There are two reasons for such altitudes browular, the first comes from the comedy of snobbery: the British and the Australians are fond of saying that Americans "do not get the irony." This is absurd, if applicable , is not absurd, that the British and Irish probably "get" better than anyone. Other than that, I noticed a surprising consistency that makes people laugh, although the specific question of geography, I avoid it. (The only other comic cultural peculiarities that I noticed is that I like men from the English camp, destroying the veiled sexual double meaning, and Australians love to swear. We believe it ' is fucking hilarious.)

The second thing that the concerns of people around me on tour in the United States is the fear of my penchant for strident criticism of religion, but happy, the best result in empty rooms, and at worst, he shot me. However, the perception that the country is filled with wall to wall with cast Christian is as misleading as the myth of irony. No doubt many Americans have what appears to be a preacher for nearly two millennia erotic undead mage in the Middle East-Jew named Jesus. But there are damn many people in the United States, even if the percentage of the population is not religious is only 10% (this is a much larger number, probably), then there are still 33 million potential ticket buyers.

If there is a problem with my sample of the U.S., the reverse is true: unlike in the United Kingdom and Australia, where my audience is varied, here in the U.S. I preach - so to speak - a congregation that is 99% full dress in the choir. It should not surprise us, of course - not to increase the passion for philosophy to live surrounded by people who do not share. In Washington DC a few months ago, husband and wife knew biology teachers who had stolen from Kentucky to see my show, and the boy began to cry as he told me that his family did not talk to them more and that 'They started talking about the importance of science in its southern city.

My first forays into the live scene American cities were in good liberal. In Portland, I was offered cocaine, a trio of Seattle, cocaine LA


a trio. (I refuse these offers is that it's the thought that counts.) A man tried to pick up in a cabaret in New York, which was a huge relief, as I have always found troubling me that the guys are not attractive. They were my kind of town ... but I took my ability to draw a crowd that correlate with my proximity to the coast.

And yet I am here in Mesa, Arizona, in a beautiful new 750-seat theater, and - as in St. Louis and Atlanta and Minneapolis and Boulder and Austin - this is my public : A ragtag group of teenage family and gray, scientists and English teachers, students and statisticians, men are weak, timid and gloriously cool jeans big boobed tattooed S & M-ish women. Intelligent, original, different and - mostly fans -. Godless

Shortly after 20:00, in a prudent manner on the stage and the crowd goes crazy, as is the custom in this culture of über-affirmation. As I sit spontaneously sing "Happy Birthday". It's rare, but much less rare than it would be another day of the year (which is actually my birthday). After the concert, I venture in the lobby of the theater to see if anyone has hung around for an autograph and, of course, there are a large group of patients waiting in Arizona for merchandising and cameras.

recognize among them a sexy, 6 feet, 40-ish blonde woman who stole me in Los Angeles and Portland. She is wearing a belt that has a scrolling LED display in the loop should be. The square in the middle of your book and I think it says "Heist" (a brand name, perhaps?) Back and I realize I'm wrong. Mesa Mormon country is serious and accessorized with a flashing sign against your pubic bone located atheist. You have to admire the balls. Oh, and who had brought her husband and four children with her. I have a song in my program that uses the word "fuck" 160 times in two minutes. Liberal? Eat your heart in San Francisco. the other hand, tend to walk around with shiny belt buckles atheists. I've been an atheist since I was aware of this word, but my equipment is not all about religion - not by a long shot - and when I do I broach the subject should be noted that the meeting of the religious discrimination. Many comics to write about what makes them angry, or at least what we see in the world who disagree with the way I think it should be. This is the case when it comes to muffins or Seinfeld conversations about Argos McIntyre (brilliant, I hasten to add). I fell to less worry about the parking and the soup Nazi, and more for the creationists and homophobes. Here in the U.S. seems to be about God that people come to see.

grand piano! NO to $ 1 million HA HA HA.

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